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In the days of pretense, a countervailing force suppressed overt #GOP racism. Understand that by the late 1990s, the religious right largely controlled the #GOP. John McCain, who lost to George W. Bush, for the 2000 #Republican presidential nomination. McCain had campaigned...
2)..against "agents of intolerance" - meaning people like Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson. McCain's father, a Navy admiral of note, had fought the religious right of his day. John McCain carried on the tradition, which cost him dearly in 1999. George W. Bush, by contrast, received
3)..the express endorsement of the movement. That deal was arranged during a meeting between Paul Weyrich (on of the top architects of the religious right) and movement up-and-comer Ted Cruz. One of the little noticed consequences of the GW Bush presidency was the completion...
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Democratic leadership should have never embraced #Manchin, who's one of many faithful servants of the energy sector. As governor, he was so entrenched that the WV university scandal in 2008 was merely a blip on the radar.
In 2010 the slime promised...
not to appoint himself to the Senate after Byrd's death.
The snake then made a deal w Carte Goodwin, appointing him in exchange for Goodwin pledging not to run for election to the seat, so Manchin could run against perennial loser and stooge, John Raese who lost Senate...
campaigns in 1984, 2006, 2010, & 2012. This was a set-up from the get go, as they had yet another senator under their thumb
It's a sick joke that he leads the energy committee, the very sector that controls him.
In 2017, his #GOP opponent publicly asked Manchin to resign from...
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All of these things are connected:

Teachers in Southlake, Texas are told to offer a book w. "opposing" view on the Holocaust bc Republican Gov. Abbott signed a law restricting how teachers can talk abt racism in classrooms. /1
A 4th grade teacher, a former "teacher of the year" is reprimanded by the local school board in Southlake because she had a copy of "This Book is Anti-Racist" in her class. /2
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson threatens to criminally prosecute an @stltoday journalist for finding a privacy flaw in the state's education data - even if it costs taxpayers $50 million. He falsely accuses the journalist of committing a crime. /3
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#Pakistan Banking Sector M&A —
A Thread 🧵

Interesting things happening in 🇵🇰’s banking sector related to #GCC-based sponsors.

Samba Bank is leaving 🇵🇰 🔜 after parent entity’s merger with NCB in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, & MergeCo Saudi National Bank’s decision to divest some assets.
Silk Bank is on perpetual sale after its abysmal performance in #Pakistan 🇵🇰 despite benefitting from one of the highest equity injections till-date. It is to be sold 🔜 and IFC / Nomura / Bank Muscat / Gourmet Group along with others will take a massive hit on their investment.
In banking, the best combination is always *a strong sponsor with a strong management team*. If you can get that right, there’s no better business in #Pakistan.

However, if your institution does not benefit from either of the two, then the bank is highly likely to underperform.
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This #NYTimes piece on #Biden is #interesting. It'is almost honest.

The reporters express surprise that #SenileJoe is siding with the #Dem #Left. Maybe they really ARE surprised. If they are, it just shows they were conned as thoroughly as most of the country was in 2020.
It’s now clear that Biden had a three part agenda: 1) Get elected #POTUS. 2) Pass a lot of very expensive government programs. 3) Go down in history as an #FDR or #LBJ, a president who permanently transformed American society.
#Joe’s problem was that 2) endangered 1). He needed to pretend to be “moderate” to get elected. So he ran a campaign that came down to ‘#OrangeManBad, #SenileManGood, and let’s not talk about what I’ll do in office.’ And it worked. He got the #DemocraticParty united behind him.
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Of 15 #Republican candidates for Secretary of State (the office that oversees #elections), in 5 battleground states,

10 lack confidence in the 2020 results or flat-out claim it stolen.

Only 2 of 9 interviewed acknowledged #Biden as the legitimate winner.
In 2020, #Trump, and #GOP legislators, not only undermined trust in elections, with false claims repeatedly debunked, they told partisan state legislators to send electors for Trump in states where voters selected Biden; a blatant rejection of #democracy.
It was only laws, and honorable officials holding to those laws, that prevented the #coup from succeeding.

The GOP are not done. Those protections are only going to get weaker with time.
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@RepRaskin "How the #CouncilForNationalPolicy, a #GOP Powerhouse, Helped Spawn Trumpism, Disrupted the Transfer of Power, & Stoked the Assault on the Capitol"- Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson.
@RepRaskin "Behind the secretive network that convinced Americans they cannot trust East Coast “elites.” An
interview with Professor, investigative journalist & #ShadowNetwork author Anne Nelson. 👉…

#ShadowNetwork excerpt: 👉…
@RepRaskin @/davetroy : “The Entire "Big History" Behind #Jan6Insurrection with a new introduction & foreword. Synthesizing rigorous historical research w/ primary sources & disinformation studies, this framework helps explain what's happened & what may be next.”…
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1/ As #cdnmedia *now* talks to Conservative caucus members, they must interrogate their #elxn2021 coverage. When O’Toole presented himself so contrary to his leadership run, the current & not so fmr #CPC & platform. Did it not occur to reporters to investigate what was real?
2/ I know #cdnmedia think Liberals are hostile to journalism who can’t tolerate Trudeau criticism. There is *some* truth to this. But lots of our complaints are legit & r made in good faith. Most of Liberal Twitter has closely followed Trump’s America in horror, as Cdn media has.
3/ The diff btwn #cdnmedia & those who reg use the #, is we don’t believe #Conservatives & #Republicans are light yrs apart. Like the CPC caucus—we know O’Toole’s #Elxn44 campaign wasn’t representative of majority of Cons (elected or base) Nor resembled how EOT would govern as PM
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Why can’t we find a happy medium between playing dead (@theDemocrats) and insurrection (@GOP)? This is from a piece I am writing about the 2020 election. 1/
Cartoon 2 by @EdWexler. 2/
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I think its time to talk about #ReligiousFreedom and exactly where one person’s #freedom starts, and another’s ends. And no I’m not talking about a woman’s body dividing cells, I’m talking about breathing adults who #vote
#ReligiousFreedom is SO important to everybody. And I agree that I ALSO want my own #FreedomOfReligion. But other people DON’T get to define that.
I am in charge of my own #belief systems. You could even say I’m RESPONSIBLE for them🤔
No matter how wacky they got, the point in time where I am no longer allowed to practice my #Religion, would start IF it harmed another breathing adult, and that word #harm is pretty loaded too, isn’t it?
How do we define #Freedom?
How do we define #Life?
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Was explaining the crazy @GOP National & State 'tactics' to my lady yesterday.
She couldn't understand why they seem to want their voting base to risk dying by not getting vaxxed or wearing masks, & their big support for guns.
Here's what I spit-balled on this because...
...I am done trying to work out a LOGICAL explanation:

What if the @GOP is actually TRYING to "cull the herd"?

They rely on rich, white men that own corporations for money...PAC donations, Lobby Group bribes, post-political career board member positions.
...They don't really care about "the average #American" working Joe. Hence their opposition to a Universal Healthcare system, or an mandated decent minimum wage.
Those #Republicans think their country would be 'better off' WITHOUT "those filthy, under-educated masses".
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This needs to be restated again & again. If an MP is on this list, it is because they were helped into power by far right radicals, “Campaign Life Coalition”. #CLC supports Christian candidates who oppose abortion in ALL circumstances, including rape & incest. #cdnpoli #CPC
More on this here: . This list includes #PierrePoilievre #MichaelBarrett, #MichaelCooper, deputy CPC leader, #CandiceBergen, conversion “therapy” cheerleader, #GarnettGenuis, anti-refugee zealot, Kelly Block, among others. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative
There’s another little talked about subset of these RW religious cults. It’s called “Christian Domestic Discipline”, where the wife must submit or face routine spankings (JFC!). Here’s one of their websites. … CDD Is part of Dominionist ideology. #cdnpoli
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At least 1/2 (or more) of the #CPC is made up of extremists. Christo-fascist Dominionists, #ClimateCrisis deniers, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim bigots, white nationalist sympathizers, anti-choice. This is not where the majority of 🇨🇦 is. But the Right wants power by any means #cdnpoli
The number of anti-choice far-right “Christian” coalition members in the #CPC increased sharply during & after #StephenHarper’s reign.

That influence has increased, not decreased. The #CPC has moved sharply to the right in lockstep with the #GOP. #cdnpoli #NeverVoteConservative
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#GetVaccinated vs. #COVID. Vaccines stave off hospitalization, death and even worse for some people, sexual performance. Let's discuss some of the math, pros and cons, and adverse effects and that sexual performance thing. THREAD:…
2/ Most who are dying or are being hospitalized are unvaccinated. The vaccines don't give 100% immunity, but they are free, easy, painless and provide good protection. They also greatly decrease the impact of COVID if you do get it.…
3/ COVID vaccines don't magnetize you and are too small to insert a tracker. Regardless, the government can already track you through your phone, computer, email, credit cards, social media, etc., etc., etc. Fully vaccinated folks are now <1% of deaths.…
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THREAD: Dies of COVID #COVIDIOTS #COVIDIOTHallOfShame: 9 of 9 (100%) elected Federal or State elected officials dead of COVID are Republican/GOP. Let's visit some of them. Here's the first:
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Important (esp. from a leading newspaper) but misses other key elements - 1) voter suppression laws, rules, etc. implemented by #Republican controlled states & legislatures.

Those alone could to tip the election. "Casting the result as *unknowable*" is the *backup* plan then...
..the #GOP efforts to control election certification processes, at the county & state level - if the voter suppression isn't sufficient & the Democrats still win, Republicans will say, "it was tainted!" and throw out the result. Then send their partisans to the electoral college.
3) Over the entire electoral process will loom the threat of armed force. Various armed groups, often working at varying levels of cooperation with local police, will be present to threaten dissenters who protest. That will happen simultaneously, in multiple states.
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Mega #thread on #exploretalent & the phenomenon of failed aspiring entertainers of the Right

Some context: in the late 90's-early 00's, there were numerous nationwide talent searches that would advertise at the high schools in Southern California

Once I attended a search, & when my dad found out they were intending on putting me on the internet, he demanded my photos back & rescinded any permission to use my likeness

These searches "presented" themselves as different "companies"

#exploretalent is a live database that quite literally is the stitching together of numerous databases & different technologies. That's why the site is weird. It also looks very similar to early #facebook You can even register to vote, "like" "friend" etc

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Welcome to August and to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 08/01/21.

We’re here to help you keep an eye on what our MoCs are saying🗣 and how they are voting🗳.
#MoCTrack 1/25
@IndivisiblePHL @IndivisibleLNH @pa_indivisible @IndivisibleBUX @TuesdaysToomey @indivisibleccpa @indiwhitpain @IndivisibleHCAN @fridays_fire @indivisiblefohi The #Pennsylvania #Indivisible Legislative Scorecard shows you how our MoCs vote re: the Indivisible principles of
See how YOUR MoCs are doing and how they got these scores here.⬇️
#MoCTrack 2/25…
I know we’re supposed to be excited about the #Infrastructure agreement in the Senate, but I can’t help but think the #GOP succeeded in delaying and slicing it down to the bone.

This @NYTimes infographic tells the story.
#MoCTrack 3/25
learn more ➡️
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"Take away the star and add a vaccine passport"

VIDEO: Oklahoma GOP (@officialOKGOP) Chairman John Bennett doubling down on equating vaccination to The Holocaust.

Gun at hand, he rambles about January 6th & need to take action.

Morally indefensible, reprehensible, dangerous.
Remember this?👇The *hat industry* managed swifter action than #GOP & @officialOKGOP.

Meanwhile, the highest Republican Party official in the State of Oklahoma continues to trivialize the memory of The Holocaust.
Rounding out the picture: the @officialOKGOP Chairman was using the Yellow Star of David to promote a scheme to *temporarily seize power from the Governor.*

✔️Threats of violence
✔️Plans to undemocratically take power
✔️Minimizing The Holocaust

The message is very clear.
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A man identifying as "Robert" called me from a blocked number to say I should write that #OKGOP Chairman John Bennett must resign over this.

I asked if he would say that on the record. He declined. I'm 99% sure the caller is a currently Republican #okleg member. So... (1/?)
I decided to check my email inbox to see if any Republican politician in Oklahoma had issued a statement about this situation, and I did not see any.

Then, I decided to check out the trusty ol' @nondocmedia Twitter list of #Oklahoma lawmakers:… (2/?)
On the Twitter list, I still haven't seen any GOP #okleg members condemning the comparison of COVID-19 vaccine requirements to an atrocity perpetrated against #Jewish people.

One senator is sad about the Cubs trading away players. A rep. earlier retweeted an OU video. (3/?)
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Let me clarify some stuff from earlier today.
We can draw some straight lines between...
1⃣ this @nytimes article
2⃣the Deputy Acting AG Donoghue's notes
3⃣ the #complicit actions of certain #Republican #Pennsylvania lawmakers

@nytimes First, let's look at those notes from Acting Deputy AG Donoghue.

Folks have been asking who and what he's talking about. I think that this section is about #PA10's @RepScottPerry and #Pennsylvania state lawmaker @SenMastriano.

2/? Image
@nytimes @RepScottPerry @SenMastriano More interesting is this ADAG Donoghue note about "205K votes - more than xxx xxx voters - PA"

Part is illegible, but he's talking about a debunked theory that there were more votes placed in #Pennsylvania than there were registered voters. Again, this has been debunked.

3/? Image
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"Conspiracy theories" are 100% who the American people are, and *I don't blame them*.

I blame their lack of discernment - QAnon is a *dumb* conspiracy theory, for many reasons. But successful, large-scale conspiracies are the stuff of established history.

Let's investigate...
2) The "the 2016 election was stolen" conspiracy theory? - though it's dumb, b/c despite considerable digging, proponents of this haven't been able to produce any evidence, & it would have required collusion by thousands of centrist elderly patriotic poll workers, nonetheless...
3) Allegations of election fraud have sporadically plagued US presidential elections (1876,1888,1960) & especially in 2000 and subsequently.

The 2000 election conspiracy is a matter of record, starting with the fact that #GOP FL Secretary of State Katherine Harris shut down...
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#Update We are seeing exciting things for #RankedChoiceVoting!! It would bring #democracy to #elections! My thread of #DownBallotProgressives & causes #NotMeUs🔹 + some w/ #YangGang🔹 +
🌻 @GreenPartyUS #MedicareForAll
Follow @TheRagtagBand
.@Ally4Congress🔹is running for Congress in #VA11 against corp Dem @GerryConnolly🔹June 21 ‘22*! She’s endorsed by @Leftists4Office @CallForCongress @AC4Congress2020 @LiamOMaraIV and more! #NotMeUs #YangGang

.@AazamiShervin🔹 is running for #CA30 against corporate Dem @BradSherman🔹 June 7, 2022*! He’s 💯grassroots funded! #NotMeUs #MedicareForAll

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CSPOA - which had close tie to Oath Keepers & was in direct contact w/the militia group the day before the coup attempt - is now raising a national militia force ("posses") to put under its anti-federal Trump-loving sheriffs.

Another effort w/Oath Keeper ties...
2)..are the growing "state defense forces". One of these groups, the North Carolina State Defense Force, seemed to be organizationally linked to OK, and to this day endorses the Oath Keeper effort on its website.
3) CSPOA sheriffs opposing federal & state authority can quickly subsume such armed state-level groups. Indeed, *any* militia group can quickly plug into CSPOA and enjoy quasi-legal legitimacy - which is the very point of CSPOA, to legitimize insurgency.
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