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It would be good if someone could take the effort to debunk this video by @JAMIYYATHSALAF’s mullah @Ahmadhsameer’s tirade against women’s rights and feminism. This conversation needs to be continued. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
Here are all slides from his presentation.
Slides continued...
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This tweet deserves a second quoted reply for it's significance. Regular Dhivehin, like Afa without a doubt, recognizes as of now the existence of Dhivehi ex-Muslims.

#NormalizingDissent campaigns for the last three years has been a phenomenal success. 1/n
The 200 or so people who agree with Afa as of this thread and attached screenshot also agree with the existence of Dhivehi ex-Muslims. That same goes for the 30+ retweets and the audience who saw it and silently agreed with the sentiment of that tweet. 2/n
These ideas and beliefs don't exist in a bubble. These people who are here on twitter talking about us and engaging with such discussions have lives offline and talk about such interactions and commentary in their private lives as well. 3/n
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I stand against the against K word too! It's offensive, it's used to other, dehumanize, legitimize acts of violence, take away our rights and sometimes even murder us! #Kafir #Kuffar #Kword #ExMuslim
You can see as soon as the #Kafir #Kuffar label is applied, the Quran reduces that person to a level of subhuman that is not seen anywhere else. Case in point directly from the Quran.👇🏽
This is then used by some believers to justify violence and murder. #Kword #NormalizingDissent
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#Coronavirus vs Allah: how the virus will beat this imaginary God because of game theory. #thread

Allow me to explain. Read on. #ExMuslim #Atheist #Science #COVID19…
Islamic narrative claims that the Kaaba in Mecca of Saudi Arabia is ”the house of god”. It is duty-bound for all Muslims to make a visit at least once in their lives.
Islam threatens those that falter in their beliefs with a terrifying portrayal of a hell of fire after end of a persons life. The fear of this hell is the motivator for a person to be a ”good person” in life. It's a pretty straight forward set up.
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I have not made a single anonymous account for years for activism or political engagement. The reason being, it's not an effective way to impact change, when you create an illusion of activity. It's just not real, and a waste of resources

This is not to say I have never operated anonymous accounts for activism. The most popular handle that got the most mileage was an account called ”Smoky Lungs”. During the early days it was extremely dangerous to speak about the issues I was concerned with under my own name.
I was always aware of the risks involved as did most people who I was friends with. I went on to make a few more anonymous accounts over time as backup access to log into platforms in case my primary account got blocked or suspended.
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Defence Minister @MariyaDidi confirms the government in full control of the Maldives military. This is an essential win towards #SecularMaldives.

#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab

Watch @psmnewsmv's broadcast: #10gekhabaru
I cannot stress how important this news is for us all. We can now officially play Islamists against the government with a degree of confidence that the Islamist threat could be successfully neutralized.
The time to push Islamists further is now upon us. We need to push them to come out of their hiding places and show their true colours.
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Good point. Who cares about ISIS. Why does ISIS even matter? After all, it was just one iteration of the same Islamic supremacist ideology rooted in the same prophetic narrative of end times. If not them, there will be someone else. #thread…
Islam is the problem. It's Islam and it's theological sources, that inspires group after group of these crazy wackjobs to appear one after the other, like heads of a hydra, continuing to keep popping up regardless of how many you cut off.
The ideology itself has socialized deep into the psyche of believers and weak-minded converts. It then allows for self organizing on it's own in a self-fulfilling way in a bizarre network effect type reaction.
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Whenever someone says something like “beautiful Islam” I am reminded that this identification exists because an “ugly Islam” exists and is more prevalent. And that Muslim people are forced to justify their beliefs all the time because of ugly Islam.
Both beautiful Islam and ugly Islam share the same theological roots, essentially making this fractured distinction two aspects of the same thing. The beautiful temples & shrines depicted in the quoted tweet are merely monuments built by a conquering ideology to glorify beliefs.
My Muslim friends. This is what you have been reduced to at this point. To cherry-pick aspects of your religion and faith to show and prove to the rest of the people how ”beautiful” your religion is.
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Maldivian Jihadi terrorist talks about why he has chosen a life of crime, evil and barbarism! His mental gymnastics let's him to genuinely believe he is in the right! We must reject this bankrupt ideology of Islamic orthodoxy!

One of the most important takeaways from this interview is that a Maldivian has publicly assumed leadership of Jihadist from the Maldives and has declared the government of @ibusolih and the majlis of @MohamedNasheed as unislamic.
These jihadists are given a platform by @OGNreports to speak directly to Maldivians first and foremost as he speaks in Dhivehi language and looks directly at the camera.
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Islamic Death Toll For The Year 2019 #Thread

As 2019 draws to an end, I feel it's important to take stock of the human death toll caused by people who claim to believe and follow Islamic Orthodoxy.
No other ideology - neither political or religious (Islam is both) - has caused this much chaos, death and destruction in recent history or in the past and is still allowed to continue to do so.
The numbers this year alone is just staggering!

It's unbelievable that humans continue to tolerate this cruel and barbaric ideology in this day and age.
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Education reform is the critical area of focus that #SecularMaldives advocate should be working on, because in education lies the key to unravelling the religious control over society.

#FikuryInqilab #NormalizingDissent
@ErazerSecular here is the conundrum you face. You can't deny kids a modern science-based education if you want society to be able to keep up with the changing world and the job market along with it.
And soon as you do, religion starts becoming irrelevant in the face of new knowledge that young children are then exposed to when they acquire a modern education.
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ISIS taking sex slaves and raping them is an act sunnah taught by Muhammed himself. These people are merely just following the teachings of Islam, from Hadith, Sunnah and Quran. It's the hallmark of a ”good” jihadi!

Read #thread below;
Here is a well known hadith that deals directly with the topic of female slaves used for sexual purposes according to Sahih Bukhari.
The hadith is quite cold hearted as it doesn't address the emotional state of these captive women, shows no mercy for their feelings right after their men-folk captured or killed and then taken off to a foreign land in which they were inevitably traumatized, scared, and raped!
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Hageegathaki goi neyngey moonu nufenna meehun mihaa Islamic terrorism aamuvefai vaadhuvas varehgai rashu therey hama beynun gothakah ulhen dhookoh nuleveyne eheneh.
Kaleymen dhen eyrun hadhaa ehchaki moonu burugaa beynun kuraani mujuthamau thereyga faalhugai filaigen ulhen.

Egothakah kankan kuraakah ves huhdhaeh nudheveyne.
Dhen anehkamaki anhenunge haggu thakuge vaahaka.

Moonu burugaa ebahuri beynunkohfa geveshi aniyaa foruvan ves. Egoi ves varihama veggeneh nuthibeveyne.
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Islamic religion and Muslims who adhere to closely to the theology is full of hypocrisy. They like picking on other people's choice of clothing by fail to see that Muhammed himself cross-dressed, wearing Aisha’s clothing often.

Read #thread below;
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Ministry of Islamic Affairs should be abolished! It's unnecessary to to waste taxpayer money to service a religion at the highest level of the state.
In it's place we should have a Ministry of Secular Affairs. It's task would be ensure religion or any of it's iterations doesn't encroach on to the state, and it remains in the private domain.
And the activities that was run by the Islamic ministry can all come under a private Institute such as a ”Islamic Council of Maldives” (or whatever) and will be equally subjected to the laws of the land.
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I would like to do an experiment as see how it plays out.

I will pay anyone who translates these reports into Dhivehi language a mutually agreed some of money per word rate for the finished documents.

Reach out to me if anyone is interested.
I want to make an ”audiobook” file the dhivehi language translations once finished.

Should be interesting repurposing these reports as useful political activism material.

#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
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I understand that you are feeling a lot of pressure right now as a Muslim who wants to advocate for change and then having to fend off accusations of you being an atheist as well, in an environment where atheists are increasingly vocal.
And I am genuinely sympathetic to you for the position you find yourself in.

I would like to ask you, why you think we are acting like a religion? What makes you call us a cult?
What consistency are we lacking when you say ”Dhivehi atheists need consistency”?

Being Dhivehi is who we are. Being an atheist is the lack of belief in a religions. And is the same for everyone regardless of where someone is from.
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There will be others. History has proven that Islam’s believers will continue to push for the realization of the prophetic narrative of a global caliphate. The solution is addressing the problems within Islamic doctrine through social engineering efforts. I
Islam’s set of beliefs easily collapses when subjected to rigorous scrutiny. Islam is no match for science, logic and reason in a confrontational dialogue at a safe distance.
This approach forces believers of Islamic ideology to reflect introspectively on their beliefs. Most people are victims of the ideology by being born into it and indoctrinated into it.
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The Islamic "Scholars" in #Maldives and their cronies are trying to twist religious fervor and nationalism together so they can weave a narrative where they are under some sort of attack from enemies in their midst.
They are whipping up the masses into a frenzy.
When really all that is happening, and this is quite apparent for anyone who bothers to look,
Is that a marginalized and threatened population are asking for their right to live in the sun without fear of persecution and bodily harm.
The reactionary characters, falling out of the woodwork are trying to bury activists in a mountain of thinly veiled, sometimes open threats and propaganda in an effort to stem the tide of opposition.
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Religion can reduce humans into uncivilized hunter-gatherers as you can see here. Hindu's, Muslims, Buddhists and all those other stupid religions out there is a manifestation of human ignorance! Leave your religion behind and grow up! #NormalizingDissent #atheist
Take a look at this video from Mel Gibson's Apocalypto from 2006. The movie depicts medieval Mayan civilization around 1500s.

Religion’s like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity and all it's manifestations - ISIS, Hindutva groups, bodu bala sena to name a few - are all born from ignorance, existing on a spectrum of civilizing process.
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@hamavaahaka @dhiyanasaid Oh it’s very obvious at this point, it is about power and about their belief in a prophetic narrative of how the end of days would come, and that narrative ends with Muslims in triumph after defeating the kuffar and establishing the caliphate.
@hamavaahaka @dhiyanasaid This is why we need to address the problems of Islam that teaches this nonsense and keeps proliferating. And that’s why we need to face Islam head on delegitimize it’s claims through scientific facts and removing reverence of it from the people.
@hamavaahaka @dhiyanasaid Once this seemingly impossible task is done, we can then discard islam into the trash of history for the garbage that it is. The collapse of Islam would the single most important event bigger than the future collapse of the Chinese communist party.
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This is an important day in Maldives history. This will be the first of many such discussions about minorities in the Maldives. We hav a long way to go. We need to continue to keep pushing for many such discussions before change happens. #SecularMaldives…
This conversation should be made as frequently as it is realistically possible. There are so many hot button topics that is getting touched here. Everyone of these people calling each other laadheenee forces everyone to look at us introspectively.
I think this forced introspection by the people as we watch these proceedings over and over is what will eventually win us our rights as citizens. This is the social engineering that we need to enable by engaging on social media.
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The emancipation of non-Muslim Maldivians will not be handed over on a platter. We will have to work hard for it, and in that process, people will get hurt and some will lose their lives. It's not acceptable that some of us will pay the ultimate price for that freedom.
But the Islamist deepstate in the Maldives treats our rights and freedoms as something they own, and attempting to leave will continue to be framed as an attack on Islam and Muslims. This is done intentionally to rile up the masses against the minority groups.
And as long as they keep doing it, this will be the hardest fight we would have to endure in our lives. But it is a fight we must take on! We have to take it on for the sake of our families and children’s today and the future.
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So Islam is allowed to call people who doesn't believe it as dogs, asses, pigs and everything else in between? Muslim’s continue to delegitimize our entire humanity when you say we deserve eternal damnation in a fire! At this point you don't care about our human rights! (1)
People are being hounded, threatened, molested, killed for holding different opinions, little girls married off and raped, and we shouldn't say anything to express our disgust at the ideology of Islam that condemns us? Why are you privileged and protected? (2)
We have no fundamental rights in this country. The law of the country as it exists now, and the Islamic theology that empowers our cruel treatment will be criticized, harshly if necessary, given we have no recourse to the abuse we are subjected to. (3)
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