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Anyone who knows or suspects child sexual abuse is mandated by TX law to report that information immediately to police. It does not matter if you think it’s “unfounded.” Law enforcement must be notified. @BobPearle @birchmanorg #eddiestruble #sbc18 #ChurchToo #csa @MissingKids
More: I received an email today from a former member @birchmanorg concerned about grooming & sexual abuse by #eddiestruble of teen boys from the church. Eddie is seeking to chair a committee for a homeschool association. Eddie has been reported in Houston for child sex abuse...
I was told by this person that she had talked to @swbts prof Charles Carpenter about these issues. Charles had allegedly witnessed an inappropriate sexual situation with Eddie and a teen boy from @birchmanorg. I emailed Charles and urged concern and a report to law enforcement.
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Deeply grateful to live in a moment in time when dialogues about sexual harassment, abuse & assault are taking place within churches. Was throwing away notes I'd jotted down for #SBC18 panel and glanced over them and saw some things I didn't get to share there. Will share a few:
Keep in mind as you read these that I dearly love the local church and can't imagine life apart from it. I'm for the church, not against it. These are just a few ways based on my own life experience and ministry involvement I think we might help create healthier church cultures.
Resist projecting such a mannerly & moralistic front in services that individuals or family members of individuals suffering from the ravages of sexual harassment, abuse or assault feel like they're the only ones & that leaders would be scandalized if they came forward for help.
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Hey SBC, if you show special attention to the MAGA men and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to immigrants, minorities, and women, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts? #sbc18
Not to put too fine a point on it, but the SBC is giving VP Mike Pence a platform during the annual meeting tomorrow at 11:00. I think Jesus’ brother would have something to say about that.
Let’s not sugarcoat this. Wisdom and charity would call us to listen to PoC like @KyleJamesHoward who experience this as “spiritual abuse at the conventional level.” Lord help us if we are so deaf or calloused that we can’t or won’t hear those voices.
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In the string of thought that follows, please allow me to spell out what I believe is the positive future for Southern Baptists.

This is being done as an extended devotional honoring the request of @bellevuepastor for Fasting and Praying for #SBC18.
Day 20 of 21 on Psalm 51.
Psalm 51 began with confession and personal lament and proceeded to requests for God to work transformation within the fallen human self. And it ends very positively, with a twofold request for God’s people, first, “On the basis of your good will, rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.”
While revival begins with inner repentance and spiritual transformation, it must move into outward action demonstrating change. “Rebuilding” must be seen not only in the life of the individual believer, but also within the whole community. Our churches need a culture change.
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I want to explain why this is a bad idea, because it comes up constantly: online (regional) voting and the SBC. #SBC18 #SBCAM18…
First of all, the SBC isn’t a democracy or a republic. We are a convention, and as such we are a deliberative body. By example, the US Senate is also a deliberative body and doesn’t allow absent voting.
What that means is that it is more fundamental and primary to the convention that messengers attend in person to be a part of the deliberation as it is that they vote. Everything about the convention is built around this idea. To change it is to misunderstand the SBC altogether.
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I remember feeling like I had to tolerate a church that didn’t consider women fully in the image of God, because other local churches didn’t believe the Bible. I was wrong. Many denominations don’t tolerate sexism & still preach John 14:6. You have a choice!

#sbc18 #churchdv
At that church, while leading worship, I once said between songs, "whatever is on your heart today as you enter here, give it to Jesus. Let it go, and spend this time looking on Him." That was very contentious, because I might have been "preaching".
Their deacons' board spent a year debating whether I could pray or speak from the music stand. I was to debrief with the pastor every week to ensure I didn't step over the line. I kept going because I believed I had no choice. All Bible believing churches ignore women's gifts.
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I don't see repentance, & I don't see progress. I see politics, & the world will too. Praying for #SBC18. If its leaders keep playing politics and assuming the world can't see through the fog; the convention WILL crumble. The cooperative program is invaluable, this will be sad.
I’m not just talking abt Patterson. I’m talking abt the entire structure. Those in the “know” will know what I’m talking about. From the current president election process to the way wealthy churches leverage their money for power. God is not pleased & won’t be mocked. #sbc18
The biggest challenge the #sbc18 faces is the ignorance of the pinger generation. There are a ton of younger (and some older) Southern Baptists who want to fight for their denom. But, they don’t understand the politics of the convention & they don’t realize level of compromise.
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