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I have not made a single anonymous account for years for activism or political engagement. The reason being, it's not an effective way to impact change, when you create an illusion of activity. It's just not real, and a waste of resources

This is not to say I have never operated anonymous accounts for activism. The most popular handle that got the most mileage was an account called ”Smoky Lungs”. During the early days it was extremely dangerous to speak about the issues I was concerned with under my own name.
I was always aware of the risks involved as did most people who I was friends with. I went on to make a few more anonymous accounts over time as backup access to log into platforms in case my primary account got blocked or suspended.
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A tourist woman has been harrassed by the public and then manhandled by the police before being arrested for wearing a bikini in public in the #SunnySideOfLife. This follows the wake of multiple stabbing attacks of tourists by Islamic State in the #Maldives

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@DhivehiRajje1 @MvSpokesperson @ibusolih @Aniya @HindhaIsmail @Manje Not without having public discussions over why they need rehabilitations, what they are being rehabilitated from, televised court trials over possible crimes these indoctrinated people have committed and sentences.
@DhivehiRajje1 @MvSpokesperson @ibusolih @Aniya @HindhaIsmail @Manje You can’t just lock up people in a camp somewhere without just cause. The just cause needs to be established in a free and fair judiciary and the public is made aware of the issues at play, and why we find it all acceptable.
@DhivehiRajje1 @MvSpokesperson @ibusolih @Aniya @HindhaIsmail @Manje Anything less is just bandaids on cancer. You have to go for the cancer itself. Let’s dive right in then. The facilities are ready, the judiciary is kind of fixed, needs to be proven. This seems like great proving ground.
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Defence Minister @MariyaDidi confirms the government in full control of the Maldives military. This is an essential win towards #SecularMaldives.

#NormalizingDissent #FikuryInqilab

Watch @psmnewsmv's broadcast: #10gekhabaru
I cannot stress how important this news is for us all. We can now officially play Islamists against the government with a degree of confidence that the Islamist threat could be successfully neutralized.
The time to push Islamists further is now upon us. We need to push them to come out of their hiding places and show their true colours.
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Good point. Who cares about ISIS. Why does ISIS even matter? After all, it was just one iteration of the same Islamic supremacist ideology rooted in the same prophetic narrative of end times. If not them, there will be someone else. #thread…
Islam is the problem. It's Islam and it's theological sources, that inspires group after group of these crazy wackjobs to appear one after the other, like heads of a hydra, continuing to keep popping up regardless of how many you cut off.
The ideology itself has socialized deep into the psyche of believers and weak-minded converts. It then allows for self organizing on it's own in a self-fulfilling way in a bizarre network effect type reaction.
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Whenever someone says something like “beautiful Islam” I am reminded that this identification exists because an “ugly Islam” exists and is more prevalent. And that Muslim people are forced to justify their beliefs all the time because of ugly Islam.
Both beautiful Islam and ugly Islam share the same theological roots, essentially making this fractured distinction two aspects of the same thing. The beautiful temples & shrines depicted in the quoted tweet are merely monuments built by a conquering ideology to glorify beliefs.
My Muslim friends. This is what you have been reduced to at this point. To cherry-pick aspects of your religion and faith to show and prove to the rest of the people how ”beautiful” your religion is.
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Dear #SecularMaldives aspirants; make sure you you don't take unnecessary risks, make sure you have good hygiene when it comes to online security and privacy. These people are planning to kill. Take precautions. #FikuryInqilab
Once you get your security and privacy ducks in a row, then start looking objectively at the opportunity to advance #SecularMaldives activism that has emerged from this situation.
The military now appears to be firmly on the side of the Maldives state and in a state of readiness. And we all are positioned to agitate Islamic extremists in the Maldives to make their move, given they are also in a state of readiness to attack.
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Ali Zaid hithun story akun hamajeheyne. Ekam eheneh nuvaane. Thibunaa dhuvahu thiya muzaahiraage vaahakathah mulhi dhuneyeah genesdhini alhugandu Dhivehi Observer medhuverikoh. Edhuvahu millionakah vure ginameehun mulhi dhuniyein noohah vain. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
Adhi koba, edhuvahah ”Black friday” ey furathama kiyee ves alhugandhu, eduvahuge suruheegai ”It is a black Friday for all Maldivians” ey alhugandu liyunee. Muraahiraa aki dhivehi democracy movementuge oivaru badhaluvi dhuvas. Varah salaam!
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These people are now changing the story. A lot of them are probably busy scrubbing through their past posts looking to do some housekeeping in this new environment.
Save your screenshots now while you can. All of us will greatly benefit from having access to that history. This is only just getting started.

#SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
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When someone commits a murder, it always precedes a series of events leading up to it. These could be, family situations, social and economic one's, mental health, education, and so forth that lead one after the other deterministically.
Most of the time, in the larger arc of those series of events, the person going through it, may not even have choice for a different outcome for his timeline of existence which lead to the killing.
Are we as a collective group, calling ourselves a nation state, knowing fully well this is how things are, going to kill people because they wronged us?

I don't think that is a solution to murders in the country. We can do better. Always attempt to do better. #SecularMaldives
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Everything seems to be coming together well so far. The courts need to be more prepared, terrorism law in place, military under control, terrorist rehabilitation center operational and a media blitzing all ready to unfold and let the games begin. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
Why I support Maldivian jihadists to be brought back. It's risky, but it's a powerful opportunity if leveraged correctly.
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This is important to consider. I think people aspiring to be free from the environment of fear these mullahs have made should make short video clips of public speeches these people have given where they support extremists views. Make it go viral.
It's all about timing it correctly. There is a lot of infighting and mistrust between these people and they are ready to finger point at each other, and opportunity has emerged to push these guys to continue to escalate the fight between their respective groups.
I personally didn't imagine us getting here so quickly. But obviously it has. This is a better situation than them going after laadheenee’s as it hurts us. It's better they go at each other. And we need to enable that to play out in public.
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@HussainAhdd @yaattey @ErazerSecular I know. That’s how we are going to flush you out into the open from your places of hiding. You can’t help but react eventually. #FukuryInqilab
@HussainAhdd @yaattey @ErazerSecular Mikan nimman kuranjeheni hama emme kameh. Raahjeyge salaamathi baaru thakaa dhaulathuge haibathuga vaa hurihaa baarakaai kaleymen jessun. Eyge fahun ammilla ah massala hallu vaane. Dhen goruhandaa. #SecularMaldives #FikuryInqilab
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@nusiyaanu @HumayAG @azkanese @mvpeoplesmajlis The point being made is he is being a hypocrite by advocating against religious persecution in India, while presiding over religious persecutions in Maldives over non-Muslims. @MohamedNasheed continues to say he will not allow any other religions in the Maldives as speaker.
@nusiyaanu @HumayAG @azkanese @mvpeoplesmajlis @MohamedNasheed He is well aware that there are a lot of non-Muslim, ex-Muslims, Atheists, LGBTQ persons in the country. @ibusolih @presidencymv is also aware. Yet they deny even legal recognition of such persons in the country despite persistent advocacy for those rights.
@nusiyaanu @HumayAG @azkanese @mvpeoplesmajlis @MohamedNasheed @ibusolih @presidencymv Yet when they are on the global platform, such a UN forums, other international forums, and like the recent trip to India by the speaker, they conveniently talk about human rights and ending persecution of minorities without irony.
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Maldivian Jihadi terrorist talks about why he has chosen a life of crime, evil and barbarism! His mental gymnastics let's him to genuinely believe he is in the right! We must reject this bankrupt ideology of Islamic orthodoxy!

One of the most important takeaways from this interview is that a Maldivian has publicly assumed leadership of Jihadist from the Maldives and has declared the government of @ibusolih and the majlis of @MohamedNasheed as unislamic.
These jihadists are given a platform by @OGNreports to speak directly to Maldivians first and foremost as he speaks in Dhivehi language and looks directly at the camera.
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Islamic Death Toll For The Year 2019 #Thread

As 2019 draws to an end, I feel it's important to take stock of the human death toll caused by people who claim to believe and follow Islamic Orthodoxy.
No other ideology - neither political or religious (Islam is both) - has caused this much chaos, death and destruction in recent history or in the past and is still allowed to continue to do so.
The numbers this year alone is just staggering!

It's unbelievable that humans continue to tolerate this cruel and barbaric ideology in this day and age.
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Education reform is the critical area of focus that #SecularMaldives advocate should be working on, because in education lies the key to unravelling the religious control over society.

#FikuryInqilab #NormalizingDissent
@ErazerSecular here is the conundrum you face. You can't deny kids a modern science-based education if you want society to be able to keep up with the changing world and the job market along with it.
And soon as you do, religion starts becoming irrelevant in the face of new knowledge that young children are then exposed to when they acquire a modern education.
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ISIS taking sex slaves and raping them is an act sunnah taught by Muhammed himself. These people are merely just following the teachings of Islam, from Hadith, Sunnah and Quran. It's the hallmark of a ”good” jihadi!

Read #thread below;
Here is a well known hadith that deals directly with the topic of female slaves used for sexual purposes according to Sahih Bukhari.
The hadith is quite cold hearted as it doesn't address the emotional state of these captive women, shows no mercy for their feelings right after their men-folk captured or killed and then taken off to a foreign land in which they were inevitably traumatized, scared, and raped!
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RCMP visited. They wanted to check up my security situation & to inform me Canadian national intelligence has picked up a threat notice to my life. They are legally obligated to inform me of this fact. They are monitoring the situation and advising accordingly. #TerroristWatchMv
They also inform me a hazard radius has been set up around my residence and increased monitoring and patrol is in place.

I am also informed that they are treating it seriously.
I told them I intend to continue with my advocacy work for now and completely trust the competence of law enforcement agencies in Canada to do their jobs.
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You failed to understand the power of social media and online organizing. You have discounted that from very beginning despite social media now being the underlying technology for virtual society that's emerged in recent years.
I do not have to even be a part of MDP or be in communication with influential people in MDP to be able to influence public discourse. You just have to know how the systems in place work and then exploit the system once we understand it.
Myself and others that I associate with will continue down this path, identifying societies pressure points and then systematically work on applying the right influence on those pressure points.
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The televised Majlis discussions is the most important aspect of the current wave of #SecularMaldives activism that started early this year.
As things would have it, the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and the subsequent events lead to us working towards taking the issue of terrorist among us discussion to the Majlis floor.
At the time, minority rights issues, exmuslims, women rights issues, LGBTQ issues, children rights issues and religious extremism - all talking points for #SecularMaldives advocates - wasn't recognized in any public way.
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Hageegathaki goi neyngey moonu nufenna meehun mihaa Islamic terrorism aamuvefai vaadhuvas varehgai rashu therey hama beynun gothakah ulhen dhookoh nuleveyne eheneh.
Kaleymen dhen eyrun hadhaa ehchaki moonu burugaa beynun kuraani mujuthamau thereyga faalhugai filaigen ulhen.

Egothakah kankan kuraakah ves huhdhaeh nudheveyne.
Dhen anehkamaki anhenunge haggu thakuge vaahaka.

Moonu burugaa ebahuri beynunkohfa geveshi aniyaa foruvan ves. Egoi ves varihama veggeneh nuthibeveyne.
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There is a way for @ibusolih’s government to maintain control of the current situation and still pursue prosecution of terrorists implicated in the murder of Afrasheem and others through legislative and judicial reforms:

Continue reading #thread below;
The solution is a simple one, but an elegant one:


Let me explain why I think this would be a powerful solution to an extremely difficult situation.

Keep reading below...
Right now things are getting pretty heated as action against Islamic extremists in the country comes to a climax, the government could easily lose if Islamists are able to exploits religious narrative against the government.
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Islamic religion and Muslims who adhere to closely to the theology is full of hypocrisy. They like picking on other people's choice of clothing by fail to see that Muhammed himself cross-dressed, wearing Aisha’s clothing often.

Read #thread below;
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