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The overwhelming testimony regarding #hb2007 in #WestVirginia that this bill will result in the death of #transyouth. Clergy included. The line is out the door. Parents of trans kids are scared. Here's a thread on my thoughts and key take aways.
#folkreporter | @FolkReporters 1/
Rorhbach (Cabell - 26) continues to text in the background while people pour their hearts out. Suicide rates amongst trans kids are high. For trans youth it's transition or die. 2/
More testimony being given regarding letting qualified medical professionals help make these decisions not legislature. 3/
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Can you believe the connections aren’t being made on what everyone is being shown, when they@re being shown what everyone is—Someone has been SHOWING Time Travel exists for the last 3 +++ Days/7 Years with all the proof anyone could ever want. All while explaining within
fine detail what ALL OF THIS has been about since day 1, all of it has been about PROTECTING 1 “Nobody” who MOSTLY everyone threw away/didn’t care about until they finally woke up seeing what everyone they look too at the highest levels of life have been showing them for YEARS
now, INCLUDING the Military & EVERY layer of life.
Everyone has been SHOWING “Nobody” is actually somebody & that somebody ended up being THE 1 someone everyone has been waiting on for A very long time …

I’ll say it one more time before I go live later this evening & Have
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😱😱😱War Room and Daily Clout teamed up to report on the Pfizer docs and the data is horrifying 1/🧵⬇️ Image
Pfizer and FDA KNEW BY DEC 2020 the shots waned, there was “vax failure” & “covid” was an effect.

In May 2021 Pfizer knew about the heart damage in kids & FDA rolled out the EUA anyway. Parents weren’t made aware til August.
2/🧵⬇️ Image
Pfizer & FDA KNEW MRNA, spike & nanoparticles didn’t stay at the injection site, instead traveling to the bloodstream & to liver, spleen, adrenals, lymph nodes & ovaries.
3/🧵⬇️ Image
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Thread: When is a mother a mother?

Many People have heard of Baby Gammy, the Thai boy born to a surrogate mother and rejected by his Australian commissioning parents due to his having Down’s syndrome whilst they kept his twin sister. Gammy’s mother opted to raise him herself.
Not so many people are familiar with Britain’s own Baby Grammy, a twin girl who was cruelly rejected by her commissioning mother who kept the sibling baby boy.

Woman rejected disabled surrogate baby as a ‘dribbling cabbage’.…
In the USA the mother of Seraphina Harrell refused the demands of commissioning parents to abort baby Seraphina due to her serious congenital abnormalities even after being offered $10,000 to do so. The Harrell’s (her surrogate mother & husband) adopted her and cared for her.
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Russian, US #ISS record-holders return to earth -2h ago
- “The crew of #Roscosmos cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov, as well as #NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei, has returned to Earth,”…
Touchdown! #NASA astronaut returns to Earth after record-breaking 355 days in space | Mar 30
- Mark Vande Hei landed in #Kazakhstan after the longest recorded space flight. He returned with two Russian cosmonauts, Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov,…
#Russian, #US #ISS Record-holders Return To Earth | Mar 30
- "Please, give (the #medal) to Russian #mothers whose sons have been killed in this unjust war," #Kelly said in a tweet addressed to Russia's former president Dmitry #Medvedev…
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@DrBiden @FLOTUS, your presence at the opening of #TokyoOlympics on July 23 will be greatly appreciated. Pls take the opportunity to talk to PM Yoshihide Suga about the ongoing slaughter of more than a thousand #dolphins in #Taiji, Japan every year.
@DrBiden @FLOTUS, being a Lifelong Educator & animal lover, you may want to know that #dolphins will be captured off #Taiji coast, Japan for 6 months starting from September 1, 2021. On inquiry, you will likely be told that this is tradition.
@DrBiden @FLOTUS, in fact, such capture of #dolphins in Japan for sale to aquariums worldwide only started in 1969 after the Flipper TV program which aired on NBC from 1964 to 1967 gave the idea that dolphins could be exploited that way.
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On Monday 14th Sept we will be launching #theartistandtheprof, an artistic collaboration between myself and @LauraNyahuye @maokwo exploring themes of #migration #identity #belonging and what it means to be boxed in and categorised as #migrants #women #mothers #wives...(1/?) Image
Funded by @covcampus @warwickuni as part of @Coventry2021 this collaboration has been undertaken entirely online during the #COVID19 #lockdown It's been a powerful and challenging experience for many different reasons. We've laughed and cried, written and woven... (2/?) Image
For both of us this is the first time that we've had an opportunity to #stop #breathe #pause and reflect on the ways in which our own and societal expectations of gendered and racialized roles and responsibilities have shaped our lives #morethanalabel #beyondcategories (3/?) Image
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@GMB great to see the interview with @marcthevet this morning and would be grateful if you would also highlight the #Petition to make #PetTheft a Specific Law, as there is a consequence of #PetTheft that also impacts on the #IllegalPuppyTrade in the U.K. as many of the 1/2
2/2 #Dogs and #Cats are stolen and then used by illegal breeders and these #puppies are often ill as the conditions that the stolen #mothers and #fathers are kept in are appalling then when they can no longer be bred from they are dumped… @Dr_Dan_1
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To relax my mind and avoid an impending Irene+Seulgi addiction, I followed @Probotype's advice.

I also dedicate this to @jedmarcueto, my adopted kid and Kpop guardian.

For a few hours last night, my daughter once again schooled me on Kpop music.

I will NEVER be the same again.

Anak: Comeback vid nila eto.
Me: Bakit, nawala ba sila nang matagal?
Anak: Hindi.
Me: Nagbreak-up ba sila tapos nagkabalikan?
Anak: Di din.
Me: Eh bakit sila my comeback?!


Anak: Eto, Tay, baka magustuhan mo.
Me: Bakit?
Anak: Medyo rock at medyo fantasy.
Me: Ha?!
(Also me: Parang gusto kong magsuot ng trenchcoat at mag-hunting ng undead using my katana.)

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@GOP @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump you guys all want a #greateconomy and to be the party of jobs then do the right thing. Why would you let extended unemployment benefits lapse? You know that causes a #housing crisis. You dont want to fund testing either? That causes cases to
surge. It causes citizens unable to work. It causes children unable to go to school. But you want to cut off #testing for #Covid_19 #CoronaVirusUpdate . You know all of your actions and inactions make things worse not #MAGA. If you wonder why poll numbers are in the tank its bc
people know what youre doing to them. It seems like you all have abandoned America. Youve abandoned #HealthcareHeroes. Youve abandoned our nations #children . Youve abandoned our #nursinghomes. Youve abandoned #mothers and #fathers. Youve abandoned looking out for #Americans. You
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Today is the 3rd #AmphibianWeek day and the theme is:

Amazing #Amphibian Facts

Create your own publication about it and tag us, so we can share it!

Did you know that amphibians can be great mothers? Follow this thread to learn more!

Image ©Davidvraju Image
"When it comes to dedicated mothering, #caecilians have got us beat. These tube-like #amphibians sacrifice the very skin off their backs (and pretty much everywhere else) to keep their squirming offspring well-fed".
"When a #mama caecilian is taking care of a brood, she grows an extra-thick outer layer of skin that's rich in nutrients and fat. Her writhing mass of noodle-like babies use specially adapted teeth to tuck into #mom's fat suit, using a "death roll" technique".
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Happy Mother's Day! ❤️ Image
"When it comes to dedicated mothering, #caecilians have got us beat. These tube-like #amphibians sacrifice the very skin off their backs (and pretty much everywhere else) to keep their squirming offspring well-fed".
"When a #mama caecilian is taking care of a brood, she grows an extra-thick outer layer of skin that's rich in nutrients and fat. Her writhing mass of noodle-like babies use specially adapted teeth to tuck into #mom's fat suit, using a "death roll" technique".
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My deepest admiration to the indefatigable courage of my fellow #mothers who are doing their utmost to keep their children from harm and to raise them well with respect and sympathy for others.
My thoughts and prayers go to the doctors, nurses, healthworkers and other frontliners during this COVID-19 crisis who cannot come home to their loved ones in order to keep them safe,
as well as to the mothers who are widowed and orphaned by children killed by the state-sponsored summary executions, with justice still evading them.
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My latest @DailySignal

"In America in 2020, mothers either are our first intimate relationship, the woman whose voice soothed us in and out of the womb, and the body in which we were knit together … or she is just an “oven” for someone else’s bun."…
"#Mothers either are the person from whom we get our quirky smile, our curly hair, or our Mediterranean complexion, and the woman we are growing to resemble … or she’s just No. 11365C in the #eggdonor catalog."
Mothers either are the person to whom we ran when we skinned our knee, the woman who helped us make sense of our breakup in middle school, and the woman who made any house we were in our home, or she purposefully can be excluded from the life of a child in the name of “equality.”
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Welcome to Fertility Friday

What is your own explanation of Infertility?

Please tweet your thoughts

@DrJohnAfam @DrZobo @aproko_doctor @ronikpe @TheTalkDoctor_ @AkindeCassandra

#May1st #staysafe #COVID19 #womenshealth #infertility
About 60% of couples will achieve pregnancy within one year of trying

About 80-85% of couples will achieve pregnancy within two years of trying

So what is Infertility?
@NaijaObgyn @aproko_doctor @healthertainer @DrZobo
#fertility #women #staysafe #COVID19 #babies #mothers
Infertility is the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of REGULAR unprotected sexual intercourse”-WHO

Regular☝️☝️here is at least 3-4 times a week

15-20% of couples experience infertility

Infertility can be primary or secondary
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Maa Aaj Khaane Mein
Kya Bana Rahe Ho ?

Ye line hum sab kehte rehte hai...puchhte rehte hai

Chahe bacha ho ya bada
Aap ho ya mein

School/college se aate hee
Ya office se phone karke
Yehi puchhte hai
Maa aaj khaane mein kya bana rahi ho...
aur Maa to Maa hai
Vo samj jaati aaj humein kuch aur khaana hai
To vo kehti hai Jo tum kaho
Aur hum jatt se apni manpasand cheez kehte hai...
Aisa nahi hai ki maa ko hamari pasand malum nahi hoti hai
Bas us waqt humein kya khaane ki ichha hai vahi puchhti hai Maa..
Aur fir kya..
Maa lag jaati hai
Taiyariyo main
Chahe beta ho ya beti
Chhota ho ya bada
Sabki farmaisho ko pura karne mein

Maa ke liye dharam sankat kya hota hai pata hai...???
Ye nahi ki aapki fav dish banane me time lagega ya mehnat hai bahut...
na bilkul na
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