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Hey remember how the whole Nixon thing came crashing down? it started with 1 brave soul from the GOP speaking out against his corruption and venality. It slowly expanded.
Hey I think I see a trend!
Good on ya, @justinamash @RepKinzinger @RepPeteKing
beep boop bop
history repeats.
July 1974:…
Y'all know how i feel about most of the editorial decisions made by the NY Times, since they published Kremlin propaganda & ***still*** employee Trump PR shill #MaggieDuranty, but running this by @DLeonhardt in 2017, was a good decision.
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Guess who owns the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, which now has to pay Geoffrey Rush $850k for defamation?
That’s right. Rupert Murdoch.
Another shining example of Murdoch’s corporate culture of #UnethicalJournalism.
Another example of Murdoch’s corporate culture of #UnethicalJournalism: the UK phone hacking scandal. AKA THEY WERE SPYING ON PEOPLE.…
Another example? We all know it too well. Faux Newz. If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, do. It’s old but still relevant.…
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GOT THIS? #NoTaxReturns = #Mobster
MT @CREWcrew: Your daily reminder that #Trump is the first President Elected since #Nixon to refuse to release his #taxreturns, and any payments from Russia remain secret and we are at War w #ICC
BY DESIGN #ICC is the enemy of West Civ. They are global promoter of #homophobia #misogyny #racism. IT IS IN THEIR MOB CODE and most are BORN into it. BELIEVE And Share. They are Maggots ON Society and Exposure Weakens them.
JOURNOS MUST READ CJC #POKE THE BEAR published 11/3/17 Something was wrong. At first, it was just instinct. During the GOP primaries, things weren’t adding up for us with Trump. @JamesFourM @ninaandtito @lauferlaw @carolecadawalla
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This disgusting PR for Jeff Epstein from 2007 was written by @maggienyt’s husband, @darehgregorian.
Reminder: #MaggieDuranty’s mom works for Howard Rubenstein, Epstein’s PR guy.
I will never stop ringing this bell.
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Remember this gem when you read about all the sexual abusers & pedophiles who Trump has been friends with/worked with over the years
p.s. There's a lot wrong at NYT, but not everything is rotten at @NYtimes-they have great investigative reporting out today on Les Moonves
thread here on various pedophiles connected to tRUmp: #FamilyValuesIndeed
Jeff Epstein and tRUmp go way back.
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Oh hai, @NYTimes. Gonna quote myself:
"Your paper is repeating its gravest mistake from the 20th century. Your “star reporter’s” puff-piece coverage of Trump means you are enabling a would-be dictator. Your lack of reporting on Trump-linked Russian mafia figures Sater and ...
...Mogilevich, both mentioned BY NAME in the Simpson testimony is you effectively running interference for transnational organized crime."
I used to give you benefit of the doubt, Sulzberger family.
No longer.
Arthur-it's on.
I'm not afraid of your family's money or power...
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You’re an irresponsible ignorant disinfo merchant at best, @maggienyt #BeBest
But we all know you’re really just #MaggieDuranty-now and forever. Married to an asshole who fluffed Jeff Epstein at New York Post. Daughter of Howard Rubenstein’s right-hand woman & Bibi’s #1 fluffer.
Maggie. Duranty.
Your stats don’t lie.
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