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Five minutes and counting until the Tribeca Pre-Determination Hearing begins! This is the part before the main committee meeting where we'll have the opportunity to put our case (along with other concerned groups and organisations) and the developers will put theirs. Strap in!
Just waiting for another few councillors to join, apparently...
Planning Officer summarising what happened at January meeting, when app was referred to Dept for Infrastructure.
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“Election Year Stewart" is trying to rewrite his record, to distract & appear more moderate than he has demonstrated himself to be -- in his own words & through his voting record. Let’s look at some recent issues... #utpol
The Chris Stewart Political Rap Sheet

COVID: Chris Stewart underplayed the risk, big time, & is now trying to avoid the topic entirely. Tens of thousands of Americans have died & many, many Utahns. For a long time, he couldn’t even be bothered to wear a mask. #MaskUpUtah
SUICIDE HOTLINE: Chris Stewart has voted repeatedly to defund & undercut the Affordable Care Act -- historic & popular legislation that has done more for Utahns' & Americans' mental health coverage than any other single piece of legislation. #MentalHealthMatters
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You know what's really going to complicate this: city revenues will be in the tank from the COVID shutdown

As will state revenues to potentially bail out the city

Where do they get the $$ to build a new precinct any time soon?
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"chances are those officers would have been arrested and convicted anyway"
How many police officers are convicted in any given year for the extrajudicial summary execution of minorities? A dozen? Less than?

Can't be that many, because it's so rare it typically prompts extended news coverage
I don't believe in looting. Hell I don't even really go to protests unless I'm requested to be a legal observer.

But I also have a hard time caring all that much when the Government, through its police force, continues to exterminate people with impunity

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"'Are we willing to kill people? Are we willing to lay our lives down? We have to say yes,' Adam Smith said in a Facebook Live video posted on Friday."

Cracker Barrel On Demand, By Any Means Necessary! #CBOD #ReOpenNC
It's telling that the #ReOpenNC rhetoric gets this unhinged as NC is *already* reopening, before infections have even peaked

These people don't believe in freedom or ordered liberty. It's individualized tyranny that they want, where you are ruled by their pestilence.
I keep envisioning that picture of Malcolm X looking out the window with his rifle

Except it's a white guy, the rifle is a hand-carved wood replica, and he's looking down on a closed Cracker Barrel

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Check it out. Our UN ambassador is demanding Assad release "civilians" from jail. Does she mean the "White Helmets" kind? 😹 Never mind the the pet terrorists wannabe sultan flying from Idlib to #Libya for an expired muppet #KhashoggiKoolAid #Priorities

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Weaver: "Our community members' sacrifice in staying home" has had positive results, slowing the spread as intending and keeping hospitals from being overwhelmed.
Yvette Bowden, head of community vitality, is going to address the plans for letting restaurants open back up.
She's talking now about parking and curbside management. I don't quite understand what she's saying, so I'mma keep listening and not tweet until I do.
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Allah created the heavens and the earth and all the humans, plants, and animals on it...

...but you have to pray to him in Arabic because he only understands one language

Allah created humans perfectly. He makes no mistakes....

...oops! except for that extra bit of skin on there! Slice it off for me, will ya?
Allah is everywhere and sees everything...

...but if you’re not praying toward Mecca, he can’t hear you
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*BREAKING*: UNC System Board of Governors is having a series of small conference calls today – keeping the # low to avoid complying w/ the state Open Meetings Act – to prepare members for a news story confirming BOG Chairman Randy Ramsey (@rramseyjbbw) lied about his credentials
Ramsey's bio on the UNC System homepage has been quietly changed to hide the lie

Compare the before and after, screenshots below

➡️ Then:
➡️ Now:
If that sounds familiar to you, it means you likely read this thread from March:

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That awkward moment when a dyed in the wool @TexasGOP stan finds the *great* common sense the good Lord gave him & uses his syrupy, twangy drawl to speak the unvarnished truth to MAGAts who voted to close their hospitals but don’t know it b/c DT said “HOAX”. #CowsPlowsSows 🤠🔥💣
Ok, so ICYMI socioeconomic warfare is officially underway. 🤬 The battle to save the corporation that supplied the slayed-to-the-gods coats of armor to Malia & Sasha Obama’s inauguration swag is HERE. #ShotsFired #AntiTrumps #GetOnTheBattlefield #Solidarity #UniteVoteWin 👿💣🔥 ImageImage
Kroger buys and redirects dairy farmers’ surplus milk to Feeding America food banks | via @FoodNavigatorUS cc @HoustonFoodBank @BetoORourke #HometownHeroes 🔥🤩🇺🇸…
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Trudeau gun grab presser to start momentarily.

Watch here:
BREAKING: Trudeau will ban 1500 models and variant of “military assault weapons". 2 year amnesty with buyback to come.

"You don't need an AR 15 to take down a deer..."
Law abiding firearms owners cannot buy, sell, or transport "these firearms". So this is no grandfather deal. Amnesty means nothing if you can't transport and are expected to participate in a buyback (ie CONFISCATION).

Trudeau says legislation hence.
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I'm all about trying to support restaurants during the lockdown, but this is just sad @Chilis 😑
Did they just take 1 leaf of lettuce and chop it up? tf? 😂
Drove an hour round-trip for this because I wanted a decent salad 😩
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And here we are...
#10yearsofTESD in #TESDquotes!

Happy birthday and 10 years #TellEmSteveDave!!!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!

[opens thread] 👇🏻🐜🎧💜🎉
Walt (about the podcast) "Once it became important to you, it became important to me."
Bry "Oh, you're so full of shit!"
Walt to Bry "We can close the show with a little Steve-Dave rant."
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In advance of tonight's #SOTU, where POTUS will try to take credit for the state of the economy, check out the trend in the # of U.S. jobs (blue) and in POTUS's statements (green).

POTUS changed his talking point. The job growth trend, not so much.
Same story with unemployment rates. His talking point changed. The inherited trend, not so much.
POTUS will tell us about the # of jobs added since the 2016 election.

He will hide the fact that job growth has largely continued on the inherited trend, but slower.
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The WOW App Build Breakdown –

Thread – Building my first #nocode App.
Lots of (awesome) people reached out asking the how/what about @thewow_app build so I wanted to break it all down here.
The basics:
I used:
@AdaloHQ to build the app
@airtable + @googlesheets for the database
@makerpad for help & tutorials
@stripe for tipping feature
@useloom for promo/ video stuff
The total cost of the app was:
USD$237 - (for me AUD$350)
@AdaloHQ - $50 (per month)
@makerpad – $39 (per month)
@airtable - $free plan
@AppStore developer - $99
@GooglePlay developer - $39
@useloom - $10 (per month)
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Since I just got this and everything else is too serious, here’s a pic of me this week before an @SPJLA and @LAPressClub panel in my natural state (taking a selfie)
That thing in my phone is my library card lol #Priorities
Photo credit: Curtis Sabir, L.A. Press Club
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So now that Dan Gerlach has resigned as ECU's interim Chancellor, when do we find out how much taxpayer $$$ was spent on UNC-system lawyers trying to keep those security videos under wraps for weeks? 🤔
To recap, Gerlach got suspended about a month ago

Ensuing media coverage focused on a prostitute who'd reportedly serviced him in one of Greenville's local watering holes

Old thread is here:
The public relations response after Gerlach's suspension hopscotched across a variety of excuses, including this notion that he'd been set up by ECU police officers who pressured him into going to the bar

This doesn't look like a guy being pressured tbh...
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Just interesting that Facebook’s AI is really good at silencing Black people and catering to white fragility, yet they somehow can’t crack down on sharing this violent content.... #Priorities
The worst part of it all is that I have little hope for meaningful progress. Until we acknowledge the role of the ways our culture devalues children and conflates violence with sex, it will remain a problem.
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Leave her for the sake of Allah? We kaffirs still don't understand.

They were doing it for the sake of Allah.
For those asking why Allah authorizes this?

Rape is a weapon of humiliation to be used against kaffirs since they have rejected the word of Allah.…
Just like #ISIS, this is driven by theology. Allah make sure, multiple times, in the Holy Book that sex slavery is legal. He never mentioned how many times to pray. #Priorities.
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Usually you try to get a Twitter account suspended *before* it can point out how badly your lawyer completely flubbed his make-or-break hearing that led to 12 of your 17 causes of action getting immediately dismissed 🤔
If y'all could kindly encourage folks to come follow @fsckemall for the next week, it would be appreciated 😂

An appeal's pending, but we know how those things go. Coordinated false-flagging works and Twitter does jack diddly about it
Also, we made some changes since last time so Mike doesn't have to monitor emails or pretend he understands social media because he's my age but still somehow a boomer
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Really too bad yesterday's ANN article totally debunked the "casting couch" rumors

Poor conVics are gonna take across-the-board Ls on everything 🙃

First loss was yesterday (denying one of their Motions to Strike), main hearing is tomorrow, ruling is on or before October 7

ConVics know the loss is coming so they're more mad than usual

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In 2020, #TCJA will generate more $ benefit to foreign investors ($38.3 billion) than to the the least well-off half of Americans (1.9 + 12.4 + 0.5*24.4 billion).

Lots of analysis @Schieder_ @iteptweets, including at the state level.
@Schieder_ @iteptweets In 2020, #TCJA will generate 8.4x more benefit for the richest 20% of American families than for the middle 20% of American families
@Schieder_ @iteptweets #TCJA's estate tax cut generates benefits only for families in the richest 1%.

The 1%'s estate-tax benefit alone exceeds all benefits to average families at every income level outside the richest 5% of families.

#TCJA benefited the 1% 8.4x their estate-tax benefit.
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@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends No. You just changed your talking point (green text). The job-growth trend (blue line), not so much.

Your administration was born on 3rd base & you want to con us into thinking you hit a triple. Americans aren't falling for it. #NoFool
@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Job growth has basically just continued on the inherited trend. But slowed a little.
@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends Same story with the unemployment rate. It's low & that's wonderful.

It's low thanks to progress so steady over so many years. Check out the trend over the last 12 years. Inherited progress has slowed.
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@realDonaldTrump You changed your talking point. The job-growth trend, not so much (graph).

Your administration was born on 3rd base & you work to con people into thinking you hit a triple.
@realDonaldTrump Job growth has basically continues on the same trend you inherited. But slowed a little.
@realDonaldTrump Same story with the unemployment rates. They're low & that's wonderful. They're low thanks to progress so steady over so many years.
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