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Republicans Against Private Property Rights is certainly on brand for Trumpists though
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Odds he doesn't know what happened on Good Friday? 100%?
How f*cked in the head do you have to be to ponder what adjectives best describe an unjust prosecution, crucifixion, and death, and "happy" is what you come up with? πŸ€”

Asking for a @realDonaldTrump
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*BREAKING*: Robert Moore, the ECU trustee censured by the UNC System Board of Governors, has submitted his resignation

Notably, the resignation letter Moore sent does not match what was emailed out by the UNC System Office public relations folks

Guess which line they deleted?
I mentioned when this scandal came up that I wouldn't cry over Lewis and Moore resigning

But the UNC System Office manually editing the signed resignation letter before distributing it to the media seems... problematic
[This is the part the UNC System Office deleted before distributing to the media btw. Wonder why? πŸ€”]
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Did I share with y'all the latest issue of the Karolina KKonfederate?

There's a missive from the Grand Wizard about #SilentSham πŸ˜‚
Sharing some new developments in the California §512(f) lawsuit later today ☺️
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BREAKING: @dailytarheel's @bycharliemcgee confirms the $74,999 in tax money was *not* for the SCV to waive its 1A protest rights – but for them to give Sara Powell, head of the Daughters of the Confederacy, to "buy" Silent Sam

And **the SCV's own lawyer** admits it!

Compare the cover story in that silly editorial that Jim Holmes Jr, Darrell Allison, Wendy Murphy, Anna Nelson, and Bob Rucho authored... the bumbling confession of C. Boyd Sturges III

If that sounds vaguely familiar to you, you probably read about a cloak-and-dagger meeting at a rural Bojangles πŸ˜‰

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I'm not sure if this article's authors, @NickAtNews and @mihirzaveri, are active on Twitter

But I want to thank them for one particular sentence, because it prompted me to do some searching – and it turns out the fix was in well ahead of time

Walk with me...

The article Nick and Mihir wrote includes this particular passage

Which is a weird thing to not know!

Filing a lawsuit is a big deal. Typically you can at least ballpark when the thing was filed, right?

Especially over such a high-profile issue?

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It's almost like they knew 3 years ago that Donald Trump was such a manifestly debased, corrupt, venal man – congenitally unfit to hold the office of President of the United States – that this sort of outcome was inevitable

The real question is: why didn't you?
It's not like any of this was a surprise...
Ohhhh idk about that, the competition is fierce 🀣
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So now that Dan Gerlach has resigned as ECU's interim Chancellor, when do we find out how much taxpayer $$$ was spent on UNC-system lawyers trying to keep those security videos under wraps for weeks? πŸ€”
To recap, Gerlach got suspended about a month ago

Ensuing media coverage focused on a prostitute who'd reportedly serviced him in one of Greenville's local watering holes

Old thread is here:
The public relations response after Gerlach's suspension hopscotched across a variety of excuses, including this notion that he'd been set up by ECU police officers who pressured him into going to the bar

This doesn't look like a guy being pressured tbh...
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Sooo I got mailed some new apparel

Let no one doubt @wolmanj is a man of his word πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
This raises an important question: when the Second Court of Appeals affirms Judge Chupp's ruling where Vic Mignogna and Ty Beard got BTFO'd 0-17, does that count as an additional 17 losses or just one? πŸ€”

Oh man I hadn't even considered that: do we treat that as a multiplier?

e.g. 17 causes of action, claiming 2 errors apiece, for 34 losses???

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Usually you try to get a Twitter account suspended *before* it can point out how badly your lawyer completely flubbed his make-or-break hearing that led to 12 of your 17 causes of action getting immediately dismissed πŸ€”
If y'all could kindly encourage folks to come follow @fsckemall for the next week, it would be appreciated πŸ˜‚

An appeal's pending, but we know how those things go. Coordinated false-flagging works and Twitter does jack diddly about it
Also, we made some changes since last time so Mike doesn't have to monitor emails or pretend he understands social media because he's my age but still somehow a boomer
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For those of you who are wondering what this is - I'll attach the rule in question to the next tweet. Basically, Ty didn't bother to read about what can/can't be part of a pleading. Fairly big screw-up; easy to avoid. He walked into it.
Here's the rule, with the relevant bits highlighted.

Think about all those declarations and I think you'll see the issue.
Impossible to overstate how bad this is for Ty. Very, very, very bad.

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Probably. They're so bad at it it's hard to tell though tbh

It's weird, because @ljmontello's affidavit mentions the 2004 (Paragraph 6), 2007 (Paragraphs 7-8), and 2009 (Paragraph 9) conventions

She never claimed to be at Tekko 2010. Why are you lying?

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("Ex parte" is Latin for "from." An ex parte communication is one coming from only one party, not providing any notice to the other party. Basically the opposite of a letter copied to opposing counsel, filed publicly, and served via the electronic filing system.)
It is quite literally impossible to overstate how fantastically dumb Ty Beard's "ex parte" characterization is

To any minimally competent attorney, it screams "this guy doesn't know what he's doing"
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The motion is weak and the basis is LOLable, but my suspicion is that the judge will grant it (though likely for less than 3 weeks)

Defendants will argue the burden is on Plaintiff to show good cause (the motion doesn't do that), plus ongoing harassment

Positive for the Defendants. He gives their attorneys lots of usable material

A good rule of thumb as y'all see an assortment of "bUt ThEy LiEd UnDeR oAtH" tweets from conVics is that they're typically projecting – accusing others of the things they themselves or R.Broly have done

Consider these excerpt from the R.Broly deposition...

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(Non-consensual hugs typically qualify as assault in most jurisdictions btw)

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they're delicious

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Texas's anti-SLAPP statute requires the judge to enter an order for the loser to pay the winner's attorney fees. It's not optional.

TCPA Β§27.009(a)

Twitter says you've @'d me 78 times since 6/11, with 20+ of them in just the past few hours

This seems like a pot-kettle moment for you

Definitely a reasonable assumption. Given Screech's perpetual word vomit on YouTube, there are likely some things he'll authenticate that would help on the merits of the TCPA motion too

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More or less sad AF than wearing a mask over facepaint in public?

Basically. Except using 13+ warriors at the same time to do it instead of just one πŸ˜‚

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dEsPeRaTe FoR aTtEnTiOn If YoU fIsHiNg FoR mY tWeEtS
They know. They just think it's a sick burn, like the "clout-chasing" line

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Sure! Make sure to also include the video where Percy explains why he's giving discovery to a non-party to share publicly πŸ™ƒ

Also: if you picked "Screech and Percy are only in this for the grift money" in the betting pool, please see the cashier to collect your LOLbux
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I mean really πŸ˜‚
Got a thread on it that ends here:

There are some additional nuances by state, but that should get him mostly up-to-speed

Basically, yes. It's not an affirmative defense but it will be an argument they make in their briefs, based on the evidence that comes out during discovery or affidavits that get filed

That language is more signaling than legal effect though

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This was already addressed mid-thread. You do realize filing lawsuits costs money to the court, yes?

Not getting paid != going into the hole paying the court costs

The goat's still waiting...

There are a few options. Provide evidence he wasn't there or X wasn't there, or depose X and challenge X's credibility (history of lying, etc), or provide evidence X is lying (emails, texts, etc), or get on the stand to say "that's false" and pray

They're too dim to realize ppl find out about the GFMs *because* they were shared on Twitter

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