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Chinese & Russians are good at deception. Attack on #Kyiv is a good example.
Recent LEAK is either an American propaganda or a "planned leak" by China itself.

This means China's distracting the world to believe action will happen in Taiwan.
#India has to be careful!
It's not as if India is not aware of China's move. India in it's own way has been stifling China. Had posted about it. 👇
Our top echelonnow has CHINESE experts, unlike old times when there wr Pak centered think tanks.

If media told you that Russia was using OLD EQUIPEMENTS-- well, Russians used old equipments where they were using distraction tactics.

Just search for the kind of equipements they used around Mariupol.
At places that mattered, they used their best forces.
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Small Thread on who are " ASHA workers " & why did the WHO recognize them . These million plus workers have helped India put more than 1.8 billion doses in arms over rough terrain , mountains , snow filled gorges & overwhelmed rivers, sometimes at huge risk to their lives ctd) ImageImage
2/n They climbed over difficult terrains , over snow full mountains , across deep gorges.... these are strong women of #India 🇮🇳🙏ctd) ImageImage
3/n Sometimes we may see them go into homes , go to fields, barns... no place is unapproachable for these women ..🙏🇮🇳ctd) ImageImage
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On this day, 24 years ago, at this time, a lone C-130 was descending into an unmarked airstrip somewhere in the south of #Pakistan. The C-130 had been escorted by armed Pakistani F-16s from Rawalpindi.
It’s cargo: extremely classified. So much so that the F-16s had...

been given standing orders that in the unlikely event of the C-130 being hijacked or flown outside of national airspace, they were to shoot down the aircraft before it left Pakistan’s airspace. It was one of the many trips the Pakistani C-130s would make to this airstrip in
Balochistan, Southern Pakistan. Some times the tactical airlifters would be empty, flying ghost missions to the middle of the desert and sometimes, unknown to anyone else, the cargo contained several mechanical components of a mysterious nature....
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Dr Ahmed Robleh Abdilleh, Minister of Health of #Djibouti🇩🇯 has been elected as the President of the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA75
United States🇺🇸
have been elected as Vice-Presidents of the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA75
Dr Hiroki Nakatani from #Japan🇯🇵 has been appointed as the Chairperson of Committee A at the 75th World Health Assembly #WHA75
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.@DrTedros is now presenting the World Health Organization Director-General’s Global Health Leaders’ Award at the #WHA75…
WHO Director-General’s Global Health Leaders’ Award, established in 2019, is given by @DrTedros to recognize contributions to advancing global health, demonstrated leadership & commitment to regional health issues.
Dr Paul Farmer was Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at @harvardmed, co-founder & chief strategist of @PIH - an intl NGO established in 1987 providing direct health care services, research & advocacy for those who are sick and living in poverty #WHA75 Image
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/22/2022
Tracking #BA4/#BA4 in #Asia and #Oceania

Hotspots: #Israel, #Hongkong, #NewSouthWales (#Australia), #Singapore
Emerging Hotspots: #India
#NewZealand (MIQ facility)
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It is quite common in India to see children suffering from severe exam stress.

Traditionally (and heavily supported by ignorant popular media), parents are blamed for this.

Please read on to know the truth. #thread
Children who develop severe physical symptoms of anxiety (body tremor, agitation, crying spells, sweating, poor sleep, nausea, etc) near exams actually have long standing issues with managing anxiety.
These go un noticed and untreated as compensatory mechanism like help from school and parents can contain this anxiety to some extent.

Eventually it unravels. This happens close to so called important exam of 10th std.
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The world is facing a food shortage and inflation to preserve the throne of the US…
Due to the inaccurate and ridiculous narrative around, I'll share the bullet points in the article showing that the "#Ukraine is far from feeding the world" as written in my article today:
#Russia - not #Ukraine - is the primary source of wheat globally.
The world doesn’t depend on Ukrainian wheat. The war added to an already existing problem.
Ukraine is countering the sea blockade and has agreed with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland to export its wheat.+
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/21/2022
Tracking #BA4/#BA4 in #Asia and #Oceania

Hotspots: #Israel, #Hongkong, #NewSouthWales (#Australia), #Singapore
Emerging Hotspots: #India
#NewZealand (MIQ facility)
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May 21, 1991: Most people I know, and who are in my age group, remember vividly where he or she was and what he or she was doing because of the shocking news of #RajivGandhi's assassination. If it didn't happen, remember, #DMK would have continued in power in #Tamilnadu.
The next #Tamilnadu election would have been in 1994. There would have been an #AIADMK for sure, but not #Jayalalithaa's servile party. In fact, I doubt if she would have been this important at all. The triumvirates who protected J from harm would have been very powerful too
#Rajiv would have come to power with a fractured mandate, but would have continued his reform path because of economic exigencies of that time. It would have been very possible that #Congress made yet another proper comeback in 1996, on the government delivering promises...
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Tracking #BA4 and #BA5 #Omicron #Sublineages over time

This tracker includes only sequences with signature mutations👇


Updated 5/20/2022
Tracking #BA4/#BA4 in #Asia and #Oceania

Hotspots: #Israel, #Hongkong, #NewSouthWales (#Australia), #Singapore
Emerging Hotspots: #India ImageImage
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India records highest ever annual #FDI inflow of $83.57 billion in FY 2021-22. This is $1.60 billion more than last FY despite military operation in Ukraine and COVID19 pandemic.
#India ’s FDI inflows have gone up 20-fold since 2003-04, when the inflow was $4.3 billion.
India is rapidly emerging as a preferred country for foreign investment in the manufacturing sector. FDI equity inflow in manufacturing sector has increased by 76% in FY 2021-22 ($21.34 billion) compared to FY 2020-21 ($12.09 billion).
It is remarkable that #FDI inflow into #India has increased 23% post-#COVID19 ($171.84 billion between March 2020 and March 2022), compared to pre-pandemic FDI inflow ($141.10 billion between February 2018 and February 2020: USD 141.10 billion).
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"Had a productive Virtual Summit with #Cambodian PM #HunSen. We reviewed our bilateral cooperation and also discussed global and regional issues. I congratulated Cambodia for assuming the Chairmanship of #ASEAN and assured India’s full support for its success," tweets PM Modi
#PMModi held a virtual meeting today with Cambodian PM Hun Sen. The leaders held discussions bilateral issues, including cooperation in the fields of trade & investment, human resource development, defence and security, post-pandemic economic recovery & people-to-people ties: MEA
PM Modi highlighted the historical & civilizational links between two countries and expressed his happiness at India’s involvement in restoration of Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear temples in #Cambodia, which depict the cultural and linguistic connect between the two countries: MEA
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#Thread #Space #India #IPR

@isro, which had a relatively quiet year (2021-22) so far as space launches were concerned, had been working on unique, cutting-edge technologies and processes through the year. 25 patents at the rate of 1 every 15 days filed in the said period. 1/n
It also filed 5 new copyrights applications. As on date, @isro has 193 active patents, 73 copyrights and 13 trademarks to its name. Another 96 under examination and 18 are being drafted by lawyers. 2/n
Comparatively, Isro had filed 19 patents and one copyright application in 2020-21. At the end of that fiscal, Isro had 144 active patents, 66 copyrights and 13 trademarks. 3/n
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#HeatWaves are soon to become the new normal for #Mumbai.
While steps are being taken to make the city climate-resilient, impacts of #HeatStress are sprinting ahead threatening Mumbai's food security, public health, ecosystem & economy.

#HeatStressMumbai 🔥 A THREAD Image
#HeatStress happens when the body heats up excessively leading to dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, etc.
#HeatWaves in #Mumbai has led to an uptick in:
heat-related illnesses & deaths
power outages
crop failure
drinking water shortages
risk to wildlife
Global evidence demonstrates clear causal links b/w heatwave intensity & #ClimateChange

As per @rocksea, data for 70 years shows that “the number of heatwaves is directly in response to #GlobalWarming.”

@fayedsouza @tajmahalfoxtrot @ClimateGroup
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Another beautiful hornbill species found in #India. The rufous-necked #hornbill. Image
Another beauty from Indian forests. Wreathed hornbill species. Image
Here another species of hornbill. The great Indian hornbill. Image
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مورود-جنجیرہ قلعہ (Murud Janjira Fort)
ضلع رائے گڑ، مہاراشٹر (بھارت)__1100ء
مورود-جنجیرہ سمندری قلعہ ہندوستان کے منفرد اور خوبصورت قلعوں میں سے ایک جیسے مہاراج چھترپتی شیو (Chatturpati Shiva) نے اپنے اس فلسفے پر کھڑا کیا کہ "سمندروں پر حکمرانی کرنے والا ہی اصل
طاقتور ھے".
قلعہ پدم-درگ سمندر سے نکلنے والی کمسا چٹان پر بنایا گیا۔ مہاراج چھتر پتی شیواجی کی موت کے بعد یہ قلعہ سدیوں کے ہاتھ چلا گیااور سیاست کاگڑھ بن گیا۔
ھندو سوراجیہ کےبانی، چھترپتی شیواجی مہاراج نےسمندر کو ایک جغرافیائی وجود کے طور پر استعمال کرنے کی اہمیت پر زور دیا۔
سدیوں (Siddis, Karnataka largest ethnic group) کے طاقتور اور مضبوط قلعے کی کہانیاں سناتا ھے جسے مراٹھوں، پرتگالیوں یا انگریزوں کے ذریعے فتح نہیں کیا جا سکتا تھا۔
قلعے کی 40 فٹ اونچی 22 دیواریں سیاہ گرینائٹ سے تعمیرکی گئی ہیں۔ لیکن یہ بات بھی سچ ھے کہ قلعہ میں آرکیٹیکچرل آرائش کا
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During 1962 war The villagers of arunchal Pradesh had assited the indian soldiers who were outnumbered by the CPI's army for their motherland without even thinking about their lives♥️. The population of kaho village was just 65. At that time india was not even 1/3
ready for such a war. At that time india had the weakest leader nehru done a series of mistakes. China was not even strong at that time. Previous indian goverment kept india poor until 1990 some improvements ve happened 2/3
These congress government neglected the north east part.
Gandhi & Nehru can be define as india's Mikhail Gorbachev and boris yeltsin. Both of them were responsible for the disintegration of their country and keeping their country poor. 3/3 #kaho #india #AP
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The banking sector has been an underperformer since COVID. What makes it so interesting now? (1/8)

#bankingsector #COVID19 #investing
The banking sector is the backbone of our economy. The health of our banks has always played a major role in our economic growth journey. (2/8)

#india #economy #banks
With the introduction of the Asset quality review in FY15-16, banks' asset quality has been under pressure. This was further aggravated by events such as demonetisation, GST, and the IL&FS crisis. As a result, the GNPA ratio for Banks rose to 11.2% in FY18 vs 4.3% in FY15. (3/8)
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Thread on the risks of Europ's increased dependence on US LNG
1- Among the pillars of energy security:
a- Diversification of energy sources
b- Diversification of energy imports
c- Low volatility of energy prices
d- Affordability and reliability
#Russia #Natgas #LNG #EU
2- Answer the following:
a- Who benefited the most from stopping Nordstearm 2?
b- Who was the Marketing-in-Cheif of US LNG?
c- Who took advantage of Russian invasion of Ukraine to secure US LNG market share in Europe?
d- Which country is the largest gas exporter to Europe now?
3- Europe has not learned its lesson... yet!

- All they are doing now is shifting dependence from the "mined" fossil fuels to the "mined" minerals needed for the "claimed" carbon neutrality.
and most importantly: shifting Europe's dependence from Russian gas to US gas!
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I have been skeptical about whether Indian wheat would replace Ukrainian and Russian wheat on the export market, but wasn't expecting an all out ban. Here are the factors I think contributed to this (and that will probably get me in trouble)...
The specter of famine in India is high, despite there not being any major famines since India's Independence. But the British really did some terrible things. Therefore, the government doesn't want to gamble with the possibility of not enough supply.
Climate change: Wheat in India is currently experiencing what scientists call "terminal heat stress," which causes the grains to shrivel and lowers the yield.
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Adani To Acquire Holcim’s Stake In Ambuja Cements And ACC Limited…

Finally its official, Adani bought this stake via offshore SPV which belongs to Adani Promoters (not related to Adani Enterprises)

#adani #holcim
#ambuja #acc
Adani ACC Ambuja deal valued at

Ambuja 385 per share vs CMP 358
ACC 2300 per share vs CMP 2100

#adani #acc #ambuja #Holcim Image
At $10.5 bn
largest ever acquisition by Adani, and India’s largest ever M&A transaction in the infrastructure and materials space.
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According to the Vedas, the 'desi' breed of #cows & #bulls of #India are direct descendants of Kamadhenu - the divine Gaumata - who emerged from the kshirasagar during the Samudra Manthan itself. She is dhenu, the giver of all bounties.

#Bharat Image
Kamadhenu is known to exist in five different forms: Nanda, Sunanda, Surabhi, Sumana, and Susheela. Her other names are Sabala and Matrika. She is the divine mother of all cows. She is the daughter of Prajapati, mother of all 11 Rudras.
The devas or gods decided to give Kamadhenu to the Saptarishis, for whom the sacred cow supplies milk and ghee essential for vedic yagnas. In time, she came into the ownership of the Rishi Vashista.
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Thread for Doctors (a thread to be updated time to time)

I will write here about,
What doctors can do to protect themselves, against complaints under SC/ST Act, complaints in police for medical negligence, complaints for medical negligence in

#Doctors #MedTwitter #India
2/ police station, complaints filed in criminal courts, summons by court to private doctors to appear as a witness with medical record of a patient, cases in civil court for damages, steps a doctor can take if he perceives threats from a patient, etc.

#doctors #MedTwitter
3/ First basic principles : An error in diagnosis (or Judgement) is not by itself a negligence. If a patient dies during an operation or immediately after surgery, is by itself not a medical negligence.
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