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if you saw similarities between Trump’s hate rally and Warren’s equity town hall, that’s on you
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1. Evan Balgord of the"Canadian Anti-Hate Network"
appears frequently in the press to smear people as being 'secret Nazis.'
Let's look at Evan's dad to see if there are any bad signs, shall we?
2. Evan's family has some money.. here's his grandma, aunt & father donating $250,000 to a library in Wisconsin.
Oh yeah didn't you know? Evan is American.
3. The companies Evans dad has worked for include Ariens and LMG Holdings which makes breathalyzer tech to lock your car down.
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There has arisen, among esteemed colleagues, the perception or conceit among a few men partners in law firms that meeting one-on-one with women subordinates, such as over alcohol, is bad and should be reserved for men.
I have been a lawyer for 24 years, an active employment attorney for about 10 years and a man for 50 (if you count all the years in which my smartass behavior got me called the taunt “young man”.)
The conceit of some of my fellow graying male attorneys is that the act of drinking with a woman while discussing business as one might with a man gives rise to, I don’t know, sexual harassment claims, false claims of impropriety, moral hazard, I don’t know, cooties?
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Everybody getting ready for #AHA19? This is your @AHAhistorians program chair speaking, with some hints for how to have the best meeting ever. Some of you are old hands – for others this is your first meeting! Let’s get started.
First, we are going to Chicago, people: it’s going to be cold, but not legendary Chicago cold: mid 30s to low 40s, and I am seeing no precipitation until Tuesday. This is good news: no need for boots or extra layers. Put boots in your car in case there is snow when you return.
I am seeing some fashion anxiety on line. Anyone who knows me also knows I cannot help you with that. BUT: #1 rule, whether you are interviewing or not, is be as comfortable in your skin as you possibly can be. Because this is about yr. mind, not yr. appearance.
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i'm sure this will cause DC press to pause and reflect and apologize for its relentless, obsessive, GOP-friendly, and flat-out bogus Clinton Foundation coverage.....#amirite?
in a normal journalism world, somebody at NYT would've been fired for its "Clinton Cash" fiasco.
not only did NYT team up w/ Breitbart (!) for the Clinton Cash book, but the NYT writer who typed up smear then ran onto Fox News.

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I’m sure Trump’s caravan insanity is helping GOP in toss-up races like this. #amirite…
srsly, is nobody going to write abt how caravan madness may have sealed GOP losses in suburban districts where women voters will decide winner?
or is the press only allowed to view Trump as super savvy?
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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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@KristinMak2 @larryelder Well lessee...
MS13 originated in Los Angeles as a Street gang to protect Salvadoran immigrants in the city. It expanded into organized crime in different Metro areas in the US.

In '04 there was a crackdown and members were deported back to El Salvador.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder El Salvador had been ravaged by Civil War in the 70s/80s, a victim of the US funding the strong men leaders and cracking down on poor farmers who (supposedly) espoused communism.

So when hardened US sociopaths began landing en masse, you can imagine what happened.
@KristinMak2 @larryelder They spent the next few decades recruiting. In gang speak, that means they were "jumping in" kids (boys and teens) by beating them senseless. If the kids survived and joined, they lived. If they didn't join, they were hunted and killed. If they didn't survive 🤷.
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COMEY MEMOS: (THREAD) Working my way through the 15 pages of #ComeyMemos. Here are the most important and/or shocking revelations: 1/
During #Comey's 1/6/17 at Trump Tower, @Comey told Trump that the Russians allegedly had tapes involving Trump & prostitutes at a Moscow hotel in 2013. Could these be the infamous #PeeTapes? #ComeyMemos 2/
Trump also praised #Comey on 1/6/17 for his handling of the #ClintonEmails investigation. @realDonaldTrump lavished praise on @Comey, indicating that Comey had conducted himself "honorably" and had a great reputation. #ComeyMemos 3/
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Replete w/ ridiculous hot takes by my new pal @JaredHuffman this new hit piece... 1/

Dems dread Hillary's book tour
by @IsaacDovere & @gdebenedetti for @politico is exactly what you'd expect before anything @HillaryClinton does.

So predictable. 2/
It's so predictable it's really almost boring.

The MSM will cheer this, of course, but let's go & thread this apart shall we?
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