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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @irfhabib ji.

Will you call work of #IrfanHabib in regards to Mughals? Because his works don’t say so great about Akbar & Mughals as you portray.

Here are some citations from his works & other Scholars.

You may respond with Substance!
2/n I’m first quoting from book “The Cambridge Economic History of India” edited by T Raychudhuri & Irfan Habib in regards to few economic troubles to Indians by Mughals. Read on.
3/n Irfan Habib gives account of money hoarding at large scale by Mughal Emperors including Akbar.

He quotes De Laet who mentions Akbar’s treasure to be ~522.4 million florins & Sarista Khan to have hoarded ₹380 million.

Was economy blooming?

Snippet pg 183
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Anybody Who Didn’t Agree With Him Was Branded ‘Hindutvawadi’: K K Muhammed In His Autobiography.
On his birthday, introducing The Best Washerman in Bharatiya Distory, Communist Mulla @IRFAHABIB
Born At Baroda For A Marxist Mulla MohammedHabib, Irfan Was Brought Up In A Communist
Aka Islamist Environment.
This Small Story Is Enough To Understand WHAT is Irfan Habib.
Excerpts from K K Muhammad’s “I’m Indian”
A few decades ago, at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Professor Irfan Habib summoned his former student and now faculty member, K K Muhammed, to
his office. Muhammed had discovered the Ibadat Khana in Fatehpur Sikri. Built by Akbar in 1575 CE, the Ibadat Khana was the place where various religious scholars held discussions. A major discovery, this was reported in various newspapers, something which Prof. Habib was not
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India as it is seen today did not exist till 672 CE. Only the present day Pakistan existed. The Arabian sea, Indian ocean and Bengal ocean extended right till foothills of Himalayas. #part2
The benevolent Islamic Nobleman Mohammed bin Qasim began construction of India by digging earth from Himalayas and bringing sand from Arabia to reclaim land from the oceans. #Part3
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Yes, he abolished jizya but,

1576: Akbar sponsors pilgrimage to Hajj for Rs 600,000

1577: Akbar sends Rs 500,000 & Rs 100,000 for Sharif of Mecca & ruler of Hijaz respectively

That year the avg salary of a chariot driver was Rs 3.50/ month & a barber was Rs 0.50/ month.
Hence @crypdrip , Akbar invested a month's salary of 75,000 chariot driver + 75,000 barbers on Sharif of Mecca & Ruler of Hijaz. Also the same amount was spent on sponsoring Hajj.
In 1579, Akbar forced theologians to sign a document to let Mughal Emperor use the title "Padshah-i Islam" & attempted to be presented as Khalifa.
He was wasting money only to be global leader of Islam till Ottomans spoiled it in 1581.
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In many ways, the history department of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was akin to Irfan Habib’s personal Jagir, a legacy bequeathed by his father, the trailblazing distorian, Mohammed Habib.  
by Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch…

When the decade of the 1970s dawned, Irfan Habib & his Aligarh gang had succeeded in erasing the name of #JadunathSarkar beyond their wildest imagination. 
By Sandeep Balakrishna @dharmadispatch…

#IrfanHabib #IndianHistory #MarxistHistorians
One of the tactics that this gang employed in this deplorable project was to condemn & abuse #JadunathSarkar ’s works publicly but to never put their calumny in print.…

#IrfanHabib #MarxistHistorians
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1/n #SadarPranam @sagarikaghose ji, let me expose ur list of patriotic kings one by one. Follow the thread.

Siraj ws losing grip on Bengal for his tyrant character & Sexual Debauchery. He used to disguise himself as a woman &gain entry into the women’s quarter
2/n Among his victims was the daughter of Jagat Seth. Certainly, Siraj was forming various such enemies because of his pervert & tyrant character. Shouldn’t one have a doubt that why Jagat Seth sided with East India Company, essentially against his own enemy.
3/n Source for 1/n & 2/n Calcutta: A Cultural & Literary History by Krishna Dutta

The character of Siraj was reputed to be worst ever known.He had not only distinguished himself in all shorts of debaucheries but also by revolting cruelty.
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