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4 Aug
@NicolleDWallace Not sure who you're talking to on health disparities, but I did a search on PubMed on COVID19 and also Health Disparities. For COVID19, it's because of Vitamin D deficiency, which is also true for several other diseases among AfrAms. D's regulates immune system.1
Most of the health disparities for AfrAm are genetic & life style choices, not sociology, but science & choices. Access to health insurance & transport to get HC are factors, but not COVID19. Vit D isn't a vitamin but hormone regulating immune function. Low D in AfrAm's genetic.
I sent the literature search I did on Health Disparities in AfrAms to @JoeBiden Pretty sure @RonaldKlain read it. The good news - much can be fixed with an affordable & easy to implement intervention, but clinical trial is needed to verify, validate & quantify everything.
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21 Jul
@Princeton Letter from W&L alum concerning retroactive re-evaluation of historical figures. Gandhi was a racist by such standards.
@Princeton W-L letter p 2.
@Princeton W-L letter p 3.
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19 Jul
#BlackFuturesMatter #RVAprotests #RVA Want to SUCEED!? I can tell you how. 1/Study hard in your classes. Learn. Know. #Knowledgeispower 2/Gain skills in high demand. Tech/IT/Cybersecurity/Lab skills -chemistry-biology 2/Develop professional skills, workplace skills. Communication
3/Communication means listening, hearing, thinking & expressing yourself clearly. 4/ Develop good work habits-Show up on time for work, apply yourself. Employers appreciate diligence & punctuality. 5/Demonstrate responsibility on the job and in your lives. 6/ Think #rvaprotest
Employers evaluate you on both job skills and work/professional skills. 7/Learn how to plan your work and your life. Develop a plan & stick with it. 8/ Seek advice from others with experience - mentors & become mentors. 9/Develop self esteem. Respect yourself & others
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14 Jul
Univ of Toledo criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson examined crime data from FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports & @CDCgov & found an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012.
@NicolleDWallace @matthewamiller
Professor Johnson’s research further found that 112 black men died from both justified & unjustified police-involved killings annually during this same period. Police aren't what's killing young black males. It's other YBM. @matthewamiller @MSNBC 40:1 ratio. Press misleads.
I looked up this data my self from CDC & two other reliable data sources, Institute of Justice Stats & LEKIA, law enforcement killed in action, 400 cops KIA in comparable period, half by homicide. Twice more criminals kill cops than cops kill YBM. @NicolleDWallace @MSNBC
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2 Jul
@RTDOpinions The Monument Avenue Commission had a plan to tell The Story of Virginia. 1. Remove Jeff Davis, who was ONLY about the Confederacy. Add panels of historical context to the rest, telling the real history. #RVA #RVAprotests 1/
2/2. Add statues of African Americans, starting with The Fourteen African American Union soldiers who won a battle outside Richmond and were awarded Medals of Honor. 3. Rebrand Monument Avenue to tell The Story of Virginia. @VirginiaMuseum @StyleWeekly @RTDCulture
3/Add statues of NASA mathematician Virginia Johnson who calculated John Glenn's trajectory into space, Mary Jackson, NASA Engineer for whom NASA Headquarters are now named. @NASA @ScienceMusofVA Keep fellow scientist Matthew Fontaine Maury.
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22 Jun
Mr. G was incorrect. #rvacouncil I have 2PhDs in chemistry. #FactsMatter “Tear gas” is carelessly used for 3 dispersants. 1. chemical weapons grade synthetic compounds like CS gas are severe & banned 2. Capsaicin, natural product from peppers, pepper spray & 3. Smoke canisters.2/
2/ Protesters in the 1st event werein violation of several parts of the Virginia Administrative Code requiring a permit when more than 10 people areon the ground at Lee Monument as one example.
Protests over GeorgeFloyd’s brutal murder were a worldwide unanimous condemnation
3/In major cities across the US there were massive protests but only in #RVA did they last for three entire weeks. Stoney told police to stand down, further driving businesses and jobs out if the city of Richmond.
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7 Jun
WE are in an alternative reality in #RVA when Marcus-David Peters sister Princess screams at @LevarStoney about her brother's mental healrth crisis which was in reality A DRUG INDUCED PSYCHOSIS. I had a PostDoc from NIDA @NIH NatlInstDrugAbuse on psychoactive drugs.#rvacouncil
I do feel sorry for you @LevarStoney These screaming mobs are completely detached from reality. This City is insane. They're frustrated & want someone to blame, but it's not the police. here are some more #facts #FactsMatter #BlackLivesMatter
#FactsMatter Complete breakdown of law & order re-elects Trump. @LevarStoney The greatest harm to African Americans is from other young black males (~4500 over 4 yr); killed by cops 112. Cops killed line duty of duty >400, half by homicide. CDC data. I looked it up.@CNN
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6 Jun
@andersoncooper CDC data are national numbers 4 yr period. @nytimes @TheAtlPolitics @PostOpinions YES! #BlackLivesMatter but #FactsMatter NO rational action possible w/o #facts @RTDOpinions Monuments r red herring, distracting from other failures. @60Minutes
Stoney is losing mayoral race badly in every District to @kimgray4rva in whose District are the Monuments. She co-chaired Monument Ave Commission, which conducted a thoughtful methodical process recommended remove Davis, add HISORY/context & ADD HISTORY of African Americans.
This issue which had been settled with CONSENSUS, Stoney brings back now in a desperate act trying to resurrect his currently losing campaign. Division as a political tactic.
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4 Jun
@AGMarkHerring wespent months evaluating options 4 Monument Ave w Commission, inclusive process,reached consensus. Jeff Davis goes, add historical markers telling context, &ADD statue of the 14 Africanamerican union soldiers who won battle outside #RVA, each got Medal of honor./1
Monument Avenue is a Registered National Historic Landmark so certain requirements under that as well as local supervisory committees responsible for their oversight must be considered. @GovernorVA is supposed to defend this Commonwealth, which he has declined to do. 2/
3/ Tredegar/ACWMuseum has no room. Christy Coleman was on the Commission. Best offer seems to be from Crew. @GovernorVA should put money in the budget to transfer them. They will be next to a battlefield park. That's best place. Baltimore,NOLA asked ACWM to take theirs, no room.
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29 May
Trump will now carry MN This is NOT the Russians.…
Mitch McConnell will be re-elected. No outside help on this one.…
Trump will carry OH and AZ. @TheDemocrats @TheDemCoalition "The unrest multiplied from Phoenix to Columbus, Ohio, as hundreds of people converged in city centers and descended on state capitol buildings in the face of tear gas and rubber bullets from police."
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27 May
Looks suspiciously like this may be tied to reports of Chinese troops, personnel encroaching on India’s land. Qomolangma =Mt Everest. ⁦@FareedZakaria
Urgent: Chinese surveying team reaches Mt. Qomolangma summit - Xinhua |…
They’re surveying to map out land claims. That’s what surveyors do. I have government/official surveyors in my family back to colonial times in Virginia and the purpose of land surveys is to accurately measure and verify land boundaries or borders.
I think this is related to reported Chinese encroachment on India’s territory. If you know people in @rashtrapatibhvn @IndianEmbassyUS please point this out to appropriate officials. It looks like part if an attempted grab of India’s land by China. Like Putin’s grab of Crimea.
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23 May
@TheDemocrats They’re claiming Roe never had an abortion but it appears to be another fraudulent right wing doctored video, a twisted attack on women’s rights to health care, impugning Roe’s character, mental health. @MsMagazine @PPFA @SpeakerPelosi Sick people. Pay attention.
AND,FX Hulu is glamorizing Phyllis Schafly. Don’t take our progress for granted @TheDemocrats @MsMagazine @DNCYouthCouncil Women’s rights, civil rights,protecting our planet ARE ALL AT RISK @HouseDemWomen @SpeakerPelosi @RepAOC @KamalaHarris @SenateDems @Janefonda @RuthMarcus
4/ ATTENTION @clairecmc @GloriaSteinem @GloriaAllred They are coming for Roe. @PPFA @PPact Book, I Am Roe, documentary AKA Jane Roe. It’s a concerted effort. @DNCWomen @ktumulty These people are insane. The Dark Ages lasted several centuries. A modern equivalent can happen again
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20 May
@TerryMcAuliffe You are a prodigious fund raiser, an indefatigable, peripatetic campaigner 4 Democrats. Two other political pros with you would create the world's best campaign consultant/advisors. @JamesCarville & @PaulBegala complete my dream team, all effective spokespersons
Retaking the Senate and maintaining control of the House are of the utmost important imperatives for this year's election. That means a concerted effort across the country in targeted races. White House of course in swing states, but especially key Congressional races. 2/
Your assignment, gentlemen, should you choose to accept, is to form such a team, design & effect a plan to complete this mission. Strategic thinking, political instincts, & timing @JamesCarville ;youth, wit and style, His Hipness @PaulBegala -put black shades on WJC playing sax 3
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19 May
Political vampire Terrible McAwful seeks to suck Virginia's remaining blood to feed himself & another PAC. Try working for a living instead of looting funds from poor & working class Virginians. #RVA was ransacked, so was @vtnews VT, Loot goes to the wealthy- Reverse Robin Hood
His PAC can only be used in VA races, but that does NOT mean Terrible McAwful deserves another crack at VA Treasury to fill a second. He has NO SUCCESSFUL track record on anything. Destroyed middle class jobs, king of the back room deal. Destroyed middle class jobs for AfrAms. NO
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14 May
@FreePressRVA @bluevirginia These are precisely the testing capabilities needed in this pandemic. Richmonders particularly& all Virginians suffer for that combination of ignorance, arrogance, & avarice. Moved to wealthier places who donated to his PAC, which he screwed up anyway.
This same shuffling of biotech labs fr #RVA to wealthier donor locations also hurt @vatechsports @HokiesFB & destroyed VA Bioinformatics Institute, formerly at VT, now defunct, moved to wealthier locales of McA donors. VBI served VA's largest industry, agriculture. It's gone.
All that resource shuffling enabled McA to fund a $100million PAC, directing VA taxpayer $$ contracts to donors who then give back ~10% to PAC. But being REAL DUMB, he didn't check FEC regs & set up the PAC WRONG, not FEC compliant, really why he's not running for Pres 2020.
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8 May
1/Trump has something on Barr. Barr’s father's & #JeffreyEpstein were close. Barr Sr hired him w/ no college degree to teach at the elite school where he was headmaster. Arrested, convicted, imprisoned, it was likely Epstein would talk, instead he was found dead in his NY cell.
2/Epstein's death was ruled a suicide although medical examination showed broken bones in his neck typical of strangulation by choking. Cameras in the cell monitoring Epstein mysteriously stopped working, as guards disappeared & Epstein died.
3/ A little known or reported fact is that in the same cell block with Epstein was a convicted killer from town in NJ near Trump's Bedminster golf club. The camera stops, the guards are gone, a known killer from Bedminster area is in same cell block with Epstein. Epstein dies.
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4 May
@GovernorVA Glad to hear Virginia has returned to pre-2014 policy of fair play and a level playing field meaning VA Governor no longer presumes to pick winners & losers. Merit, hard work, good sportsmanship, & honest scientific peer review are fundamental to an equitable society.
And sanity, not this Lewis Carroll Through the Looking Glass inversion of all that has been built thru centuries to benefit Virginia's people & economies. Not the Mad Hatter McAuliffe turning VA treasury & resources into his personal hedge fund. Most start-ups fail.
Not to mention destroying groups/labs w/decades of success/experience in microbiology, immunology, genome sequencing, molecular medicine (predates term precision medicine), funding instead inexperienced new labs to please donors & cronies. It's exactly why VA is now next to last.
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3 May
Facts matter, credibility matters. Here's LucyFlores who is a Bernite & strikes me as pretty ditsy. This kind of feeding frenzy over flimsy claims does grievous harm to the women who DO experience rape, assault, abuse. STOP IT. @JoeBiden wrote & passed Violence AgainstWomen Act. Image
The third accusation about a 14 year old at a grid iron dinner is from another crazy, Christine O'Donnell of DE, who went on @billmaher to announce that "she is not a witch" or is no longer one. Get a grip you in the press. Vet these stories & people. @nytimespolitics @RuthMarcus
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3 May
This story posted by political friend & ally in #RVA We stand with @AustraliaUN @ASDGov @911CORLEBRA777…
The scientific facts are correct. About 15 years ago some scientists working on virology discovered how to increase the virulence of viral pathogens &wanted to publish the work. Big debate in the scientific community about doing so, thinking of terrorism at the time. 2/
3/As Mattis pointed out, greatest threats now are great power rivals like China & Russia, neither of which bothers to conform to international norms. It is also true that Wuhan has a high level biological/microbial/virology research lab conducting research for China's military.
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24 Apr
@JohnKerry Don't get too close to McAwful or the corruption & stench may rub off. I was his first & earliest VA supporter. Integrity is utterly lacking. He is a destroyer who looted VA treasury to raise $100million PAC which he screwed up. It's not FEC compliant.
His tenure as Governor VA was like the vandals sack of Rome, stealing what's mobile. In private sector it's called Vulture capitalism, except no capital, the people of Virginia's money. A telegenic grin, he's kissed the Blarney Stone but is utterly bereft of a single scruple.
Some relevant history. There's more.
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24 Apr
Trump admin deregulation frenzy has changed govt regulations to permit companies to self validate, including drugs & the COVID19tests. Hahn just stated that. They give @US_FDA an "affidavit" that the drug/test meets approval standards. @drsanjaygupta @AC360 1/
2/ Neurimmune had Phase 3 clinical trials ongoing in September 2016,but canceled in March 2019 after "an independent group's analysis showed that the trials were unlikely to 'meet their primary endpoint.'" but Trump admin let them "self approve" &it's in use. @drsanjaygupta
3/ Self approval of the 737Max by Boeing led to the two crashes that killed hundreds. After that debacle, airline safety will be done by FAA engineers & professionals. In drugs, we aren't protected from another thalidomide catastrophe, from which we were saved by JFK's @US_FDA
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