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@JanJekielek @EpochTimes Lesser known #China #Lenovo #Motorola worldwide smartphone saga starts here:
Known for #RussiaHoax PR, #AI #Algo firm #NewKnowledge #5G six step "Lifecycle of Disinformation", eventually blaming #TuckerCarlson! Their partner #NKLabs is originator of modular #ProjectAra smartphone
@JanJekielek @EpochTimes #NewKnowledge appears to be defending interests of Motorola Mobility, now owned by #Chinese firm #Lenovo. #Google had begun development on #ProjectAra, shelved it, then #Google announced it would sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. A big pot of #5G logo stew, with Chinese seasoning
@JanJekielek @EpochTimes Confusing? You bet. Scary, maybe. With the likes of #Google #NewKnowledge #Motorola #Lenovo #China involved, a reach into the voice data #AI #MachineLearning cookie jar may start to look tempting. Why is #NewKnowledge fighting the story so hard?... ghost writing in #NewYorkTimes:
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A story that went unnoticed by many, before the collapse of the #MuellerInvestigation #MuellerHearing and #MuellerHearingDisaster . #NewKnowledge has moved on to greener pastures with #FactionTracker……
#NewKnowledge #FactionTracker selling lists of politically categorized users, likely collected during recent string of 'socially conscious' brand advertising. NK states: "Factions operate with intent and motive". Human beings were free to act with "intent and motive" until now.
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@ByronYork @realDonaldTrump Major US brands have been encouraged to adopt financially suicidal marketing strategies by ultra liberal firms in #PR, principally Edelman via #Edelman100 ranking. The #Nike #ColinKaepernick linkage is amplified in by Edelman marketing collateral.
@ByronYork @realDonaldTrump Rationale for corporate image association is based upon assumption that buyer choices are made based upon ideological concerns, rather than intrinsic features and benefits of product. #Edelman100 is expanded upon in "2018 Earned Brand Global Report"…
@ByronYork @realDonaldTrump Most recent mass market players in the liberally biased "image marketing" shift have been #AmexPride #Gillette and #Nike. While social activism is a vital force in American history, the attachment to corporate marketing strategy may not be in the best interest of shareholders.
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@threadreaderapp @asmipr03 @CarrollQuigley1 New thread- Odd slew of ads hijacking sexual political issues in awkward advertising poses sweeping the Internet. What do they possibly have in common? #NewKnowledge? Here is one for premium brand American Express, downright creepy to avg public:
@threadreaderapp @asmipr03 @CarrollQuigley1 New Knowledge has been leaning into the picture with a series of articles on the web page… and on similar Gillette troll-baiting ad…
@threadreaderapp @asmipr03 @CarrollQuigley1 While there is no proof, yet, writing as an experienced ad demographer, the clients are either getting 'public service ad' stipend, or are being sold a bill of goods to flush out and aggregate troll volume. Negative comments are likely drawn out intentionally and tracked by AI.
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People confused why I bounce between @POTUS and @TulsiPress should realize I am the swing voter. Tulsi and I know the 2 party globalist "open border" sub govt #IntegrityInitiative / #IntegrityInitiativesInternational which will replace BOTH parties. And they replace UK's too.
(Think Mancurian cnadiaite x 4. ) Remember Clinton's Pied Piper strategy in @wikileaks ? It grew. If the Republicans can't mention ii, they are screwed.
Some organizations linked aren't what they seem.
BTW Thanks Marco Rubio for showing your Daniel Jones' Penn Quarter Group shared donors. I never would have looked at you. But, you promised to take care of Alex Jones and I wanted to know how that could happen.
Trump's cheerleader in Venesuala (RU Gazprom) and #TheMagnitskyAct .
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What does this mean?
I found out that a lot of things we knew have either evolved with new truths or at totally changed now. If you keep up with what you once knew, you may not make the most of the present.
Welcome y'all to another broadcast on #Audacious, it sure promises to be enlightening.

The truth is knowledge is changing, it ain't static.
I discovered that those people that do say "You can't teach an old dog a new trick" are mostly those that resist change
If you learned anything in the past, the world is already fast paced, you can't afford to continue with those old tricks hook, line and sinker, you got to get updated in whatever it is so as to remain on top of your game.
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