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Days after the #CoromandelExpress tragedy, I called a friend who’s a powerloom worker from #Odisha in #Surat. He shared a passenger-list, with phone numbers. Relatives of missing folk were using it to find loved ones. I began to call random non-AC passengers. A thread 1/n
Dozens of men in their 20s and 30s from #WestBengal on the #CoromandelExpress were to take connecting trains to #Kerala, to go to work 2000-odd km from home. Most were school dropouts, construction workers, masons, painters, unskilled labourers, driven to migrate for livelihoods
Daily wages in #Kerala are considerably higher, almost Rs 800; accommodation clean; some contractors employed Bengali cooks and helpers for the workers. They could earn Rs 20,000-Rs 25,000 a month, it was a decent income, they could build assets at home.
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There's no news of #Modi's visit to the #US when you turn on #CNN on TV in India.

So I looked up #NBC online.

I had to scroll past 11 screens to find any news of Modi's visit.

#XiJinping, on the other hand, was on the first screen.

These are the first six screens.

(1/) ImageImageImageImage
Things more important than #Modi to the #USA:

1. Missing #titanicsubmarine
2. #Biden calls #Xi a dictator
3. Two people killed in #Georgia
4. Charges against #HunterBiden
5. Sweltering heat in #Texas
6. Judge strikes down #Arkansas ban on transition care for minors

(2/) ImageImageImageImage
7. House vote on impeaching #Biden
8. Supreme Court #Alito
9. Limit #Chinese purchase of #US farmland
10. #Sanders to investigate #Amazon safety record
11. NH senator assaults employee
12. #Iowa building collapse
13. #Idaho man shoots 4
14. US ranks 43rd on #gender parity

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Samay (The Time) - The Timeless time of the Vedic Ages of India

What is Samay?
What is Kal?
What is creation?
What is the origin and start of the time?

Let's find out what our timeless Vedic scriptures say about it:

#Veda #SanatanaDharma #Hinduism #Time #India… Image
1. What is Samay / Kaal / Time?

The Sanskrit word for time is kala which has been derived from kalana or motion and it implies that time manifests itself through motion. At the same time, time is eternal (Nitya and Shaswata) without beginning and ending (Anadi and Ananta). The…… Image
2. Concept of Shrishti and Pralaya - The Cycle of Time
The cosmos follows one cycle within a framework of cycles. It may have been created and reached an end, but it represents only one turn in the perpetual Kalachakra, the "wheel of time", which revolves infinitely through…… Image
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This is why I do not think much of #SubhasChandraBose

Read this thread about the brutal treatment of #Malaya #Tamils by the Japanese in building the #DeathRailway

Bose wanted to take help from the Japanese in "liberating" #India.

Why would the Japanese ever care about "liberating" India from #British rule?

The #Japanese were imperialists. They wanted to conquer all of Asia and the Pacific.

They had already annexed #Manchuria in 1931, and everyone knew about their brutal treatment of the #Chinese.

The Japanese followed this up with the #RapeOfNanjing in 1937. This was followed by the establishment of #Unit731 in the city of #Harbin in Northeast #China, scene of one of the most egregious #CrimesAgainstHumanity in history, carried out by the #ImperialJapaneseArmy

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India US to set up space collaboration for areas of human space flight, planetary defense, and commercial space activity.

#India #USA #ISRO #NASA Image
1. As per the Initiative on critical and emerging technologies (ICET), jointly agreed by the US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan and India's NSA Ajit Doval, in January 2023, The US Govt. has shown keen interest in strengthening
2. human space flight cooperation, identifying areas of development for both countries to collaborate in the commercial space including through a joint working group, and identifying new talent and talent exchanges by setting up the engineer and scientist exchange programme.
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1️⃣ From my Daily Brief last week - Monday:

The EU’s illegal and immoral border policies prioritize suffering:…


En français:… Image
2️⃣ From my Daily Brief last week - Tuesday:

US state lawmakers pushing for MORE child labor:…


En français:… Image
3️⃣ From my Daily Brief last week - Wednesday:

#India shuts down the internet more than any other country - and it hurts the poor most:…


En français:… Image
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Scientists of the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) have developed a new model for radio wave propagation through the ionosphere.

#India #communication… Image
1. The ionosphere is a region of Earth’s upper atmosphere ranging from about 100 - 1000 km and acts as a gateway for radio communication between the ground and space. Radio waves of certain frequencies (HF band) are reflected back to the ground by the ionosphere which facilitates……
2. Despite the increasing use of satellite communications, traditional long-distance high-frequency (HF) radio communication, remains an important mode of communication during the situations like natural disasters, mid-ocean surveillance, over-the-horizon target detection, and so……
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The Palk Bay in #TamilNadu has the most abundant seagrass ecosystem in #India. Palk bay is a shallow lagoon-like sea, that allows sunlight to touch the sea floor, creating a fledging green sea grass forest. It supports many aquatic species including highly vulnerable Dugong 1/3
Lately, a lot of Aquaculture companies are started on the eco-sensitive shore of Palk Bay. Releasing the chemical pollutant into shore, it affects the wealth of seagrass & other ecosystem. @supriyasahuias @HemaShares , I req govt to regulate them better, restrict new facility 2/3 Image
Palk bay is a shallow sea shared between TN (India) & Sri Lanka, mostly a waveless sea, like a large lake. One of the 5 sediment sink in #India. Sediments from Palk Bay & Gulf of Manner dumped here. It has clear water & seagrass. It is rich fishing ground & snorkeling place 3/3 ImageImageImageImage
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🧵#Thailand's foreign minister has invited his fellow #ASEAN counterparts to an "informal" dialogue to discuss ways to help resolve #Myanmar #coup crisis, into its 3rd year. Invite also extended to Myanmar #military… #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #เมียนมา #พม่า
I understand that a few @ASEAN foreign ministers from nations like #Malaysia #Singapore & current @asean_ri chair #Indonesia will not participate in the talks mooted by #Thailand to take place in #Bangkok June 18-19. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
In the #Thai invite letter to @ASEAN foreign ministers, which I've also seen, @MFAThai minister Don says the "meeting is intended to be an informal dialogue that could be part of the initial steps of the #Myanmar peace process" #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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"Steering the hardships - Women at the wheel beyond all the odds and naysayers!

Post Courtesy: Devkaran M on #LinkedIn

#Inspiration #Wisdom #DefyingOdds #SingleMother #WomenPower #India Image
I took a bike ride service yesterday and had the fantastic experience (1st of its kind) of meeting this ambitious and dynamic powerhouse of positivity. Ms. Venkata Lakshmi L is in her 40’s and a single mother.
After her husband's death, she had no time to grieve as she had to care for her family. But, being not one of the easy giving-up types, she told me that she invested every penny from her savings into getting the bike and signed up for both services to make ends meet.
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L'affaire #Dorsey

There's been a minor kerfuffle in India for the last two days since the Twitter ex-CEO, Jack Dorsey, @jack, made some statements about freedom of speech in India under #Modi.

A 🧵

#Liberals are gleefully sharing these comments as evidence of #India not being a democratic country, and defenders of the government are going into attack dog mode, as usual.

But many people on both sides are missing some key things here:

1. Dorsey didn't talk only about India. In fact, he also talked about how the #USA government tried to suppress things. As also #Turkey, #Nigeria.

2. This points to a deeper issue underlying the whole controversy: Is #FreedomOfSpeech absolute?

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#Inflation in #India
1. While general level at 4.3% for May is close to the target, it is closer to 5% for all sub-groups other than Food & Beverages (3.2% in May).
2. It implies that core inflation is now within the target range, though > target of 4%. Image
3. Groups where pricing power is with producer show higher inflation (health, education, clothing & footwear, personal care, etc.)
4. Inflation for transport & communications is low, as the gov. & telecom industry is not exercising their PP in view of elections, as reported. Image
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Conversion to Islam via Online Gaming in UP and Maharashtra
How teenagers were converted via the online gaming app "Fortnite"


#India #ConversionMafia #Islam… Image
1. Uttar Pradesh Police uncovered a conversion racket in which teenagers were allegedly being targeted through an online gaming application ‘Fortnite’ and were enticed to convert their religion.
#India #ConversionMafia #Islam Image
2. Mastermind of this racket was Shahnawaz Maksood Khan, a resident of Mumbra – who used the digital name ‘Baddo’ and allegedly targeted children who played ‘Fortnite.’

#India #ConversionMafia #Islam Image
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Government of India to ban three kinds of online games
The Union Minister for Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has announced that India is set to ban three kinds of games in the country.
#India #onlinegaming… Image
1. The announcement comes at the heel of the exposure of a massive conversion racket that was using online games as a platform to cajole kids into converting.
2. Popularly known as the Gaming Conversion Racket, the scandal involves Shahnawaz Khan, who is the main accused, and Abdul Rehman, a maulvi at a mosque in Ghaziabad. The two perpetrators would prey upon children in online gaming lobbies and get them to convert to a certain……
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China Asks Last Indian Journalist To Leave This Month
Chinese authorities have instructed the Press Trust of India reporter to leave the country this month.
His departure will wipe India's media presence from China at a moment because of deteriorating ties.
#China #India… Image
1. Last month, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said there was one Chinese journalist left in India, who was still awaiting the renewal of their visa. Earlier, New Delhi rejected visa renewal applications from two journalists from Xinhua News Agency and China Central……
2. The visa spat started a few months ago over Indian journalists hiring assistants in China to help with reporting. Beijing imposed measures limiting employment to three individuals at a time who must come from a pool provided by the Chinese authorities.
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Gautam Gambhir makes some bold statements after India's loss in yet another ICC event.

#India #WTCFinal Image
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Vedas - The greatest source of knowledge and the creation of the greatest knowledge and poetry in the history of the Mankind

वेद - ज्ञानस्य महान् स्रोतः तथा मानवजातेः इतिहासे महत्तमं ज्ञानं काव्यं च सृष्टिम्


#Veda #Sanskrit #Knowledge #Literature #India… Image
1. The Vedas are the source of integral wisdom, science, tradition, and culture of a remarkable civilization. They are oral compilations of the distilled wisdom of cosmic knowledge that survived from time immemorial. They are not only identified as scriptures but also as the…… Image
2. Meaning of the word 'Veda'
The word 'Veda' means 'knowledge' and is derived from the Sanskrit root 'vid', which means 'to know'. It does not refer to one single literary work but indicates a huge corpus of literature, which arose in the course of many centuries and has been…… Image
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1. Thread on organisations plotting against #Indian PM #NarendraModi.

Share it to max people to make them understand how these propaganda organisations work!!

17 so called civil rights organisations call on President #Biden to cancel the invitation to #Modi ji. ImageImage
2. The main organisation behind these is #IAMC or Indian American Muslims Council.

Fact : The organisation is alleged to have links with several terrorists organisations. Just check the links here : Image
3. #FreedomHouse says that #India's democracy is Partly Free.

Fact :
How many of you believe this?

Moreover this organisation is funded by George #Soros who has pledged $ 1Billion to fight Modi!!

Checkout the images: ImageImageImage
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1/7 🧵🤖 Recently, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's remarks about India's ability to create something like ChatGPT have sparked a lot of discussion. Here's a breakdown of the situation. #AI #OpenAI #ChatGPT #TechNews
2/7 🌍 During his visit to India, Altman was asked about the potential for India to build foundational AI models like ChatGPT. His response, that it would be 'pretty hopeless', has drawn criticism. #AI #India #TechControversy
3/7 💬🔥 The reaction on social media was swift and varied. Some users called Altman's statement arrogant, while others saw it as a challenge to prove him wrong. #SocialMedia #TechDebate
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⭐️Vedic Rishika's - The Female Scholars of the Vedic Age of India and First Feminists of the World
Who was Vedic Rishika?

#Sanatan #Vedic #Rishi #Rishika #India #Hinduism Image
1. During the Vedic Era women had two paths to practice -
a). Brahmavadini who studied philosophy and theology for the rest of their life
b). Sadyowaha who were students till they are married. Vedic society revered women as equals with respect and modesty of values. Image
2. Brahmavadini was the title attributed to women scholars, who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and the study of the Vedas. Some were unmarried, living as ascetics, and independent of their fathers, brothers, or male counterparts. /n

#Hinduism Image
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In minimum 80 overs are bowled today; i.e. 480 deliveries and we have two batters. Only if new wicketkepper batsman KS Bharat Bharat can hold his wickets at his end from this fierce Aussie bowling attack and Rahane at is till lunch, wear bowlers and then attack. #WTCFinal2023
exhaust the bowlers and in the meantime; guard wickets and gain confidence. For now 5 wickets are remaining is the mindset and not we lost 5 wickets. Wait for the bad deliveries and until then let the score keep ticking in ones and twos. Rahane will mentor & steer #WTCFinal2023
what really happens if match tied? Draw? Joint winners? Rain is predicted as well during 4th ans 5th day #WTCFinal2023
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India vs China - Necklace of Diamonds Strategy of India
to Counter China's Ring of Pearls Strategy.


#India #China Image
1. The “Necklace of Diamonds” strategy is a phrase first used by India’s former foreign secretary Lalit Mansingh in August 2011. He used the term to refer to India’s efforts to protect its interests, in response to China’s String of Pearls Strategy.
(China String of Pearls) Image
2. The key countries, include Iran, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Seychelles. With every depicted state India has joint projects, agreements or just diplomatically engages with them. However, a bigger portion of attention is focused on infrastructure – similar to China.
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மோடி எனும் மாயபொம்மை.

உலகம் தகவல் தொழில் நுட்பத்தின் மீதேறி மிக வேகமாக முன்னேறிக் கொண்டிருந்தது, மேற்குலகின் சந்தைப் பொருளாதாரம் மிகப்பெரிய தேவைகளோடு உற்பத்தியில் கவனம் செலுத்திக் கொண்டிருந்தது, பில்லியனர்களின் கைகளில் இருந்த பங்குச் சந்தைகளில் நுழைந்து எவரும் பரிவர்த்தனை Image
செய்யலாம் என்றொரு புரட்சி நிகழ்ந்தது.

நுகர்வுக் கலாச்சாரம் உலகைக் கட்டிப் போட்டது, உலக ஊடகங்கள் அனைத்தும் வீடுகளுக்குள் நுழைந்து பெரு நிறுவனங்களுக்கான லாபி செய்து கொண்டிருந்தன. அப்போதும் இந்தியா மெல்ல அசைந்தாடியபடி தன்னுடைய சாதிக் கட்டமைப்பை இறுக்கமாகப் பற்றியபடி ராமர்
கோவிலுக்காக செங்கல் அனுப்பிக் கொண்டிருந்தது.

விடுதலைக்குப் பின்பான அதன் குடிமக்கள் நாள் முழுவதும் உழைத்தார்கள், உலகின் மிகப்பெரிய மக்கள் தொகையும், அதிக இளைஞர்களும் நிரம்பி இருந்த இந்தியாவின் கூட்டு மனசாட்சி எப்படியும் நாம் ஒரு வளர்ந்த நாடாக உருவாகி விடுவோம் என்ற
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India's construction market is set to be the third largest in the world by 2025.

The driving power of India's infrastructure growth is unstoppable


#India #infrastructure… Image
1. A Govt with vision and A country with unforeseen potential
Under the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), projects worth Rs. 108 trillion (US$ 1.3 trillion) are currently at different stages of implementation.… Image
2. The vision and resolve of the Govt.
In November 2022, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) is set up as a collaborative investment platform between the Government of India, global investors, multilateral development banks (MDB), and domestic financial…… ImageImage
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