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#Vietnam launches second #Indian high-speed patrol boat

Vietnam launched a high-speed patrol boat built with Indian assistance & one more is in the pipeline.

The Vietnamese coast guard had inducted the first #India made patrol vessel in December 2020…
2) The launch stands out "as an icon of India-Vietnam defense partnership" and reflects India's commitment towards building the capacity of the Vietnamese military, says Pranay Verma, India's ambassador to Vietnam.
3) Vietnam is making full use of the $100-million line of credit extended by India in 2014 during the State visit of the Vietnamese PM to India. The two nations extended their relations to a “comprehensive strategic partnership” & have been cementing military ties since then.
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Faces behind #Kashmir Intel #Thread

Let us know, what's the motive and who are/were some of the people running handles like Kashmir Intel (@kashmirosint), which claim themselves to be voice or source of information of #Kashmir. Image
NIA in Sep 2020 filed a charge sheet against 5 operatives of #IslamicState Khorasan Province, including the #Kashmiri couple who were running Kashmir Intel for allegedly conspiring to utilize the anti #CAA protests to instigate #Muslims against #Indian government & provoke riots Image
Here is how the couple, Jahanzaib Sami Wani & Hina Bashir planned to exploit gullible Muslim youth
They were conspiring to create unrest during anti #CAA protest by coining seditious slogans & making graffiti at public places, highlighting the same on social & international media Image
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#India #WrongCOVIDVaccinationStrategy

We as Indian public, media as well as the Govt lose the plot when we start talking about absolute numbers and vaccinating entire population, at least for now

For immediate reduction in hospitalisation and deaths (within 4-6 wks), we should ensure a rapid and wide coverage of COVID-19 vaccines in >45y population.

Ask data for coverage among these vulnerable pop.
Ask, is the current CoWin dependent strategy appropriate?

>45 are roughly one-fifth of the population. We should cover these using our public health vacc system thru decentralised approach (no need for CoWin). If vacc supply is the issue use sectoral approach. By spreading out thin we are not denting admissions and deaths.

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Post the virality of this tweet I think I owe you all an update on developments. I firstly apologies for saying that our defunct hospital is in Pune. It’s actually 3.3kms away from the border of #Punecity and falls under the @pcmcindiagovin Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
1/n This is where my first problems began as I did get calls from #Pune authorities who on hearing the location washed their hands away by saying it’s not part of their #jurisdiction!Does death also have any jurisdiction?
Never got any calls from the good people at PCMC.
2/n I did get connected to a bunch of trusts/organizations/individuals who offered help in running this if we are able to get it funded/started by ourselves. I do thank all of them for reaching out with their manpower and expertise. 
A lot of you including me tagged a host
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Replying to @mojos55

Again and again, he found, this money, though it might originate in #Russia, #Africa or the Middle #East, travels through #London. The murders and kidnappings don’t happen here, of course: our bankers have clean cuffs and manicured nails.
The National Crime Agency estimates that money laundering costs the #UK £100bn a year. But it makes the rich much more. With the money come people fleeing the consequences of their crimes, welcomed into this country through the govt’s “golden visa” scheme: a red carpet laid out
for the very rich.
None of this features in the official definitions of corruption. #Corruption is what little people do. But #kleptocrats in other countries are merely clients of the bigger thieves in #London.
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1/3 Hope they r safe. Those who dont knw abt LULU grp— its d largest INDIAN brand in middle east.Largest mall in India belongs to ‘em. Yogi ji & #Modi ji hd invited him to invest in #UP & #Kashmir. After #MuthootGeorge, #AmbaniGate this is the 3rd incident INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE!!
2/3 Muthoot George died in Feb. He ws among the top 20 rich man in INDIA amd the richest man in #Kerala. Only small columns in page 4 or 5 in yhe newspapers carried this news. WHY? Accident, murder, suicide????
3/3 Ambani’s!! Well I call it ECONOMIC terr0rism!!! Hv posted everything that I knw. Till now only LOCALS names hv come out. If ppl want to believe these r mere coincidences— then God save #India.
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There is an #Inscription at #Cambodia of a Hindu King यशोवर्मन् (889-910 CE). There, he has paid respect to Manu of #मनुस्मृतिः.

Manu was always revered in and out of #India since ages. Idiots should stop opening their mouth on #धर्मशास्त्रम् . Image
And apart from मनुस्मृति, there are many other स्मृति texts which are survived, commented and respected.

They are - याज्ञवल्क्य, गौतम, पराशर, नारद, अत्रि, व्यास etc.

Irony is - Such idiot Hindus are spreading nonsense w/o having zero knowledge on anything. Image
So @subhash_kak has RTd this nonsense on मनुस्मृति. This is alarming situation for Hindu Academia.

Mr. Kak ! This is not good. Image
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🇮🇳 L'Inde confirme aujourd'hui 152 514 cas de #Covid_19 en 24 heures, c'est donc un nouveau record pour le cinquième jour consécutif.

➡️837 décès liés au #coronavirus ont aussi été confirmés aujourd'hui.

C'est une hausse de 63,99% de cas comparés à J-7.
#india #Maharashtra
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#Efemérides #TalDíaComoHoy #OnThisDay #BOTD #ONG #India #VicenteFerrer

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Hoy, 9 de abril, nació VICENTE FERRER MONCHO (f. 2009), religioso jesuita y después cooperante, filántropo y fundador de ONG.

Premio Príncipe de Asturias de la Concordia 1998.
"Todo lo que te ocurre a ti, me ocurre a mí. No puedes mirar el sufrimiento de los otros sin sentirlo dentro de ti.

Puedes mirar o no mirar, pero ese sufrimiento te duele a ti también, y cuando te das cuenta te sientes responsable.

Y piensas, ¿qué puedo hacer?"
Su infancia transcurrió entre Barcelona y Gandía.

En la Ciudad Condal vivía en el casco antiguo y asistía a la Academia Fernández, de la calle Princesa.

Llegó incluso a ser solista en la Escolanía de la Catedral de Barcelona.

Con el comienzo de la guerra civil Vicente fue
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Did you know? Rani Veli Nachiyar was considered the first woman of Tamil origin to challenge the British Empire and was credited with building the first human bomb and forming an all women’s army in early 1780. #Warrior #History #IncredibleIndia 🇮🇳 🙏🚩
Rani Velu Nachiyar (3 January 1730 – 25 December 1796) was a queen of Sivaganga estate from c. 1780–1790. She was the first #Indian queen to wage war with the East India Company in #India. She is known by Tamils as Veeramangai “brave woman". 🌺🙏
Velu Nachiyar was the #princess of Ramanathapuram and the only child of King Chellamuthu Vijayaragunatha Sethupathy and Queen. Sakandhimuthathal of the Ramnad kingdom. She was trained in many methods of combat, including war match weapons usage and #martialarts 🚩🙏🌺
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#take- #India #Pakistan #ceasefire - A thread on why optimism is myopic and a case of historical amnesia. It is a tactical breather by an overworked enemy, waiting for the next opportunity to betray India, as in #Uri. (1/6)
The #PakistanArmy isn't a homogenous fief of the chief, it's a complicated hydra whose parts compete for power and influence. The flip-flops by #ImranKhan point to the anti-chief sections of the army seizing the opportunity and squeezing them. (2/6)…
These parts are manipulated by #China, and occasionally other sections of the army gang up on these turf wars. The sudden exit of the #gwadar authority chief is one example. With #Iran getting a Chinese lifeline, Pak is in a two-front situation with domestic separatism. (3/6)
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What is happening in #India’s #coal sector?
#Coalblock auctions find few bidders; @CoalIndiaHQ mulls diversification into manufacturing; power producers like @ntpclimited and @AdaniOnline eye not just coalblocks but also discoms. 1/10
In this set of articles, @carboncopyinfo and I argue much of this churn is explained by the ongoing crisis in coal-based power. As the sector drifts, India’s coal-majors – be it miners or coal-based power generators – are planning their own pivots. 2/10
And so, this thread.
Story One: Why Coal-Based power is in trouble (and why things won’t improve).… 3/10
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On #WorldHealthDay, let's build a fairer, healthier 🌎🌍🌏

#COVID19 highlighted how some 👱🙎🏽‍♀️ live healthier lives & have better access to health services than others, due to their living conditions.

It's time for #HealthEquity to reach #HealthForAll!

It's #WorldHealthDay

To achieve #HealthForAll, everyone needs access, without discrimination, to the health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

We can and must build a fairer, healthier 🌎🌍🌏 for everyone, everywhere.

#COVID19 shows that #HealthEquity is more urgent than ever. It’s laid bare inequities in access and coverage of health services, mortality and socio-economic impacts.

On #WorldHealthDay, let's make the 🌎🌍🌏 fairer and #HealthForAll a reality!

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#Lavrov in #Islamabad after 9 years, in a balancing act after first visiting #India, but also to mark strides in ties between the old Cold War adversaries #Russia & #Pakistan. These days #Afghanistan is a strong point of convergence where Pk+Ru are cooperating with #US #China.
An official handle of #Pakistan's MFA quotes a couplet from #Russia FM #SergeyLavrov's poetry, indulging him as he visits Pak to talk #Afghanistan. Lavrov did take a backhanded swipe at the #US during a presser but the visit aligns with 🇺🇸 interests.

#Russia & the #US are working closely on #Afghanistan despite friction on other issues. FM #SergeyLavrov's visit to #India+#Pakistan is part of that US-Russian coordination. Hard to see how this visit is part of some anti-US move as some Pak media suggest.
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The #1971IndoPakWar was the outcome of continuous atrocities & genocide by #Pakistan on the people of #Bangladesh. The genocide of 25 Mar 71, led to the birth of Mukti Bahini, which played a stellar role in the liberation of #Bangladesh. (1/n)

#Pakistan opted for war with #India instead of stopping genocide in #Bangladesh. On 3 Dec 1971 at 4.45 PM #Pakistan initiated the war with pre-emptive strikes at 12 #Indian airfields. (2/n)
As the basic strategy of #Pak was to launch a powerful attack in the West, a large portion of her Armed Forces was deployed there. These included two Armoured Divisions, ten Infantry Divisions, two Armoured Brigades and seven POK Brigades. (3/n)

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I reached out to @MumbaiPolice @pmo @cmo @AmitShah @PawarSpeaks @NCWIndia & every politician of every party on #sanjayraut harassment issue. Nobody helped me. I won’t die like #SSR I won’t give up.I will fight.Join my fight.This hashtag is my identity #myrightmyfight Please RT.
#MaharashtraGovernment is now used to murders being documented as suicides. I have already made it clear in my letter. I’m very strong. If I’m dead, it can only be a murder. #SSR was killed. He did not get a chance to say this, so I have stated my point much before the event.
I filed a writ in #HighCourt hoping that the judicial system will help. But the court does not find this issue emergency so does not come on board. If I was an actress, It would be easy. The only way left now is to fight alone with the help of public of India #myrightmyfight
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रतौंधी के शिकार कोरोना वायरस से बचने के लिए लगाए गए रात्रि कर्फ्यू के काल में छगनलाल के ब्याह की बात ठहरी और तुर्रा ये की बारातियों के आने जाने की सुविधा के लिए छगन के बाबूजी ने रविवार का दिन विवाह के लिए तय किया। #Corona #India
समस्या तब गहन हो गयी जब यह रहस्य खुला को कोरोना पांच-दिवसीय कार्यसप्ताह पर काम करता है, और शनिवार-रविवार सड़क पर आवारागर्दी करता है। विवाह के आमंत्रितों की संख्या सिकुड़ कर पुनः ५० हो गयी, यहां छगनलाल का मुँह बासी छोले जैसा और उनकी मंगेतर का मनोहारी मुख ताज़ा भठूरे सम हो गया।
लाखो का महंगा लहंगा कोई देखे न तो क्या रिप्पड जीन्स पहिन के पापा की परी दुल्हन न बन जाए। ऐसे समय एक चुनावों में असफल रहने का अनुभव रखने वाले फूफाजी काम आये। फूफाजी यानि तेज़, फूफाजी यानि तप, फूफाजी यानि त्याग, फूफाजी यानि आग, फूफाजी यानि डिटर्जेंट, फूफाजी यानि झाग।
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The pandemic has led to proliferation of unfettered consumption of herbal drugs in #India - when we @TheKenWeb spoke to five liver doctors at leading hospitals we realised we are in for a storm of a different kind - that of herbal medicine induced liver injuries #Thread
Dr Arvinder Soin, top liver transplant surgeon in India and globally, told us that at least 6 cases of Giloy-induced liver injuries which required transplants had come to Medanta Hospital in Gurugram during 2020, of which two had died waiting for one.
Dr Abha Nagral in Mumbai was seeing a similar trend. A 20-year-old with a history of few weeks of immunity boosters consumption presented in emergency with jaundice. She is studying at least ten such cases and planning to publish the findings in a journal soon, she said.
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India wants richer countries to adopt “net negative” emissions targets. Indian energy minister "launched a broadside against the climate goals of big emitters in the EU and China, in a sign of how climate negotiations are heating up ahead of a UN summit this year." A thread. 1/n
The Indian minister is correct about the lack of ambition among the industrially advanced countries, esp. the U.S., which is creating hurdles against the EU-led effort to introduce a carbon border tax, which would go a long way in curbing consumption. 2/n…
Let's be clear, nothing can replace the need for reducing luxury emissions linked to profligate consumption. The environmental impacts of net-negative are unknown – where are we going put all that carbon with what other environmental & social consequences (unknown unknowns!)? 3/n
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अगर वैक्सिनेशन प्रोग्राम मोदी सरकार चलाती ना होती।🧵👇
कल जब में ने वेक्शिन ली तो पूरी प्रोसिजर की दरम्यान में यही सोचता रहा की अगर इस परिस्थिति मे मोदी सरकार की जगह पुरानी पार्टी की सरकार या तो किसी ओर पार्टी कि सरकार होती तो क्या माहोल होता? आप भी सोचिए ओर मूँजें जो भी ख़्याल आया में शेर कर राहा हु आप को जो ख़याल आए आप बताए।
पहेले तो मूँजें ये देखना होता की वेक्शिन मिलेगी कहा? अपने डॉक्टर दोस्तों को फ़ोन करता तब वो बताते

1. “ वैसे तो सिविल में मिलती है पर बहोत भीड़ होगी ओर वह पता नहीं ओरिज़िनल मिलेगी भी या नहीं।
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Here's the latest episode of #COVID19 : Updates from Singapore
This series of webinars is brought to you by @WHOGOARN and @NUSMedicine

It's hosted by @profdalefisher , Prof. David Allen, and Dr. Louisa Sun
Watch here:
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#SethHarchandraiVishandas was called father of #Karachi. He was first local Karachi resident to be President of Karachi Municipality in 1911. He was a member of Congress and a Freedom fighter. He was a secular #Hindu #Pakistan
#Karachi as we know it as a major city in Islamic State of #Pakistan was built by him and he is also often called Father of Karachi. He was behind setting up City’s first Power Plant and earning name City of Lights.
He was as opposed to #Hindu -#Muslim politics like any Hindu today which supports TMC or secular gang and took strong position against Ghar Wapsi being led by Fringe elements like Swami Shraddhanand. A great man, he built first city roads making it modern city like Modi is doing
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Russian military equipment on the Crimean Bridge. 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, various trucks, BMP-3 IFVs. Wonder what's going on!!!
Go time?

Lots of Russian movements lately. Biden called Putin the Killer days ago! Russia said it will respond aptly.
Russian airborne division moving quite a lot of Arsenals to #Crimea
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