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Apparently whoever wrote Resolution 9 in this year’s #SBC19 needs a serious education on what Critical Race Theory ACTUALLY is. Since I am a proud graduate of @LibertyLaw, allow me to educate them.

The resolution states, “Critical race theory is a set of ...
...analytical tools that explain how race has and continues to function in society.”

This is like saying, “Hitler’s gas chambers were just science experiments.”

CRT is the racist branch of what is known as Critical Legal Studies, which emerged in the last 50 years...
CLS is, “the name given to a group of scholars who wrote about legal theory using ideas associated with Left politics and who tried to use law, legal education, or writings about the law to effect Left results.” Bix, Brian H., Jurisprudence: Theory and Context. p.237...
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As a survivor of sexual abuse within an SBC church and Seminary, I came to #SBC2019 #sbc19 hopeful but also skeptical bc of my past. I am overwhelmed by what I have seen so far. This is my first time speaking out in public setting about my sexual abuse. #thread
I am speaking now because I believe we are to call sin for what it is. It is only when we identify sin for what it is, that we can truly recognize justice, for what it is. Sin, specifically Sexual Abuse is the work of Evil. Justice, is the work of Christ.
I am so encouraged by the work that is being done by brothers and sisters who have chosen to be obedient in pursuit of God's call for Justice. Sitting through the @ERLC panel, listening to motions being made, having the gentle and responsive ears of @drmoore ,
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Lily-White Evangelicals, Not Politicians, Turned Dixie Republican

"A fight for white nationalism and white cultural supremacy has in some ways been more successful after its transformation into an expressly religious, rather than merely racist crusade."…
Defeated and demoralized, segregationists in the 1970’s faced a frustrating problem – how to rebuild a white nationalist political program without using the discredited rhetoric of race. Religion would provide them their answer. #SBC19
Armed with the superficially race-neutral rhetorical formula Criswell had described, prominent Southern Baptist ministers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson would emerge to take up the fight. All they needed was a spark to light a new wave of political activism. #sbc2019
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A mom told @villagechurchtx that her daughter was sexually molested at their camp. She expected support, an apology, one conversation with @MattChandler74, for her church to take responsibility. None of that never came. #sbc19 My investigation -->…
Evangelical churches have long distanced themselves from the sexual abuse crisis that has consumed the Catholic Church. But at reckoning has arrived. #SBC19…
“No one was looking out for our daughter’s best interest,” said Christi Bragg, speaking publicly for the first time, of the Village. “She matters. Jesus says she matters. We say she matters.”…
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1. We don’t have to be unanimous on all issues to be united on the most important issues. Unity doesn’t require unanimity. (Thread 1/7) #SBC19 #sbc2019
2. How about we commit to love people for the best things about them? And resist the urge to highlight every perceived flaw or minor error? Because the world is watching and laughing at the vitriol on display in our petty, intramural debates. (Thread 2/7) #sbc19 #sbc2019
3. For example - I don’t know @BethMooreLPM. As far as I know we’ve never met. But every church where I have served has benefitted from her resources and her teaching.
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