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Richmond, Virginia hasn't seen this many armed white men since the Confederate army abandoned the city on April 2, 1865. #VirginiaRally #RVA
The next day armed black men serving in the United States army entered the now former Confederate capital of Richmond. #IStandWithVirgina #VirgniaRally #RVA
In 1901-02 Virginia re-wrote its state constitution which disfranchised the largest number of black voters since the height of Readjuster control in the early 1880s. In 1905 black Virginians marched peacefully and UNARMED through Richmond to commemorate emancipation. #RVA
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Background info on some very fine people. January 20, Richmond, VA.
Third Degree Proud Boy, Ron Paul 2012 staffer and "creative" writer from BigLeaguePol, Luke Rohlfing…
Patrick Howley. Bannonite, former Breitbarter (started Ultra Nationalist group), Daily Caller alum, started BigLeaguePol (Cassandra Fairbanks as first reporter). Prev acct HowleyReports ID 817354313399943168 is now @/bigleaguemerica (has BLP in the URL)…
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Good morning! It's another Saturday morning, which means that we're out at the Police Academy for the second meeting of the #NavyHillRVA commission. We're out in force but this morning I'm posting a different kind of picture: a screenshot of November 12th's City Council agenda.
Yup! You read that right. The coliseum is currently scheduled for a vote for November 12th. This is likely a continuance, and will be continued again. Currently @ParkerCAgelasto has proposed the Commission present its findings to council early January.
A November vote would both disregard the work of the commission and violate public trust in democratic process. But I digress. The committee is introducing its members. Everyone is present today.
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Aaaaaaaand we’re off. The first session of the NH corporation Coliseum is launching. @ChelseaWiseRVA @MrLegacyJones and @lewrennie are in the house. Thread:
We're starting by meeting the commission members. Members and bios are here:
We're missing Grindly Johnson this morning.
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@RTDNEWS Debt service must be paid. Debt too. #rvacouncil @thedrmikejones ask why most of the money LEAVES #RVA @kimgray4rva Goes to NoVA CA, replete w Dem donors. NHDistrict is trying to build it ANYWAY, as they did w Jamestown towers. 7 other apt buildings under construction
Demand that data from cost benefit analyis be provided. They’re trying to rush this thru before Commission can do its own analysis.All these other apt complexes being built will saturate market. But WHO CARES about market analysis, competition! @thedrmikejones #rvacouncil #RVA
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10 years ago today I hosted a birthday party & farewell bash for my 25 Iraqi Young Leaders at my home in #RVA I served strawberries ice cream & cake, soft drinks. They consumed about 6 quarts of strawberries, &sang the birthday song in English, Arabic & Kurdish. @StateDept 1/
@StateDept 2/Last summer they posted that 10 yrs b4 they'd gathered in the Green Zone to apply 4 IYLEP. I decided we should have a Virtual Reunion this year. We will have that virtual reunion this Saturday using a Facebook Group. They're all safe, but a scattered flock, UK,SWE,FR,AU,US,Iraq
@StateDept 3/ The Program was started by @HillaryClinton & funded via grant from US Embassy in Baghdad. They were studying premedicine, dentistry, pharmacy so they toured our medical, dental, pharmacy schools. I wrote several letters for them after they graduated & they're practing now.
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@DeptofDefense JEDI RFP chaos illumines RVA Coliseum boondoggle. Compare $10 Billion cost 4 cloud system for ALL of US Defense GLOBAL IT needs to $1.4B WAG #RVA Coliseum cost estimates. @TerryMcAuliffe BAD Business deal. Costs don't add up #RVACouncil @LevarStoney
You're a business guy @TerryMcAuliffe turns out @DominionEnergy does very sloppy job on cost analysis as a monopoly w cost + 10% sweetheart deals w VA. Expand fr 10 blocks to 80 AFTER announcement. Numbers don't add up. NOT the way to do business & you should know that. 2/
3/ No more sweetheart deals when @RPS_Schools must be priority #1. Coliseum deal leaves #RVA loaded w MORE DEBT & City's bond rating is already worst in region. Debt service must be paid & eats up operating budget. Sell Coliseum to developers. Privatize it.
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Ok y'all, I just listened to the informal #RVA Informal Council Meeting from Monday. One exchange stood out to me, about the RPS recruiting teachers of color. This isn't an attack, but an effort to add some context to the conversation. Short [THREAD].

Councilor Gray asked Superintendent Kamras about RPS's efforts to prioritize teachers of color. I'll highlight the importance of teachers of color later in the thread, but it sounded like she was concerned about the legality of the prioritization.

It sounded like Councilor Gray wanted to ensure that no one could accuse RPS and #RVA of that thing that really isn't a thing-"reverse racism."

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#RVA @RPS_Schools plan by Stoney & Kamras is likely illegal based on the redistricting case to achieve racial balance 2007. @RTDNEWS @SCOTUSOpinions Roberts wrote lead on decision:…
Court is very different now. @BrettKavanaugh Kennedy was swing vote. 1)
2) Kennedy wrote"What the government is not permitted to do, absent a showing of necessity not made here, is to classify every student on the basis of race and to assign each of them to schools based on that classification." Can't assign individual students to schools. @RTDNEWS
Hate to see #RVA become center of busing debate again bcz of this @JasonKamras Stoney plan to pair schools after their redistricting, pairing Fox & JohnBCary. @RTDNEWS we just made so much progress with Arthur Ashe Blvd. This will divide & create more white flight. @NBC12 @CBS6
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🚨 #RVA Who has been following Michael Hild’s Live Well Financial debacle? 🙋🏽‍♀️ 💄 has & today I’ll spill the ☕️ since yesterday a Delaware judge ordered the #chesterfield based mortgage company into Chapter 7 liquidation after several creditors filed petitions in early June.
So 1st lets start with the basics...husband & wife developers Michael & Laura Hild should be names many of you already know. They’re known for flipping and redeveloping big chunks of property around RVA, the bulk in #Blackwell area, both residential and commercial spaces.
Many people were initially excited to see the couple come in redeveloping & “investing” in the neighborhood, while others quickly saw the tagteam as something altogether different. I’m not here to argue those sides at the moment b/c the chips have already fallen where they may...
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@CoryBooker I’d like to tell youa happy story of African Americans triumphing and rejoicing in the happiest of ways, here in #RVA Theyre celebrating the life of Arthur Ashe, with the renaming of the Boulevard to Arthur Ashe Blvd, suggested by my Councilor @kimgray4rva 1
There’s a tennis tournament and many other festivities to celebrate the life of Arthur Ash. We also learned that noted artist/sculptor Kehinde Wiley will sculpt a powerful equine statue, mounted by a young AfricanAmerican, an artistic response to older monuments.2
This powerful artistic response will tour different art museums, finding permanent home at @vmfa in Richmond, VA. This effort has been I think wisely managed, with no guarantees of a successful outcome. We had community meetings where everyone had an opportunity to be heard.3
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@vademocrats #RVA #rvacouncil @MetroRichmondYD A reminder about the importance of effective precinct organization. That’s the key to grass roots GOTV politics. @RepSpanberger @RepElaineLuria @RepWexton
The point being dear @TheDemocrats @JoeBiden We can’t let the polls lull us intoa sense of complacency.@SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @HouseDemWomen Know your voters & where they are. Have a precinct chair. Local DemCmtes organize by precinct & get those voter registration lists.
@JoeBiden knows this as did @BarackObama who even knew details about each voter, predating Brad Parscale. I purchased my list in @GovernorWilder campaign. It was printed on the green computer paper with printer holes along the edges!Mom called each 1 & we ID’d our @vademocrats
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In #RVA: From 2000 to 2016 the Black population decreased by 7% and the White population increased by 35%. In 2000, Blacks were 57% of the population and Whites were 38%. In 2016, Blacks were 47% and Whites were 46% of the population.…
While the Latinx community only made up 6.5% of Richmond’s total population, 11% of school-aged children were Latinx in 2016 (compared to 3% in 2000).
Between 2000 and 2016, all areas of #RVA experienced a growth in HS graduation rates, except for parts of Southside, which showed declining HS graduation rates. In areas of Southside, especially along Hull St and Jeff Davis Hwy, many residents over 25 don't have a HS diploma.
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Terry McAuliffe loves the part of Virginia that’s inside theBeltway. NorthernVa. He’s clueless about RoVA, except as a source of funding to please his donors. His desire to elect Dems to legislature is to keep that stream of VA taxpayer $ flowing. @washingtonpost @RTDNEWS
Flowing north, inside the Beltway to please McAuliffe donors. @PostOpinions @RTDNEWS @RTDSchapiro Funds from RoVa to NoVa, and inside the Beltway.Thats the Swamp. McAuliffe, of whom I was early enthusiastic supporter, brought it to #RVA
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@ChrisCuomo Terry McAuliffe did NOT create the jobs. It was, unfortunately, Trump. Unlike your brother Andrew, who directed a $Billion for the Buffalo area, McAuliffe greedily concentrated the building in NoVA (NorthernVa) because his donors are there & wanted a major Clinic.
2) A Mayo clinic would never move to NoVa, bcz 1. too expensive, 2.too congested 3. no transportation 4. bad climate or 5. unaffordable housing for patients.
3) Mayo has built other locations and #RVA @VCU_CCTR @VCUresearch actually could have been a candidate, like Jacksonville or Phoenix, but Terrible Terry’s donor and he wanted it in NOVA at GMU or now Schar Institute.
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From a local #RVA feminists who belives in personal responsibility, I share this: Peggy Toney AS an old feminist, age 81, I have to say I do not find the ME TOO movement congruent with my sense of responsibility. Don't wait till it's a political advantage to come forth. 1)
2/ There is a great difference between sexual overtures and casual displays of
affection. The excuse that one does not say what they think if they are
offended due to society not accepting of women's right to be forthright is
ridiculous. @CNNPolitics
3) As a young woman there were plenty of times when I had to say "stop that" it is not acceptable. That was long before the Women's movement. Most of the women I know and particularly those in my age group have no fear of saying what they believe. @washingtonpost @nytimes
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@kimgray4rva My real estate taxes went up 18%in 2 yrs since @levarstoney took office, not reflecting real estate market. #RVA already has highest taxes in area & businesses r leaving bczof this. Budget over runs show poor management despite already higher taxes. @RTDNEWS @CBS6
Why does #RVA have highest taxes, worst schools, highestcrime, worst infrastructure & management compared to neighboring counties? We just raised taxes for schools but only increased city’s credit line. It’s called zero fiduciary responsibility. Trim bloat like @RPS_Schools
Cigarette taxes will discourage smoking & improve people’s health. Also we need more state funds for schools in underserved/low income areas @RPS_Schools & across the state. Lottery revenue was supposed to go for schools. What happened to that revenue? @GovernorVA @LevarStoney
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@TomArnold @lauferlaw Not all Virginians. Lived here most of my life & NEVER saw anything like that, even at massive Halloween block parties on my street attended by hundreds each year. I live in #RVA , family all across state. Country Granma showed me Numbers 12 after Selma. God disapproved racism.
@TomArnold @lauferlaw Numbers 12 tells of Miriam contracting leprosy because she “spake against Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman.” She showed me this in her bible after the Selma march, saying “God does not want us to be against colored people,” a term many used then. #RVA So not all Virginians.
@TomArnold @lauferlaw For those who may not know, Miriam was Moses’ older sister.
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Thread: 👀👀👀👀

“Wait, why are these meetings at the same time?”

Traditionally NAACP Richmond Chapter has held their meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. RCDC has always been on the 1st Thurs. Well it was announced that NAACP will now have town-halls on the first Thursdays. this surely appears intentional to block attendance at RCDC.
What changed? Well this is the first year that JJ Minor has not been in leadership of both organizations. In fact, there was forced reorganization of RCDC after it the election held was thrown out due to complaints associated with JJ Minor, the then chair.
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Excellent analysis @RTDSchapiro Taxpayers have no control over Dominion. The $1.4 Billion boondoggle for #RVA has immediate 30% hike in real estate taxes to cover the cost.
Schapiro: Northam stumbles over the details - but at what cost?… via @rtdnews
2. @DominionEnergy exists for the benefit of its investors. Its Billion $ projects approved by the state are paid for by consumers. They are a regulated monopoly. That's their business model. @NHDistrict is a shell, protecting DE and its leaders from debt.
3. @RTDSchapiro That shell serves for financial activities shielding @DomEnergyVA and NHD principals from any liability. It can dissolve at any time in bankruptcy and #RVA taxpayers are on the hook for $1.4 B plus $800Mil for school repairs, that is $2BILLION
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1/ THREAD Related to @SmithsonianMag "The Costs of the Confederacy" and findings that "over the past ten years, taxpayers have directed at least $40 million to Confederate monuments... and to Confederate heritage organizations."
2/ The article was written by Brian Palmer and Seth Freed Wessler. I found it very interesting, and something also needs to be said about Confederate cemeteries and cemeteries with Confederate sections in Richmond.
3/ Take #HollywoodCemetery. In 1969, #HollywoodCemetery was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register (part of the VA Department of Historic Resources and managed by its staff on behalf of the VA Board of Historic Resources, in partnership with the National Park Service).
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1/ THREAD Pleased to announce the Monuments Working Group website, a division of the Public Humanities Lab in the @IHGC @UVA. Find a link to our website, below, and follow the thread for descriptions of various pages in the website and their functions.
2/ PUBLIC INPUT Called "Make your mark," this page is geared to those who want to make a change in the monumental and memorial landscape of #Charlottesville and/or #RVA. Click the "your input" button to produce a simple survey (a more extensive version in the works for 2019). Public input page
3/ PROJECTS This page is a catalog of past, current, and future projects of the group. Scroll to find buttons to "Direct our historical research" by suggesting an intervention or "Help build the [Richmond] syllabus" with a source/ bit of media/ URL on the history of the city. Projects page
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Good morning RVA! Anyone remember Leon Benjamin who ran for 9th District #RVACouncil in 2016? Did you know he is the Richmond City Republican Party Chairman now?

He is out here prospecting Republican and conservative candidates to run in #RVA. 🧜🏻‍♀️
If you don’t remember Leon Benjamin from him #RVAMayor run, maybe you’ll remember him from when he was stumping for Trump on Fox News.

Or maybe you remember a week or so ago when he was with Pence stumping for Brat. #VA07 #RVACouncil 🧜🏻‍♀️
He also runs the website

What is the point? For as “safe” as people may think #RVA is on Election Day... don’t lose sight of the fact that there are people in Richmond actively pushing Trump’s policies encouraging people to Vote Republican. 🧜🏻‍♀️
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@LevarStoney Announce late just before elections, abt decision already made. Where’s the quantitative analysis showing #RVA can afford this? NEED REAL $$ NUMBERS, not hand waving, blind estimates on jobs. Same kind of approach as Dwight Jones. 👎🏻
$1.4 BILLION could give #RPS schools updates they need. Running up another $1.4 B debt IN ADDITION TO the $750 Million DEBT for schools. @LevarStoney gets a GRADE of ZERO on FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY. Its a slithery way to justify raise of real estate taxes 2
3/ Run #RVA into $2 BILLION IN DEBT to justify raising taxes. Worst mismanagement of this city in DECADES.
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