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1. #12Monkeys Thread🧵
This is going to be a little different. I’m not going to explain as much as usual as I’m throwing up what I see 4others. @LovesTheLight linked d/t Coronavirus. I’ve seen it & knew details already so watched to decode 🎥🍿
I’ll explain in comments if needed
2. #12Monkeys “inspired by” 1962 French “La Jetee” = The Jetty (observe platform in airport) Post-Nuclear war (WWIII) exper. in #TimeTravel. “To call past & future to rescue of the present.”🤔💭😳 Familiar?!
3. La Jetee - difficulty finding subjects for #timetravel so [they] use prisoners, basically public, non-elite class. Meets tech advanced way future- gave him a power unit sufficient to regenerate own destroyed society. His childhood nightmare was in Airport, witnesses own death.
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1. Sainted Anon’s Videos on #ProjectPegasus #ThroughTheLookingGlass #FollowTheWhiteRabbit The Yellow Cube, President Trump’s Uncle John, #Tesla, The Boom, DARPA, Time Travel, Portals, Dimensions and much more.

2. Sainted Anons video on #ProjectLookingGlass 🐇🕳
(It’s been driving me nuts that I haven’t had time to complete this, THEN it connected to #KobeBryant ! It’s 42! Area 51 Floor is 4-2! “The answer to the Universe” #BlackCube #Anunnaki
3. Sainted Anons vid #ProjectLookingGlass PART III.
Alice Liddell = Liddle Adam Schiff = Through The Looking Glass = CYCLE = [Their] one Catastrophe. [Their] DEMISE.
If you’ve been following my stuff you know about the WHEEL & CYCLE 🚲 prophecies!! ...
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11/19/19 can also be 11/ 10 & 10 which would equal 11/11 or 11:11 or 1111.
(Decoding 👉🏻19👈🏻 and eleven eleven)
2. The date 11/19/2019 also happens to be #TripleEights 888 #infinity ! ♾😳😏
11/19/19 also = a master number 22 depending on which version used.
Also 911 is in there reversed. #reversingspells.
Either way we write it the date is highly significant!
3. 💥Receiving more 11:11 from @realDonaldTrump’s tweet today.
As well as an #Infinity ♾ via “Impeachment Week 8”
👉🏻We are looking at 11/19/19 🤔💭 #DoItQ
#TeamInfinity @paulacblades001 @JackalsLast
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Through the Looking Glass is Project Blue Beam. #ALICE #ThroughTheLookingGlass #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @NULOOKREFINISH
@realDonaldTrump @NULOOKREFINISH Guys, once you build the first collider the lie gets easier. You now are "competing" instead of bullshitting. The collider spins a vortex of money. It's pure black magick built on a lie no one can see. This is why George Bush was demanding a collider in Texas.
@realDonaldTrump @NULOOKREFINISH This is why the United States entered the space race. Remember??? They were "competing" with Russia. It's so obvious now. lol.
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1. This will be my Thread on #LucisTrust. You’ll find that this connects multiple sources & digs already done, as well as major use of #symbolism Luciferianism, #Freemasonry, old & new age #occultism, & prominent world leaders & it‘ll go on! Will take time to drop it all. #QAnon
2. #LucisTrust - Alice Bailey, the face of LT Or is she? Alice born 6/16/1880. Alice & her husband Foster Bailey (among many others! For Later😉) Founded Lucis Trust in 1922 & “Lucifer Publishing Co”. She wrote over 24 books on theosophical subjects...
#sevenrays #UnitedNations
3. #LucisTrust - Bailey was a theosophical society member about 1917 & b/c very influential in Adyar Society founded by Helena Blavatsky (Russian Occultist) w/ HQ in Krotona Hollywood #Pedowood. Note #symbolism
@JackalsLast @paulacblades001 👉🏻1919 & #TripleEights
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Town & Country Thread
1. Every time I see this mag I find a suspicious code or notable piece of info in it. I don’t believe Twit & pedowood is [their] only means to disperse info & coded messages. Let’s explore the September 2019 issue & see what we find, Shall we?! 😏
2. So let’s start with the cover. Lady Kitty Spenser, daughter of Charles Spencer 9th Earl Spenser, making her the niece of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Charity with Elton John AIDS Foundation #yellowbrickroad
3. Little tidbit on the Spenser Family. If you saw above in Kitty Spenser’s bio Charles Spenser (Diana’s Bro) married Caroline Freud.🧐😏 Yes #FREUD family line that we can connect to #SirJacobEpstein as well as Freud family to Clinton via a Sarah Latham
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It's time the world learned the truth.
Here we go, into the harvest season.
This year the harvest season will be like none other.
Follow me along, on another
#AliceInWonderland adventure
Q was quiet for [20] days.
We've learned the comms.
Who has the server?
Who has the keys?
Timestamp of post. :45
Who does Huber report to? Sessions.
Who does Sessions report to? @POTUS #45
Q+Anons+MI intel = Alice.
They are red in the face
but we are now very powerful.
We have quietly sown the seeds of truth in their gardens...
They are not happy, they are panicking.
They know we now understand Wonderland
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