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#SecularMaldives advocates should continue to highlight the barbarity of Islamic sharia through visual means like videos and photos to get the point across with more impact to influence society to move away from Islamic sharia. That would be helpful. #NormalizingDissent
People need to understand that there are consequences to them taking an Islamic sharia position. They need help in establishing that understanding through vivid and horrifying visual means. The people of Maldives won't be able to handle it. #ExMuslim #Atheist #ExMuslimBecause
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Size dhahkaali kudakoh. Koba hihvaru ebuhuritha mi discussion raajjege emmenge thunmahchah mainstream ah gendhan? Foari fasheh hunnane ingey. Aharumen kerigen kurimathilaani. #NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #SecularMaldives
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I am very happy to introduce a brand new comic series from the Maldives, titled ”Demahom and His Imaginary Friends” by Maldivian artist @Ibbe4787. This is the first strip in the series. Check it out, follow and retweet if you like it. #NormalizingDissent #SecularMaldives
The series comes in both English @demahomenglish and Dhivehi @demahomdhivehi targeting both a local Maldivian audience and a global audience. Like, follow and retweet if you like what you see and wanna see more. #NormalizingDissent #SecularMaldives

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Saw this photo of @dr_iyaz with Shaheem in Saudi shaking hands, showing camaraderie I guess πŸ€”
Looking at the photo, you immediately notice how swollen his feet are. I am no doctor or expert, but I don't think it will be comfortable for him to walk, given the condition his feet is.
Especially given the amount of weight that they are supposed to carry. Just look at the size of this man. It's unbelievable. A friend of mine jokingly said he looks like ”he eats enough food to end hunger in a poor African village”.
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Every now and then I have shared analytics from my Twitter account so that people who follow the account have a sense of the audience that v are interacting with. The Maldives has a population of just 400,000 people. While impressions remain above 200k, 58% audience is Maldivian.
I want to invite all Maldivian #SecularMaldives activists engaging in #NormalizingDissent in a #FikuryInqilab to also share them with the audience. Your privacy still remains in tact. Just need 2 show 28 days activity header, the months overview data, gender/language and country.
The purpose of this is to show the actual depth and size of the networks we have access to, feeding ideas into the Maldives society. They continue to say we are a few, just 2-3 people. That's a lie, and we can show the size of our reach this way.
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#SecularMaldives ge adu gadhaveevarakah mivaahaka mainstream vumah furusathu boduvaani. Mainstream veggen gaumi conversation akah dheven annani. Gaumee conversation akah veggen nooni majlis thalhumaahama ah dheveykah nei. Majileehun gaanonu badhaku kureveyni! #FikuryInqilab
Gaanoon jehey badhalu vaan! Hurihaa rayyithunah hurihaa haggeh kashavaru kureven annani gaanoonu thah egothah farumaakurevigen. Mee muslimun ge ekani gaumeh noon. Gaumu hijack kohgen ulhey ulhun nimumakah gennan jehey! #NormalizingDissent
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There's a reason we are Anon.

There are people calling for implementation of Apostasy laws, calling for deaths without impunity.

People have been attacked, abducted and killed for being vocal on the issue.

We don't choose to be anonymous, we are forced by the circumstances.
As for islamophobia, it implies that Islam is beyond criticism; it is not.

Freedom of expression coupled with freedom of and from religion dictates that every idea (religious or not) can and will be criticized and ridiculed (even without merit).
Even if one doesn't encourage such ridicule, it's imperative that we recognize the right of the person to do so.
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I don't see why that is a problem. In mature democracies opposing ideas air out their views on how they think the best approach should be. I think Islam should have no place in the government and will be voicing out accordingly. Nuroa dhariyakah kireh nulibeyne.
Those of us interested in pushing for dialogue should engage in that dialogue that advances their interests and how they see the country they love advance in to the future as free people. Change begins with dialogue and discussion. And for that you have to be willing to express.
Aharen dhaaeedhu kurani #SecularMaldives akah. Aharenaki islameh noon, magey ves gaumu. Aharen kahala ehemeehunves baivaru. Emeehunge haggu thakeh vesvey. Ameehun recognize koh balaigannan ves vey. Mikan aharumenah nuvaahaahindhaku, siyaasi strategy eh gothugai....
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I appreciate the tag man to let me know. Congratulations on coming to a mental place that allowed you to make an anon and wanting speak up. The more the better. I hope to see your public engagement in #MvTwitter networks on issues that r important to building a #SecularMaldives
Some areas to focus would be on issues with islam. You can start thinking about #NormalizingDissent as a vital aspect to breaking the barriers that islam has built around personal freedom. Right now as many conversations around islam can be helpful in the long run as criticism...
...of islam become commonplace. Maldives small population and high connectivity of the people on social media would allow for quick proliferation of ideas with deep penetration in to the psyche of younger people. We won't see results immediately but over time we will.
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Maldives Mullah Hassan Moosa Fikury declares Face App haram. This thread isn't about the details of that, but rather a thread of Face App outputs of Fikury & some of his Mullah buddies in the #Maldives. Check it out.
#ExMuslim #Atheist #NormalizingDissent
This is the fatwa issuing prayer exercising fit human specimen Hassan Moosa Fikury himself. Give him a round of applause for inspiring this thread. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
Next up is the always engaged, ”Prove it scientifically” Mullah ZamZam Farish!
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Overexposure is the key πŸ”‘ to desensitizing people to ideas that they have been shielded from all their lives.

When people are desensitized to ideas and materials that they found offensive, it is conducive to allow for an environment to advocate for #SecularMaldives.
This is why #NormalizingDissent is such an important aspect of a strategy towards the secularization of #Maldives.

It also plays similar kind of role as politics cartoons and memes does in the proliferation of ideas fast.
It also allows for people to question things that they would have otherwise normally wouldn't.

Religious beliefs of people that cause harm to others don't deserve respect or silence from us.

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Here is a suggestion. You all would really like to know who the people behind the anons are. So why don't you pray for Allah to look through the front cameras of our devices and then expose us all. After all you claim him to be all powerful.
This should be pretty easy I imagine for someone with all the power you all attribute to this imagined God of yours.

I mean anonymous members are said to have done this already. Why can't your God? #IsHeEvenRealBro?
In case Allah exposes your privacy!!!

#NormalizingDissent #FukuryInqilab #SecularMaldives #JokesOnYou
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My advocacy 4 #SecularMaldives is born & shaped out of my own lived experiences. There is no way anyone can bribe me or convince to cease my activities. That is because you can't erase my past. My revenge is taking Islam out of the Maldives equation. We will #NormalizeDissent.
And I extend my sense of empathy to everyone else who also similar experiences and grievances. Our shared past unites us in our common endeavor. We will persevere against the odds till we win. Any other outcome will be unacceptable. #FikuryInqilab
As you may have realized at this point, all of this is very personal for me. I have no shame in admitting how personal all of this is. None of us can escape how we are shaped by our own experiences and environment.
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Realizing a hive mind could be leveraged for activism against Islamic hegemony in the #Maldives and promoting political change is a game changer for #SecularMaldives.

#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab #Anonymous
A lot of us have unique and specialized skills. And these skills needed to be combined through collaboration and support of each other on issues and values we find ourselves aligned on. Such issues are UDHR implementation, democracy, health care, education, quality of life etc.
The individual skills of planning, organizing, debating, content creation, coordination, fact-checking, scanning for opportunities and relevancy and much more needed for effective activism don't exist for a single individual to master.
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Who responds is irrelevant when the movement is an internet hivemind. What matters is the response. A lot of us do many other things, hence the need for large numbers of activists - that way the conversation is kept going in rotation 27/7 now for many days. And can be kept going.
What matters is the, questions, answers and responses to them, and how many people get to read them, contemplate over them and make different decisions based on new information.

As you can this has been a rather effective and efficient strategy so far.
This approach was explicitly explained a while back. And I keep insisting you all should pay attention if you need to understand the fast changing dynamics at play as we continue to calibrate and tweak approach on a need to basis as things evolve and change in the environment.
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Muhammad the self proclaimed prophet was a disgusting man who made people drink his urine and made stories to justify the practice.

This is a #thread about this disgusting behavior of Islam’s founding conman.

A #BunyeyBunyey story!
Here he pisses in an obvious drinking bowl because he is too lazy to get out of bed or something. Then makes a story when his woman accidentally drinks it.
Another #BunyeyBunyey version of the story.
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Muslims trying to pray in the direction of Mecca πŸ•‹

A simple #thread

Exhibit A: Expectation
Exhibit B: The earth is a globe
Exhibit C: How do you curve your prayer like Beckham? And how do you pick a side?
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@Alif_mv We will #NormalizeDissent whether you like it or not. And like a pathogen spreading in a contagion situation will make Islam a casualty. We keep spelling out the strategy and you people can't comprehend what is going on. Your focus is two narrow.

Imagine it like this.
@Alif_mv We are taking a bet that there are a lot more laadheenee's, exmuslims, atheists in the Maldives than people are comfortable to admit. We will take this hypothesis and test it's limits. That process starts with making it normal to criticize oppressive ideas in Islam.
@Alif_mv We’ve labelled that phase of #SecularMaldives activism as #NormalizingDissent. Once criticism becomes the new normal, we hope to tap into the democratic and reethi dhiriulhun aspirations of the Maldives people. And enable comparison of the oppressive and destructive nature...
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@u_wot_cunt @MixaanFaqih @RusthumRussso @EraserSecular @FMulhid @ZamZamFarish @Alif_mv @adamaadham @iruvayani @iamabdullaahsan @bin_ares @whoOOosen @mohamedsaud @sirumeenaa @johnoldmans @abhdh7 @Ravans1 @Areyyyyyyyyyy @rajje_kurimagu @ManikSamha @JAkmedd @HumanLogic5 @Mudassi45243263 @Hakuru17 @abdullamukkaram @BurakHikmi @heyoverikan @fcplmr Yes we are. We are running a #NormalizingDissent project to test social engineering hypothesis in a demographic of 400k with 80% internet connectivity, and similarly high social media use. These conversations have generated impressions in the millions creating significant...
@u_wot_cunt @MixaanFaqih @RusthumRussso @EraserSecular @FMulhid @ZamZamFarish @Alif_mv @adamaadham @iruvayani @iamabdullaahsan @bin_ares @whoOOosen @mohamedsaud @sirumeenaa @johnoldmans @abhdh7 @Ravans1 @Areyyyyyyyyyy @rajje_kurimagu @ManikSamha @JAkmedd @HumanLogic5 @Mudassi45243263 @Hakuru17 @abdullamukkaram @BurakHikmi @heyoverikan @fcplmr effect. The world continue to increase the amount of anons taking on the challenge. We have been quite cautious to keep the conversation contained in the Maldives, tagging out outsiders when occasionally someone sets in, such as yourself.
@u_wot_cunt @MixaanFaqih @RusthumRussso @EraserSecular @FMulhid @ZamZamFarish @Alif_mv @adamaadham @iruvayani @iamabdullaahsan @bin_ares @whoOOosen @mohamedsaud @sirumeenaa @johnoldmans @abhdh7 @Ravans1 @Areyyyyyyyyyy @rajje_kurimagu @ManikSamha @JAkmedd @HumanLogic5 @Mudassi45243263 @Hakuru17 @abdullamukkaram @BurakHikmi @heyoverikan @fcplmr We intend to continue on this work 4the foreseeable future, iterating and calibrating as needed as new outcomes develop as we continue on. The back story in a nutshell would be, that we are attempting to trigger a civil rights movement in the Maldives, to rid of Islamic hegemony.
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PSA: The #exmuslim #atheist #anons of #Maldives loosely organized around the idea of #SecularMalives is now the new normal. This has been long time coming. Religionist shud work on changin their mindset around stopping us to learning to co-exist. This is 2019. #NormalizingDissent
Allow me to spell it out for you. The year is 2019. And you are helpless to stop this phenomena. #FukuryInqilab
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PSA: Just letting the concerned know that this is happening in the background. Everything you suspect is possibly intentioned influence on discussion through coordination and decentralized planning that converges on the issues of relevance. #SecularMaldives #NormalizingDissent
The people tagged in this post run the country. Your job now includes ensuring universal human rights in the country. We will continue to advocate for it, desiring change.
I realize this really puts you all into a dilemma, a problem that you will have to find a solution using the machinery of the state which you now control. MDP represents the grassroots democratic aspirations of the dhivehi people. You do right by them.
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