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In his rush to let @JaredKushner, @StevenMnuchin1, & @Larry_Kudlow make a deal w/ #China’s #CCP, I fear that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump may not fully understand the existential downside risks that he’s facing. A deal w/ #Beijing will lose #Trump many, many friends & allies…
… and not simply in terms of individuals, but in terms of nation-states. Countries like #Japan, #India, & #Taiwan will suddenly find themselves on their back foot if #Trump kowtows to his friend, Chairman #XiJinping, & I shudder to think how they’ll respond. But beyond…
… sophisticated & capable actors like #Tokyo, #NewDelhi, & #Taipei, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump can expect draw the ire of an even wider circle: persons from #Tibet, #EastTurkistan, #Nepal, & elsewhere will view such a “deal” as hostile to their interests. Moreover, it doesn’t…
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#Electroneum is #mobile #money #service with #KYC and even #Airdrop of #crypto! 🚀💯
It has 2.8 mil #community most of them #unbanked! 🏦
We have #sellers (vendors) #WorldWide 🌎
Offering great #API for #instantpayments - receiver gets notified instantly about incoming payment!
#ETN - @electroneun can be integrated anywhere, just #joinus, get account and then #generate payment with payment ID and show it on any screen! #customers will just #ScanPayGo! You get #instantpayments - notification in couple of minutes.

#hospital #gas #electrocity #Internet
#ETN has over 100k #users in #China #India & #USA!

30k-100k in #Russia #Nigeria #Britain #brazil #Turkey & #Germany!

10k-30k in #Australia #Austria #France #Spain #Poland

We are #growing #everyday!

Why would you not open to new customers?
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Elections coming up in #India. Not surprised that terrorist attacks and sectarian thuggery are in play again.

Always amazed (and saddened) that the same horrific, tragic tactics by the same players work every damn time!
And I always come back to the same question:

How many lives, how much human suffering is worth your damn nation-states?
I am very aware that all three of the countries important to me - UK, USA, India must address this with varying degrees of urgency:

If people don’t want to be part of your nation-state, not all the rhetoric, not all the violence will make them stay.
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Former President and former Chief Legal Officer (Gordon Coburn and Steven Schwartz) of tech company #Cognizant have been indicted for conspiracy to violate FCPA and other violations in a bribery scheme in #India.

Oh, and look at where Gordon Coburn is working now, LOL

The Carlyle Group…
Well, how interesting 👇👇👇👇

Speaking of corruption in India, Carlyle Group, and...........

Huma Abedin's cousins.....

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Let's get a few things straight.
Terrorism is not an act of 'cowardice' or 'desperation'. It is an act of cold-blooded terror. Politicians who keep repeating the same hackneyed lines are basically trying to avoid responsibility by disowning failure to crush terrorism. #Pulwama 1
It would be best if politicians representing the Government and the Opposition keep quiet after terrorist attacks. Anything they say is unadulterated bakwas. Nation is tired of glycerine tears for shahid jawans and insincere promises of retaliatory action. #Pulwama 2
Jammu & Kashmir is effectively under Central rule. Today's suicide bombing resulting in horrific deaths of jawans indicates an abysmal failure of intelligence agencies. Responsibility devolves on Modi Sarkar. Bluster cannot hide this fact. #Pulwama 3
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Breaking: Large terrorist attack in #India. More than 40 Indian Reserve Police Force personnel were killed and many others injured when Pakistani backed terrorists targeted a convoy with a car bomb at Awantipora in Jammu and Kashmir's today,…
Reports suggested that the vehicle used by the terrorists was a Mahindra Scorpio carrying more than 350 kg of explosives in what is the worst attack ever on security personnel in the state.
Sources said that terrorists triggered the car bomb while 78 vehicles with over 2,500 reserve police men were on the Srinagar-Jammu highway. The stretch on which the incident occurred had been sanitized in the morning & authorities called it a serious breach of security.
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"#Science" and the "unquestionable truths" of this world have the familiar patterns of #freemason #deceit. #Newton with a #Marrano crypto handsign, #HenryCavendish, the only one who ever proved #gravity in a dodgy experiment, doing a #masonic #hiddenhand. #AlbertMichelson, too.
The greatest scientist (or the greatest fraud?) of all time: #AlbertEinstein, doing a #masonichandshake, or two. Classic "thinking poses", that #freemasons do. I don't trust anything these folks write, given their age-old tendency for intricate deceit and misleading, do you?
Probably nobody heard of this guy, #RabindranathTagore, poet and writer of the anthem of #India, inciting a nationalistic spirit in the country. Winner of a #Nobel literature prize. The classic #hiddenhand of freemasonry. Surprise, here he is with fellow #mason fraud #Einstein.
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1.#Trump and the #TrumpCrimeFamily built a hotel in #Azerbaijan, his partners in the deal to build the hotel was #Oligarchs with ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard

#Trump #Azerbaijan #Baku #MoneyLaundering #IranianRevolutionaryGuard
2.March 23rd 2018 DAG #Rosenstein and the #SDNY indicted Nine #Iranians With Conducting Massive Cyber Theft Campaign on Behalf of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

#Trump #Azerbaijan #Baku #MoneyLaundering #IranianRevolutionaryGuard…
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“When a (nun) becomes pregnant, the priest insists that she have an abortion,” the report added. ‘‘The sister is usually dismissed from her congregation while the priest is often only moved to another parish — or sent for studies.”… #NunToo
“Many members of the church, experts said, suffer from a medieval mind-set and consider the priests who commit abuse against nuns to be the victims of seductive temptresses. Since the victims in these cases are adults...there is also a reflexive tendency to blame them”
Abuse is result of “a rot in clerical culture that leads priests to believe they are a higher authority,and thus entitled to do what they want with/parishioners.In developing countries, where the abuse of nuns seems more prevalent, priests tend to be put on even higher pedestals”
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Thread - fascinating stories of #development in #India from students @azimpremjiuniv. 8 week field projects -sampling of diverse insights from ~160 students across India. #1 - interior forest communities struggling to transition from forest to agricultural livelihoods
#2 - more #displacement of #indigenous communities due to exclusionary #conservation
#3 #displacement of tribal communities due to dams - a sadly common story of loss and misery, and ultimately of lopsided development #8weekfieldprojects @azimpremjiuniv
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Una noticia que han omitido los grandes medios: las grandes marchas #comunistas que está viviendo la #India desde enero. Entre 150-200 millones de personas se han movilizado contra las poco populares recetas #neoliberales del primer ministro #Modi
Las cifras aportadas son, de momento, de los organizadores. Según parece se han movilizado también decenas de sindicatos, además del Partido Comunista de la #India, el más antiguo del país. Este domingo hicieron una demostración de fuerza cerca de #Calcuta.
#Modi llegó como primer ministro socialdemócrata, pero las persons más humildes no ven más que estancamiento y pobreza en sus medidas.
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#China plans to sell #Pakistan an aircraft carrier and integrate it militarily - I believe a carrier for Pak is far fetched, but the article is very revealing about CN plans for Pak, something that usually gets dismissed @desertfox61I @avarakai…
Beijing is increasingly integrating Pakistan into its military system to fulfill its global ambitions. Meanwhile, India refuses to sell Brahmos to Vietnam for fear of upsetting China. China is not reciprocating India's actions. #Huawei is allowed to bid for the 5G network.
Conscious Western efforts to retard its growth & access to hi-tech supply chains, Beijing has adopted an overtly benign tone with its neighbors. These are, however, cosmetic tactical measures & China’s ambition of developing “a kind of military force system” has not changed.
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#Breaking: Gruesome train incident: 9 cartons of "Simachal Expressway" train being derailed, 6 fatalities many injured in #India
#Update: More pictures of the train being derailed of the "Simachal Expressway" in #India.
#Update: At Least 9 People Dead & 10 Other's Injured After The Derailment Of 9 Coaches Of Jogbani-Anand Vihar #SeemanchalExpress In Sahadai Buzurg Area Of #Vaishali District State Of #BIHAR. NDRF And Other Rescue Teams On Site Of Derailment.
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Time for a look at 1940s Indian Cinema with Filmindia magazine!
A beautiful advert for Kishore Sahu's Hindustan Chitra production company. Filmindia, April 1949. #India #Cinema
Mughal-E-Azim: one of the most expensive films in Indian cinema, it was eventually finished and released in 1960. Filmindia, November 1945.
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This #Android app is asking their user to link their #Aadhaar card with the app. I thought it was illegal 🤔... and you?
The app description is priceless...
Apparently, nobody told to the guys in the "Made in #India" wagon that https exist.
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Pending court cases in #India

Supreme Court 57,346
High Courts 47,19,483
Lower courts 2,96,93,988
Total pending 3,44,70,817

[As on 28.01.19.] #Judiciary #Justice #ConstitutionalMorality
It will take 324 years for lower courts in #India to deal with the case pile-up. #Judiciary #Justice #ConstitutionalMorality
Details of 57,346 cases pending in the Supreme Court of #India. #Judiciary #Justice #ConstitutionalMorality
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@DalrympleWill Watch this thread of portraits of all the 28 #Mughal rulers and a brief history.
To start with,credit @Wikipedia here are some known Standards (Alam) of the empire. Left: possible one, from paintings. Right: captured by British in 1857.
@India_Atelier @mukhoty
The first #Mughal Emperor was Zahir ud din Mohammed #Babur Born in #Ferghana #Uzbekestan he ruled #India from #Delhi from 1st April 1526 to 26th December 1530.
This c1630 painting is from @V_and_A Artist unknown.
@DalrympleWill @India_Atelier @mukhoty @Bagh_eBabur
From @RCT this c1603 painting by artist #Mohan is of the 2nd emperor, Nasir ud din Mohd #Humayun, ruled from 26th Dec 1530 to 27th May 1540. Defeated by #Suri dynasty, he recovered the empire, ruling from 22nd Feb 1555 till 27th Jan 1556. Died falling from stairs
Tomb at #Delhi
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Thread: #India on Tuesday launched its largest ever coastal defence exercise “Sea Vigil” led by the #IndianNavy along the country’s entire 7,517 km coastline including island territories & the 2 million sq km Exclusive Economic Zone 👍💪🇮🇳💪👍 @indiannavy @avarakai @desertfox61I
This massive endeavor comes a decade after the deadly 26/11 terror strikes in Mumbai. “The scale of the exercise is unprecedented in terms of the geographical extent, the number of stakeholder involved, the number of units participating and in terms of the objectives to be met.
The Sea Vigil exercise aims to comprehensively & holistically validate the efficacy of the measures taken for coastal defence since 26/11. It'll also be a build-up towards the major 'Tropex' exercise, which the Navy conducts every 2 years…
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2019 election is battle of survival & revival of Hindu identity against forces that bear more than a resemblance to the then invaders. Since independence, anti-Hindu forces have left no stone unturned to destroy Hindu civilization.…
This is world's oldest living religion in its full glory.
Good vibes of our faith is only reason we are all living Hindus. Ofcourse it's the Indian Army too! Watched #Uri had tears in my eyes with their war cry....they die so we can live.…
@narendramodi Government's tenure has seen the highest growth & lowest inflation in the last 25 years!! #TransformingIndia
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As of 31st October 2018, it is the 3 largest #mobile #network #operator in #India & the 9 largest mobile network operator in the world with over 262 million #subscribers. (wiki) Connect the dots #ETN #Electroneum $ETN @electroneum #MVNO #4g #ces #ces2019…
#Jio #jioapps #jiasphones #jio #giga #fiber #4G #5G #broadband and now just imagine if they create a #smartphone with preinstaled #ETN #Electroneum app or with #games where you receive #reward in #crypto #cryptocurrency called $ETN @electroneum isnt it great IDEA #MassAdoption
@threadreaderapp please unroll for #ETN #Electroneum for all #electronians @electroneum is great ;)
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.@Paytm, the most used banking app in #India, just sent a dummy notification to his users in the middle of the night. Imagine the reaction of the guy (hacker?) when he realised that he just sent a notification to millions of people
Paytm published a tweet regarding this notification
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10 Mega Infrastructure projects in #India

1. Bharatmala

35,000km highways across 16 states, including 9,000km of economic corridors

will enable faster movement of goods, decrease supply chain costs from the current 18% to 6% and create 22 million jobs

completion by 2022
2. Sagarmala

modernizing 12 major ports and 185 minor ports along the entire 7,500km coastline of India

will stimulate trade, provide logistic costs savings of over Rs. 35,000 crore ($5 billion) per year, increase GDP by 2% and create 10 million new jobs

completion by 2022
3. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

23 industrial hubs, 2 power plants, 6 airports and a 1,500km long 6-lane expressway connecting Delhi and Mumbai. Goods Transport time reduction from 14 days to 14 hours. Will create 25 million jobs over 7 years…
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