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1. #GOP leadership must quit pushing the talking point that Russia's attack on the 2016 election didn't actually impact the election results - there is no basis for that statement. That misrepresentation may serve the GOP and DT's ego, but it does NOT serve the American people.
2. If the people of this country are to prepare themselves for additional foreign attacks and protect themselves from these nefarious actors, then they must fully understand the extent and impact of Russia's cyber-espionage and assault on our democracy.
3. Further, as the indictments and trials from Mueller's probe ensue, the role the #GOP played in aiding and abetting this attack will unfold. Now, is the time to begin righting these wrongs, not self-servingly watering down the impact and fleeing accountability.
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The very conservative @weeklystandard editorial shocker:
"Only one president in history, Andrew Jackson, has ever been censured by #Congress, but #Republicans on the Hill would not be out of line in seeking a formal censure of Donald #Trump. [MORE]…
[CONT 2]
"We understand that such a measure wld be largely symbolic. But symbols matter. It would be no small thing for congressional #Republicans to declare, in a formal manner, that a president who coddles and defends an anti-American despot doesn’t deserve their support." MORE
[CONT 3]
"Passage of a censure resolution by the House or #Senate wld be a powerful statement that #GOP leaders will not excuse a sitting president of either party openly crediting America’s enemies at the expense of its public servants—& of the truth."…
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In September 2016, @KellyannePolls told Trump he couldn't get elected if he kept claiming @POTUS44 was born in Kenya--as he had 67x on Twitter over 6yrs. So Trump gave a press conference saying he believed Obama was born in the US, gave no explanation, took no questions.

Trump has since walked that back.

Remember at the Inaugural luncheon where he paid tribute to @HillaryClinton and all she has done for America and asked those in attendance to applaud her?

Trump soon walked that back as well & has directed his DOJ to investigate her again.
Everyone knows Trump lies, that he has always lied and that he believes his own lies.

Trump lied repeatedly at the #HelsinkiSummit presser. He also told his truth--that Russia didn't attack our 2016 election.There is videotape of the live broadcast which the whole world saw.
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#Butina arrest breakdown

#Butina #Trump #Russia #Torshin #Treason
1.#Butina wrote an e-mail that said #Torshin had direct contact with Putin about their operations to build up ties with the #USA Religious Right

#Butina #Trump #Russia #Torshin #Treason

2.Early October 2016, #USA PERSON 1 described @NRA as a "conduit" and "VERY private line of communication" between #Kremlin and #GOP leaders, thats roughly ONE MONTH BEFORE ELECTION

#Butina #Trump #Russia #Torshin #Treason…

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🔥In the charging documents for accused #Russian🇷🇺agent Maria Butina, the unnamed “US Person 1” — who established a “VERY private line of communication btwn the Kremlin & key [@GOP] leaders through, of all conduits, the #NRA” — appears to be #GOP consultant Paul Erickson. 1/

Note that #DOJ says that “US Person 1” arranged the secret backchannel btwn the Kremlin and **key @GOP leaders** (not just Team Trump).🔥

How many people in the #GOP freaked out when they read that Butina got busted⁉️ 2/


Mueller is investigating the alleged flow of ILLEGAL foreign (#Russian🇷🇺) money for @GOP campaigns via the #NRA.

Don’t think for a moment that at least some #Republicans didn’t know where the #NRA’s sudden influx of cash came from.🙄 3/

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A few #leaks (I am choosing to use an anonymous identity because of who I am). I hacked this account to post these leaks, I hope the Guardians don’t mind. 1.) Donald has spent many hours negotiating a merger between two companies that he and the #Kushners have shadow ownership
rights in. They don’t own the companies publicly but both families profit off of this. This merger will be addressed within the next couple weeks and Donald’s will receive 19% of the money from the merge in one of his many fake bank accounts. 2.) Donald has contacted some members
of the NSA, Pentegon, and CIA to request complete control over surveillance. And although he already has surveillance from three private companies (that report to him the actions of his top 150 “#deepstate” enemies weekly), he wants to misuse governmental surveillance on citizens
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MSM: "We had no idea."
Me: "I wrote this June 30, 2016, so..."

Trump, Terror & Brexit…
When Trump was in the UK right after #Brexit, he spoke repeatedly about how the British had voted to "take their country back."
Trump reiterated that during his #TrumpUKVisit--he warned of the UK "Losing their culture."

We had a clear preview two years ago as I wrote here:
The claims no one knew Trump's intentions are false.

He trumpeted them everywhere he went. It was shocking, but fully evident. He talked about his intent to isolate America from the world--and demonized POC in every exchange.
#Brexit previewed how that racism impacted citizens.
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So I've been wondering why the hell the #GOP doesn't rein @realDonaldTrump in. They have to realize it's ruining their credibility, and he betrays all the things #conservatives are supposed to value. 1/
Not that #conservatives and #Republicans are the same thing, but the terms are conflated because in the past the #GOP platform has overlapped with #conservative (in the #EdmundBurke sense) values. 2/
@realDonaldTrump betrays Christianity, marriage, family, and American national security, and the #GOP is letting him. Why? 3/
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*Thread* Somebody asked us earlier how we had so many connections - with the good side & the bad side, so I decided to make a thread about this. The Guardian Council is 1/3rd of the SJL councils; the Guardians work with the Sentinel(@SentinelCouncil) & Beacon (@The_BCouncil)
Councils. As many of you know, this account was originally used by Joab Valsyno, while he was still alive. Joab and his brother Igor (@IgorFightsBack) founded the Guardian Council as a vigilante group to evil, trafficking, terrorism, & other heinous crimes. However, the G Council
gained a reputation with ICs across the world and we’ve worked with the #FBI, #Mossad, #Interpol, #MI6, and several other ICs to stop and eliminate terrorism and false flags, bust up paedophilia and trafficking rings, & stop occult crimes, as well. There are 131 Guardians in the
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In my 11/9/16 column after the election, written on deadline an hour after #HillaryClinton gave her concession speech, I wrote about issues I'd covered t/o the election: rampant misogyny and Trump's outrageous courting of racists.

I never believed PA, WI & MI vote totals.
Trump targeted PA as a state that if it didn't go for him, the election was "rigged."
PA hadn't voted #GOP in 30yrs
PA hadn't voted against #Philly in 60yrs
#HillaryClinton lost by less than half a percent.
Just enough NOT to trigger an audit.
The same thing happened in MI & WI.
There will always be a significant number of journalists and state politicians who feel, as I always have, that the vote totals in these three states were manipulated.

I hope the #MuellerInvestigation finally exposes that.
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*Thread* on March 23rd, our fallen brother, Joab, posted about #Guccifer. Joab knew Guccifer personally as there are ten or so top #hackers in the world - Guccifer, Joab, & Julian were three of the top ten hackers in the world. In 2015, Joab was contacted by Guccifer & threatened
to help Guccifer #hack HRC, but Joab refused to do it. However, Joab had all the original emails and knew his real identity. Joab was working with the cyber division of the #TrumpRussia investigation and used this account (when it was still called JoabsinHisArmy) throughout the
winter. Joab was murdered in April but his work was extremely important and will have a lasting impact. As #TeamAvocado / #NotMyPresident has said from the get-go, #Putin was NOT behind electiongate - there was a team of 1,000 #hackers from all over the world who were. Valery
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Guys, I can't find the statements from Congressional leadership (@SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr twitter accts are working today) RE: Mueller's latest indictment.Surely,they've got some comments about this indictment to reassure Americans that this aggression will not stand. Help.
2/ It's 25minutes until the close of the business day in DC and these two bozos ( @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr ) are silent going into the weekend. We knew they were spineless before, but today's silence takes the spinelessness to a new level.
3/ Cowardly. Neither @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr are willing to personally make a comment.
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1. This idea that some #GOP have that the DT’s risky behavior is worth the risk because of the potential gains needs some tempering. In fact, the idea that DT would bring some flair for fortune-building from his business acumen was always dangerous.
2. For starters, there are few similarities between running a country and running a business and even fewer similarities between ‘business deals’ and global relations, foreign trade and the balance of power. And the latter issues, our POTUS barely comprehends.
3. #GOP leaders know this, but they’re still clinging to this monster of their own making. Let’s face it, 2 #SCOTUS seats, Ryan’s coveted #taxscam and busting up the #ACA is almost worth the destruction of the global economy, peaceful alliances, even their party, worth it.
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1/ Thread

#Antifa #Antifascist #BLM #DanDonovan #TuesdayThoughts

Meet #GOP Congressman Daniel Michael Donovan Jr. (@RepDanDonovan) from New York’s 11th congressional district.

Daniel's bio today isn't because of his amazing behavior and civic duty. Please read on...
2/ Thread

On June 8th, 2018, Daniel decided to sponsor H.R.6054 - Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018.

The bill proposes a penalty for up to >15 years in prison< for wearing a mask.

Details (and link to bill) in screenshot below.…
3/ Thread

Daniel has been in the news. E.g. when his partner’s son was arrested for Heroin Possession.

What did he have to say? OH! He blamed his political opponent for the arrest…

Drug treatment? Nope! "Someone" got him out of the bust (below)

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you want to know what happened, i can show you.
first @thedemocrats and @GOP swapped places.

this was called the #southernstrategy and is what got Reagan elected.

anyone remember the #moralmajority? (which was neither, btw)
then, @TheDemocrats proceeded to sidle up to the corporations, eventually over taking the role of corporate money funnel to drain the 99% of any hope for retirement, health security, or peace.

all whilst while china wealthy and building their middle class.
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The Texas Attorney General decided to punish 48 gas stations for price gouging during Harvey by only making them pay back, to the state, the gouging and promising to not do it again.

@KenPaxtonTX is so soft on white collar crime that he is actually under indictment. #GOP #lxlege
Price gouging carries civil penalties up to $20,000 for each violation, rising to $250,000 for violations targeting those 65 and older. Thousands of violations. Ken Paxton settled for $0 with them merely paying restitution for the amount gouged.

Wonder if he owns a gas station?
We have a very winnable election here. We can get rid of Ken Paxton.

Support @NelsonforTexas to make this possible.

He is within 1 point of the incumbent. A single point.

We definitely need more attention on this. Help him out.

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*Thread* Understanding #DonaldTrump’s worldwide network of crimes. #Trump is involved with hundreds of criminals all over the world - and also, with criminal groups. I was in the #Mob, I didn’t do the super evil things intense #Mobsters do, but I did do drug trafficking and $
laundering, as I’ve said before. In NYC, #Trump and I both were involved with the same people - the #Gambinos, the Gambinos introduced us to some of the criminals we hung around with. So it started with the #Mob. But unlike Donald, I had no desire to get in anything deeper than
money laundering and drug trafficking - but he did. From the #Mob, he got involved with some #KKK members, who introduced him some of the lower level Freemasons. The Freemasons introduced him to some of their political friends, all but one of them was a #GOP member.
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I was talking to KL earlier and he told me about how you can tell who is looking the most at your #Twitter feed by searching your name or username in the “people search.” Whatever names appear means they are the ones who look you up the most (this does NOT count if somebody
has the same name as you or mentions you in your bio - this only counts if they have no connection to you. So I tried it for some of my friends and boy, was that ever entertaining. Here’s the screenshots-I’ll start with Robert’s : notice anything odd? @RogueElsa @gardenbitch3
Yup, both of #PaulRyan’s accounts, #DonaldTrump, and #Twitter all look the most at Robert’s page. Now, Paul used to be a formidable enemy to #TeamAvocado but recently, he went #rogue so... I can understand that one. But Donald? He’s obsessed. But why Twitter? Well, Twitter has
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Time to talk about women's reproductive health and dispel a few myths. I'm not one for long threads, so bear with me here. I have a lot of thoughts on this.

The main thing I think gets lost in partisan rhetoric is that we ALL want there to be fewer abortions. But how?
2) Let's start with a universal truth.

🔥Making abortions illegal does not make them less common.🔥


#LegalSafeRare… Abortion rates are not lower in places where it is illegal.
Just in case you thought this was an American phenomena.

It's not.

Other countries have learned the hard way that punitive measures don't work.
#RoevWade… Abortion is as common in countries where it is illegal as it is where it is legal.
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#BillShine was REMOVED FROM OFFICE May 1, 2017 for allowing "extreme abuse"of women at @FoxNews to go ignored, while women were forced to suffer or quit.
Shine epitomizes the worst of men in the #MeToo era, yet of THOUSANDS of qualified people, Trump chose a monster Fox fired.
“It's extraordinary that the president could hire someone like this,” a senior @FoxNews executive said of #BillShine. “This is someone who is highly knowledgeable of women being cycled through for horrible and degrading behavior.…
While #BillShine was co-president at @FoxNews, women were sexually harassed/assaulted and he did nothing.

How TERRIBLE do you have to be to get fired from @FoxNews with its culture of misogyny? Yet even at Fox, Shine was viewed as a monster.

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🆘️Keep in mind #TPaw2018 Tim Pawlenty 🚫 a true conservative. Just another sheep in wolves clothing in bed w/the #globalist #elite #deepstatecabal😏#MNGOP #GOP #Pedophile penal system trustees/recruits👊@SecNielsen @Rewards4Justice @StateDept @SecPompeo
Minnesota penal system recruits. Cheap grunt puppets for the dirty work of the elite child trafficking MN faction of the grander pedophile ring👊…👈
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🎥@SenShelby leads all-@GOP delegation to #Russia🇷🇺for #IndepedenceDay.

Shelby: “We think this is a good time to be here...we could have a better relationship btwn the US & Russia b/c we have some common interests...”🤨



Shelby: "We are competitors but don't necessarily need to be adversaries."🤨

Shelby said ZERO about #Russia🇷🇺helping to throw the election to Trump. On the *same day*, Senate Intel released its BIPARTISAN report, led by @SenatorBurr & @MarkWarner👇🏼3/

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So the "uninspired" "weak" #TammyDuckworth "lucked her way into higher office," (defeating TWO #GOP incumbents).

Duckworth spent 22yrs in the military & left both legs in Iraq after her helicopter was shot down.

But white dude says she was an affirmative action hire.🤔
The dismissive "Consider the source" comment about Duckworth ignores her two careers of service to America, the ground she has broken for women, WOC, #disabled and the work required.

The assertion it's "infantalizing" to cite her military service ignores all her hard work.
Acts of heroism are actually few. One doesn't fall into them, one chooses them.
#TammyDuckworth chose to be heroic in Iraq and chose to fight for vulnerable Americans in Congress.

Challenge her positions if she's not left enough for you, but don't invalidate her achievements.
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If you are confused about who voted the #CivilRightsAct into law, here's the historical record.

SPOILER ALERT: It was the party of #LBJ--the Democrats.…
Unlike modern-day racist Southern #GOP leader @SenateMajLdr McConnell, who blocked #SCOTUS hearings for #MerrickGarland because he felt @POTUS44 wasn't owed a full 4yr term, #LBJ signed the most sweeping anti-racist and anti-poverty legislation in US history.
Just five months after the #CivilRightsAct was passed, the country voted overwhelmingly to return #LBJ to the White House, 49 weeks after the assassination of #JFK.

Voters thought LBJ was far more capable of holding the nation together amidst growing racial and societal strife.
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