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Shyam Benegal and Smita Patil's double bill - #Manthan (1976) and #Kondura (1978).
Govind Nihalani's hard hitting #ArdhSatya (1983).
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Know #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin is a fictional show & story of #SaiRat & definitely they will be together too. As per ghum writer, chars of ghum are human so expect
#ViratChavan an IPS officer,he need to introspect his actions especially after his wife #SaiJoshi kidnapped by his+
Sada, #ViratChavan need to understand his wife #SaiJoshi will always be soft &easy target for his enemy to take revenge from him. This time V old friend was his enemy but it is not going to be everytime & every time he will not be there to save his wife+
If due any of #ViratChavan actions his wife #SaiJoshi get hurt will he able forgive himself. V is hurt &in pain due to his fam &S but he need to introspect himself too from S POV &humiliation face by S being V wife in society due to his actions+
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Rant tweet
Since two days back few have issues with Sai regarding her trust issue w/Virat but suddenly their perspective change when Sai comes in favor of Virat. As a viewer when we see both sides of coin but they just want to focus on one side+
Not ready to understand a pain of a wife who saw his husband calling another woman his wife & people around him giving an example of a loving & caring husband who took care of his wife day n night.  How much Sai hurt have anyone realized?+
Even will Virat ever realize Sai pain, never, if he would have realized he will not bad mouth about Sai to Shruti. Who is Shruti, a friend's wife whom you met few days back & Sai whom you know from more then a yearVirat keep chanting I love her+
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"Whatever makes you mad,leave it. Whatever makes you smile,keep it."

Dear #Sairat FD,after a successful trend on 24th, i/o of enjoying the moment of successful trend,we all got trap into negativity by evening & after that too+
#SaiRat Image
Let's change energy to be positive, by sharing some beautiful moments, pics,dialogue, which makes you fall in love with #Sairat. It says, What we give,will come back to us, Let's spread positive energy &show #Sairat FD positivity.
#SaiRatShippers Image
For me #SaiRat chemistry start with their 1st meet. How Virat follow Sai instructions and bend his neck to wear garland. I fell in love with thier tashan and want to see their journey of love 😍❤
#Sairat ImageImage
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Let's read a story of our very own #SaiRat till now from Mr Virat chavan pov

One day our boy who was excited for his first posting met a girl Sai who was waiting for 'chavan sab' in the hope that he will come free her and her father from the torture of evil goons of the village
But alaas!!! in no time 'Chavan saab' became 'gabbar' by postponing tht long wait desire of the girl.

Gradually he started developing emotional connection with her even though our buddu chavan was in dilusion that his heart is held by someone else
Later one fine day, destiny played it's game and mde him to take the biggest Decision of his life. He accepted that destiny game and became the deal pati of the girl and took her 'zimmedaari' for life long.
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“Do kashtiyon pe savar ” - A thread sponsored by #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin’s @cockcrow_shaika 👀

This phrase, loosely translated in English as ‘travelling in two boats’, originates from the Chinese proverb ‘one foot cannot stand in two boats’.
It is a colloquial, derogatory phrase used to describe those who cannot make up their minds between two choices and so do both. It would be like continuing discussions for a job with two companies or dating two people at same time. Intention is key. #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin
A good example of ‘travelling in two boats’ is Patralekha Mohite-Patil. She married Samrat with the intention of being his wife AND remaining connected to Virat. She wanted to keep both ‘options’ open and continue both too. That was her intention.
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He was praying for her and she woke up and and and virat sensed her woking up🥺😭❤
This scene has my ❤
#SaiRat #SaiRatShippers #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin
After woking up the 1st face she saw was her VIRAT SIR🥺🥺❤
#SaiRat #SaiRatShippers #GhumHaiKisikeyPyaarMeiin
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Fact is, while Neil was fab as Virat in cafe scenes, the full impact of his words didn’t reach me as I had already seen “Virat” & “Patralekha” lovingly together, courtesy of Neil & Aishwarya wearing show costumes. This girl was being helpful by sharing facts @sidd_vankar 😒
Timing & context is everything. #SaiRat & #SamRakhi BTS/OS pictures enhance a viewer’s experience. Seeing “Sai” with “Mohit” or “Samrat” is also enhancement because of the characters they play. We’ve also loved Sai & Kaku reels but they were shared *after* the episode had aired.
Adish, Ayesha, Yamini etc all understand that when you share off-screen pictures in show costumes matters. If it is an intense scene, they wait. If it is a fun or generic scene they will share sooner. If Sai & Mohit were about to have a fight, Ayesha & Adish would not share pics.
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I so loved this scene 😭😭 and the way Virat was looking at Sai.... My heart was literally doing somersaults there 🥺😍

#SaiRat ImageImageImageImage
Why are they so cuteeeee?? I'm falling for them. 🥺😭

#SaiRat ImageImageImageImage
How he looks at her!!!!! 😭

#SaiRat ImageImageImageImage
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