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You don't have to be a mathematician, or even "good" at maths, to help your children learn maths. You just have to model resilience and positivity towards what they're doing, and to avoid reinforcing negative tropes.
A thread:
1. Do they seem to have been taught a different method for something you remember? Not a problem: get them to teach you theirs, and encourage them to try to understand yours. See if you can spot similarities. Why do both work? Can you find reasons why one may be...
2. ..."better" than the other (there are no right answers here, but just being more familiar doesn't count)?
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This was so interesting (says me), so ... thread time... #tmwyk
I was discussing with primary trainees how important mathematical conversations were, and play, and moving towards a "thought provocation through prompts" model of teaching. So the boy (6) seemed like an apt guinea pig (bribed with strawberry laces).
So I asked hiim to select the shape with the most sides from a box of shapes, and he selected this. How many sides I ask? He counts, "five, so pentagon" ImageImage
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Following on from yesterday’s experience with the captain’s age puzzle, I think there are issues around context and that he was looking for clues to solve a riddle. So I made him a ‘which ones can we answer?’ puzzles sheet. Do you want to hear how it went? #tmwyk 1/n
Prompt 1. He read it and said “No”. I asked why not? He read it again and said “7+5. She must be very older than the dragon I think. But I don’t know how old.” 2/n Prompt: “1. Jane got a dragon egg as a present when she wa
I asked “Do we have enough information to answer the question?”
“We’re missing how many birthdays Jane’s had.”
I asked “What do you know about Jane?”
“We know she was 5 and she got a baby egg. 7+5. Twelve!”
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It was cooking night with the 13yo the other night. Along the way we needed two cups of Bisquick (long funny story I'll tell you another time. For now don't judge.)

We used the 1 cup measure. But a minute later I pulled out the 2/3 and asked whether we *could* have used it. A 2/3 cup measuring cup.

How do you know?

I'll tell you how she knew later. I'm curious how you know.
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Surface area v volume is happening omg grade 3 #tmwyk
Is it wrong to be proud of your child, if the source of your pride is a comparison of her to others?
Knowing that she’s 6th grade in number sense, 4th in operations (hints of 7 w/ negatives) and 6th grade in geometry

tells me

ONLY what to teach



ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about any other child.
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We had a nice little conversation today about a somewhat dark topic. As of yesterday, there were 21 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in MN. Today, the number was 35. When will it be 100?

The 15 yo: "End of March"

Me: "This Wednesday"

The 12 yo: "Next Monday" (probably taking her cue from me, tbh)

Spouse: "Thursday morning"
Spouse's guess led to conversation about precision. We agreed on "when we learn that the number is ≥100"

Anyway, there's a lot of math wrapped up in this, and we are not in any way treating this topic lightly.
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More coming soon, but a couple things right now for you to use yourself and/or share with parents who want or need to support playful math learning at home right now... 1/3
#vehiclechat in "book" form. Instructions in the post, but you'll want to print this one out.…

Next: List of ways to support playful math at home, begun by the delightful @zidaya, and which you may both use and add to.…

Working on a #tmwyk post with more detailed recommendations.

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