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"Some people did something"
The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People
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Q: How much did #CyVance say #Weisselberg might have Evaded in Unpaid Taxes?

- Asking for a Friend
With the possible Exception of London, New York City is the #1 Center of Global Financial Corruption

The #InternationalBankingCartel completely owns the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks
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#RiggedElection ?

The Democrat Primary in #NYC is a TOTAL SHITSHOW

but hey... #BillBarr had a gut instinct that there was NO FRAUD in the 2020 Election and refused to Launch a Formal Investigation


Q: Why did the #LiberalMedia coordinate with #BillGates, #Fauci, #Zuckerberg, & #DemocratCorruptionNetworks to:

1) Hide Cuomo's Nursing Home Deaths
2) Push Virus #Fear PsyOp
3) Hide the Wuhan Lab
4) Attack Trump
5) Cover-up Voter Fraud Ops in Key States

#AG #BillBarr knew damn well the setup into the 2020 Election was DESIGNED FOR FRAUD

He was NOT expressing a wild view that we were Vulnerable -- every expert believed our System was being setup. But just like the Lab, you were NOT supposed to tell the American People
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The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People

#FakeNews By Design

Lies, Lies, Lies

Cover-up, Cover-up, Cover-up

The #LiberalMedia were part of the Cover-up of the #WuhanLab

#FakeNews By Design

#Fauci and #BillGates were used to push the #Fear PsyOp while attacking President Trump into the 2020 Election Cycle

But Trump was RIGHT.
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President Trump wanted a STRONG SHOW of Force at the US Capitol on January 6th

This is consistent with pre-Event Intel and Open Source Concerns

But instead there was NOTHING


#CuiBono ?
Who planted the Bombs?

Were the Bombs real?
Why did the #DCMayor OPPOSE any Show of Force and Strong Police Presence in Washington DC on January 6th?

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So... #SenatorWhitehouse belongs to Several White-ONLY Clubs

Absolutely Shocking.

Right #Virginia ?
Maybe someone should tell #SleepyJoe
Q: Who has been Running a Protection Racket to Hide the True Nature of these people?
Who has been Promoting them as Champions of the Working Class and Minorities?

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Timing, Timing, Timing

Giuliani's Law License was Suspended to get the #LiberalMedia Buzz before the Election Audits start to Expose the "Gaming of the System" and the Fraud Operations that were hidden behind the China Virus Fear PsyOp

Our Election Processes have been CORRUPT for DECADES

But this is BY DESIGN

Q: Why would the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks OPPOSE #VoterID & Strict Chain of Custody?

A: "Gaming the System" requires flexibility in the Rules, Control of the Local Judges, and Control of the Liberal Media (+ Big Tech)
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#BobMueller calling for Transformation of the #FBI after the Attacks of September 11th 2001

Q: Why did Comey call Mueller after he was FIRED ?

Q: Why did the Election of President Donald J. Trump cause the #DeepState to go into PANIC MODE?

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Trump is RIGHT -->

The New York Legal Networks are OWNED by the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks and the #InternationalBankingCartel

NYC is a "Financial" Capital b/c the System is RIGGED in favor of the "Connected" Players Image
The 2020 Election was RIGGED

And the American People KNOW THIS

Even the Democrats know this -- they just think the "Rigging" was Justified to STOP TRUMP
We need to Hunt and REMOVE the Cancer

TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY will require Fighting the Battles at the LOCAL and STATE Levels

The State Legislatures and Governors have POWER to Fight Back.

Organize Locally

Do NOT Let the #LiberalMedia play the Divide & Conquer Game
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Q: Who are the TRAITORS that ran the #ChinaVirus Fear PsyOp while Covering Up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATH CAMPS and #Fauci's Lab in Wuhan China?
Q: In which States did Facebook's #Zuckerberg Finance the next-gen, ACORN-style Ground-Game Election FRAUD Ops under the cover of the China Virus Outbreaks and #MailInVoter Campaigns?
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Attacks of September 11th, 2012

#LiberalMedia Cover Story to support the #Obama Re-election

POTUS = #Obama
Sec of State = #Hillary
FBI = Comey Image
#LiberalMedia Cover-up to keep the Obama Narrative of Winning the War against Terrorism

Circle the Wagons to keep Hillary positioned for 2016 Election Cycle

Promote Comey to Director of the FBI 1 year later
#Mueller to #Comey Image
2 #StandDown Orders

1st = Delay GRS Contractors to Respond to Consulate from CIA Annex

2nd = Around Midnight Local Time with Drone Video Feed Active
State Dept to US Military
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"Partners need to ACT LIKE PARTNERS"

{ Germany + France + Italy + Spain + Netherlands }

#TrumpWasRIGHT -->

The #DemocratCorruptionNetworks are Deeply Connected into European Banking Families

#Biden has been a "Trusted" DC Swamp Creature for DECADES

President Trump was seen as a THREAT to the CORRUPTION NETWORKS and had to be REMOVED -->


The #EuropeanManagementForum Networks are Fundamentally ANTI-American

They see the US as a Power that must be CONTROLLED from the Inside thru #LiberalMedia, Banking, and #DemocratCorruptionNetworks (with RINOs - see #McCain)

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Q: Why did Fauci cover-up the #ChinaVirus "Leak" from the Lab in Wuhan?

Why did Fauci cover-up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATHS in the NYC area and launch a campaign on #CNN & #BigTech to DAMAGE President Trump into the Election?

What did #Zuckerberg know?

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the President

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the American People

Fauci knew and he coordinated a Cover-up and Lying Campaign with the #LiberalMedia and #BigTech

Q: How many #TRAITORS do you see? Image
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Fauci was VERY NERVOUS about the #ChinaVirus leak out of the Wuhan Bio-Lab

The Late January Email from Kristian Andersen set OFF ALARM BELLS

Fauci fully understood the implications and he had to NEUTRALIZE the problem
One of the "Tasks" assigned to his Deputy may have been to organize a Research Team that would work to Neutralize the Lab Origin Narrative Early

Scientific Claims would be made in Trusted Journals and by Reputable People

Divert Attention and Dismiss Lab as NOT Likely
Start Pulling the Threads on the Cover-Up

Fauci's Deputy -->

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Carl Leroy

Known member of "West Virginia White Pride"

#Hollywood Networks are good at playing games

#PsyOps Coming ?
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Our European Partners were INVOLVED in the #ElectionFraud Ops of 2020 that INSTALLED Biden-Kamala
This will be MESSY
Trump's Nationalism Movement in the United States is seen as a THREAT to the Globalist Agenda

After leaving Office #Obama Organized Shadow Govt to Oppose Trump

European Banking Families are Primary Players in the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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#MarkZuckerberg Networks were working to OPPOSE President Trump's #AmericaFirst Agenda for 4 years and were ACTIVE in Several Key Swing States during the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops under the Cover of the #ChinaVirus FEAR PSYOP run by the #LiberalMedia & #BigTech
#Facebook is part of the #Globalist Cabal that has been SELLING OUT the American People for DECADES

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Deny, Deny, Deny

Then start to ease the Truth into the media ether and re-frame the narrative with "trusted" Liberal Media partners
Fauci's Funding into the Wuhan Bio-Lab supported Gain-of-Function Research which explores the potential of New Variants of Viruses to have a Profile that would be a Threat to Humans

Build Knowledge base that has Dual-Use as a Preparation Strategy and a Bio-Weapon
Assuming a Lab Leak Event in Late Sept / Early October in Wuhan China

When did our Early Warning System Activate?

Why were we NOT clear on the Airborne Threat in mid January when WHO said "No Problem Here"
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#BigTech Surveillance and Profiling


The Obama Admin and the Rise of #BigTech

Turning the Powers of #BigTech Against the American People...

"for their own good"

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The #ChinaVirus came from the Bio-Lab in #Wuhan China

Xi and the ChiCom Networks LIED for 3 months and allowed it to SPREAD ALL AROUND THE WORLD

The ChiCom networks are the Enemy of the American People and the Enemy of Civilized People EVERYWHERE

The Game is about Controlling the Narrative

The #LiberalMedia Suppressed the Surge in Black on Asian Violent Crime to protect the #BLM Narrative into the 2020 Election Cycle

Many in the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks have been aligned with the #ChiComs for DECADES
The #LiberalMedia ran a Cover-up for Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATH CAMPS b/c they needed the Fear PsyOp of a DEADLY Virus to create the cover for the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops in Key States to Install the #Globalist Puppets
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The "Climate Guilt" PsyOp targeting the young, impressionable, and naive Gen Y Echo Boomers in the United States, Europe, and around the World

(You better learn to Swim)
and Learn to Ride a Bicycle
The #LiberalMedia are the Enemy of the American People
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And yet #Melinda spins the Bullshit with #LiberalMedia Whore #RobinRoberts in 2016

Q: Why did the PR Team want to soften their image and appeal to the Human side by working the Dating #BillGates angle when the Marriage was DEAD since at least 2006?

#BillGates Steps Down as Microsoft CEO in 2000 and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was established

yadda yadda yadda

#JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimself in early August 2019

Gates steps down from $MSFT Board in early March 2020 as #ChinaVirus Outbreaks Emerge

#Divorce 2021
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The #LiberalMedia are the ENEMY of the American People...

and the Enemy of Civilized People ALL AROUND THE WORLD

(the @AP is a problem)

@AP #FollowTheMoney

The Liberal CANCER Must Be Hunted and REMOVED

All Around the World
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