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This 2nd challenge is so timely given DHS new power to withhold people’s FTB from this week. People who’ve spent years conscientiously reporting told it’s not good enough. People with a history of engagement seeing their compiled records blankly averaged…
We can deliver patient, resourced&quality decisions:
Up to 2015; dept gets employer records and checks debt
2016-22: issue an averaged debt, throw onus on person to disprove
2022: dept gets employer records (single touch payroll)
Robodebt is a bridge to nowhere #rewindrobodebt
Behind all the selective settlements, the wins in the tribunal that see debts set aside, is one simple principle: due dilligence should be applied before families are made to live in the shadow of life changing debts. The onus is now on the department
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this kafkaesque process of debt recalculation must be stopped. The department will brief strongly against this view using the second Ombudsman report. But we must #rewindrobodebt…
For 2 years, the public, media and politicians have asked: how many people just pay the #robodebt without questioning it? DHS can’t report on how many people are asking for debt reassessment. It’s dangerous to purse a process for which there is no reportable timeline.
journos will not get straight answers for: how many people are questioning their #robodebt? How many times have the department used it’s powers to clarify info?As an academic the first question I ask of any policy is: can the public evaluate it? Is it reported on? We can’t.
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Brewing off the coast of civil society: the projected track of #robodebt. Now note the underlying cost/benefit ratio: For 1 dollar of "direct" cost (there's other costs btw), at most 4 dollars of "debt" raised (not reassessed/recovered). But let's #rewindrobodebt a sec. Thread!
As you do, I dusted off my copy of DHS' Annual Report 2013-2014, p314. Let's look at the old data-matching system, which as the Ombo says was the same method but with less automation&more info gathering from employers. Look at the cost-benefit ratio here. Confusion costs.
I'm standing here on DHS' own preferred ground. These nrs exclude costs to CLCs, AAT, social impacts. I'm firmly of the belief that if people claim their rights, if they pursue #centrelink, the economics of this programme will collapse. A frontup, wide quality check makes sense
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Yo @centrelink!
How does this happen:
You load ATO Match Data in May-2017
You send EIC reminder in Jul-2017
You raise large surprise #RoboDebt in early 2019
You don't issue AMENDMENT PAYG Summary
Compliance & myGov have no record of initial EIC letter?
#NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt
Could it be that:

Initial EIC letter included dodgy ATO Match Data?

This #RoboDebt was actually raised mid-2017, then recalled & later resurrected?

Fraudulent 'zombie' debt claim arises from employer duplication with substantial double-counted & averaged earnings?

PS Could it be that:

This is just one of hundreds of thousands of dubious zombie cases that have been unpaused (rather than properly remediated), in the lead-up to #Budget2019 & #PEFO, with intent to inflate #RoboDebt figures & fudge #Surplus!? #NotMyDebt #RewindRoboDebt #AUSpol
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Answer to Estimates QoN: Deceased People.

How many people have died after being hit with a #robodebt?
And who died?

There's a lot they're not saying, but these few small tables still say a lot.

663 of the #robodebt victims who have died were or had been marked as vulnerable.
That's 32%.

It was claimed at one point that vulnerable persons were not being targeted.

While slightly more women are issued a #robodebt than men (145K : 137K), more than twice the number of men have died after receiving a robodebt.

#RewindRobodebt #NotMyDebt
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