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Ssee The Ssimilarities 🐍 Ven0m and Sp!ke

"Snake ven0m proteins have an excellent potency to regulate the interaction between VWF and platelet membrane receptors in vitro." >
Evolution has honed ven0ms to be some of the most lethal tox!ns in nature, regulating bleeding and clotting cascades efficiently.
#VenomsAreVeryVersatile Swiss Army Knives because of variations in prey type, habitat and seasons. Snake have few defenses, they>
cannot easily chase prey to prevent its escape.
Ven0ms help snakes overcome their limitations.

You might say evolution has caused ven0ms to gain in function over millions of years🐍.

"vWF binding activity can also be affected by exogenous modulators, including the snake ven0m >
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WMC Research has several papers detailing the mechanisms of the sp!ke prote!n's assault on the endothelium. As you read them, note the similarities to the pathophysiology of envenomation. >……
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💋 Roam ~ Lipid Kisses 💋

@ 38:40 Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi tells how the lipid nanoparticles with a pos (+) charge, wreck havoc inside the cells in which everything is neg (-) charged.

"These (+) lipids are going to roam around in the cell, and when they see a (-) charge >
they are going to dock on only for a short time- milliseconds. But the moment they dock on, that molecule that needs the (-) charge to be normally functioning, will NOT BE FUNCTIONING NORMALLY ANYMORE.

...the whole respiratory cascade which is in the mitochondria. >
The cell won't be able to breathe properly anymore.
It's as if you have sand that is thrown into a machine...

These are the (+) lipids.
Each time you boost you add another billions of these molecules into your body...This is going to shorten your life expectancy." >
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💀 To Sp!ke or Not to Sp!ke 💀

probably-eng!neered 🦠 VS eng!neered 💉❓

That is the question.

Early in 2020 scientists asked another:
Is the viral Sp!ke Pr0te!n (SP) t0☠️ic?

These questions are related.

In 2020 @wtyl_live @Doctor_I_am_The and others >
questioned the use of the SARS-C0V-2 SP in gene therapies.
We tweeted, blogged, streamed their❓s.
Our speech was censored and our accounts locked.

A chronology of some of the science we found:

"we identified the presence of pri0n-like domains in the SRS-C0V-2 SP. >
Compared with other viruses, a striking difference was observed in the distribution of pri0n-like domains in the sp!ke pr0te!n, since SC2 was the ONLY C0R0NAVIRUS WITH A PRI0N-LIKE DOMAIN FOUND IN THE RECEPTOR-BINDING DOMAIN OF THE S1 SP!KE PR0TE!N.” -03/19/20 >
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🩸Voodoo In My Blood🩸

The SarsCoV2 spike protein is a lab-created chimera. This causes it to share genetic sequences and pathophysiological mechanisms with other lethal organisms (see pinned tweet).>
One of the most interesting aspects of the spike protein is the persistence of a part of the antigen.
The S1 subunit STAYS in the body for months to years, causing the chronic condition of Long Covid or PASC.>…
Recently the team at @IncellDx found that the spike protein from the vaxxines also causes a similar persistence, but the antigen is altered.
They found that the Vaxxed LC or Long Vaxx, had a MUTANT form of the S1 subunit and also had the S2 subunit persistent in the body.>
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