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This thread deals with the devious & dubious role of former PM of J&K, Mr Ramchandra Kak during those tumultous years of 1940s, when J&K was at the crossroads of its future engagements & the big picture that was emerging in #India

#Jammu #Himachal #Kashmir #Accession #Dogra
As u all r aware that #JammuKashmir had 2 major parties viz National Conference headed by #SheikhAbdullah & Muslim Conference by #YusufShah.
RC Kak was the person who exploited the differences b/w them for the "God Knows what" benefit

#Kashmir #Jammu #Himachal
The major reason of rift among these larties was the #Lahore Declaration by #Muslim League in 1940. NC was secular by nature and had good equations with #Nehru and #Congress, while MC was communal & was completely in favour of acceeding with #Pakistan

#Jammu #Himachal #Kashmir
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Operation Timber Sycamore - How the West funded and trained ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The #DeepState project ultimately phased out by @realDonaldTrump.…
Operation Timber Sycamore - the hidden story of how #DeepState created ISIS - the brainchild of former CIA Gen David Petraeus who is Deep State's pointman in #India involved in #VGSIDDHARTHA suicide, #Kashmir conflict, meddling in Indian elections.…
CIA linked up Qatari & Saudi Secret Services with arms manufacturers in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia with the backing of #NATO which controls arms exports from #Balkans via EUFOR supplying weapons to ISIS for #DeepState's objective to topple Syria.…
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The consolidation of anti-#India protests, fuelled by brutal killing of an engineering student, over a silly water share agreement and now a clash between BGB & BSF indicate potential political turmoil in #Bangladesh.
BSF/BGB became history as two countries came closer over the last 10 years. At a time when two govts signing defence cooperation pacts BGB's offensive raises many questions. More so, due 2 #Bangladesh #Army's general influence over BGB. 2/n…
The incident took place in the backdrop of swelling of protests over #Feni river sharing pact. Feni is a small river dividing #Bangladesh and #india's #Tripura state. People of Tripura were already using river water. An interim pact regulated it. 3/n
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Thread: #SouthKorea's Stealth Fighter looks strikingly similar to #India's AMCA, but will fly earlier - Maybe India should consider cooperation with S. Korea?…
The KF-X & AMCA have similar characteristics, including the fact that both aircraft will be powered by 2 US-built F414 jet engines. The KF-X & AMCA also have a loaded weight of around 25 tons each & will be capable of carrying weapons and equipment both internally and externally.
The mock-up of the KF-X unveiled in Seoul showed the fighter armed with European-origin air-to-air missiles, including the Meteor long-range missile. The Meteor is, incidentally, being supplied to the Indian Air Force for its fleet of Rafale fighters.
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Trump’s sanctions against #Turkey result largely from Erdogan’s purchase of #S400 from #Russia. Interestingly #India too signed a deal worth $5.4 billion with Russia for S-400 in 2015. If US decide to sanction India, Reliance Defense may be destroyed.…
Purchases from #Russia attract US #sanctions under the #CAATSA Act.

The US can issue waivers but only on a transaction-to-transaction basis.

The US still has NOT given #India a waiver on this #S400 deal despite requests.…
Guess who is the main offset partner for the #S400 deal between #India & #Russia?

Yup - it’s Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense.

Ambani signed a contract with Russia’s Almaz-Antey which makes S-400 potentially worth $6bn.…
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Who are the #Kurds? Why should overthrow of Govt of #Syria be their objective? Are they on a quest for #Kurdistan or are they just pawns in the game of geopolitical players? What are the implications of the Turkish #OperationPeaceSpring for #India?…
In 1973 President Richard Nixon & Secretary of State Henry Kissinger instigated a CIA #Kurdish uprising in #Iraq against #SaddamHussein. The US walked away from the rebellion when Saddam and the Shah of #Iran settled their differences, leaving the #Kurds to face their own fate.
In addition to political disagreements and rivalries, tensions between the two dominant Iraqi #Kurdish political parties, the #Kurdistan Democratic Party #KDP and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan #PUK escalated to a civil war that killed more than 2,000 #Kurds in the mid-1990s.
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#SundaySentiments #LetsTakeOutAllMudaOutOfLife
#AnExcellentRead - #Muda

A leading five star hotel in #India had invited Mr. Masai Imai from Japan to hold a workshop for its staff.
The staff were very skeptical - the hotel is doing excellent business, this person from #Japan has no exposure to hotel industry - what exactly is he going to teach?

But everybody gathered as planned for the workshop in the conference hall sharp at 9 am.
Mr.Masai was introduced to them;a not so impressive personality,nor the English all that good;spoke as if he was first formulating each sentence in Japanese & then translating it into rather clumsy English.
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#China & #India aren’t best friends – but agreed strategic adjustment might prevent WAR between Asian superpowers - The summits indicate that Xi and Modi are committed to predictable and stable relations which do not boil over…
For years, the Chinese held a dim view of India as a socially and economically backward land, and a stooge of Western imperialism which is no match to China. But India’s rise as an independent ‘leading power’ under Modi has compelled fullest attention in Beijing.
Ironically, if China needs Pakistan to keep India under check, India under Modi has played the card of cozying up to the US and Russia to keep China under check.
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Thread: #India may restrict imports of palm oil, other goods from #Malaysia - India’s government was angered after Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir alleged last month at the United Nations that India had “invaded and occupied” Jammu and Kashmir…
India is considering restricting imports of some products from Malaysia including palm oil, according to government and industry sources, in reaction to the Southeast Asian country’s leader slamming New Delhi for its actions in Kashmir.
New Delhi is looking for ways to limit palm oil imports and may place restrictions on other goods from the country, said a government source and an industry source who participated in discussions led by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the planned restrictions.
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For #India, diplomacy with #China flows through the barrel of a gun - India stages massive military drills near the Chinese border just as Xi & Modi prepare for their 2nd summit. Sino-Indian military muscle-flexing is typical before diplomatic meetings 👍…
As President Xi Jinping & Indian PM Modi prepare for their second informal summit in the southeastern coastal town of Mamallapuram this weekend, the Indian Army begun a massive military exercise 100km from the Line of Actual Control, the de facto border between India and China.
Code-named “Him Vijay”, the exercise will test the battle-readiness of the Indian Army’s newly minted Mountain Strike Corps (MSC) at a 4,572 m altitude. The MSC, raised in 2013, is a dedicated quick reaction & counteroffensive force to deal with threats in the Sino-Indian border.
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#China #India #ModiXiSummit 2019.
Few Things not Talked, But are Conveyed & Understood in Unspoken & Informal Communication Arena !?

Twelve (12) Points;

1. #Kashmir ; No mediation Please
2. #CPEC through PoK ; NO GO Please
3. #Terrorism ; Radical Islamic Terrorism
4. #Pakistan ; Go, Went & Gone.
5. #POK ; Next. When ?
6. #Trade ; Need for Balance.
7. Mutual Trust, People to People - Contact & Connect.
8. Convergences on #WTO, Climate Change, Globalisation & Terrorism.
9. Respect each other's Sensitivities, Core Concerns & National Interests.
10. Resolve Boundary Issue/Question/Dispute & Complete LAC Exchange of Perceptions. Peace & Tranquility at LAC.
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In May 2019 the IAF intercepted an #AN32 aircraft flying in from #Karachi. All of North India’s missile defense systems were activated and it was force landed in Jaipur. What was the CARGO of this mysterious aircraft? Why was this entire issue buried?…
IAF radars detected an Antonov aircraft crossing into Indian airspace from an unauthorized point near #Gujarat. The aircraft’s transponder was ON but deviation from standard route raised red flags. When IAF tried to contact the plane, it didn’t respond.…
The Air Force scrambled 2 fully armed Sukhoi fighter jets to intercept this aircraft. The Air Force claims that the AN-12 did not initially respond on the international distress frequency or to the visual signals by the scrambled Sukhoi fighters.…
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After watching events in #India for many months now, it is obvious that Hindus are in a peculiar situation and will need central govt's help. Islamists and secularists are anti-Hindu and are adept at their games. Islamists attack, kill, & rape #Hindus yet manage to portray /1
....themselves as victims. Secularists have been attacking Hindu culture in courts and society yet portray Hindus as fascists and terrorists.
The thing that makes it hard for Hindus is that the media aids and abets the anti-Hindu attacks of all parties involved /2
.... incl Islamists, leftists, and secularists. The media NEVER shows attacks against Hindus which means that the public does not come to know about those attacks. They do however loudly broadcast any little harm that happens to Muslims and even broadcast outright lies, /3
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As #Indian Airforce gets its 1st of 36 Rafale jets delivered, Let us have a look at the specs of this amazing 4.5 generation aircraft.

Rafale is a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft. A 4.5 generation fighter is basically a fourth-generation fighter that has been upgraded with AESA radar, high-capacity data-link, enhanced avionics, and the ability to deploy current and reasonably foreseeable advanced armaments.
The Rafale is 15.27 metre long and a wingspan of 10.80 metre. The empty weight of Rafale ranges from 9900 kg to 10600 kg depending on the variant and maximum take-off weight of 24500 kg.
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Will be part of the panel on 10th talking about #FitIndiaMovement

Any movement gets success only when public become part of it& take it as its own responsibility.

Isn't #fitness about our own health?

Give your points,how to make #FitIndiaMovement a success?

In series of tweets I'll share my journey of #fitness.
From death in #KargilWar
1stAmputee marathon runner
1stBlade runner
1stSolo disabled Skydiver

&how thru @majdpsingh_TCO amputees are being enabled to be #fit using #sports

I have 50 bomb particles in my body(1 in liver)

Rt leg is amputated& lt underwent open knee surgery and its thigh&calf muscle are sliced by bomb.

Knee&ribs pain 24x7

Intestines partly removed leading to indigestion troubles

Phantom pain


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We cannot call it #India-#Bangladesh prime ministerial meeting in true sense of the term, since #SheikhHasina came to the WEF meeting. The bilateral visit is scheduled later. However despite its limited scope I find the meeting very encouraging and beneficial for either side. 1/n
Key takeaways from #Modi-#SheikhHasina
Meeting 1) The LPG deal is consequent to #India's decision to invest in LPG terminal in #Chittagong. With time we wil see rise in supplies and #Bangladesh-#NorthEast LPG pipeline. 2/n
LPG deal is a mirror of #India-Bangladesh #diesel pipeline with the exception that in the case of #LPG, #Bangladesh is also getting #FDI. This is early stages of creation of a regional oil & gas grid, which may be expanded to #CLMV #Asean in the days to come. #Modi- #Hasina
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After raising protest in a letter to President Trump, now American lawmakers have acted legally against India over the #Kashmir issue urging for US intervention. What makes the report more startling is that the doc was submitted just days after #HowdyModi…
On 12 Sept 2019 Senators Chris Van Hollen, Todd Young, Ben Cardin and Lindsay Graham wrote a letter to President Trump raising concerns over #Kashmir issue. Congressman Eric Swalwell said Kashmir is not just about India but has worldwide military, economic and moral consequences.
In a first step towards legislative action by American lawmakers against India over #Kashmir US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has added an appeal to end what it calls a “humanitarian crisis” in Kashmir in its report ahead of the annual Foreign Appropriations Act for 2020.
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First Rafale jets to be seen in #Indian skies in May 2020 - Responding to a query by IANS, Bhadauria said that #India will receive the first four of the 36 Rafale fighter jets by May 2020…
"By May 2020, we will be receiving four Rafale fighter jets. It will be only then that we will see the aircraft in the Indian skies. The advantage of getting the Rafale in May next year will be that our pilots will be substantially trained by then," said Bhadauria.
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be receiving the first Rafale fighter aircraft in France on October 8 when he is also scheduled to fly a sortie on a two-seater trainer version.

"A pre-delivery inspection team was in France last month to complete the handover formalities.
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From end 2012 to Q1 2019 (7yrs), China debt to GDP ratio rose 63.2% to 259.4% of GDP (meaning at end 2012 it was less than 200% of GDP). Unless that 63.2% credit/gdp was into productive investment that raises future productivity, the incremental capital to output (ICOR)worsening
The juxtaposition to China rapid growth of debt is the Eurozone deleveraging (credit/gdp ratio FALLING). Australia, Thailand, Malaysia & India have all deleveraged.

Indonesia capital market remains undeveloped & needs to deepen. Smallest debt to GDP ratio in Asia 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻.
How do u deleverage? Well, several ways but ultimately your DEBT has to rise LESS than your OUTPUT.

DEBT/GDP = ratio & that ratio has to fall.

If ur output (GDP) falls, then your debt growth has to fall FASTER! That is how you deleverage. How u do so is up to u. NIRP is 1 way
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Missing Children's Statistics- Global Missing (1 #MissingChildren…
Missing Children’s Statistics
One Missing Child Is One Too Many

The lack of a common definition of “missing child,” and a common response to the issue, results in few reliable statistics on the scope of the problem around the world.
2) #missingchild #missingchildren
Even with this challenge, we know that:

In Australia, an estimated 20,000 children are reported missing every year.
Australian Federal Police, National Coordination Centre. 3) #Australia #MissingChildren
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China mentions #Kashmir

#Turkey and #Malaysia mentions #Kashmir

#Bangladesh mentions the 1971 genocide

But PM Modi didn't utter a word on





#Kurdistan or

declare to recognize #ArmenianGenocide

#India's idealism is frustrating
How can India argue for its place at #UNSC when we remain silent on major issues?

इतने ही तटस्थ हो नाव लेकर गंगा में काहे जाते हो

बैठो घाट पर और चिलम पियो

Yes, Kasmir is an issue

Make it an issue

Talk about #HinduGenocide in Pakistan

Talk about #Balochsitan #OrdinanceXX
PM Modi is the leader of India

His words matter

His anger will be discussed

His warning will be heeded to

Scrapping #Article370 is huge step in India but in global geopolitics, it is just a much-delayed step

Drop the hesitation...
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Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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#UNGA #India's hard hitting Right to Reply against war mongering #Terroristan will continue to haunt @ImranKhanPTI in all the years to come, here's the excerpt of sixer hit by Vidisha Maitra first secretary, MEA on body line bowled by #ImranKhan


Right of Reply
27 September 2019
Threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinksmanship, not statesmanship
Mr. President,
I take the floor to exercise India’s right of reply to the statement made by the Prime
Minister of Pakistan.

2. Every word spoken from the podium of this august Assembly, it is believed, carries the
weight of history. Unfortunately, what we heard today from Prime Minister Imran Khan of
Pakistan was a callous portrayal of the world in binary terms.

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Thread: #India announces $12 million grant for Pacific Island states - India joins #Australia in countering #Chinese influence there 👍…
To continue High-Level engagement, PM extended an invitation to all the leaders for the 3rd FIPIC Summit to be held in Port Moresby in first half of 2020.
The India-Pacific Islands Developing States (PSIDS) Leaders’ meeting was held on 24th September in New York on the sidelines of the 74th UN General Assembly in what would feed into Delhi’s Indo-Pacific strategy.
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