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1/ 🚀 The Power of Saying NO 🚀

One of the things I learnt off late is that you have to say NO to a lot of things as a leader which you would have done in your early professional life! This is imperative for your company's growth and prioritization. A 🧵

#timemanagement Image
2/ Ever felt overwhelmed with countless tasks and projects piling up? 😰 You're not alone. A recent study revealed that majority , >70% of us struggle with time management 😱.

#PowerOfNo #TimeManagement Image
3/ But, fear not! There's a secret weapon that can help you regain control: the power of saying NO! 🙅‍♀️

Curious? Let's dive in! 🤔

#SayNo #Productivity
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This week's @BearMarketBrief is out. You can read about the non-existent Victory Day celebrations, whether regional budgets are really running out of money, new policies to support Arctic development & more. Subscribe!

For stories from the regions that didn't make the cut, 👇🧵
1. Crackdown on some regional “systemic” opposition personalities has continued apace. In Samara an aide to Mikhail Abdalkin (who mocked Putin’s speech in February) was detained, as well as another aide to another deputy.…
1/b. Earlier, it emerged that Roskomnadzor blocked access to the website of Nikolay Bondarenko, a media-savvy communist deputy from Saratov, because his team refused to share user data with the authorities.…
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A thread. 1/11

An elected head of state is accountable, democratic, representative, cost effective. It provides stability, legitimacy, transparency, adaptability, and unity.

@RepublicStaff @GrahamSmith_ #NotMyKing

Accountability matters. An elected head of state is answerable to the people who voted them in. #accountability #democracy

Democracy is the bedrock of a free society. An elected head of state reflects the people's will, chosen through a fair and transparent process. #democracy #fairness
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Thread: Why banning TikTok would be a disaster for America

As if things weren’t bad enough in America, now they want to take away your TikToks. Here are some reasons why that would be a terrible idea. #SaveTikTok #NoBan
TikTok is a cultural phenomenon that has given voice and visibility to millions of young Americans, especially those from marginalized communities. Banning it would deprive them of a creative outlet and a source of empowerment. #DiversityMatters
TikTok is also a platform for social activism and civic engagement, where young Americans can raise awareness and mobilize around issues that matter to them. Banning it would silence their voices and undermine their causes. #ActivismNotCensorship
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Feeling overwhelmed by mental clutter? "Declutter Your Mind" by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport offers practical tips and strategies for reducing mental clutter and living a more #mindful, intentional life. $QUACK #RichQUACK

Here are some key takeaways: Image
The Problem with Mental Clutter. Mental clutter can cause stress, anxiety, and distract us from our goals. Being mindful of our thoughts and taking breaks to declutter can help us feel more focused and relaxed. #mindfulness #mentalclutter $QUACK
Declutter Your Physical Environment. Decluttering our physical space can reduce distractions and make it easier to focus. A clean and organized environment can also help reduce stress and increase productivity. #declutter #productivity $QUACK
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@AwooAssociation is having a staff meeting right now. Their staff has a message: Jasonafex, Kabs, PeaceWolf, and those who have taken over the convention need to go. They have done wrong by everyone involved and attending. I'll continue to let you know their sentiments below.
@AwooAssociation Jasonafex is giving the media update. He is in charge of it now. No nepotism at all there. He's making up a fake reason why they're switching their website, pretending it was just to shorten it to fit on Twitter. LAWL. just check and see why for yourself.
Jasonafex has just said "We are not pulling people in because of the organization, we are pulling people in because of the convention." He has confirmed that the commercial gain of the con is the primary concern AWOO has now.
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#Success in life comes down to the choices we make. In this thread, we'll explore the impact of our #choices and how they shape our path to success. $QUACK
#RichQUACK #Choice #decisions

THREAD 🧵👇 Image
1/5 The importance of #priorities: Our choices reflect our priorities and values. Let's take a look at some examples:
Start a #business: $3k - too much
#Holiday payment: $3k - no problem
Our choices show what we value more – a long-term investment or a short-term pleasure. $QUACK
2/5 Our daily decisions, no matter how small, can add up to have a significant impact on our success. Let's take a look at some examples:
Healthy groceries: $200 - too much
Going out: $200 - no problem
Our choices reflect our priorities & our well-being in the long run. $QUACK
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2/4 "... with a potential to improve U.S. #perinatal #outcomes with organizational models that more closely resemble those of #England and the #Netherlands."
3/4 "In the U.S., however, a decidedly different pattern emerged. #Vaginal #births without #induction or #augmentation in U.S. hospitals were far more likely to occur during #standard #working #hours."

#infant #neonates #prenatal #perinatal #health #outcomes #maternal
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it all started with midterms week, two cramming law students, and a café with only one table left

to sana and momo, their first meeting was just a product of mere bad luck

but what happens when their chance encounter turns into something more? ImageImageImageImage
author's note:

hello! if you're here, then let me grab this chance to thank you for taking the time to read this story hehe

this is my first twice socmed au so i'm a tad nervous but also excited as samo is one of my ult ships!

i hope you enjoy!
- this AU will be in taglish
- this is FICTIONAL and for reading purposes only. don't take it too seriously hehe
- updates will be made at random times
- please forgive the time stamps and typos
- kindly remember to separate fiction from reality hehe
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لالچ ایک ذہنی کیفیت ہوتی ہے۔ اس کا انسان کی مالی حالت سے قطعی کوئی تعلق نہیں.
لالچ ترجیحات کا فیصلہ ہوتا ہے۔ اس چیز کا فیصلہ کہ مجھے سب سے پیاری چیز پیسے کا حصول ہے، چاہے جیسے بھی آئے ۔ پھر کسی انسان اور رشتے کا تقدس اور احترام نہیں رہتا ، کسی کی مجبوری اور بےبسی آپ کے دل میں
رحم نہیں ڈال سکتی۔ کوئی بھی ذریعہ آمدن غلط نہیں رہتا۔
انسان باؤلا ہو کر رہ جاتا ہے۔ کیونکہ وہ شخص خود ہر وقت دوسروں کے خلاف منصوبہ بندی میں لگا ہوتا ہے ، تو اس کو یقین ہو جاتا ہے کہ دوسرے لوگ بھی اسی طرح ہی اس کے خلاف سازشیں کر رہے ہیں اور اسی کی طرح ہی بے حد لالچی ہیں۔
کیا ہم نے ایسے واقعات سن نہیں رکھے کہ ایک شخص نے اپنے باپ کو جائیداد کی لالچ میں مار دیا۔ بھائی یا بھتیجے کے حصے کو ہڑپ کر گیا۔ کتنی ہی جوان زندگیاں زمینوں کے تنازعوں میں دفن ہوچکیں۔ کتنے ہی خون کے رشتے خون کی ندیاں بہا چکے۔ کبھی سوچا، یہ ظالم لوگ کہاں سے آجاتے اور
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NY has become the first state to start constraining PoW mining

Worth noting that advocates backing this aren’t following the science & experts' opinions

e.g. @jyn_urso @thetrocro et al


Hydro accounts for 73% of NYs renewable energy generation.

Worth remembering then that #Bitcoin mining in NY did this…


#Bitcoin miners supply high-paying jobs to areas hollowed by manufacturing exodus

“Majority of the mining projects in upstate New York, at least 11, are relying not on on-site gas turbines but the electric grid with a relatively clean mix upstate”

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FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS are all committing atrocities across the world. They accomplish most of their goals by spreading half truths, #misinformation and #disinformation

There’s always two sides of any story involving these covert organizations.

A thread 🧵 for awareness Image
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Fentanyl is a much bigger threat to children than Covid-19.

But Democrats don't want to do anything about that.
If you do the math, fewer than 20 healthy kids a year are estimated to have died *with* Covid.

"According to the CDC, 107,375 people in the United States died of drug overdoses and...poisonings in the 12-month period ending in January 2022."
(Why do I point out 'healthy kids'? Because it is understood that immunocompromised children need special medical attention, including the possibility that they take a Covid vaccine & booster regimen under the supervision of a licensed physician.)
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بیلجیئم سے تعلق رکھنے والے 11 سالہ لارینٹ سائمنز نے حال ہی میں یونیورسٹی آف اینٹورپ سے فزکس میں بیچلرز کی ڈگری مکمل کی ہے
اسےکوانٹم آپٹکس کے ساتھ بائیو ٹیکنالوجی، میڈیسن اور بائیو پروسیس انجینئرنگ کے شعبے میں بھی دلچسپی ہے
++ Image

اسکا کہنا ہے "میں نے کافی عرصے سے مصنوعی اعضا تیار کرنے کا خواب دیکھا ہوا ہے"
دوسری جانب پاکستان سے تعلق رکھنے والے 16 سالہ حماد صافی اپنے پاکستانی سامعین کو جنوں اور شیاطین، جہنم اور جنت، فرشتوں کی کہانیاں سنائیں گے

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A week from today, SCOTUS will hear oral argument in a congressional redistricting case from Alabama that could rewrite Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. A 🧵 on the arguments and what is at stake. 1/ Image
Let’s start with the relief being sought. Under the map passed by lawmakers, the state’s Black Belt region is divided among four congressional districts - the 7th, which is majority Black, & the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd which have a Black pop of 30% or less. 2/ Image
As a result of this division, Black voters have an ability to elect only in the Black majority 7th. In the other 3 districts, the Black population is too low for Black voters to be politically effective given the state’s *extremely* high levels of racially polarized voting. 3/
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After months of ignoring the Trump stealing TS docs story and dead silence on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, you know he was going to be on this in a matter of hours. #priorities. Image
I promise you, this is all one single thread. Quite a journey. ImageImageImage
"Matt Gaetz escaped charges that he paid a 17 year old for sex because his convicted child trafficker best friend is too unreliable. In conclusion, Taylor Lorenz is a bitch." Image
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So a question for all of you who definitely aren't my doctor:

When I pulled local bruiser kitty off Napoleon 3 weeks ago, he sunk his teeth deep into my arm.

Instantly my thumb went tingly. It's still functional, but always sore and a bit numb now. I assume that's permanent?
This is the bite location. It's mostly healed now and there was no obvious infection.

I've basically been assuming bruiser kitty got lucky and severed a nerve or something.

My thumb movement ISN'T inhibited, but it's just always a bit numb now and painful if I proper stretch it Image
I should add I got bitten in a bunch of places. So if it was infection I'd have assumed a more obvious reaction in healing, there or elsewhere.

And it CERTAINLY wouldn't have been an instant effect I think. Which it was.
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A few folks have DMd about what Steve Schmidt’s been burning down the Internet w for the past, oh, 16 hrs. Bc I wrote a book on McCain (The Real McCain) in 2008. Here’s what I’ll say 1) I don’t know @SteveSchmidtSES, in fact we’ve never once spoken. I do know folks in his orbit,
but this is from me, my sources in McCain World then and since. 2) Everything Steve is saying about the personalities, &…I don’t have all the info he has, but it’s consistent w things I was told 3) Sadly, McCain’s behavior in Steve’s telling comports 100% w what I learned. It’s
Why I came to the conclusion that battlefield courage was literally unrelated to political courage. McCain had his moments of political courage (most recently stopping the 147th RW attempt to kill the ACA), but overall, this man of indescribable honor and bravery while being
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So I've been hearing some good things about @nextjs for some time, and seeing only enhanced it. Also I'm bored, and (arguably?) have some free time, so I'm going to try to remake my blog (with 1 whole post) in next.js just for fun. Let's #Frontend!
To give some context, my only exposure to frontend development is from developing a couple #AndroidDev apps 3 years ago, and I have no experience with JS and hardly any familiarity with HTML/CSS (except making my @firefox look sexier with custom CSS) #BackendDevFrontends
HMB while I spend the next 4 hours setting up and customizing the Ultimate Development Environment™️ for Next.js for 10X productivity™️ #Developer #productivity
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🧵 Sharing snippets and my reflections from the [[Book/The Almanack of Naval Ravikant]] by [[Author/Eric Jorgenson]].
🎬 Start Date: [[December 26th, 2021]]
🏁 Finish Date: [[December 27th, 2021]]
📚 Genre: #NonFiction #Wealth #Happiness #Accountability #Priorities
1/To be taken seriously in today’ world we will have to question everything, we have to think from first principles, test things well, and be good at not fooling yourself.
2/If you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person that loves you unconditionally, it will do wonders for your self-esteem.
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Today, MT House Dems & @MTSenateDems tried again to send retention bonuses to MT's frontline health care workers. Once again, Republicans blocked this common-sense proposal. #priorities #mtleg #mtpol
"If we fail to invest resources in keeping the health care workers we have here in Montana, we are going to lose them and further exacerbate our health care workforce shortage,” said @marycaferro.
“Republicans are so focused on out-of-state workers that they are leaving Montana workers--and the communities they serve--hanging out to dry.”
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Thoughts on @Stacks as it relates to #bitcoin:

Proof of transfer (PoX): Stacks sees #bitcoin as the necessary ultimate proof of work, and doesn't care to duplicate it or use human-perverted PoS. Stacks uses $BTC itself as the proof of work, the skin in the game to mine blocks.
Stacks miners pay high fees to bitcoin miners. As part of the mining process, @Stacks miners compete to mine Stacks blocks by spending more bitcoin and paying high fees to bitcoin miners to anchor Stacks data on #bitcoin timechain. This helps support #bitcoin miner fee market.
@Stacks blockchain anchors/timestamps it's data onto the #bitcoin blockchain. Stacks sees #bitcoin as the most immutable data structure on earth and uses it. In fact, Stacks, by design, can't exist without bitcoin. Think about those incentives. Stacks is a friend of #bitcoin.
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In the past two years, Surrey County Council has imposed deep cuts in the local fire and rescue service - downgrading fire stations and decommissioning engines. Amazing how it can now find £55,000 to spend on Pride rainbow crossings. #Priorities…
"A spokesperson for Surrey County Council said: 'We will be installing a crossing in each district/borough [of which there are 11] in the county. The approximate cost is £5,000 per crossing including design, materials and traffic management...'"…
Earlier this year, a person died in a 3.00am fire in Banstead, Surrey. The local fire station had been closed overnight due to cutbacks.…
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