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Two days ago my energy changed. I felt very at peace.

I even mentioned feeling "lighter."

Yesterday was surreal. That energy increased even more as I seemed to coast through the day in a blissful fog.

The clouds were intense. Almost fake looking.
Then yesterday afternoon we have an event over NYC that Q simply and fittingly described as "Biblical."

This was truly breathtaking. It seemed to be a sign.
Last night I felt that something had changed and I could feel it in my bones that good things were coming.

I wake up this morning to the most glorious news. GHISLAINE MAXWELL HAS BEEN ARRESTED.

This could be the domino that topples them all.

Or jenga piece...right Kappy?

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If there's one thing that's wrong with this country, it's people that don't think Justice matters.

#Killary was given the questions to the Presidential debate with Trump in 2016.

IDIOT 1: Who cares? She lost.
IDIOT 2: That didn't happen.
Whoa! It's now, no longer a debate. >
^Now take this same idea and change the event. Such as the famous Tarmac meeting. We have well meaning Patriots are responding with: Who Cares?

#Killary was under investigation! And what happened? #MSMsucks did what they do: misdirect, obstruct, and LIE! >
^Patriots must seek to rightly restore the Constitution #WeThePeople understand the absolute need for BLIND #Justice! Because guess what...

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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 20 Mai 2020

Q posts n°4280 à 4290

Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#MAGA #MFGA #ObamaGate
2) Q post n°4280

Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge de CBS a relevé une déclaration importante de Bill Barr, qui a semé un certain trouble:
« En ce qui concerne le Pdt Obama et le Vice-Pdt Biden, quel que soit leur niveau d’implication, ...
3) (suite)

... sur la base des éléments dont je dispose aujourd'hui, je ne m’attends pas à ce que le travail de M. Durham mène à une enquête criminelle sur l’un ou l’autre.
Notre préoccupation... se concentre sur les autres."

"dont je dispose aujourd’hui" 🤔
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"I have today." - Barr
Q 4280
This one really sticks out..
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Worth remembering.
Think Chess.
Do you attack the KING in the beginning or middle-to-end?
QUEEN protects KING?
We haven't forgotten.
Worth remembering.
Think Chess.
Do you attack the KING in the beginning or middle-to-end?
QUEEN protects KING?
Optics? Controversy? Stirring the sh!t pot?
Enjoy the show.
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Oh cover ups cover ups...

She said "Come on baby I got a license for love
And if it expires pray help from above"
In the midnight hour she cried more, more, more
With a rebel yell she cried more, more, more

#Pay2Play #StingerMissiles 1/3 Unroll
🎵 2/3
With a rebel yell she cried more, more, more
In the midnight hour babe more, more, more
With a rebel yell more, more, more
More, more, more

She don't like slavery, she won't sit and beg
But when I'm tired and lonely she sees me to bed

#EndSlavery #ARREST #Killary
🎵 3/3
What set you free and brought you to BE Babe?
What set you free we NEED you down NOT FREE
Because in the TICK-TOCK hour
We cried...

#LockHerUp LOCK HER UP!!!

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🛑#AdamSchiff LYING AGAIN! READ & RT‼️

❓Were you IN #UKRAINE 8/24/19 to 8/31/19?👇🏼

❓Did you receive the #Whistleblower’s FORMAL COMPLAINT 12 Days BEFORE on 8/12/19?
•addressed to #RichardBurr & yourself?👇🏼

❓Why did the public learn of it 39 DAYS AFTER on 9/20/19?😡
🛑This Gets Worse:

8/28/19 👉🏼WHILE #AdamSchiff IS IN UKRAINE & 23 DAYS BEFORE #Whistleblower shared w/ public, #AdamSchiff tweeted👇🏼

“Trump is wthholding vital military aid to #Ukraine while his personal lawyer seeks help frm Ukraine govt TO INVESTIGATE HIS POLITICAL OPPONENT”
🛑So #AdamSchiff LEAKED the #Whistleblower’s info in his 8/28/19 tweet while his ass was IN #Ukraine?

And below 8/28 tweet was this👇🏼frm👉🏼#AlexandriaChalupa

“I have a lot of information on this topic Congressman. Well documented info that may be of use to your Committee..”
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“Taking children from Child Protection custody in Arkansas & selling them to wealthy individuals. The source also disclosed that Collins-Smith believed the perpetrators were using ILLEGAL ALIENS TO FACILITATE the crimes which included murdering the mothers of the stolen children.
“In another ominous twist to the story, former Oklahoma state Sen. Jonathan Nichols was found murdered in his home in Norman, Oklahoma yesterday. Our source believes the two murders are connected.” #Killary #ClintonCabal
Don’t you believe that @TeamPelosi @SpeakerPelosi wants illegal immigrants here because she believes they all have a “spark of divinity.” People have died and continue to die to keep the crimes of the #DeepState #Swamp from being revealed. #DeadMansSwitch
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Why Syrian War?
A natural gas line which was meant 2 connect Qatar w/Europe,traveling through Saudi Arabia,Syria & Turkey,is the major problem.This gas pipeline has been invested in by the Clintons & others.Assad, a friend of Russia & Putin,has refused 2 have it run through Syria
War is always a HoneyPot to fill the Elites Coffers...

@DNC fights our withdrawal for this reason!

#Soros stands to lose a lot of 💰 plus what it cost him to propagate a #FakeWar causing Death and Destruction. #Killary & Obama being good Puppets signed off on it and funded!
@POTUS is doing the right thing bringing our Troops home! Why allow the Elite devise #War for their riches?
#Soros #Clintons #Obama #Kerry
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1) Great Article how the Obama AND Bush adm both prosecuted whistleblowers viciously! Further, we have a rampant #childporn prob at #Pentagon…

#PedoGate #PedoGateNews #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #InternetBillOfRights #maga #trump

This powerful voice of @ChuckGrassley from Iowa has been a beacon in the storm during an @BarackObama Administration that has targeted #WHISTLEBLOWERS and prevented accountability as never before. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
3) The Pentagon is also under @ChuckGrassley fire for failing to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports of employees doing child porn. The #Pentagon claimed it “wasn’t a priority.” Senator Grassley and his staff have made it one. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
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