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@CBS6 Sorry @VASchools had unqualified SecEds for 8 years, appointed for political reasons, not qualifications, & the depths of Northam's blackface humiliation. The extremist agenda has been rebuked by @NSBAPublicEd after legal review, but damage done. @8NEWS #RVA @NBC12 @myVPM
This is @GlennYoungkin's HIGHLY QUALIFIED Sec Ed AimeeRogstad Guidera who uses DATA to drive decisions assess standards & recommendations. THIS is a qualifed VA Secretary of Ed, the 1st we've had in almost a decade. @CBS6 @8NEW @NBC12 @myVPM Decade of error is hard to overcome.
@GlennYoungkin @CBS6 @8New @NBC12 @myVPM Check her credentials here. BTW, I think she leans Dem but @GovernorVA chose her because of her expert qualifications you may read her @LinkedIn paeg below. Princeton, Harvard & leadership everywhere.…
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@RipSullivan48 You wrote the Va Green bill based on as many misperceptions as your piece in @RTDOpinions. You failed to acknowledge the blunder in the offshore wind project negating its cost effectivness, aside from location in defense & commercial shipping & endangering whales 1
@RipSullivan48 @RTDOpinions 2 There is NO EXTANT electric grid infrastructure to bring power from wind inland once built. Not a minor oversight. Exactly how soon do you think these quixotic windmills will be operable? Not in 10 years. The SMRs are not new technologies. They've long been used in research.
@RipSullivan48 @RTDOpinions 3 Light water SMRs are currently in development for commercialization and new coolants are being evaluated. This is much closer to commercialization & deployment than most renewables. Va is already involved in developing SMRs with @doescience at @USNatLabs I did research w @NREL.
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@8NEWS @NAACPVirginia @NBC12 @CBS6 @PostOpinions You're misinformed.Twice, vicious actions by @vademocrats arbitrarily & capriciously replaced trusted, respected 30 year veteran registrars replaced by machine pols, 1 #RVA thuggery; 2 NottowayCo Riot. This is cause. @7newsDC @AP
I note that @NAACPVirginia carefully worded the objection to "votes" @JasonMyaresVA Election Integrity center never said any votes were wrong. @VaGOP never said that.The ONLY Party in VA to claim voting irregularities in 2020 election was @DPVChair @RTDNEWS @NBC12 @LoudounNaacp
The careful wording #votes not electoral violations & abuses shows @NAACPVirginia is acting as an arm of #TammanyHallMachineDemsVA on the explicit directions of the #TheMachineBoss without knowing for whom they have been tricked into working or that they've been manipulated. @FBI
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I know I went MIA after my long post the other day.. And I want to say how much I appreciate the literal hundreds of DM's and responses from it. You guys are some bad ass people, and I appreciate every single one of you. I have not been able to go through all of the messages, but
I promise I will, and I will respond to each and every one of them because of how much I appreciate them/you all. Between here and Facebook, having so many people reach out means alot. Between the calls, texts, DM's, comments, and even some people showing up at my house, it was
more than I expected. But as an update, I am doing a bit better now. Yesterday I chatted with @weirdoskye and was able to get a ton of perspective, understanding, and most of all hope. I don't have everything I want in life, but I am thankful for what I do have & The people I do
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Unsustainable #RVA finances @RTDNEWS We already have higher tax rate than Fairfax Co. $1.5B in #DD TIFs are payday loans against future taxes while future also has MANDATORY Wastewater Bill Cost of $1.3B @rvabizsense #RVAcouncil @CBS6 @DaveRess1 @NBC12 Can't afford #DD project Image
Cost figures for DiamondDistrict $1.5B AND $1.3B for MANDATORY WasteWater project, NOT reflecting inflation.The loss of TIF payday loans $ is money we don't have 4 Sewer Project, let alone for @RPS_Schools & @RichmondPolice Please review @Jeffersoninst Tell #RVA if this works
#RVA's mismanagement of federal funds from #CARES can adversely impact the city's ability to get future fed funds. This reflects admin lack of fiduciary responsibility, from day 1. City auditor told #RVAMayor @RPS_Schools needed audit. Stoney fired him next day. Still the same.
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Teamsters are advertsing heavily to organize #RVA workers. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN. They are using pictures of DRMLK but THEIR connections are to #JimmyHoffa & his son JImmyP Hoffa, both Presidents of Teamsters. But Teamsters are known for OTHER ties we DON'T want HERE! #RVACouncil
TEAMSTERS have ALREADY ANNOUNCED PLANS to BE AGGRESSIVE taking advatage of the supply chain shortages, making them worse to extort concessions from their targets. In #RVA that could be @GRTCTransit @GRTCPulse & other city services. @RTDOpinions #RVAcouncil @KatherineJRVA @CBS6
DO NOT BRING THESE DANGEROUS PEOPLE INTO OUR CITY/STATE. There are OTHER honest unions, without the history & ties of the Teamsters. @VaHouseDems @VaSenateDems A Va politician w ties to this union & its former boss #JimmyPHoffa brought this plague manipulating @vademocrats to OK
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Thanks @RTDNEWS for info on Diamond District. It's to be funded byTIFs like Navy Hill. It's Navy Hill+6th Street Market Place combined, funded by TIFs, known to impact school funding. Interest rates must be paid from annual budgets as interest rates rise. #RVA @KatherineJRVA
@RTDNEWS @KatherineJRVA Here's @TheWeek article about Navy Hill. Farrell was not pushing for this. Other backers hidden by shell company NH District were. Political figures to benefit too, but TIFs are known to siphon local funds from schools. Info on TIFs: p1-2 #RVACouncil declined. Get new $$ data.
P.3 There's no smell of bid rigging here since there are 3 offers, but the threat to finances remains. #RVA is maxed out on bonds so TIFs are floated, siphoning real estate tax $. Interest rates rising, paid from annual budget, so that hits NOW. Recalculation on $ impact needed.
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@collcurran As @GeorgeWill commented #Parents send children to school for education, not indoctrination.
It is wrong on #facts -there's no 1 gene for race, but there are sets of genes that characterize different groups, races. It's just #DNA it's not political. hannah-jones misunderstood the genome science
It's pernicious in its indoctrination of children. @RTDNEWS "Whiteness is evil" is one central "truth" being indoctrinated into children. White children are forced to stand up, confess "I am white. I am privileged. I am an oppressor." 6 yo asks "Mommy, am I evil? I'm white." #RVA
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@8NEWS @CBS6 @NBC12 @myVPM The fictional film McAuliffe created "How the Monuments came down" needs to include Northam cutting the fiber optics cable with the insane dig. McA got that story pulled. Ruined his narrative, but the truth will come out. @patrickmwilson
To "historians" Brumfield, Eric Wilson & others so obsessed with their fictions they deny reality, I'll try to provide some #facts concerning statements from the die hards who cannot accept that the contents of the box ARE the correct, & that IS the right box @CBS6 #RVA
1. It was not in the ground- to protect from water damage is why. Placing it encased in concrete elevated in the pedastal kept it drier. 2. The "real" box was copper. Lead oxide is a copper color. Pb+2 PbO is this color, same as color on box found. Another myth @CBS6 @myVPM #RVA Image
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1. There are no naturally gifted children. 2.#Math is #WhiteSupremacy 3. #DNAdoesntMatter 4.#whiteness is evil 5. Asians are white because of their high scores,(for academic admissions purposes. @jaketapper @MaxBoot @PostOpinions @CNNPolitics…
We went through this cycle late 50s-70s, lowering standards. By 1980, Harvard, Stanford returned to standards, @urichmond looked to lower theirs. Chem Dept faculty said, No, others are returning to standards! By our slowness we've avoided a grave mistake! #RVA @NBC12 @RTDNEWS
#Science learned how to bridge achievement gaps. Answer: Very hard work, summer STEM camps, remedial summer work as needed; summer research programs. @NIH @NSF both fund these. Young black female sci from rural NC who made 1st mRNA vax is an #NIH program alum. It was late 60s-70s
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Guess you want to ignore this story too, @RTDMPW Systemic racism is press & pundits refusing to cover the story of a truly diverse @VA_GOP slate since it doesn't fit the racism explanation. #Moms made #ParentsMatter they found @GlennYoungkin & became #ParentsForYoungkin
The overlooked story is that RPV made a conscious decision to move the party toward mainstream & recruit diverse candidates. The ranked choice voting in its primary, as in NYC seems to have worked well, at least with this N=2 sample
Why don't you interview her @RTDMPW ? It may help build bridges. She's really remarkable, heroic, as are all top 3 GOP slate just elected. That's part of this story too.
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@KellyCNBC More #lies that IRS going after wealthy. NO They're going after ALL small biz LLCs, S Corps, but THEY call it evasion, but NO CAUSE. Targets ALL to register w FinCEN & bank surveillance @SCSBCC @smallbusiness YES Kelly, they come after you if $10K thru your bank.
@GlennYoungkin grew up in Va too, #RVA -Chesterfield I think, then #VABeach. Lives in Fairfax Co, has done so couple decades. He's smart, basketball scholarship Rice, BS Mechanical Eng & Management; @HarvardHBS MBA top 5% Baker scholar. Self made fortune. McAuliffe is a NewYorker
That means anyone who pays rent, has a mortgage. The initial plan was to surveill any bank account with $600 in transactions. Banks complained, changed to $10K but this sounds like violation of 4th amendment & lack of cause. Dems r just grasping at straws 4 $$ 4 social spending
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@MercuryVirginia Never any book ban. That claim was fact checked by Post as 4 Pinnochios false. Here are #facts below. The #Mom was fine teaching abt slavery, the holocaust, but NOT graphic descriptions of bestiality. #RVA @RTDNEWS #rvacouncil @FreePressRVA @myVPM @NBC12 @CBS6
Historical inaccuracy in #CRT which was created by a journalist, not a historian. Columbus was not responsible for decline in Native Americans. Spanish Conquistadors Cortez, Pisarro, disease brought by Europeans, slaughter by US Gens Sherman & Custer , tho Custer got his.
@MercuryVirginia This chart from VaGA's JLC but kept very quiet by Dems, Virginia underperformed US economy last 9 years, 80+% under McAuliffe & Northam. Click to see entire chart. Va dropped from No 1 in technology workers, Va's rank since 90s when tech got started, to No 3 now Image
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@gumbydotgov Now the pressure is on! I’m still debating if it will be too big of a hit to my delicate mental health. The fact that one loud voice can override the work of civic associations, business associations, and over a decade of advocacy and cooperation
@gumbydotgov And then the BizSense picture of the so-called 1000-signature petition had barely any addresses listed— who are these people and where were they during the dozens of meetings and discussions? We have verified 3rd District residents that showed their support
@gumbydotgov Our Civic Association and others in the neighborhood pooled resources to submit a FOIA request to the City for the petition and now WE have to do the due diligence to research the names on the list.
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This is what you get when politicians get on an ideological band wagon based on faulty grasp of reality, make decisions on politics, NOT #facts and @reason @RTDOpinions Richmond runs out on residents (what else is new?) #rvacouncil to cut off #RVA 's gas! @CBS6 @NBC12 @myVPM
@VaHouse @VaSenate who voted for Virginia Clean Economy Act & similar bills in 2020 and 2021 should further explain if they understood this to be the ultimate goal. When you talk about an economy that is 100 percent carbon free,that means no natural gas. Period. @GlennYoungkin
This is what100% carbon free means. #rvacouncil will cut off your gas. We will have to do: retrofit to all electric & pay @DominionEnergy even more than the $1.5Billion we already overpaid. @vademocrats #RVA $26000-to-eliminate-your-gas-appliances/
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The Richmond Gas Works, a municipal owned public service utility, is targeted for closure. Council sees its continued operation as “an obstacle.” The city's customers may soon need to run their lives and businesses without natural gas. #RVA @RTDNEWS @NBC12 @CBS6 @TerryMcAuliffe
Councilwoman Katherine Jordan put that before council & it passed. Eliminating Nat Gas. So what do all the businesses & people do? There's no substitute except further dependence on @DominionEnergy NatGas is a needed bridge to future Net Zero Carbon, NOT 100% C-Free @RTDNEWS
There are no simple fixes 4 our Planet. It will take "All of the Above" approach using cleanest tech at a point in time, while continuously improving technologies. I hate fracking & frack water needs recycling, but that's hard too. H2 intrigues, ZERO C in process - can't pump.
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@RichAndersonRPV @JohnMcGuire4VA A female friend-small biz owner, told me that coming this year, to small biz everywhere, LLCs, S Corps, Sole Props - the requirement for ALL to register w FEDs, not just states, local. Job killer. Want the tax. @WBJonline @rvabizsense @VAChamber @CNBC @NoVaTechCouncil @WSJ #RVA
@RichAndersonRPV @JohnMcGuire4VA @WBJonline @rvabizsense @VAChamber @CNBC @NoVaTechCouncil @WSJ Talked to friend, who’s a lawyer, & that Obama reg requirement goes in effect ‘22 mandates ALL small biz, independent contractors, to register under FINRA a $10 K fine if they don’t, & BigBrother will be able to watch your financial transactions, supposedly anti money laundering
@RichAndersonRPV @JohnMcGuire4VA @WBJonline @rvabizsense @VAChamber @CNBC @NoVaTechCouncil @WSJ They’re NOT going after the 1% these are middle class working people & they’ll be under scrutiny to extract blood from these working guys &gals turnips. That’s why they want all the extra IRS funds & staff, to harass the middle class for more taxes to pay for Dem profligacy. #RVA
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Calling out flat deceit in latest McAuliffe tv ad claiming he brought “research jobs” to #RVA #lies McAuliffe DESTROYED RESEARCH JOBS in RVA &at @VCU_SOM #VirginiaBioTechPark #JacksonWard #HUBZONE & Va dropped from 1st place technology jobs to 3rd bcz of #RVA & @HokiesFB VATECH
McAuliffe DESTROYED #RVA RESEARCH JOBS @CBS6 @NBC12 @8NEWS @VPM stripped top genomics labs &Northam finished off Va technology leadership by gutting @VCUresearch @virginia_tech #BioinformaticsInst NO LONGER EXISTS. Va 48th/50 in testing,43rd globally BCZ of these STUPID BLUNDERS
That is a real estate company in the McAuliffe ad. Remember his NEW Virginia Economy 2014-2017? @RTDOpinions VA DROPPED from 1st in technology jobs to 3rd now, 48th/50 in testing &43rd globally bcz they destroyed these intl.ranked labs, that did the PCR tests @GlennYoungkin
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I am an admirer of Virginian @GlennYoungkin & never hesitate to criticize @TerryMcAuliffe & other figures of both parties, but let me explain what this is really all about. It is about eclampsia, what killed the
@DowntonAbbey daughter who died in childbirth.
@VA_GOP @700club 1/
2/ The Republican Woman Governor of Alabama signed a bill about late term abortions with this important exception: "except in case of emergencies" She understands about eclampsia & that childbirth is inherently dangerous. It is only relevant for emergencies like that. #RVA
3/ I don't think any @vademocrats have effectively or precisely explained why this may rarely but sometimes be medically needed. My sister became eclamptic & convulsed in childbirth. Fortunately both she & my nephew survived. Women die this way. @KathyKLTran @TerryMcAuliffe
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@LouiseMensch @911CORLEBRA777 @DeptofDefense @USPacificFleet @20committee @GCHQ @ASDGovAu @JoeBiden I've noticed another disturbing trend in academia &the arts, re-writing history to a warped anti-American, anti whatever they want to attack, self flagellating attacks on America, trashing anything successful/excellent, a recurrence of 60s,70s academic/pseudo intellectual hate.
@LouiseMensch @911CORLEBRA777 @DeptofDefense @USPacificFleet @20committee @GCHQ @ASDGovAu @JoeBiden Example #BUNK History has many antiestablishment tropes such as condemnation of any country's long term occupation of a country (eg Afghanistan). While @JoeBiden wouldn't buy it, his far left loonies would. These tropes are similar to #CriticalRaceTheory in their destructiveness
@LouiseMensch @911CORLEBRA777 @DeptofDefense @USPacificFleet @20committee @GCHQ @ASDGovAu @JoeBiden Just as there is #CRT thrust to teach children they are white oppressors responsible for the lack of progress of black people, there is a concurrent "reimagining" History AND a plan to put this reimagined history in childrens' classrooms teaching them this radical agenda. #RVA
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#BLM originates from two Marxist leaders (see their @YouTube videos) who took its techniques directly from Marxist praxis of confrontation, disruption & destruction. Because of our concern for #BlackLivesMatter goals we don’t criticize, but embezzlement of #BLM funds hurts them.
Why don’t LGR local grass roots #BLM take control of your future? A tall young man, a protester, held his sign #BlackFuturesMatter I saw his frustration. Tall, maybe 🏀 player, then after basketball 🏀 no job. That’s on my door. Make YOUR FUTURE matter. #BlackLivesMatter
@POTUS @JoeBiden has many plans for education, #blackentrepreneurs and many opportunities. To minimize debt, go to community colleges. @JSargentReynold downtown has many career track programs. Look there, call. HS counselors can advise you. @RPS_Schools Jobs in healthcare, tech
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@marclamonthill @AfricanaCarr African Americans have been part of America's story from the beginning. African Americans were called servants in Va records of the early 1620s. Only 1 non Christian was recorded bound for life. Freed servants W/B were common, some owned land, had servants #RVA Free community too
@marclamonthill @AfricanaCarr These facts are from well documented historical sources from The Story of Virginia. Bound Away, ~1000 scholarly references, University of Virginia Press. I got it @VirginiaMuseum as it had African origins info for AfrAm Virginians. #RVA @RTDNEWS @FreePressRVA
@marclamonthill @AfricanaCarr @VirginiaMuseum @RTDNEWS @FreePressRVA This research was published 20+years ago. People think they have discovered history when THEY first learn about it. @RTDNEWS #CriticalRaceTheory #BlackLivesMatter People were teaching Va history w pics of bound black people arriving in1619 in 4th grade 60 yrs ago #RVA @nytimes
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Unconscionable for #rvacouncil to say "We're doing things the #RVA way - obviously the wrong way -high crime, defund @RichmondPolice The people are dying. Not from the police but #Crime is skyrocketing, gun violence unprecedented, topping the bad old days of 80s. Shameful.
The only reason crime is down this year is because of the #COVID19 lockdown. Everything has been closed. People indoors. Still lots of shootings. @RichmondPolice @jonburkettcbs6
@RPS_Schools are worst in the state. Gun violence highest. And #rvacouncil says "We do things the Richmond way." So what if we pay @RichmondPolice less than anywhere else in Central Va. So what if schools are dead last. So what if babies are shot in Mom's arms killing both. #RVA
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Maybe you've seen this, but this week my students and I went on an eye-opening trip through the @americanpano Mapping Inequality project from @UR_DSL

#Redlining in #RVA: a quick #Thread
Background: the federal govt's Home Owners' Loan Corporation was a New Deal org aimed at helping people keep their homes post-Depression. Financially, it did pretty well - even turning a small profit
But to "help" mortgage lenders, they generated maps of urban areas, color-coded by how "secure" neighborhoods would be for home loans. Here's the RVA map - guess what they based "security" on?
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