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These decisions don't happen overnight. I wonder how long this has been in the works. /1

#SBC #SBC19 #SBC20 #SBCtoo #churchtoo #CaringWell #AbuseofFaith #AbuseofPower
Was it before the @elizabethjdias NY Times article dropped in June at the #SBC19 annual meeting, exposing the alleged mishandling of an abuse case at The Village Church? /2

#SBC #SBC19 #SBC20 #SBCtoo #churchtoo #CaringWell #AbuseofFaith #AbuseofPower

@elizabethjdias Was it before the SBC permitted @MattChandler74 to overtake the B21 luncheon, where he was given a platform to defend himself & his church? /3

#SBC #SBC19 #SBC20 #SBCtoo #churchtoo #CaringWell #AbuseofFaith #AbuseofPower

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A thread about #SBC19 and media.

For many years of my early career I edited media (radio) or provided oversight to other editors. I’ve long thought there was a need for an ethical framework for media editors b/c of the technological power we have at our fingertips.
I began thinking this years ago when I witnessed a credible religion journalist interview 2 prominent Southern Baptist brothers on different sides of an issue. The interviews were separate then edited together with narration.
The final cut of the interview depicted a far greater divide than there actually was between the subjects. The report inflamed the already tense conversation. But that was a secular media corp reporting on Baptist life. Little surprise they would get it wrong.
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Hey 1689 Twitter, Reformed brothers and sisters, et al.,

Serious question and I sincerely want to know what you think:

A lot of professing Christians are concerned about economic justice and institutionalized racism in our country. I understand that many of you disagree.
What I don’t understand is the severity of your reaction, and the contempt that many of you have shown to fellow Christians who dedicate time to studying these matters—both in Scripture and otherwise.
Your contempt for these convictions means that one of two things must be the case:

A) You think that believers who are concerned with correcting material injustice *don’t* hear from God and *don’t* know how to interpret Scripture; or
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Hi @RodDMartin ,

I noticed that you retweeted this.

I’m no expert on reparations or slavery. But I do have expertise in ethics and political philosophy. And, if I may, I think this comment actually brings more confusion than clarity to the issue. Here’s a much better argument.
(Quick preliminary. I’m not going to say anything about who owes what to whom, how much, or the process of effectuating compensation. I just want you to acknowledge that it’s at least possible that some people in the present day are owed compensation for some past injustices.
Oh yeah, and my argument has nothing to do with slavery. So your answer shouldn’t have anything to do with slavery or details Re who owes what to whom, how much, etc. My only point is that it’s at least possible that some people today are owed compensation for past injustice.)
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After having posted something sarcastic about @drmoore and George Soros and what-not, and in the context of all-things-SBC (it being June), I'm going to just go there and give something like my full, unabridged thoughts about the man himself and the current state of the @ERLC.
First off, I swear fealty to no leader of the SBC. I believe in congregational church polity and I believe in cooperative inter-congregational polity in which the churches are above the entities. I have differed in opinion with @drmoore in the past, and I'm ever ready to do so.
In my experience, @drmoore knows that this is the deal with me, and he has always respected that in our interaction with one another.
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Look at his comment here. I cannot overstate how seriously Marxists take their terminology. They are *notoriously* persnickety about terms.

So, of all the things Jim could have said here...
Folks, people—many of them Christians— listen to this guy and others like him. That’s a problem.
My point here isn’t about Marx and it’s really not about Jim White. It’s about the fact that people listen to what Jim White has to say about Marx and economics more generally.
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I had the privilege this year in serving on the #SBC19 Resolutions Committee under the leadership of Dr. Curtis Woods. I’ve been surprised by all the conversation surrounding Resolution #9, and I’d like to add some clarity as to the deliberations of the committee.
The Committee received a resolution on this issue and decided to speak to it in a way that warned against absolutizing CRT/I as a worldview and yet remained cautious to not condemn all insights that could be gleaned from CRT/I (subordinate to Scripture).
I’m baffled by headlines that claim the Committee was praising, or promoting, or pushing CRT/I. This is simply not true. Words mean something, and to twist the resolution’s words in this way misrepresents the Committee’s work.
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My Step-by-Step Timeline and Analysis of the Origin and Adoption of Resolution #9:

1) Pastor Stephen Feinstein submits a resolution to the SBC 2019 Resolutions Committee that emphatically and unequivocally denounces Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality.

2) The Resolution Committee is in a bind. If they outright reject the resolution and refuse to bring it to the floor of the convention, it would be interpreted as the committee's tantamount support for CRT and IS . . .

But if they bring the resolution as written to the floor, it would be a complete rejection of CRT and IS. This would essentially shut the door to anyone utilizing them - and many in SBC are already using books like Divided by Faith that are steeped in CRT and IS ideologies.
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Of all the things I’ll remember from #SBC19, what just happened at an airport bar will stand out the most. #SBCtoo #ChurchToo

A brief story about the prevalence of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention, and just how much work is ahead:
Our flight was full of Southern Baptists, including two guys who spent most of their flight talking about #SBC19 and what they felt was a slow but important shift in the SBC’s broader culture.

I occasionally took breaks from reading, as the subject absolutely fascinates me.
After the flight, I waited outside the gate to see if they’d be up for talking to me a bit more.

Both were, and one had a 2-hour layover, so we sat down at a nearby bar table. He knew of and appreciated our work, and had clearly thought a lot about the issues #SBCtoo #Churchtoo
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A few thoughts as a longtime Southern Baptist:

1. There is no measurable influence of CT, CRT, or other sociological academic thought in SBC churches.
2. Nor in SBC seminaries.
3. Nor in SBC entities.
4. Nor in the #SBC19 annual meeting. 1/
5. SBC missions giving is up.
6. We are being open, introspective, and corrective on sexual abuse.
7. We are making continued progress on racial reconciliation.
8. The platform reflected actual Southern Baptists as well as any ever has. 2/
9. The panel discussions were largely helpful and encouraging.
10. Resolutions are not binding on churches. Number 9 was a blip in the entire proceedings. To make it a focal point is a mistake.
11. Will a few churches leave over it? Possibly. Schism? No. Nor should there be. 3/
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1/ A thread on how Family Systems Theory (FST) was founded and why it is so useful for leaders....
2/ Murray Bowen founded it, so it is also known as Bowen Theory. He got it started in 1954 and up until him, all psychology was focused on what is inside someone but Bowen started to pay attention to what is happening between people. This was a significant shift in POV
3/ Bowen was working in a psych ward, watching adult paranoid schizophrenics meeting their mothers for Sunday afternoon family visitation. Mom is a bit apprehensive as she walks toward her adult sons, so she reaches out for a tentative hug...
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Critical Theory, as applied by Christians, is a sophisticated way of binding consciouses. A thread. #sbc19 1/
Believers are commanded to love our neighbors and do good works. In the application of that, we have a virtually unlimited number of options. Soup kitchens, crisis pregnancy centers. working to end sex trafficking or abortion, foster care, etc. 2/
God lays different burdens on each of our hearts. As an advocate for any particular cause, part of the work is to persuade others to join the effort. 3/
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I'll write up my complete thoughts on the #SBC19 resolution on Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality tonight, but -for now- I wanted to make a quick comment to fellow conservatives who feel it doesn't go far enough in explicitly repudiating these fields. 1/
As @RealPatSawyer and I have said repeatedly in our writings, CRT does contain elements of truth. Therefore, it's unecessary and unwise to 'repudiate' it in its entirety. Do we want to repudiate CRT's insistence that "the historical concept of 'race' is a social construct"? 2/
People have commented that the language of CRT being 'appropriated' by people with unbiblical ideologies is incorrect. I agree. I think it's more accurate to say that CRT/intersectionality is a set of tools 'developed' within the framework of unbibilcal ideologies. 3/
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1 With sights fixed on @BethMooreLPM , in podcast interviews, blog posts, Twitter feeds, live-streamed conferences and genre-bending short films, at least a dozen individuals associated with @FoundersMin have rehearsed the following complementarian line.
2 “In the book of I Timothy et al., Scripture explicitly forbids women from teaching before an audience that includes men. Therefore, women who teach men and all who allow women to teach men are not only in error, they deny the inerrancy of Scripture.”
3 Let that line of reasoning sink in: Whatever you think you believe about inerrancy, if you don’t agree with the @FoundersMin apostolate in every interpretive detail, then you reject the inerrancy of Scripture. Astonishing, is it not?
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Lily-White Evangelicals, Not Politicians, Turned Dixie Republican

"A fight for white nationalism and white cultural supremacy has in some ways been more successful after its transformation into an expressly religious, rather than merely racist crusade."…
Defeated and demoralized, segregationists in the 1970’s faced a frustrating problem – how to rebuild a white nationalist political program without using the discredited rhetoric of race. Religion would provide them their answer. #SBC19
Armed with the superficially race-neutral rhetorical formula Criswell had described, prominent Southern Baptist ministers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson would emerge to take up the fight. All they needed was a spark to light a new wave of political activism. #sbc2019
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I'm gonna pray for #SBC19 that the Spirit brings a kind of #Pentecost to them that breaks off their arrogance, factionalism, authoritarianism. They only know how to tantrum, power up, and purge. Their deep work is to heal their love of power. #SBC
It's a love of power that uses Baptist distinctives to avoid real solutions to #SBCtoo it's a love of power for @albertmohler to say that the real crisis in #SBC is women preaching.
It's love of power that ignores Baptist distinctives to punish churches over adiaphora.
It's love of power that turns women preaching into a litmus test on orthodoxy. It's love of power that seeks to punish @drmoore for speaking truth to power. It's love of power to constantly need men to be warrior-kings, and to hold heresy about the Trinity to justify it. #SBC19
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1. We don’t have to be unanimous on all issues to be united on the most important issues. Unity doesn’t require unanimity. (Thread 1/7) #SBC19 #sbc2019
2. How about we commit to love people for the best things about them? And resist the urge to highlight every perceived flaw or minor error? Because the world is watching and laughing at the vitriol on display in our petty, intramural debates. (Thread 2/7) #sbc19 #sbc2019
3. For example - I don’t know @BethMooreLPM. As far as I know we’ve never met. But every church where I have served has benefitted from her resources and her teaching.
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I visited an #SBC church this morning. The sermon focused heavily on tithing/giving, with a bunch of biblical references, & how the congregation is disobeying God bc they aren’t giving nearly enough to the work of the Lord at this particular location. /1


Your entire denomination is under fire for the exposure of massive abuse scandals taking place in unfathomable numbers at local #SBC churches just like yours, & you do a sermon on tithing so that the “work of the Lord” can continue? /2

#SBCtoo #SBC19 #AbuseOfFaith #AbusebyClergy
Surely there is at least a basic understanding -I’m not even asking for granular level- that perhaps the decline in your weekly budget actuals has something to do with the fact that people are hesitant to give to an org that has yet to begin handling abuse on a systemic scale? /3
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Coming next... a long, personal thread about a pedophile #SBCtoo 1/
Years and years ago, someone I care about very deeply was sexually molested by Allen Kelsey, a deacon in a local Southern Baptist church. An investigation revealed that this was not the first time he had violated a child. 2/
Apparently, he had been asked to quietly leave other churches after being accused of the same thing. None of those churches protected their children, or the future children Kelsey would come in contact with. 3/
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LRS32 Super Bowl Edition!

You might have heard that Tom Brady has thrown 11.4% of all Super Bowl TDs ever, but did you know that Dan Larimer created 47.6% of all blockchains?

This week reinforced that, in crypto, the “big game” is the battle of ideas. Here are 20 👇
2/ IDEA: Crypto tribalism results in part from different base belief systems.

@arjunblj & @yassineARK kicked off a massive amount of lively discussion with this piece on the difference of constrained vs. unconstrained visions of the world.
3/ IDEA: If Ethereum has failed in five years, this is why.

@lrettig prompted this valuable though experiment that got the Ethereum community self-reflecting in a massive way on what might go wrong and how they could do better.
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Didn't get to catch most of the talks at #SBC19 (Stanford Blockchain Conference), so I'm going to post up notes for the talks I find interesting. Here goes.
Building MimbleWimble/Grin, by Quintin Le Sceller. Good overview of Grin and its core building blocks (not just the MimbleWimble protocol—there's a lot more to it.)…
QuisQuis, a New Design for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies by @prastudy14. A very interesting cryptographic scheme, an alternative to Cryptonote / Zerocoin. Still more of a research project, but cool ideas around updateable public keys.…
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