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Whether it’s #FBPE or #StandUp4Brexit, social media is crucial for the UK's insurgent parties. Not just for campaigning but for candidate selection.

See @gavinesler @JMPSimor @RachelSJohnson @MartinDaubney @Lugey6

My latest… via @FinancialTimes
@gavinesler @JMPSimor @RachelSJohnson @MartinDaubney @Lugey6 @FinancialTimes .@JamieJBartlett “From the Front National to Syriza to Five Star, all insurgents see the internet as this brilliant new way to get straight to ‘the people’, a direct line that cuts out the establishment.”…
Brexit party: “We are choosing candidates because of who they are. They have achieved things and that’s why they have a following but it’s not been predicated on that. People like Martin Daubney reach into a different field that’s not politics at all.”…
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A good Brexit deal is within grasp but MPs risk throwing that away in hope that by leaving with no deal, we might be able to improve our position

That's a HUGE brave gamble

It's time we took some deep breaths & went back to look at what's actually on the table

A thread 👇
Theresa May's Brexit deal remains the only actual deal on table

"Managed No Deal" or the Malthouse Compromise or whatever else are just ideas - not anything the EU has agreed to or shown any real interest in

I am yet to meet a single EU or European figure saying otherwise

Our entire public narrative of the deal was shaped by the resignation of key ministers - above all @DominicRaab

I understand why Raab resigned

Theresa May cut him out of negotiations & did give him chance to push for the backstop exit mechanism he believed he could secure

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I’m just watching @ITV Exposure from Monday 4th March evening on the abuse extended towards MPs. So far female MPs seem to be the particular targets of suggestions of violence, murder, rape.


Also evidence of troll accounts to amplify messages

We should all watch it
@ITV This programmwe is superb. Really really good.

It should be played at prime time and then followed by a panel discussion and debate.

Everyone needs to be informed about this and about troll identification.

Russian trolls tweeted out Brexit 4K> then amplified x millions
@mpc_1968 or @PropertySpot or @Haggis_UK or @brexit_sham

I don’t know how to create a thread of extracts but we really really need this done and circulated over and over.

Thomas Berwick is on it.

Tom Michaels seems to be in the frame too.

I hope it is preserved on YouTube.
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Conservative National Convention of senior party members has this morning passed this motion 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

❌No delay
❌No 2nd Referendum
❌No Article 50 revocation

Motion wording:

“The National Convention supports the commitments the Prime Minister has made to the country to honour the European Union Referendum result of 2016 that having triggered Article 50 we will leave the European Union on the 29th March 2019. 1/2
”Another referendum, a delay beyond the European elections, taking 'no deal' off the table or not leaving at all would betray the 2016 People's Vote and damage democracy and our Party for a generation” 2/2
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90 minutes before @BorisJohnson speaks and he’s already got the biggest queue of any #cpc18 event. Hundreds here!
I reckon you could fill up the main conference with all the people waiting for Boris #cpc18
Everyone wearing #StandUp4Brexit and #ChuckChequers badges, natch.
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Ok. So here goes an attempt to summarise where May is leading the U.K. with her Chequers plan.

First, it can’t of escaped anyone even remotely interested in politics that the Chequers proposal is universally hated by all sides. 1/
Labour have announced they’ll vote against it (they’ll vote against any deal as it’s an opportunity to force an election) so with a minority government the PM needs a deal with full party unity. This is where she’s made a huge mistake. 2/
Before Chequers, she had around 8 guaranteed “rebels” to worry about, the EU withdrawal act passed through parliament relatively unscathed showing the unity in the original position set out in Lancaster house (an amazing effort by @SteveBakerHW as well getting that through) 3/
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To all those MPs, @SteveBakerHW, @andreajenkyns, @patel4witham and others who are currently advertising that we need to #StandUp4Brexit I have a few questions…
There are barely 7 months left to brexit day (29/03/2019), how come there is still no certainty as to what form brexit will take?
Will there be a deal, if so what kind of deal?
Will we crash out, if so what will the consequences of crashing out be?
Have you researched this at all?
How can businesses or citizens plan for brexit if we don’t know what it will involve?
How have you let this level of uncertainty happen? Is this your idea of responsible governance?
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