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1/ The BBC and many other media outlets regularly use a UK based "Observatory" funded by the EU & UK FSO as a source for what's happening on the ground in Syria.

2/ The observatory is operated by solely by a Syrian fugitive named Rami Abdulrahman, AKA Osama Suleiman.

He claims to have access to hundreds of sources inside Syria who provide his intelligence.

He operates this website.
3/ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR)

Since creating the NGO in 2006, Osama has been found to receive funding from the EU and a UK funded project.
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2/Oct 01/19 Prime Minister Edi Rama’s spokesperson said that allegations that the Albanian premier was behind an illegal $80,000 foreign donation to Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign were not worth commenting upon.…
3/That's old! Stop trying to distract from Rudy's friends from Ukraine! Ukraine! Ukraine!
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Pop Quiz. What does the Speedway Bomber have to do with the 2016 election? @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @JarradKushner @DawsonSField @klauswynter @Knowita47918362 @stranahan @connieketchup @SayYesToTruth @BabeReflex_8 @almostjingo
@stranahan talking about right here this morning
I wasn't kidding when I said everyone knows each other via #RegimeChangeDeluxe
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12/09/09 Canada miners jump after Chinese bid for Corriente…
MANY Chicom takeovers originate from a Canadian address. Just like uranium one and Azarga.

“China claimed the lion's share of Ecuador's oil.”…
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Three republicans accepted the Atlantic Council sponsored trip to Ukraine for their staff and wanted to see if they were some of the MANY enemies behind the line or not...

Lists and itenerary here
Scott Perry pushed back a little......jury is still out as whether has a spine or not....…
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2/NABU has been bugging SAPO too
In March 2018, the SAPO head found bugs in the aquarium near his table in his cabinet. They were placed by NABU.…
3/#CuckDeluxe and Pakistani Spy Ring in Congress Employer and Cover Upper THREATENED Ukrainian lawmakers too
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1/"I said probably tomorrow for an atta-boy and to get the details to stick. So Biden's willing..."
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @klauswynter @We_Have_Risen @RealestAhole @DawsonSField @SeekerOTL
2/If you have not seen this documentary it is a must! #RegimeChangeDeluxe
3/Just a few important dates Re Ambassadors

Aug 18/16 Pyatt out
Aug 23/16 Marie Yovanovitch arrives in Kyiv
May 09/19 Marie Yovanovitch fired
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1/Update on H U N T E R's bank statements + found another Dem Dinosaur lobbying for f*cking Ukraine in the same time period the payments started @BenKTallmadge @almostjingo @CarrollQuigley1 @klauswynter @2xwide_dreaming @1foreverseeking @MadAddictSport @DawsonSField
2/In the process of making a spreadsheet of the notable transactions. So far to Oct 2014. What records? These records:…
3/Page numbers are second from the right column. Apr 2014 is where I noticed Burisma popping up.
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Getting closer...

Biden's Burisma, the Ukrainian Gas company under investigation, has a partnership w/ the Atlantic Council.

Clinton Foundation donor Victor Pinchuk is on the International advisory board of the Atlantic Council.

He also funds them through his own foundation.
@themarketswork has covered these relationship quite thoroughly.…
After you've read up on Pinchuk and his leverage, take a look at this thread exposing the Atlantic Council #PropagandaWar & #RegimeChangeDeluxe ops.

Between the Pinchuk funded Atlantic Council & Yalta (YES) meetings we have a full dossier #SpyGate cast.
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1/How salty do you think Yulia, et al are that after pouring all that money into DC she still lost the election? @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @klauswynter @We_Have_Risen @2xwide_dreaming @almostjingo @abresler @RealestAhole @RevisitedRick @GTS_Watch @DawsonSField @SeekerOTL
2/If this is not money laundering, I don't know what is. We had half the story with Livingston Group at the time the money was pouring in...
3/Tons of money was coming into DC for a UKRAINE election and perfect example as to why, in my opinion, we need a divorce.
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Delaying this visa is the worst thing in the world 45 can do to punish Rouhani. Absolutely brilliant! 😂😂😂😂 @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @klauswynter @MadAddictSport @We_Have_Risen @Knowita47918362 @DawsonSField @RevisitedRick @RealestAhole
2/Why worst thing? No destruction or violence and especially no access to the traitors keeping him afloat. Even if he gets the visa in the nick of time, the horror of not knowing for him is priceless. Every second.…
3/What else is on the Middle East tap?

Kansas met with MbS
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HRC rewriting history with her Hard Choices paperback re her enthusiastic backing of the 2009 coup in Honduras #RegimeChangeDeluxe @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @We_Have_Risen @MadAddictSport @klauswynter
What has happened to Honduras since then is much worse than described. It is #PseudoMAGA after all.
The arrest of the President's brother and the events that led up to it here:
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Queen gave Boris the green light to suspend parliament😂🥳🍾🎉 @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @klauswynter
What does that mean? Time to Brexit…
@BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @klauswynter How the opposition explains what is going on here:…
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National Democratic Institute (left wing of #RegimeChangeDeluxe) +2M grant Re Nigeria....

How are things going over there these days?!…
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2/What is MAP and the big deal? Mona links MI6 directly to 44's WH...look at the bottom
3/Four stuck around to own this including Jake Sullivan...
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Lord Andrew Feldman is a member of the Queen's Privy Council. He was made life peer by long time Oxford chum David Cameron.

Andrew started his career at Bain & Co before he would later become known as Cameron's "fixer."

#KAG 🇺🇲
#BritishMeddling 🇬🇧
Classmates, neighbors, and business partners. Lord Feldman is now a multimillionaire venture capitalist.
He's now formed his own consultancy firm and landed multiple advisory positions. I won't get into all of them...
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What was Waldman lobbying for on the behalf of Deripaska + Lavrov?
***Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Guinean mining operations - Soros Edition***
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @MadAddictSport @SeekerOTL @2xwide_dreaming @We_Have_Risen @klauswynter
2/Apr 20/17 "According to the complaint, Soros’ interference with Steinmetz’s business was motivated by a grudge dating back to 1998, stemming from business in Russia and Soros’ alleged hostility towards Israel."…
3/Jul 01/13 FARA#5934 ENDEAVOR GROUP (Adam Waldman)…

Worth noting the gentleman that Waldman met with at the State Dept is not an Open Society Fellow…
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The #MockingbirdMedia is the #EnemyOfThePeople. Many traveling to South America are coming from Yumbi in the Congo. This is what happened to them. @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @klauswynter @MadAddictSport…
Why is the media not telling their story? What corporations are involved? Where does China sit?…
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @klauswynter @MadAddictSport ⬆️Populations that #RegimeChangeDeluxe NGOs get fired up to come to our border are now going to be CLOGGING the line for people with LEGITIMATE claims.

Personally, I would rather empower Congo to kick all of the multi-national corporations out and stand on their own feet.
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