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Jade Research is a small woman owned tech business helping tech companies,develop, fund, manage,commercialize products. STEM Ed,Technology assessment.
Aug 2 4 tweets 10 min read
@VA_GOP @PostOpinions @GovernorVA I called out that false narrative in a comment @WashPost did not print. Opinion wasn't written by @DonScott757, a really good guy, but by VA Dem Machine.#FactsMatter Please read this summary of the #Truth @vademocrats @PostOpinions @RTDOpinions @GlennKessler #FactcheckersTeam @VA_GOP @PostOpinions @GovernorVA @WashPost @DonScott757 @vademocrats @RTDOpinions @GlennKessler Here's proof of the #Facts about the VA General Assembly Joint Legislative Accounting Committee JLAC Report that came out Nov 2021. Virginia's economy lagged nation & region. Under 2 yrs of 100% Dem control Virginia lost 9 manufacturing planst, even Aerospace! Analysis below
Jul 30 4 tweets 2 min read
@smithsonian Pocahontas- Recent studies of Powhatan Indians practices, when intruders were captured the practice was to allow the women to decide whether to live or die. Living, they were adopted into the family, which did happen. Smith returned to England. She married John Rolfe 2/ Traveling to England to be introduced at Court, Pocahontas met John Smith again, seemed upset she was deceived about his reported death. Un accustomed to England’s cold damp weather, she caught an infection and died, never returned home.
Jul 28 6 tweets 7 min read
Unsustainable #RVA finances @RTDNEWS We already have higher tax rate than Fairfax Co. $1.5B in #DD TIFs are payday loans against future taxes while future also has MANDATORY Wastewater Bill Cost of $1.3B @rvabizsense #RVAcouncil @CBS6 @DaveRess1 @NBC12 Can't afford #DD project Image Cost figures for DiamondDistrict $1.5B AND $1.3B for MANDATORY WasteWater project, NOT reflecting inflation.The loss of TIF payday loans $ is money we don't have 4 Sewer Project, let alone for @RPS_Schools & @RichmondPolice Please review @Jeffersoninst Tell #RVA if this works
Jul 24 4 tweets 4 min read
Teamsters are advertsing heavily to organize #RVA workers. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN. They are using pictures of DRMLK but THEIR connections are to #JimmyHoffa & his son JImmyP Hoffa, both Presidents of Teamsters. But Teamsters are known for OTHER ties we DON'T want HERE! #RVACouncil TEAMSTERS have ALREADY ANNOUNCED PLANS to BE AGGRESSIVE taking advatage of the supply chain shortages, making them worse to extort concessions from their targets. In #RVA that could be @GRTCTransit @GRTCPulse & other city services. @RTDOpinions #RVAcouncil @KatherineJRVA @CBS6
Jul 18 14 tweets 17 min read
@margaretbarthel I don't do podcasts. I prefer to read the text, Faster. But the @Polk_Azov Battalion, #DefendersOfMariupol do NOT identify with Hitler. Their hero is #PatrickHenry They ID with #AmericanPatriots They are @Ukraine's #Patriots They want freedom. Is she McLean as in McLean House? @margaretbarthel @Polk_Azov @Ukraine What does insipid transplant Barthel know about this history? McClean is an art historian & the destruction of those superb equine statues, great works of art that put Richmond on European tour guide lists as a place to see, is cause of destruction of $2B History/Heritage toursim
Jul 15 4 tweets 3 min read
Stop LYING @CBS6 @noraodonnell & others. The #BuildBackBetter bill is NOT a Climate Change bill. It is a typical blunderbus bill filled with #PelosiPoisonPills like #BankAccountSurveillance of YOU, me, @smallbusiness to spy for "tax cheats", really a sweeping universal espionage @CBS6 @noraodonnell @smallbusiness @Sen_JoeManchin calls for Pared down bill. @PostOpinions Money supply is already over 40% higher than b4 pandemic & we're at 9% inflation. Adding $3Trillion takes us to 50% higher, what happens then? Fund the Critical Few as #ParetoPrinciple directs, not EVERYTHING @SenSchumer
Jul 14 6 tweets 5 min read
Thanks @RTDNEWS for info on Diamond District. It's to be funded byTIFs like Navy Hill. It's Navy Hill+6th Street Market Place combined, funded by TIFs, known to impact school funding. Interest rates must be paid from annual budgets as interest rates rise. #RVA @KatherineJRVA @RTDNEWS @KatherineJRVA Here's @TheWeek article about Navy Hill. Farrell was not pushing for this. Other backers hidden by shell company NH District were. Political figures to benefit too, but TIFs are known to siphon local funds from schools. Info on TIFs: p1-2 #RVACouncil declined. Get new $$ data.
Jul 3 10 tweets 5 min read
I like you @GovRonDeSantis but this shows you're ill informed on America's founders. I'll inform you.
Florida offers new training for teachers that says it was a 'misconception' that 'the Founders desired strict separation of church and state': report msn.com/en-us/news/us/… Virginia was 1st colony of what became the British Empire, named for Protestant English Queen Elizabeth I, preceded by her Catholic sister Mary Tudor, for whom Bloody Mary drink is named, who burned so many protestants who refused to convert back to Catholicism. @GovRonDeSantis
Jun 30 4 tweets 3 min read
Walls work @JoeBiden Open borders DON'T. The Supreme Court WANTS to see a flood of illegal migrants flooding across US borders & into Texas @BetoORourke Those visuals will erase any memory of Roe come Nov 1. @JoeBiden @BetoORourke @dccc @dscc Image
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Gentlemen, please do not vote for Senate marijuana legalization bills. Protect America's youth.
@jontester @Sen_JoeManchin #Science below
Cannabis Regulatory Update: Schumer's Chief Counsel Reveals What's Happening With Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill msn.com/en-us/money/ma… My PhD & PostDoc research were funded by NIDA(NatlInstonDrugAbuse)/NIH to study psychotomimetic drugs -mimic psychosis, cause hallucinations/psychosis. Sons of 2 Va legislators died from pot. 1 ate buds, died, 2nd psychotic episode, suicide. 3 children ate gummies, died last wk.
Apr 11 10 tweets 8 min read
Putin's vision:Dugin's Philiosophy of Russia's destiny "China, too, must fall. Russia’s ambitions in Asia will require “the territorial disintegration, splintering and the political and administrative partition of the [Chinese] state.” @MFA_China @china news.yahoo.com/putin-messiah-… In the coerced Amur "Annexation" treaties, Imperial Russia physically forced Qing Dynasty to sign over Chinese land in SE Siberia (rich in resources) Again in 1900 Russian Empire attacked @china invaded Manchuria, a Russian victory. More conflicts after 1917 @MFA_China @PDChina
Apr 9 5 tweets 10 min read
@EUCouncil @eucopresident @UNHumanRightsEU @EmmanuelMacron @germanyintheeu @GermanyUN @derspiegel @France24 @POTUS @10DowningStreet @UKParliament @SecBlinken @HCCH_TheHague @spaineurop @Denmark_UN @NorwayUN @SwedenUN @FinlandUN @USAmbUN @SenJackReed @MarkWarner @TheJusticeDept “First we had catastrophic injuries from bombs, then shooting, next mines scattered along roads but worst of all are the stuffed toys filled with explosives. They are targeting families. Be in no doubt, the Russians are determined to kill our civilians & children too.” @nytimes
Apr 8 5 tweets 2 min read
Make sure France's election systems are secure @EmmanuelMacron He likes Ms LP sounds like he could try to interfere as he did in US in 2016. Liberal nazis?
'Liberal-Nazi' Dictators May Take Power in U.S. and Europe, Russia Claims msn.com/en-us/news/wor… Does that mean he’s going to attack?
Apr 8 4 tweets 9 min read
This is EXACTLY what Hitler & the Nazis did to Jews & others they felt should be eliminated. THIS IS Genocide/ethnic cleansing. @HCCH_TheHague
@UNHumanRights @eucopresident @EUCouncilPress @EmmanuelMacron @JoeBiden @BorisJohnson @thetimes @derspiegel @nytimes @MaxBoot @amanpour This is Ethnic Cleansing, premeditated w malice by Putin, Russian government, Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Russian military. The intent is exactly what he stated, if the west doesn’t meet Putin’s DEMANDS give him @Ukraine, @PolandUN , @LVinEU @Lithuania @EEinEU he will start WAR
Apr 8 4 tweets 4 min read
@SecBlinken @PentagonPresSec @SecDef @WhiteHouse @POTUS @JakeSullivan46 @WHNSC This contains the plans Putin & his inner circle discussed for this invasion. Ukrainizattion. Kill them all, including dogs. Because of 2/02/2022 date. year of Tiger, Tiger Putin planned to pounce. Read it all. Image
Apr 8 4 tweets 5 min read
#Ukraine port #Odesa must be protected @PowerUSAID as grain is exported through it. Skyrocketing prices & widespread famine will result if it falls. @JoeBiden @EUOSCE Ukraine needs ship killer missiles to protect itself, Odesa, & global food supplies. bloomberg.com/news/newslette… God Almighty! Act! Act! Act! NOW @JoeBiden there is a window NOW to get @DefenceU ARMED NOW @jensstoltenberg Don't let it close.
Apr 4 4 tweets 2 min read
@GeneralClark I know how @Ukraine is standing their ground & pushing Russia back. We did it, #Virginia & 12 other British colonies fought & defeated the greatest military in the world. It took 8 years. Finally the French fleet bottled up Chesapeake Bay & Cornwallis surrendered. In between however, many dark moments. Rode horses or marched, weapons were not so lethal. No threat of Armageddon. But we had help from France, our oldest ally, Poles who fought 4 freedom from Russia, Pulaski; Kovats(Hungarian),Von Steuben. For freedom, a new enlightenment idea.
Mar 31 9 tweets 7 min read
@JonLemire Here's a long thread on Hunter Biden/Ukraine/Burisma narrative by @kurteichenwald I saved. These stories never die. Yale Law grad Hunter has experience in corporate compliance (Think Sarbanes Oxley) needed to set up anti corruption guardrails 4 Bursima,skills HB had 1/ @JonLemire @kurteichenwald His law firm charged $1000/hr. Paid to Bois Schiller.@JonLemire Burisma needed to clean up corruption by implementing western style corporate governance, skills Hunter had as a corporate compliance lawyer.
Mar 7 7 tweets 11 min read
Incompetent beyond belief. @POTUS China steals our IP via academic programs & once again YOU LET the completely ignorant histrionic #LameLeftLane dictate critical policy
With America's Eyes on Ukraine, Biden Made Biggest Concession to China Yet | Opinion msn.com/en-us/news/wor… 2. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE DONE @JoeBiden @TheJusticeDept STOP doing what Russian puppets tell you to do! #AOCisARussianAsset Russia asked #BernieIsARussianAsset to do this FOR China. They will not understand what I'll say but @FBIDirectorWray & @MarkWarner will.
Mar 4 4 tweets 5 min read
1. Ensure a full flow of real-time US intelligence information to Ukraine about Russian military capabilities, positions & intentions by fully embedding Ukrainian officers in our intel processing so they can report directly not US. @MarkWarner @SecBlinken @POTUS 2. @NATO allies TRANSFER Soviet-made MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine, w financing by @Europarl_EN These allies are willing to share the equipment, Ukrainians know how to use it
3.Provide US A-10 ground-attack aircraft @Ukraine has some pilots trained. @MarkWarner @POTUS @SecDef
Mar 4 5 tweets 7 min read
@ZelenskyyUa @DefenceU @poroshenko @KyivPost #UkraineRussianWar #KyivNow @NewVoiceUkraine Russia's paratroopers wiped out by Ukrainian guns. The world is united WITH @Ukraine Here are how the world lines up Ukraine vs Russia. Russian supporters are red countries. @NATO is blue. Green are against Putin. @ZelenskyyUa @poroshenko @KyivPost @KyivIndependent @NewVoiceUkraine The world is with you. @DefenceHQ @CanadaUN