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While we are on Jada and August...
(A thread)

A man in Calabar, Edet Okon Asim, continuously raped a girl whom he was supposed to be "helping", since her father, his friend, died.

He first started an affair with the girl's mother. And then, with her knowledge, allegedly...
...began raping the girl. This started when the girl was 12, and went on until she was 15. The girl got pregnant a few times and he got her to do abortions by quacks. The last one perforated her womb.

He was arrested and supposed to go on trial but, it has been a year now...
...and nothing has happened. He has been walking around free.

In fact, the governor of Cross River, Ben Ayade has recently appointed him as Special Adviser on Biodiversity.

Ntufam Edet Okon Asim was formerly the Chairman of Calabar Municipality and one time commissioner...
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Problematic things I heard in church. A thread.
At youth service:

Girls, you aren't pieces of meat. Don't put yourselves on display and then wonder why you're not treated well. Guys can't control themselves.

At a Sunday service:

Women, listen to me. You would never, and I mean never, put your child in a dirty bed. But that's exactly what you're doing when you have sex before marriage.

(He moved onto a different topic after, not addressing any of the men in the room)
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@mega2e I’m a fan of #SheSaid but very disappointed in this piece. #survivors of #domesticabuse #coercivecontrol feared and accurately PREDICTED their #abusers would weaponize the virus as they do any situation or manufacture one, to interfere with the mother-child relationship. /1
@mega2e But your article did nothing 2 differentiate between abusers who are weaponizing the virus against #protectivemothers and parents who are legitimately worried about neglectful parenting & failure to properly social distance. There was no mention of histories of abuse in cases. /2
@mega2e Instead, you couched the issue as gender neutral w/o looking at previous histories of legitimate custodial interference. Like reporting on #rapeculture on campus & giving equal weight to alleged rapists’ & rape victims concerns w/o addressing systemic inequities in treatment. 3/
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So, I’ve been listening to this podcast, this morning. In it, ‘Joanne’ talks about sustaining her marriage through her husband’s transition to live full time as ‘Helen’ @transwidows #AGP…
First of all, h/t to @Quieten_Down who first alerted me to the podcast
‘Joanne’ is gaslit throughout the podcast, but the most heinous part comes when ‘Joanne’ tries to explore her need for sexual intimacy, as a heterosexual woman. I’m concerned that what ‘Joanne’ experiences is #ConversionTherapy @BACP
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#KanganaRanaut takedown. Sorry I am triggered

She needs to understand @IJaising is not against capital punishment for Nirbhaya’s rapists specifically. She has a moral objection to the idea of capital punishment by itself. This DOES NOT mean that she has sympathy for rapists.
That may be a complicated argument for Kangana to understand but it’s the truth. You can’t make a leap from one to thousand without taking a breath, which is what she’s done. She’s assuming that support for capital punishment in this SPECIFIC case means someone is sympathising
with rapists. This is just not what was being said at all.

Second, let’s put aside the the fact that Kangana doesn’t understand nuanced arguements. It is #NewIndia, there are very few people left who understand nuanced arguments.
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156. Ordinarily, if a woman tweeted this, Twitter would ban her. I wonder why this time was different?
157. A lesbian objected to lesbophobic #rapeculture. A man responded with a death threats. Guess which one got banned by Twitter?
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In the middle of election madness, with news, "news", opinion, analysis and just plain shouting, let's stop and think about all the things that make up our identities in India, and how they affect the stories we tell: #HeyMediaIntersections
Have you read this moving piece from @ShaliniNair13 about minor Bachhada girls who are forced into caste-sanctioned prostitution?
Come to Fridays@PROTO to hear @ShaliniNair13 talk about applying the gender lens to discussing development issues. You can register here: #HeyMediaIntersections
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Wow, that last #thread really took off. Let’s try another. I want to think with folks about how we can talk about #SurvivingRKelly outside the logic of the prison industrial complex.
Many of the people who responded to my last thread engaged in carceral logics saying some variation on “his ass should rot in jail” if not calls for his death. Are there other ways we can imagine justice, accountability and healing?
Prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba has said, as ppl raised w/ carceral logics it’s hard for us to imagine or desire alternatives. The #prisonindustrialcomplex has limited how we think about justice—even though other nations do things differently.
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Thread for my white #feminist friends (of all genders)

Content: Sexual violence, racism

There is a racial divide on social media regarding #SurvivingRKelly
Most black folks I know have posted about the docuseries in the last few days (thankfully black people in my networks are expressing support of the victims of sexual abuse & coercion though their posts suggest to me that is not the case with their entire friends network)
In contrast, nearly all white folks I know are not even acknowledging the docuseries, the #RKelly conversation, nothing. This divide/contrast reminds me that white people are not required to know what’s happening to and among black folks.
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20 y/o Anderson drugged, choked & violently raped a fellow student at Baylor University. A grand jury indicted him on 4 counts of sexual assault. McLennan County DA dropped the charges in exchange for a plea to 1 count of unlawful restraint. /1
He will receive only three years unajudicated probation, fined $400, and will not have to register as a sex offender.

Judge Ralph Strother could still reject the plea. If he does, Anderson could withdraw his no-contest plea and a trial would likely be scheduled. /2
The survivor did everything one is supposed to do. She reported the crime. She underwent a hospital exam. She was prepared to go to trial. But her rapist could walk free. /3
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Kavanaugh & his former boss, Ken Starr, pursued Clinton relentlessly over a consensual albeit inappropriate affair. In 2010, Starr was forced out as president of Baylor for having grossly mishandled sexual assault claims to the detriment of victims. 1/…
2/ “Starr's stock at Baylor plummeted after the Pepper Hamilton law firm found a ‘fundamental failure’ by Baylor brass to look into rape allegations by football players and failed to heed federal statutes...”…
3/ “Several former Baylor football players have been convicted 4 sexual assault, causing the current administrative upheaval....This investigation revealed the University’s mishandling of [sexual assault] reports” under Ken Starr (Kavanaugh’s former boss).…
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Kelleyanne Conway can be a survivor AND have the world's worst take on it.

You can support her, have empathy AND not buy into the BS take.
If some person or faction has an agenda? Debate on whether or not to believe her is part of the trick. It's the perfect trap if you can’t see it.
The timing of this COULD be designed to change the narrative by confusing the issue.

Or it could be organic.

Both are moot.
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@lirivera @BostonGlobe #JunotDiaz was targeted for a takedown by 3 female fiction writers: #ZinziClemmons #CarmenMMachado #MonicaByrne. All: Read #apologizetoJunot & my thread (…). @forjustice2018 - audio of JD's respectful interaction w/ Machado who lied. #fauxfeminism #MeToofail
@lirivera @BostonGlobe @forjustice2018 Others (like bitter writer ex-gfs) jumped in like @realalisavaldes ("kiss-n-teller" he briefly dated 22 yrs ago, who blogged in 2008 to brag abt sleeping w him while on journalist duty!). And @lirivera (sensitive writer he had lunch w 1x). No evidence #JunotDiaz harassed women.
@lirivera @BostonGlobe @forjustice2018 @RealAlisaValdes Alisa Rivera: Your points are simply ur biased assumptions as a comm prof & former aspiring fiction writer who accused #JunotDiaz of sexually harassing & bullying u 15 yrs ago on a lunch date. U met him 1 time. He didn't tell u what u wanted to hear & tried to make up. U cried.
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"Why would she wait until now to report the sexual assault?"

A Thread.

#Kavanaugh #RapeCulture #ContentWarning
I write a lot of poems about sexual assault and rape culture. I perform these poems at slams all over the country, and when I do, women come up to me after the slam to tell me their stories.

So I'm not merely speaking about my own experience; this is a collective femme Catch 22.
The pressure is on us to report quickly; but victims are emotionally compromised by the situation.

94% of women who are raped experience symptoms of PTSD in the 2 weeks after the assault.

-via RAINN
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The president of the USA has been accused by at least 20 women of sexual assault.
A candidate for congress had been accused by at least 6 women of sexually molesting them when they were teenagers.
And now a man accused of attempted rape is up for a seat in the Supreme Court.
And remember that one judge on the Supreme Court was confirmed despite being accused of sexual harassment.
When sexual harassment and assault are at the highest levels, it gives a green light that women’s bodies are fair game.
#Patriarchy #USA
When 60 million Americans still vote for you despite your boast that when you’re famous women “let you grab them by the pussy,” is it too surprising that an attempted rapist is still being considered as a judge for life on the nation’s highest court? #Patriarchy #USA #SCOTUS
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I lost over 100 followers this week standing up for WOC being attacked by white women.
I'm sorry to have lost them because it means those folks missed the point.
White people have an obligation to POC in America because of the damage #racism inflicts even if we aren't #racist.
The hardest words in any language are "I'm sorry."
Acknowledging our flaws goes against ego.
But it's essential.
I know I am a strong person with strong Socialist politics.
I know I can be intense.
But I am a fiundamentally kind person who doesn't want to hurt people.
At times I know I <have> hurt people--we all have.
And that is my point: If people tell you you have hurt them, listen.
I don't mean casual snark, but hurt.
Say you are sorry.
Repentance is under-utilized and under-valued, and that's not just my Catholicism talking.
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Ranked in order if MIST PROGRESSIVE SENATORS 1. @SenKamalaHarris

6. @SenTinaSmith

(Frankens powerhouse replacement)

10. @SenGillibrand

And that’s who we hurt when we keep on tolerating abuse of these three power voices.

1,6 and 10.
“My takeaway that day was that he had done this thousands of times.

He knew exactly where to put his hand.

He knew exactly when to drop and squeeze.

He was showing me he had control and power.

He was showing me I meant nothing.” -me

-And that’s why I believe 8 women.
Progressives who keep blaming @SenGillibrand for the ACTIONS of A MAN because he was SO Progressive we can’t live without him are Killing the reps of real active elected progressive women.

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Hi everyone! This is @sohni_c for @Smashboard_. One of the things I want to discuss today is how #sexualharassment and #sexualassault cases are reported in the media. The first issue is the tedious sensationalisation of these cases 1/n
Resulting in the focus remaining on the victim rather than the perpetrator. Hence, adding to stigma, shaming and victim-blaming of the women who face harassment and assault. Also, these attitudes result in reinforcing the #rapeculture where the victim is held at scrutiny. 2/n
Moreover, insensitive and sensational reportage serves to titillate and tease the erotic imagination of abuse, rape and violence. The focus shifts from the violation of the victim to the patriarchal fixation on women's bodies and their sexual freedom. 3/n
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We need to start talking about #RapeCulture as Kenyan men but I don't even know where to start. When you're worried about your sister staying out at a party late or going to a guy's place alone, you've already shown you understand it without saying it.

Back in uni, more girls than I can imagine were raped. Some didn't call it rape but it was rape. The local drinking joint, "fracas" was where people would go get girls drunk and then take them back to their place when they were too drunk to walk
Rape was such a huge problem that if Watchmen caught you walking with a girl who looked too drunk at night, they would automatically assume you were going to rape her and they would take you to their "cell" or beat you up on the road.
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We might want to consider the reality that until MEN wanted to take #HarveyWeinstein down, nothing was done about his serial sexual assault.
We might also consider men have NOT wanted to take down #BillCosby,RomanPolanski(that 13yr old was raped at Jack Nicholson's) or WoodyAllen.
#CourtneyLove spoke out about #HarveyWeinsten in 2005 but was dismissed as a crazy lady b/c of her drug issues. Abuse victims self-medicate.
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