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Good evening family, it's a beautiful Sunday here in Lagos Nigeria. Thank you for joining #Audacious from wherever you are.
Tell us about your location as well.
Today's broadcast is the 94th episode in the series on #Audacious, and we shall be discussing a topic I title KINGSHIP today.

Follow us closely as we uncover this.
Who is a King 👑? What does Kingship mean?

From the dictionary, a King is a male monarch, a man who heads a monarchy, the supreme ruler of a place, however small or large the place is.
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Good evening family, welcome to another #Audacious broadcast today. It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Lagos, Nigeria.

How's the weather wherever you are joining us from?
Welcome once again
It's the first Sunday in the month of August 2018, thank you for staying with us. We pray that this new month will give you New Beginnings, great enlargement and supernatural increase.
Do have a #Audacious month ahead where you break new grounds.
The title of our broadcast today is THE WINNING MENTALITY.

What does this connote?
Let's enjoy this ride together.
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Good evening family, welcome to another Audacious session today.
Clement weather here in Lagos, Nigeria.
Happy Sunday
It's been a beautiful time on Audacious in this month of July which is also our anniversary month. Thank you to everyone who has found our work resourceful enough and who's been using our work for uplifting others 👏 #Audacious
Today being the last Sunday in the month of July, we will be sharing briefly on what we title CULTURED.

Follow us to catch the full gist.
#Audacious #Cultured
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Good evening family, welcome to #Audacious once again. It's a beautiful Sunday here in Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you for joining us.
The topic today is a continuation of last week's topic #ThingsIWouldTellMyYoungerSelf.
We took some of these things last week, let's just together do a little more. #Audacious
If I were to go back younger, these are the things I would make use of for life. I have found out that learning is done by gleaning experiences of others. #Audacious
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5. Life does not always happen the way we have it planned in our heads. Life is a practical experience, you just have to deal with it as it comes.
6. We find love in strangest places.

7. Don't be too careful in life.
Don't be too rigid.
Take risks.

The more you are careful, the more you lose grounds to be better. Life unfolds to you as you take bold steps, take some big risks.
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Good evening friends, thank you for joining us once again today on #Audacious. Trust you are good, the weather is humid here in Lagos, Nigeria, how is it at your place?
Today is the 90th episode on #Audacious. We are going strong, we are impacting lives, we are helping people, we are AUDACIOUS.
The title of our discuss this evening is THINGS I WOULD TELL MY YOUNGER SELF.

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@JephKing And this is how we draw the curtains on #Audacious today.
Many thanks to our guest @JephKing and all of you who followed us all through. You will agree with me that this has been insightful and enlightening.
Continue to follow us for more teachings on this platform.
@JephKing Do join us again at 4pm next Sunday as we bring yet again another insightful teaching.

Contact us;
WhatsApp: 08053532959.

#Audacious... For your peak performance daily
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@arkinsquare One very important thing is that these characteristics are the same with LOVE. there's an acronym for it called MR NIGER D
#Audacious @JephKing @arkinsquare
@arkinsquare So let us take the MR NIGER D one after the other: #Audacious @JephKing @arkinsquare
@arkinsquare M-Love has MOBILITY, it can shift location, migrate or change allegiance if not properly appreciated or tended. When there is no trust Love can consider relocating. #Audacious @JephKing @arkinsquare
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Good evening everyone, welcome to #Audacious today. It's a very wet Sunday here in Lagos, Nigeria, how is the weather at your end?
Today marks the beginning of a new month, the beginning of a new quarter, the beginning of the last half of the year, and I can boldly say the beginning of New things in your life.
This month of July shall birth you all you dutifully and prayerfully ask for. Amen.

I'm not saying a religious statement here, I am saying the reality of everyone logged on here, provided we all put in our efforts into what we do. #AudaciousAt2
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Good evening tweeps, welcome to an #Audacious Sunday. We believe you've had a great week and are looking forward to a bright one full of sparks and glitters.
The showers in the last week will bring us great harvest in this new week. Welcome!
We have been looking at the theme; RELATIONSHIP this month.
Today, I am not going to teach per se, I'll just mention a few things and then say other things. #Audacious #Relationship
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Good evening friends, happy Sunday to you wherever you are.
Bright and sunny here and we are doing well like that.

Welcome to another #Audacious Sunday
Today is Father's Day and #Audacious join everyone all over the world to wish all the ladders we all climbed to become who we are today. Thank you to all the responsible fathers out there, living and dead, we remember your heroics.
To all the non-biological fathers we have, our father-figures, thanks you for teaching us always. Because you father us, misery, mistakes, disappointment etc have been farther away from us. Thank you.
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers I got. #Audacious
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Good evening everyone, trust your Sunday is going on well. We have a little shower here in Lagos Nigeria. We thank God for the shower. #Audacious
Welcome to another #Audacious Sunday.
We've had a great time here in our past broadcast and today's session won't be an exception.
Before we continue on today's broadcast, let me quickly make the announcement that #Audacious will be TWO in the first Sunday in July. Watch out for plenty awareness about this.
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Good evening friends, trust you have been enjoying your Sunday. Welcome to #Audacious today.
Today is the first Sunday in the sixth month of the year, we can only thank God for all He has done for us. If not for God, where would we have been? #Audacious
If I were you, I will just thoughtfully or thoughtlessly thank God for His goodness. Truth is, there are some things you called major that you've been asking for that has not yet been done, but likewise, a lot of things you didn't ask for that you have received. #Audacious
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Good evening friends, Happy sunny Sunday to you all.
I don't know about where you are right now, but it's really sunny in Lagos, Nigeria at the moment.
Welcome to #Audacious
I had a fantastic week, what about you?

The news that people I didn't even know are passionately following #Audacious gladdens me.
Watch out friends, something great is brewing.
#BoldSteps #ComingOutStrong
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Good evening friends, welcome to another #Audacious Sunday. We trust you had a great last week and you are looking forward to a beautiful one.
Thank you for joining us on here again.
The broadcast today will continue from where we stopped last Sunday.
We started out on the series of leadership last week and I remembered sharing on the meaning of leader, extraordinary and mindset just for us to get a good grasp of the topic. #Audacious
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Good evening friends, welcome to another #Audacious Sunday, we trust you are doing good today. Happy first Sunday of the month of May. This month shall birth us all miracles.
I want to do a big appreciation to @subomiplumptre for an awesome time on #Audacious last Sunday. For everyone who joined in, you will attest that it was a wholesome package, an eye opening experience.
I can tell that she's well vast in the field of talking about Investment and Wealth creation, and that is why I tried as much to bring her on here.
@subomiplumptre, I have already made a decision on the investment I'm making, thanks to you. #Audacious
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Hello everyone and thank you for hosting me on #Audacious, @arkinsquare! My tweets will be a thread, so please follow along. I'll also take questions afterwards.
First of all, introductions. I'm Subomi Plumptre, wearer of many hats - investor, #brand strategist, #socialmedia strategist and idea developer. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Here are a few of my professional credentials - I'm a member of the Executive Committee at @AlderConsulting, a Creative Intelligence Firm. #Audacious @arkinsquare
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