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Many men are raising kids who aren't theirs. Statistically, women aren't too far behind on the cheating competition and they're closing the gap rapidly. DNA testing has become cheaper. Do it. Everyone thinks that they're the exception. You're probably not

Women are punished more by society for cheating and thus they've evolved to hiding it much better because of the cost of being caught. No one believes that their girl is cheating on them yet they know that women cheat, too.

We're taught to believe in the purity/innocence of women and that's also reflective in our search for the "good girls"

That means that you don't even look too hard for signs of cheating of a man because "my girl wouldn't cheat on me

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Nairobi living- A friend's friend( a babe) invites me for a drink a few weeks back and later tell me she'll be bringing friends. I go to meet her and get there before her and order my beers and chill

(short thread)
They come a bit later and it's her and two other babes and they start whispering among themselves, call the waiter and make their order. The waiter goes round kidogo then comes back to me and whispers in my ear and asks me whether I'll cover their bills because they said I would
Babes had ordered a bottle of JD and a few other things and had decided that I was going to pay and didn't tell me. I laughed and told them to get the drinks themselves since I was only drinking beer. Lol they huddled and whispered to each other again and came up with
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Dear gentlemen,

What are the things that made you feel like a man, while you were younger and don't matter at all now?

*Short thread on what mine were*

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1. A beard. My dad has a beard he would shave daily and so that was an ultimate dream. I would practice using his shaver from when I was around 7 😂 I struggled growing a beard and it finally bloomed at 23 😂
My first beard hair was at 12. I went to tell my mom😂

2. A muscular body. I was the short and yellow kid and so I always dreamed of my transformation where I would get tall+muscular. I grew taller but no muscles. I tried the gym and wasted money I should have spent on food😂 It's the muscles on the inside that matter
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We need to start talking about #RapeCulture as Kenyan men but I don't even know where to start. When you're worried about your sister staying out at a party late or going to a guy's place alone, you've already shown you understand it without saying it.

Back in uni, more girls than I can imagine were raped. Some didn't call it rape but it was rape. The local drinking joint, "fracas" was where people would go get girls drunk and then take them back to their place when they were too drunk to walk
Rape was such a huge problem that if Watchmen caught you walking with a girl who looked too drunk at night, they would automatically assume you were going to rape her and they would take you to their "cell" or beat you up on the road.
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A conversation with a friend got me thinking about the potential gendered effect on savings and investments that our current dating structure creates.

Very few couples have real conversations about finances when they're dating even when it gets serious. We wait for a ring before really talking about money. We're guarded about what we earn and what we spend.
It sounds good to keep your financial details to yourselves and it feels like you're protecting yourself but in many times you're just screwing yourself over over a longer period.
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