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HRC's #UraniumOneDeal is a DECOY & $145 Million is a THROW!

#Mueller & #Kerry created


Bush-Clinton #IranContra
<--guns exported & imported drugs-->

is NOW
#AwanContra <--DU arms HEU & #opioid heroin-->

Click 2pop-out!
The TRUTH is #McCabe #Comey #McCain #Graham #McAuliffe #RahmEmanuel
& #HillaryCllinton PLANNED #UraniumOneDeal
as a #FBI #CIA #AwanBrothers
#URANIUM #Heroin #Opioids & #DarkArms
1 company (12 trucks) carries #UraniumOneDeal
Transportation Logistics
#Mikerin scared TL's owner Fisk so he went to FBI asking
#Mueller & #McCabe for help &
w/i 2 years their "insert" #Lambert owned TL, Fisk was dead.
23 #UzbekTruckers run w/ fake TL docs
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Uzbek #NYCTerroristAttack & #UraniumOne trucker Sayfullo Saipov was made-out to be itinerant bouncing from job to job but @USAToday blew that #FakeNews cover in an interview of a dispatcher who had "worked at one of his (Saipov's) companies"
Then @POTUS said that 23 others had daisy-chained in on Saipov's visa--and the hunt was on. Quick research showed little Uzbekistan 5th globally in winnings in the visa lottery & that they'd rocketed to 5th globally in uranium production w/ neighboring Kazakhstan #1 in the world.
Already knowing the Transportation Logistics story – the only US company cleared to carry U1 uranium (with 12 trucks) & about the founder & owner of 30 years Rod Fisk, being voted off the board & losing his life's work – and then dying mysteriously within 2 years of going for
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Both @TheDemocrats & the Deep State arm of the @GOP only promote from within using a meritocracy based-on ability & willingness to cover-up criminality in their party & their allies' w/i the other; one only need look at the history of US intelligence & security to confirm this!
THIS is a PERVERTED SYSTEM of promotions & a 60+ year criminal enterprise!
YOU have been LIED-TO your ENTIRE LIFE.
It's been 2 PARTIES W/ 1 MASTER since GHW Bush created FEC Incorporated
in 1975 to throw #WaterGate prosecutors off.
GHW, WJC, W, HRC, JEB & so on was their plan!
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