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The National @NAACP has released its 2020 policy positions to guide voters' decisions in state and local races.

It does not endorse specific ballot measures, but the positions contrast with some endorsements made by the California @NAACP

National NAACP urges "each state and municipality to reject monetary bail requirements."

California NAACP opposes #Prop25, which would outlaw the use of monetary bail.
National NAACP supports "federal, state, and local legislation that mandates paid sick leave for most workers."

California NAACP supports #Prop22, which would exempt Uber, Lfyt & a few other companies from giving workers paid sick days & family leave.
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It would be great if you would provide ongoing coverage of this development. This type of thing is gonna have election implications in 2024…
@HousingLB Mark my words. Voters in single family home neighborhoods even in DNC propensity voting districts will absolutely revolt as developments like this pop up in their neighborhoods #housing #nimby #longbeachCA. This is the type
of issue that could turn the California Assembly and Senate GOP. And this type of zoning is UNNECESSARY. It was necessary when it passed but it isn't necessary now. There is about to be a HUGE crash in commercial real estate on two fronts.
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Prop 13 allowed white property owners to build their generational wealth by siphoning off of public education and then, after they sucked public ed dry, they used that wealth to build themselves a private education system for their white kids to attend and left public ed to POC
We destroyed our public education system, turned around and looked at it and went "ew it's destroyed, we don't want that" and then--using the spoils of our plunder--built ourselves something shiny and segregated and accessible only to ourselves #YesOn15
Now, California's public school student body is overwhelmingly impoverished and non-white. Meanwhile, wealthy white people use private education to send their already-privileged kids through a system that will give them exponentially more opportunities to remain wealthy
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An important fact about how Prop 15 works is that, once passed, the $ from commercial property taxes would be earmarked for education & public services, but HOW it's spent is up to each city/county which means we need people like @nithyavraman making those choices

If prop 15 passes LA would get around ~$3 billion...

60% of which must go towards public education,

but that could mean hiring more guidance counselors or it could mean funding more charter schools and school police
The remaining 40% would go towards various public services, but that could mean hiring more librarians or it could mean hiring more library security guards

this isn't just a state-wide issue, but a matter of who makes up our local government as well
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