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1/ The BBC and many other media outlets regularly use a UK based "Observatory" funded by the EU & UK FSO as a source for what's happening on the ground in Syria.

2/ The observatory is operated by solely by a Syrian fugitive named Rami Abdulrahman, AKA Osama Suleiman.

He claims to have access to hundreds of sources inside Syria who provide his intelligence.

He operates this website.
3/ Syrian Observatory for Human RightsΒ (SOHR)

Since creating the NGO in 2006, Osama has been found to receive funding from the EU and a UK funded project.
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No shit? You mean these idiots determined Russia wanted to help Trump after using Hamilton 68 & New Knowledge data analysts?


Who could've guessed using the most biased anti-Trump group on the planet they would come to this conclusion?

Screenshot since I'll likely be blocked soon.
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#America is engaged in a new kind of #CivilWar. Though it's not so civil, we find very little common ground. Like most modern wars, ours is unconventional. Battle lines drawn along political ideology. Weapons of mass disinformation foment chaos & division.
Our guidons are of #memetic design.Trending #hashtags have become our battle cries. Daily skirmishes swell from #anonymous avatars, sock puppets, bots, & trolls. We've taken #humanity out of the fightβ€”leaving only the worst of us to face-off.
Abstract as they may seem, these plans are strategically devised & implemented by internal & external entities. Opposing enemies stealthily infiltrate our groups to role play & subtly nudge the less informed in any desirable direction. Exploiting our fracture points.
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@CrowdStrike mention from @realDonaldTrump is likely related to Moscow born co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch, a key player in the anti-Putin #PropagandaWars.

Dmitri is a Senior Fellow at the @AtlanticCouncil @DFRLabβ€”Funded by Ukrainian billionaire Viktor Pinchuk.

His involvement with the same players involved in the #IntegrityInitiative and #SpyGate #PropagandaWars operations indicates Crowdstrike is compromised.

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@99freemind @YouTube Time magazine was founded in 1923 by Yale Skull & Bonesman Henry Luce. His nickname there was "Baal."

Time was funded by JP Morgan and handled by the Dulles brothers.

Luce was also born in China and later became part of the "China Lobby."

#PropagandaWars πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
@99freemind @YouTube TIME is one of the longest standing propaganda rags in existence.
@99freemind @YouTube Trump knows.
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Can't wait to find out where the tunnels lead.

Sante Fe Institute?

Los Alamos National Lab?
What if the worst part of Epstein's operations were happening here and the island was just to distract us?

Zorro Ranch to Los Alamos
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1/Half a million dollars can buy what for the CCP in DC?

***Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Edition*** #PropagandaWars

@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @themarketswork @DawsonSField @SeekerOTL @klauswynter @We_Have_Risen @2xwide_dreaming @MischaEDM
2/FARA#5875 BLJ Worldwide LTD $565,215.99

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³China United States Exchange Foundation
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³Embassy of the People's Republic of China to the U.S.…
3/"We shared information about the Foundation's work to various audiences and provided support for delegations (Vox, Huffington Post, Boston Globe & Boston Herald) visiting China.
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Cloudflare is too good for 8chan & @CodeMonkeyZ but happily hosts the [] where Open Russia founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky launches "Muh Russia" smears using US funded propaganda networks.

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1/#MockingbirdMedia was let off the chain when 44 gave America one last parting gift on Dec. 23, 2016

@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @MadAddictSport @We_Have_Risen @2xwide_dreaming @klauswynter @SeekerOTL @DawsonSField
2/Most did not notice when the Smith-Mundt Act was repealed in 2012 which prohibited the use of propaganda on United States citizens on our soil.…
3/The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) became an independent agency on October 1, 1999, by authority of the Foreign Affairs Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998 (22 U.S.C. 6501 note). *This only applied to media abroad as the Smith-Mundt Act still β˜‘οΈ…
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What is this! We have a KSA connection and another China connection via Hakluyt #PropagandaWars @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport…
Why is it that a majority of the country has no idea we were bombing 8 countries for 6 year and funding ISIS?…
China also gave the same company almost half a million in 2017…
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Intel agencies use NGOs to "rescue" children from war zones & natural disasters.

They created a blueprint for human trafficking with regime change, arms/drug trafficking, & blackmail.

Epstein is their Frankenstein.
Here's a perfect example to start looking into.

Like any front company they have to do just enough to look "normal" in the public eye.

Take a look at the names.…
In reality they are another monstrosity using USAID & Soros funded propaganda to align with regime change ops.

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PBS flies to China to receive assurances from Huawei. Mr. Pang says no backdoors and everything is πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚#PropagandaWars @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MischaEDM @almostjingo @TheLastRefuge2 @MissiWhite4 @BabeReflex_8 @connieketchup
"The Chinese government has been many times repeat the same message. They never asked any company to give the data back to China. And in the future, they won't do this as well."…
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I hereby rescind my prior statements & doubts over @SebGorka.

With his reply to Anne Applbaum I can confidently say Seb is on the right side of the #PropagandaWars.

I'd still like to hear more about his Integrity Initiative meetings.

#KAGA2020 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
As a witness it would be nice to hear what Seb has to share about this...

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Tom Perez met with the President of Task Rabbit (Heather Podesta's client via Invariant) to discuss censorship @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @themarketswork @TheLastRefuge2 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo @BabeReflex_8 @2xwide_dreaming @klauswynter @connieketchup
Who else does Tony's ex lobby for?…
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More evidence of former FBI agents supporting any effort to "get Trump."

Here we have Hamilton 68 stooge Clint Watts praising a former fugitive for doxxing an American citizen over a harmless video.


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In 2017 a group of Never Trumpers & liberal resisters created a 501(c)(3) under the title "RENEW DEMOCRACY INITIATIVE" [RDI] in response to the "threat" to democracy poised by @realDonaldTrump.

Let's talk about this group and it's "manifesto."

It was actually founded by Russian Garry Kasparov who is perhaps the greatest chess player in history and a member of the US neocon elite.

His site discusses the launch of RDI's "Fight for liberty."
Garry is also the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and attends "PutinCon with people like Bill Browder & Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Another well published propagandist with tons of books & articles.
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Great example of elite globalists leveraging political & intelligence networks to infiltrate public discourse.

If you'd like to see the "big picture" just take a look at the MAP.

[Macro Advisory Partners]

What do they do at MAP?

They organize round-table discussions called "Global Conversations."

They share insights (leaks & propaganda) with journalists and political operatives.

NYT Thomas Friedman must be really insightful.
Here is what Friedman wrote in the NYT last year. "Muh Russia" propaganda.
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How many of my woke followers are familiar with the Committee of 300, Le Cercle, or the Pilgrim's Society?

The Pilgrims are essentially the "grown up" version of the Skull & Bones.

An elite US/UK network of bankers, political operatives, spooks, and propagandists.…
Coincidence? Many of the same bloodlines we see in "illuminati" research.

The same involved with the CFR/Chatham house etc.
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Former FBI agent Daniel Jones wants to "Advance Democracy" with the help of George Soros & Silicon Valley billionaires.

Sounds legit.

Rob Reiner connections and more.

Yes, that Rob Reiner...
Liberal billionaires and tech Giants funding an FBI agent to investigate Trump through Fusion GPS & Christopher Steele. Jones also works w/ Jonathan Morgan who created Hamilton 68 & the Alabama election Russian bot hoax.

They really need a new script.

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