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Sep 14 9 tweets 2 min read
Hey @NewsCentralCNN @jimsciutto STOP YOUR SNOTTY SNIPING NOW. I'll send the #facts about @JoeBiden and the so called Hunter Biden scandals.
I think @DavidChalian knows #FactsMatter @AdamKinzinger cc: @JamesCarville I have a well documented thread about the so called HB-Burisma business deal scandal & comments on the AI generated images & GRU edited "emails", (ala` Hillary's emails), purported to be from #HunterBidenLaptop. Stay tuned. Concerning #HunterBiden 's gun charges: Since when is @GOP upset about anyone buying a gun?
Aug 5 6 tweets 3 min read
@AmerMedicalAssn Your position on "gender affirming care" for children with gender dysphoria is clearly written to appease the Trans Activists, who are vociferous, aggressive, litigious and well funded, but apparently unaware of, or indifferent to, what these surgeries actually… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… 2. The surgeries involve atrocities like a double mastectomy removing healthy breasts, cutting shoulder & back muscles so patient will have limited use of arms thereafter. This for a young person with a mental health disorder. A second surgery involves constructing a penis by… https://t.co/WvuoKesdMxtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Jul 21 5 tweets 2 min read
@VP You are in error. That statement in FL standards was correct. "Servants" were also called "our people, or "our family" NOT "slaves" in common conversation & vernacular. They did indeed learn skills, carpentry, glass work, handy work & repairs, blacksmithing, handling… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… They could usually benefit from their efforts locally with permission, but of course faced legal obstacles going outside their local communities or trying to get a patent, for example. Even Jeff Davis, of whom I'm no fan, tried to get a patent for one of his people, that was… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Jul 20 6 tweets 2 min read
@FCPSSupt Here are #Science based #facts about "affirming care" for gender dysphoria & more informationabouit the disorder & the "care". Experimental surgeries & endcrine disrupors have not been evelaued in Clinical Trials so no safety & efficy data exist. P1 @FCPSSupt @FCPSSupt Risks & side effects of EXPERIMENTAL "affirming care" Surgeries are dangerous & permanently disfiguring. Mastectomies cut shoulder & back muscles so teen girls wil never be able to lift arms above shoulders the rest of their lives. Muscle tissue removed from girls… https://t.co/hspBZGWaXvtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Jun 7 9 tweets 9 min read
I KNEW IT!! This Faux scandal hyped by @RepJamesComer who Is new in town, is 100% the same old, same old #lies & Conspiracy Theory abt @Ukraine Bursima, #HunterBiden & then VP @JoeBiden. @RepDanGoldman GOOD! I've got a Thread for that! Let me get started. I'll copy @RepRaskintwitter.com/i/web/status/1… 1. All credit to @kurteichenwald Guliani #lies but many in @FBI consider him highly credible. @jsolomonReports knows this is a lie too but peddles bulloney on @JustTheNews This thread has been on the feed to @ChrisCuomo & @danabrams Who was being investigated over Bursisma?… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image
May 10 9 tweets 9 min read
@ChrisCuomo Promised you this thread on the Ukraine-Burisma-Biden trope They will drop this story & are swithcing to another since #FactsMatter & kill #lies I can send it in facebook in a pdf w more detail but this works for a wider audience.Credits to @kurteichenwaldtwitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image P2 @ChrisCuomo #BidenBurismaUkraine #facts @kurteichenwald Image
May 8 6 tweets 12 min read
@Jess_VBCPSBoard The issue of "gender "affirming" care for Trans children is NOT about politics. Your #Science illiteracy about the pharmceutical and surgical interventions is endangering children. STOP IT. Stop politicizing this issue. This is based on #Science AND Virginia's… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image @VBFACE1 @vbschools @Jess_VBCPSBoard Here are the medical risks & side effects of the NON FDA Apporved "affirming care" treatments. Under VA Constitution and 45CFR46 (exptl research treatments) & HIPPA & FERPA & VA Constitution, parental consent is required for ALL medical care… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… Image
Apr 28 5 tweets 8 min read
@cheryldgb Further, the no longer @vademocrats but #TammanyHallMachineVADems actually passed laws saying VA would do as CA does. I could not believe that but THEY DID! @TheJusticeDept surveilling dangerous #Moms Image @cheryldgb @vademocrats @TheJusticeDept Comments by a black Dad about how #CRT is being taught in K-12 schools. It is NOT fear mongering to object to this agenda @cheryldgb @dogwsoodnews @4publicedva Image
Feb 9 8 tweets 3 min read
@AnneHolton's remark about socialism being compatible with democracy is true, although Sweden has made documentaries about its system, which has a market economy. True communism is not compatible with a free democratic system. Even post communist societies struggle w "democracy." @AnneHolton incorrectly asserts that African Americans could not own property. In early colonial VA, they were called servants, bond servants & many worked to purchase their freedom & land. One man bought his freedom,& a woman's he married. Some owned land. Ref: Bound Away
Feb 8 10 tweets 8 min read
@JennMcClellanVA @VASenateDems you have lost all @reason & disregard #Science Racism is serious, impacting many areas of life for black people. But racism is NOT the cause of EVERY problem, health or other, in black people's lives. That is disempowering victim consciousness. Actually, though racism impacts access to insurance & care, there are known genetic factors that have direct impact on specific diseases, true for all different racial & ethnic groups. @VASenateDems @JennMcClellanVA
More data on AfricanAm Disparities. I'll send to you
Feb 8 4 tweets 4 min read
Really @VaSenateDems? By your standards, my 2 chemistry PhDs, PostDocs, 15 years at univerities teaching graduate level courses, +1 yr teaching engineering chem at @ReynoldsCollege & developing graduate STEM Ed programs & 20 yrs in Fortune 500 cos would be unqualified as well. Guess @vademocrats @VASenateDems didn't get the memo @NSBAPublicEd review of the anti #parents agenda & political ideology instead of academics in classrooms received a resounding rejection. They fired the Interim Director responsible & his cabal. YOU are WRONG & wrongheaded Dems
Feb 8 5 tweets 3 min read
#SEL is an even worse evil that must be rooted out @GovernorVA @cToddGilbert @RichAndersonRPV This is where all the LGBTQ & Woke indoctrination merges in Maoist "reeducation" of students to correct thinking. Progress in reeducation is measured by testing, data mining & scoring. 2. Children are assigned a social score. Their #parents are also sent questionaires & are evaluated, assigned a social score. This is the data mining & profiling that XanTanner's, Garland's son in law, data mining & profiling company is being paid $2Million+ by VA, NJ, NY to do.
Jan 31 5 tweets 14 min read
@mikepompeo NO #RussiaHoax Fact 1. YOU went on @RT_com attacking America. Fact 2. @realDonaldTrump approved @RT_com PROPAGANDA STATION & YOU helped locate it in the heart of @KansasGOP Fact. 3 PaulManafort, convicted for $ from Putin Pal Deripaska removed antiRU plank frTrump platform #facts @mikepompeo @RT_com @realDonaldTrump @KansasGOP Fact 4 Trump had 6 bankruptcies & NO US bank would loan 2 him. Fact 5 DeutscheBank made loans cosigned by Russian oligarchs (Justice Kennedy's son OK'd loans) Fact 6. Trump use these #facts to pressure JusticeKennedy to resign. Fact 7. #HelsinkiTrump signed stack of Putin papers
Jan 27 8 tweets 10 min read
@ChuckCallesto #RussianRonJohnson plagiarizes @GovRonDeSantis who said he would do that. As a Medicinal Chemist who taught drug dev process to Biomedical Scis, MDs,PhDs, PharmDs, I provided a summary. Bottom line #WarpSpeed cut time to market fr 8-15yrs to 2yrs, limiting data #BlameTrump @GOP @ChuckCallesto @GovRonDeSantis @GOP Drug dev begins w Rational Drug Design of likley candidates, based on Structure Activity Relationship models. Then lab, bench scale prep, efficacy tests, in vitro, then in vivo. Likely candidates tested in rats to get ADME-Tox data.Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion
Jan 25 4 tweets 2 min read
God forbid @RoyCooperNC Is this NC policy or a perverse aberration in a day care center? Nothing could be more destructive. Leave children alone! What's between consenting adults is one thing, but leave children alone. @NCDemParty THIS is exactly what elects Republicans. If this is @NCDemParty policy, as many VaDems have gone, we deserve it.
Jan 24 9 tweets 14 min read
@CBS6 Sorry @VASchools had unqualified SecEds for 8 years, appointed for political reasons, not qualifications, & the depths of Northam's blackface humiliation. The extremist agenda has been rebuked by @NSBAPublicEd after legal review, but damage done. @8NEWS #RVA @NBC12 @myVPM This is @GlennYoungkin's HIGHLY QUALIFIED Sec Ed AimeeRogstad Guidera who uses DATA to drive decisions assess standards & recommendations. THIS is a qualifed VA Secretary of Ed, the 1st we've had in almost a decade. @CBS6 @8NEW @NBC12 @myVPM Decade of error is hard to overcome.
Jan 23 4 tweets 2 min read
Not true. US did not stop or block talks. US encouraged but did not coerce Zelensky to look for ways forward. @MedvedevRussiaE
Russia claims that it was ready to strike an early peace deal with Ukraine but the West ruined it msn.com/en-us/news/wor… Help to defend against aggression is also NOT blocking talks.
Nov 30, 2022 8 tweets 8 min read
@RipSullivan48 You wrote the Va Green bill based on as many misperceptions as your piece in @RTDOpinions. You failed to acknowledge the blunder in the offshore wind project negating its cost effectivness, aside from location in defense & commercial shipping & endangering whales 1 @RipSullivan48 @RTDOpinions 2 There is NO EXTANT electric grid infrastructure to bring power from wind inland once built. Not a minor oversight. Exactly how soon do you think these quixotic windmills will be operable? Not in 10 years. The SMRs are not new technologies. They've long been used in research.
Nov 29, 2022 7 tweets 10 min read
@8NEWS @NAACPVirginia @NBC12 @CBS6 @PostOpinions You're misinformed.Twice, vicious actions by @vademocrats arbitrarily & capriciously replaced trusted, respected 30 year veteran registrars replaced by machine pols, 1 #RVA thuggery; 2 NottowayCo Riot. This is cause. @7newsDC @AP I note that @NAACPVirginia carefully worded the objection to "votes" @JasonMyaresVA Election Integrity center never said any votes were wrong. @VaGOP never said that.The ONLY Party in VA to claim voting irregularities in 2020 election was @DPVChair @RTDNEWS @NBC12 @LoudounNaacp
Nov 19, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
@FIFAcom @MofaQatar_EN Qatar Labor Laws are not news, just because press just discovered them. The current Emir's father began modernizing the country including educating women & preparing them for the workforce decades ago. I went to Qatar for complaince review at a college.1/ 2/ @FIFAWorldCup In 2004 I prepared the compliance manual, a large tome of all laws, regs & found Qatar LaborLaws on @WSJ It is difficult to control multiple contractors on massive projects, but Qatar has changed laws to provide more protection but enforcement is difficult. @fifa
Nov 18, 2022 5 tweets 9 min read
@NAACPVirginia seeks to deflect blame for the DEAD-LAST in USA test scores of inner city @VASchools. Youngkin is raising standards & the best defense is a good offense so they ATTACK @GovernorVA @nytimes @PostOpinions @RTDOpinions @maddow
@LesterHoltNBC @JCapehardt @7NewsDC @NPR @NAACPVirginia Loudoun branch sent out this urgent call to action to @VASchoolBoards urging rejection of the standards, unfairly accusing @GovernorVA & his team of racism because the standards are NOT the #1619Project admittedly part fiction journalist's view of history. @RTDNEWS