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5 Jan

With PM @narendramodi soon launching #BJPsVaccine" for #COVID19, we'll have to get used to "Vaccination Deaths" like those infamous #Demonetization_Deaths". Here is an attempt to compile a list of potential news reports during the vaccination drive.
1. 71 year old man collapses and dies, standing in serpentine queue during #Modi's ambitious vaccination.

2. 32year old Kerala youth dies 7 hours after vaccine. His bike was run over by a truck. His friends claimed, "He never had such accidents before taking the vaccine."
3. One more vaccine death. 36 year old Doctor, who had received first dose of COVID vaccine just 8 days ago, was beaten to death by bystanders of a patient who died in the ICU due to heart attack.
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8 Oct 20
@RahulGandhi: India Needs You !

#Nehru: His great grandpa chanted #HindiChiniBhaiBhai and lost miles and miles of Indian land to China. He claimed, "Not a blade of grass grows there." He lost Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to Pakistan and turned Kashmir into hell on earth.
#IndiraGandhi: His grandmother was planted as PM of India by USSR by eliminating Lal Bahadur Shastri. It was KGB that lorded over India during all those years of the Iron Lady's rule. Emergency was clamped USSR backing and Indira did not utter one word against interference.
She kept blaming the "Foreign Hand" of America but was the de facto foreign "Hand" of USSR in India.

#RajivGandhi: Wasn't even able to stand up to the bullying of #AIMPLB. He was such a miserable failure that he sacrificed the interests of Indian Army...
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26 Sep 20
#DeepikaPadukone: #No_Hasty_Actions_Please

Warning: #Hash_tags in this article are purely coincidental and aren't meant to be taken seriously. Do not Google their meanings. You will end up on same page.
While the whole Hindu Right Wing is baying for Deepika Padukone's blood, I have a different take. I cannot shun this responsibility to post my thoughts about Deepika. I advocate no #Hash_Tea actions against her. Let me elaborate.
We should never forget Deepika is a woman of #substance. She is made of sterner #stuff. She's managed to create her own identity away from her father's shadow and done her best to #weed out nepotism in cinema field.
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17 Sep 20

@INCIndia, #Communists, Liberals, Intellectuals, Church groups and Islamists are trending National Unemployment Day on PM @narendramodi's birthday. The media aligned with the Ecosystem is playing it up. But we cannot fault them.
(1/N) Image
Unemployment definitely has hit the Ecosystem hard, real hard.

The Bollywood Intellectuals aren't getting whopping subsidies for their Anti-India movies anymore. How can they produce more such movies ?
@ndtv, @IndiaToday, @aajtak have been dethroned from top of BARC ratings by @republic and @TimesNow. With BARCing rights gone, what will those people do ?

From fixing Ministerial berths to #MoJo, the Radia-ting journalists have come closer to eradication. Won't it hurt ?
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17 Sep 20
It is all about #free in Leftist world. Now they want freedom from masks. What has the Leftist Ecosystem given to the world ?

Every calamity is a creation of Communists. They have free problems for every solution. Everything Left comes free as long as people foot the costs without complaining. Communism is the single most existential threat faced by humankind.
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17 Sep 20

"This is ridiculous. Hero worship has sunk to insane depths. Modi-maniacs have turned him into a cult hero and they have become a cult. This is disastrous for the ordinary people, democracy and the nation."
(1/N) Image
Seeing these kind of messages. Lots of them today. Some even posted on my wall. A little trespassing on the walls of these people turned into a bender-reveal party. I could see the which way they bend and their cults too.
One person had Che Guevara as profile picture. EMS, Nayanar etc were there in other photos.

One person's wall was full of Thanthai Periyar quotes. Incidentally, Periyar too was born on this day.

One had a wall paper of Comrade PV with "Ithu Keralamaanu" written.
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13 Sep 20

People might criticize #Congress and its leadership for the miserable numbers when it comes to seats the party has won in recent years. But nobody can deny @INCIndia is the only one party that is truly national and centrist like #RahulGandhi.
Numbers don't tell the real story. Actions speak louder than words.

Congress in Bihar joined issues in #JusticeForSSR and demanded #CBIforSSR.

Moving eastward, Congress in West Bengal hit the roads in support of 'Bengali Brahmin' girl Rhea Chakraborty.
Rhea has been wronged by CBI, #Modi, #Israel and #America among #KangnaRanaut. Hence Congress is agitating for restoration of Bengali pride.

Moving westward, Congress is in alliance with #ShivSena, which is trying to save innocent drug peddling suspect #RheaChakraborthy.
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11 Sep 20
#Rahul_Gandhi: #The_True_Centrist

A Tribute to @RahulGandhi

The world is progressively getting divided between the Right and Left with each side getting more vicious than the other. Best example is the Rhea and Kangna story.
(1/N) Image
While the Left is backing Rhea and rejoicing at Kangna's plight, the right is doing the exact opposite. Every issue has a Leftist view and Rightist view. The Center seems to have vanished. The moderate view appears to be lost in the clash of partisanship.
That is where we can see hope in Rahul Gandhi, the perfect Centrist.

Look at him. He isn't perturbed by Kangna and Rhea doesn't worry him either. He is looking at the central or core aspect.
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8 Sep 20

There isn't something on this earth which Subramanian Swamy doesn't know. Neither is there something he hasn't done.

Here is an attempt to put together, the contributions of #SubramanianSwamy ji in a series of Tweets
The Chinese aren't scared of the God in the sky or the Devil under the earth. But they are scared of a foreigner who knows Chinese. Subramanian Swamy knows Chinese.
Swamy is solely responsible for China allowing Kailas - Manasarovar pilgrimage for Indians in Chinese occupied Tibet. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Minister of External Affairs at that time just claimed credit for all the hard work done by Swamy.
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5 Sep 20

Perfection is a mirage. But the journey in search of perfection is a road worth traveling. Everyone from parents to spouses to children and friends, all of them have taught us something in that journey.

Continued... Long thread
#Part1 Image
Every moment is a learning experience if we keep our eyes open. Even strangers can leave with unforgettable lessons. Hence I salute everyone who has touched my life in this journey of five decades in pursuit of perfection.
I perhaps should have written this on Guru Purnima. But the idea just hadn't happened. Waiting for the next Guru Purnima is like looking for a mirage in these times. We don't have a warranty card against the pandemic. Hence it is "Happy Teacher's Day".
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31 Aug 20
#Happy_Onam: The Myths and the Truth

Ever since I came to Kerala in January 1995, I have been told, Onam is celebration of Mahabali, fondly called Maveli by Malayalees. It is my 26th Onam in Kerala and the Leftist distortion of Onam has gone to the levels of...
#1/N Image
online hooliganism against anyone celebrating or wishing Vamana Jayanti.

Go to any social media platform and check how "motivated" Malayalees attack anyone wishing Vamana Jayanti like a pack of rabid wolves...
They say, "Onam is not about Vamana. It is about Dravidian King Mahabali and how Brahminical Vishnu cheated him because of jealousy." It is not very strange that over 60% of these online wolves are from minority communities, the rest being Marxists.
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30 Aug 20
The Commies, Islamist bigots and Christian fundamentalists are abusing Kejriwal for "Insulting #Onam and Malayalees". They are reminding him what they did to #AmitShah in 2017.

Unadulterated bigotry, arrogance, abuse and slander by "100% #litterate No. 1 Malayalees".
They just don't understand the fact that Onam is a minor festival celebrated in a small corner of the world. At least 4 times more people celebrate #VamanaJayanti. In an ideal world those celebrating Onam celebrate that and those celebrating Vamana Jayanti celebrate that.
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27 Aug 20

#ShivamVij, the "Intellectual Left Liberal" journalist wrote this hilariously ironical piece on Prashant Bhushan. He compared Bhushan to #Gandhi and #Mandela.
#1ofN Image
"Prashant Bhushan's refusal to apologize puts him in the same league as Gandhi and Mandela" he wrote after Bhushan claimed he won't apologize to the Supreme Court in the Contempt of Court case against him.
Well, being "Left Liberal" @DilliDurAst has all the "freedom of expression" to eulogize people from his fellow Leftist Ecosystem. But since the comparison is with Gandhi and Mandela, it requires a little bit of scratching.
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26 Aug 20
@INCIndia: #The_Bakers_Dozen_Names

Supporters of #IndianNationalCongress claim, their party gave India the freedom at midnight. They know not the fact that the INC underwent several episodes of fission throughout the post Independence period.
#Part1 Image
Original Congress had "Tricolor with Charkha" as the flag from 1931 to 1947. After 1947, it was given up as Congress became a political party from a freedom movement.

Nehru's Congress had "Two bullocks with a plough" as the symbol from 1952.
The 1971 fission was the biggest and the faction lead by Indira Gandhi acquired the "cow with suckling calf" symbol. The "Hand" became Congress symbol only from 1977.
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20 Aug 20

It is birth anniversary of the original #RaGa. #RajivGandhi was born on 20th August. I am inspired to write this after looking at Congress relaunching Rahul in Rajiv mood with a new wig and new set of artificial dentures.
#Part1 Image
Rajiv wasn't just original RaGa. He was the original Pappu too. What Rahul is doing today for the BJP, Rajiv began that process in 1985. He laid the foundation stone for the phenomenal growth of #BJP from two seats to 330 plus.
The trinity of Father, son and Holy Ghost; RaGa, RaGa and #SoGa have practically handed BJP over to India and India over to BJP.

With #ShahBano, #Ayodhya, #IPKF and #Bofors, Rajiv was the Haley's in Blunderland.
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19 Aug 20
#SSR_Case_Handed_over_to_CBI: #Kisko_Kya_Mila ?

With the #SupremeCourt finally ordering #CBIForSSR enquiry into the controversy surrounding unnatural death of #SSRDidntCommitSuicide, here is a list of who got what.
#KangnaRanaut: Revenge over #KJo
#IshkaranSinghBhandari: Publicity
#ArnabGoswami: More shouting rights
#RajdeepSardesai: Terrible insult (as usual)
#BarkhaDutt: Panauti tag reaffirmed
#MemebaiPolice: Egg on face
#BiharPolice: An axe, to grind
#BabyPenguin: Humble pie
#BabyPenguinKaBaap: A shakey chair
@BJP4India: A stick to beat Penguins (PeTA, please note)
@INCIndia: More confusion in the ranks
@ncp: More Pawar to Parth
#RheaChakraborty: Her original wish
#BollywoodLiberals: Butterflies in the stomach
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15 Aug 20

This is 1994 movie #Gopi_Kishen. Sunil Shetty plays double role. A bumbling Police Constable Gopi and a gangster Kishen. Tinku, the son of Gopi after seeing both Gopi and Kishen in different places around same time starts wailing,...
#1_N Image
"Mere Do Do Baap" or "I have two fathers".

Right from 1947, our western neighbor has suffered this confusion faced by the boy Tinku in Gopi Kishen. They've always had multiple fathers. America, Saudi Arabia and UAE among others in the past...
As the world once again is getting bipolar with expansionist force on one side and countries wanting #Cheeni_Kum on the other, our neighbor is left with choosing new fathers.
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13 Aug 20
#Bengaluru_Burning: #Unleashing #Sadak2

There are Hindus defending this guy called Naveen who purportedly posted a slanderous post against the Prophet of one religion, because someone from that religion posted an obnoxious message against Gods of his religion.
Let me place a rough statistic here. There are no less than 5,000 Pages on Facebook and no less than 2 Million Facebook accounts posting obnoxious stuff against Hindus, Hindu Gods and India. There are Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians in these groups.
By chance, if you report these posts or accounts to Facebook Community Standards, you will be politely told, "The post and account does not go against FCS. Hence you are advised to block XYZ to stop seeing content from them."
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6 Aug 20

A lot of Right wing Hindu handles are asking, "Why no Tweets from #BollyDaWood gangs and Indian Cricketers for #Ayodhya_Bhumi_Poojan ?"
They are especially agitated because all these people had wished with copious enthusiasm during Eid ul Adha, less than a week ago.

Here is the clarification.
After celebrating Barkrid in a big way and some heavy duty eating with their friends, all these people have developed gastroenteritis. They are doing some fine balancing by trying to stop vomiting with one hand and diarrhea with the other.
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6 Aug 20

Crestfallen Liberal fundamentalists, Islamists, Islamists in the garb of Liberals, Liberals sharing bed with terrorists and sundry intellectuals are lamenting. #Part1 Image
* The India that I grew up has died
* I am not among 130 Crore celebrating today
* This isn't the India my forefathers fought for and sacrificed
* This is unfortunately, the end of Secular Democracy in India
* It was not temple. Foundation stone was laid for Hindu Rashtra #Part2
I won' go deep into these rants and arguments. Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura are the three most important places for Indian civilization. As long as people try to fight this fact with the spurious / unilateral Ganga - Jamuni Tehzeeb, there will be strife and no lasting peace. #Part3
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