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#Prop22 was the most expensive ballot initiative in history: "gig economy" companies firehosed $200m over voters, outspending 48/50 state legislative races on a single question.

That question: can employers misclassify workers as contractors and escape legal obligations?

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That's a high-stakes question. US workers spent more than a century fighting for basic rights: the right not the maimed, raped or killed on the job; the right to a living wage; the right to a weekend; the right not to be discriminated against based on race or sex or religion.

Above all: the right to form a union and bargain collectively with employers who otherwise hold all the negotiating leverage - to pool their resources in the same way that gig economy companies did to fund Prop 22.

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#Prop22 What distinguishes an employee from an independent contractor? Someone with legal knowledge help me with this. Cause the way I'm reading it makes me think Kroger and Vons could catch a case from @AGBecerra
When I have previously ordered Vons delivery the driver was driving a VONS branded truck. The driver, as an employee, did not have the leeway to do things in that truck that a contractor could do like say, pick up his/her kids from daycare. The driver was SUPERVISED. Image
I'm not certain about this but I believe that Von's driver employee could park the truck in any Von's grocery store parking lot, hand the keys to the store manager and say "I quit" and walk out. If an independent contractor picked up groceries for delivery, made one delivery, Image
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#Cenk #jimmydore ALL THIS IS TURNING ME OFF (THREAD) Hi, I'm a 50-year-old Black woman who has never missed an election at the local, state or federal level since I voted in my dorm commissary at UC Berkeley at age 18. The policies that most inform my vote are
combatting #ClimateChange addressing #IncomeInequality combatting the empire tendencies of the United States, #RacialJustice in the United States and #WomensRights. I don't care one hoot about the individuals who carry water for those policies. I don't care
if they are white or non-white, old or young, rich or poor, or whatever gender. If they are EFFECTIVELY advocating for those policies, then YAY! I'm deeply in the habit of voting and, when I can afford it, giving money to campaigns. It's not a habit that I'm going to break
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There are lots of problems with ad-tech:

* being spied on all the time means that the people of the 21st century are less able to be their authentic selves;

* any data that is collected and retained will eventually breach, creating untold harms;

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* data-collection enables for discriminatory business practices ("digital redlining");

* the huge, tangled hairball of adtech companies siphons lots (maybe even most) of the money that should go creators and media orgs; and

* anti-adblock demands browsers and devices that thwart their owners' wishes, a capability that can be exploited for even more nefarious purposes;

That's all terrible, but it's also IRONIC, since it appears that, in addition to everything else, ad-tech is a fraud, a bezzle.

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Back in April, Xi Jinping gave a (just released) speech about his "dual circulation" plan for China's economy:

* stimulating consumer spending and reducing China's dependence on trade, and

* increasing other countries' dependence on Chinese tech."…

The strategy speaks volumes about the issues of most urgency in our current political economy, grounded as it is in competing bids to strengthen one's own autonomy while reducing other economic actors' capacity for self-determination.

Think of California's #Prop22, which stripped employees of the right to organize, to earn minimum wage, or to receive benefits - and gave gig companies the assurance that their power to exploit and abuse workers will never face organized resistance.…

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The Obama administration inherited a vast economic crisis. They responded with Quantitative Easing, pumping trillions into the finance sector to rescue the banks that had knowingly gambled on bad mortgages, losing so much they were about to go under.…

At the time, deficit hawks predicted inflation, which is a commonsense prediction: inflation is what happens when the amount of money chasing goods and services goes up faster than the supply of those goods and services, creating bidding wars.

They were right...and wrong. What we got was asset bubbles, especially in housing markets, driving up the price of putting a roof over your head rewarding speculators and landlords, especially Wall Street landlords.

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The US election news has largely overshadowed a seismic moment in global finance: Ant, a fintech company that spun out of Alibaba/Alipay, was scheduled to have the world's largest IPO, topping even Aramco, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.

Then Chinese regulators canceled it.

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As @yvessmith writes in her excellent @nakedcapitalism breakdown, the consensus narrative on this is capricious Chinese regulators changed their minds and jerked the rug out from under Ali's billionaire owner Jack Ma.

The reality is a lot chewier.…

To understand it, you need to understand the difference between the Chinese and American "money story." In the US, there is widespread, unquestioning faith in the fairytale that money predates the state and is separate from it.

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The National @NAACP has released its 2020 policy positions to guide voters' decisions in state and local races.

It does not endorse specific ballot measures, but the positions contrast with some endorsements made by the California @NAACP

National NAACP urges "each state and municipality to reject monetary bail requirements."

California NAACP opposes #Prop25, which would outlaw the use of monetary bail.
National NAACP supports "federal, state, and local legislation that mandates paid sick leave for most workers."

California NAACP supports #Prop22, which would exempt Uber, Lfyt & a few other companies from giving workers paid sick days & family leave.
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If you live in California, you have been blitzed by messages to vote for #Prop22, a rule that would allow Uber, Lyft, Postmates and other money-losing, destructive bezzles to continue to abuse their employees through the fiction that they are "independent contractors."

Prop 22 is the most expensive ballot initiative in California history, with a pricetag of $186m and counting, money transfered from the never-to-be-profitable app companies that have destroyed so many Californian businesses and lives.…

These companies launched with deep cash reserves from the Saudi royals, funneled through Softbank, and they were a bet that they could monopolize our state's transport, logistics and food by losing money on every transaction until all the real, money-making businesses failed.

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A thread on why Californians need to vote NO on Prop 22.

This is one of the most egregious ballot measures in recent history. UFW knows all too well what happens when labor law carve-outs create a sub-caste of workers vulnerable to exploitation.
Uber, Postmates, Instacart, and other "gig" companies have spent $186 million to confuse CA voters into supporting Prop 22— by far the most expensive ballot initiative in American history.

That shows how much they have to gain at the expense of workers.…
Prop 22 intends to carve out exceptions in CA law AB-5 which requires businesses like Uber to treat workers like normal employees. For example, paying minimum wage.

Take it from us: excluding workers from basic protections is terrible. Vote NO on Prop 22.…
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Every. Single. Word. Of. This. @AGBecerra, @GavinNewsom, @LorenaAD80 @UCBLabor and union-funded "researchers" like @veenadubal "seem hellbent on destroying the gig economy, which provided about 1 million app-based rideshare and food delivery jobs in 2018."… Image
"With the likes of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart, the gig economy has revolutionized transportation and how we shop.

"During the pandemic, we’ve witnessed the importance of its flexibility, as the companies have been able to ramp up to meet grocery delivery demand while..2/
"..providing jobs that allow workers to choose their hours. Without these companies, our stores would be packed, exacerbating the spread of coronavirus, and fewer people would have jobs.

"But state lawmakers and their labor union supporters seem hellbent on destroying the..3/
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You guys....
I have an article for you to read but you have to read it all. It's important.
See how @LorenaSGonzalez staff, @veenadubal, @davecraige & others are working together to silence those of us who are anti #AB5- "This is significant – we have a PAC opposing Prop 22 coordinating with legislative employees to target political opponents."…
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