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Yay! Yay! πŸ₯³ Thanks @JesslovesMJK !!
I tweeted this interview more than any other, tweet until it finally got me locked and suspended in 2021.
Dr. VSK predicted everything we are seeing #dirrty πŸ’‰ Image
We tried to warn you Twitter. You silenced us.
People died. > Image
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🌻 Sunflower 🌻 Image
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Michael Clayton

is an important film for today because it shows us the nature of corporate corruption. Greed and lust for power are not some far-out conspiracy theory, but common human traits. It also shows us a way forward out of the #WarpedSpeed fraud. >
"For such a smart person, you really are lost aren't ya?"

Karen is where Trump, Biden, Big Pharma and Big Tech are at the moment, with respect to the mass injuries and deaths from #WarpedSpeed- lost.
It's clear they did not anticipate the AE's to be this enormous >
even with the liability shield.

Michael has the answer.

"I'm not the guy that you kill, I'm the guy that you buy."

Stop pretending the #WarpedSpeed scandal is not happening. Admit it. You have liability protection.
Even with the lawsuits, they will take years, as they did >
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Clutch!! Cluuuuuuuutch!!! those pearls boys.

πŸ’¦#DripDrip #Waterfalls #HereComesTheRainAgain Image
And while you wait breathlessly for that retraction, ("OMG, will my Pfizer Influencer deposit bounce if I don't get them to cave?!?") why not read one of the most daring pieces of science journalism @TheAtlantic has done in years:
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πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ I'm A Believer πŸ’‰πŸ’‰

I thought love was only true in fairytales... Image
I believe this virus is scary. > Image
I believe the πŸ’‰s help prevent against serious illness & death. > ImageImage
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Let'S Talk About Sex

Yes, let's talk about top issues a POTUS faces.

Let's talk about when the DoD, of which he is
commander in chief, helps create a bioweapon
which leads to a pandemic, and he fails to
investigate it internally.

Let's talk about his championing of corrupt >
health officials, like Fauci and giving over presidential powers to him, to force mandates and shutdowns on churches, schools and small businesses but not liquor stores and corporations.
Let's talk about creating public panic re the pathogen, which was lethal to a minute % of >
people #DiamondPrincess, to scare them into taking a #WarpedSpeed mRNAπŸ’‰.
Let's talk about creating a πŸ’‰ with technology like LNPs and mRNA which was known to be toxic.
So toxic, LNPs are a last resort therapy to get cancer drugs across the blood brain barrier.
So toxic, that >
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The Swine Flu Debacle of 1976

Forget Watergate.

The Swine Flu scare is a bigger scandal to come out of the 70's. Here's why.

Bait and switch is what the CDC pulled on 46 million Americans in 1976 during flu season.
The CDC, based on 1 flu death, declared a >
public health "emergency" and initiated a nationwide πŸ’‰ drive, a precursor to Operation Warp Speed.
They created a flu πŸ’‰ which they safety tested but never used.

Instead, they gave the public a different large-scale batch, x53A, which was never safety tested. >
Thousands became paralyzed with Guilliane Barre and many πŸ’€.
This bait and switch became the basis for the largest class action lawsuit and medical malpractice settlement in U.S. history.
The government deliberately made it hard for citizens to seek redress and then dragged out >
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Dr Burkhardt's team published more autopsy data on COVID πŸ’‰ patients confirming lymphocytes in every organ; which means it's a good time to revisit this little gem of a paper, with many highly predictive statements about the LNPs in the
#WarpedSpeed πŸ’‰>
Before we start it's interesting to note the paper is from a team at Thomas Jefferson University.
The same 🏫 which forced their president to publicly apologize for liking @AlexBerenson's tweets questioning the safety and efficiency of the πŸ’‰s.
The research looked at data showing the highly inflammatory nature of the lipid nanoparticles when tested in 🐁, injected into the muscle, and intranasally. >… https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...
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Fuck Fauci Friday

It's Friday May 5, 2023.

Millions around the world are dead from a panic created by a gain of function 🦠 released from a bioweapons lab doing research with U.S. government πŸ’° > Image
They are dead because of the disastrous pandemic response directed by Fauci, who gave conflicting advice, censored life-saving early πŸ’Šs, and mandated lethal πŸ₯ protocols, in order to create fearful compliance and sell πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰. #FuckFauciFriday

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"If your idea is correct, the RNA πŸ’‰ is containing decent amount of intact spike gene connected to T7 promoter. I have found several papers which is describing that T7 promoter works efficiently in mammalian cells. This is a big disaster." #WarpedSpeed
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I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Your #ShittyVaxx is #dsDNA dddirrrrrrrrty and we've got the plasmid sequences to prove it >
What are microbes great at, what is one of the driving factorsin evolution?

Gene transfer.
You got played by dsDNA!
And you don't even know it.
Biologist Dr. Vanessa Schmidt Kruger knew it, because she witnessed it during the #WarpedSpeed manufacturing of the batches. She warned the world in 01/2021 and I tweeted this warning repeatedly until I was suspended by Twitter for doing so.…
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