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So, I am at @UIHealth with my Black friend, a Black trans person. They are visiting someone who is in the hospital. While they’re standing in the hospital room, another visitor enters the room and punches them in the face. This person doesn’t say anything. [1]
They don’t greet them. Nothing. They just punch them.

I go directly to the charge nurse a woman named Isabel and I tell her what’s happened. [2]
She goes to the room at @UIHealth, asks my friend if someone has hit them, they say yes, she asks who, they point to the person, she paces back to me, and then gets on the phone. [3]
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In Ogun State, there is currently a programme called the Home Grown School Feeding Programme that is meant to help children do better in school by giving them balanced meals

There are some issues though

1. There is poor documentation on how food is delivered to the schools
2. Kids are fed irregularly, sometimes the kids are fed a maximum of 7 times in a 13 school week period, not withstanding that the cost of these meals are about 70 naira per kid which has very little nutritional value


We need #Transparency
3. Intense monitoring only occurs in 14 Local government areas, the rest? Not so much

There is also a discrepancy in the amount paid to the cooks vs the number of kids that are enrolled in the schools

There needs to be more #Accountability in these matters
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As at December 2019: reports of the #OgunSchoolFeeding

1,510 schools are currently benefitting from the programme
2,861 direct jobs have been created for vendors
182,422 pupils were fed.

The question is this: Is there #Accountability and
There is poor documentation on delivery of meals to school (No register, no verification medium for cooks delivering meals)

There is discrepancy in school enrollment figures versus the amount paid to the cooks

Aggregators protein content issues.
Consistent irregular feeding of pupils (Maximum number of times school feeding occur is 7 in a 13 school week period.

Budget allocated/money allocated to each cook for the programme is sometimes unavailable

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So @aaron_s_fox jumped the gate on me :) w/ a thread on the #ACL #injury & #AFLW #sport #womanprobs conversation & he did a great job but I'd like my perspective to come in that special 'tone' I may be known for in presentations... My first twitter thread! Expect sarcasm and gifs
1st, I posted my perspective on #injury #women #athlete #development #biomechanics in another tweet, if you missed it, short editorial: & presentation Read those after this thread of fun, I hope the GIFs help you "hear" my tone :)
I’ve seen a bit about #ACL #injury and #menstrualcycles including news stories about organisations ready to study the menstrual cycle and #training - Let me give you some basic information to help you #factcheck before you start #cheering or #praising
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The man who shot and killed 26 people at a church in #Texas in 2017 used guns he wouldn’t have been able to purchase if the @USAirForce had properly managed its records.

Article by @IvanPentchoukov (Thread👇)…
On 6 occasions, #Military officials failed to send Devin Kelley’s records to @FBI while the @USAirForce investigated, court-martialed, and imprisoned him for abusing his wife and stepson.
Rather than being an anomaly, the preventable failures that contributed to the massacre are a symptom of a vast problem spanning the entire federal government, according to two experts with decades of experience—Daryll Prescott and Don Lueders.
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This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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Here is a thread on #accountability processes and mutual aid health care, because I just can't turn my brain off tonight.

#prisonabolition #transformativejustice #mutualaid #carework

Regarding accountability, there's the call-out and there's also the answer. There is a mutual responsibility between the person who committed harm, the victim & the greater community with the victim calling out the abuser & the abuser AND the greater community answering. (2/13)
I think a lot of the breakdown I have been experiencing around abuse and accountability in leftist spaces is tied up in the "community" aspect. (3/13)
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Day 3 - last day of #ICJ provisional measures hearings, #TheGambia v #Myanmar #GenocideConvention #Rohingya. First up, #TheGambia Reichler: Myanmar not denied UN #FFM conclusion of “inference of genocidal intent” or the 7 indicators; 2019 report para 224 - extreme brutality;
Quoted ASSK admission of #IHL violations; ignoring of #sexual violence; #hate narratives - commander in chief Min Aung Hlaing #Facebook page quoted; discriminatory policies including #citizenship law & NVC process; govt tolerance of hate; failure to investigate prosecute
This last one was the only point disputed by Myanmar - “what state is she talking about?” - military justice system must investigate & prosecute - difficulties admitted by ASSK; how can the #Tatmadaw hold itself accountable when top 6 commanders recommend for prosecution?
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WELL, ISN'T THAT SPECIAL? No surprise here, John Kean and Lee Hamilton (chair/vice-chair of 9/11 Commission) said the same thing in their book, "Without Precident," which they wrote after they issued the 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT… 1/4 #DeepState #SaudiArabia…
…which they didn't believe either.

Yet this is why the corrupt elements of the Republican Party have CENSORED & BANNED me from appearing at committeeman meetings, parades, even Lincoln Day events, based entirely on CNN, George Soros, Media Matters/Share Blue propaganda… 2/4
…just as they do every day to Pres. Trump, who is also attacked by the corrupt elements within our Republican Party.

CLEARLY the Saudis were involved—yet were let off the hook by—?—the same elements that are involved in ongoing #DeepStateCoup attempts against Pres. Trump. 3/4
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“...people usually gain power through traits and actions that advance interests of others such as #empathy, #collaboration, openness, #fairness...when they start to feel powerful or enjoy position of privilege, those qualities begin to fade....(1)
...The powerful are more likely than other people to engage in rude, selfish and unethical behaviour” #RebeccaSolnit citing #DacherKeltner on his work studying relationship between empathy and power
“If power generates a cushion of obliviousness around it, those of us with power need to counter it. That means, first, treating people with respect, regardless of their status: not taking the invitation to disdain or ignore” #Solnit
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Literally everyone I’ve ever heard/seen say/write the phrase “It’s just a joke. Don’t be so sensitive” is kind of a jerk. It’s a cop-out, a refusal to recognize harm at even the smallest level, & a type of gaslighting behavior. I refuse to be around that shit.
The more we as a culture recognize the small, everyday ways harm is perpetuated & permitted, the more we can do to stop violent & abusive habits from becoming normalized & accepted.
This isn’t to say we can’t make jokes. But we shouldn’t say anything goes because it’s labeled as a joke. We should recognize, own, & be accountable for the ways we all do harm. Dismissing of the possibility of doing harm & blaming any hurt on the hurt person is abusive.
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Attn: AG Barr #WeThePeople R 4 #accountability ⚖️

@Comey Illegally Took President Trump’s Classified @FBI Files & Leaked Them To The Press▫️ OIG Recommended DOJ Charges Against Andrew McCabe But DOJ Refused To Press Charges▫️

@realDonaldTrump @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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@UN #UnitedNations
@UNAction Womens Safety
Relief & Works Agency 
Advisory Commission Relief & Works Agency
@hrw #HumanRightsWatch
@HRWcanada #Canada
2/Inspector General & Oversight
Social Security
Financial Oversight
Financial Oversight
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@senatemajldr @potus @GOPChairwoman @GOP @senategopfloor @WhiteHouse @HouseGOP IGNORE THE MAYORS! its a knee-jerk reaction that tramples our rights and WILL NOT fix the underlying problem. #Guncontrol does nothing but control law abiding citizens 😡
The underlying problems include #mentalhealth; lack of #accountability; loss of #morality; removing #God from our communities; #relativity no more right or wrong; failure to enforce existing laws....
For decades citizens open carried and hung rifles in backs of trucks. We didn’t have problems because we knew right from wrong, had strong family units, neighbors looked out for each other, we had psychiatric hospitals, school kids were held accountable, & there were consequences
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Naples, FL: A @Hillsdale charter school was founded by two then-Collier school board members, @erikadonalds & Kelly Lichter in 2014. They advocated for more resources for charter schools while on the school board & undermined district leadership, /1
enabled frivolous legal challenges, and made false accusations. While in office, they set up consulting firms to start new classical academies. Neither ran for re-election. DeSantis appointed Donalds to his ed transition team. /2
Lichter is President of the Board of MCA. Parent grievances are not heard. Families who aren't satisfied have one choice: to transfer out. Even the Donalds withdrew their kids (see district report). This is market accountability. This is the #schoolchoice in action. /3
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FYI, a question currently before the Superior Court of Ontario regarding the 2018 #Toronto Municipal Elections to be answered is:

“Whether the Election is valid?”

There was already a ruling in the Superior Court that the Clerk shall retain the ballots.

#TOpoli #electionTO
#Toronto’s City Clerk is required to answer the following questions:

👉🏿 the Clerk is to publicly address how she verifies that each ballot cast is assigned to the right Candidate & what happens when votes are not rightly accounted for;

#TOpoli #electionTO #transparency

👉🏿 the Clerk is to to publicly explain how #democracy is ensured in our elections in Toronto;

👉🏿 the Clerk is to publicly explain what equitable measures are in place to ensure democracy in #Toronto Elections;

#TOpoli #electionTO #transparency #accountability #equity

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#QAlert 5/2/19 This will be my Thread for Thursday, May 2, 2019. You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. and more!

Let’s Go!

Q Posts here:

#QAlert 5/2/19 Q3331

You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.
May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense'
Enjoy the show!

Anon makes some good points here. @POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #DECLAS #FACTSMATTER #Pain
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It’s a major conflict of interest for MDs to both prescribe &dispense meds to patients: it’s reportable to regulatory college


If it’s considered harmful to pts &ethically wrong for MDs, why is @fordnation govt permitting it for pharmacists? 1/2 #onpoli
Cdn MDs have post-graduate training
-Family Doctor has min 10yrs of university training
-Specialist MD has min 12-16yrs of university training
-PLUS ALL MDs have thousands of hrs of hands-on clinical training

Pharmacists only complete basic 4-6yr undergraduate degree 2/2 #onpoli
IDENTICAL to regulatory body of ON MDs, College of Physicians &Surgeons of ON (CPSO), regulatory body of ON Pharmacists, ON College of Pharmacists (OCP), CLEARLY states under “#Accountability” that Pharmacists must “Avoid #ConflictOfInterest.” 3/

#patientsafety #onhealth #onpoli
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1/x Thread zur totalen Drittwirkung des Grundrechts auf #Datenschutz:

U.a. @AlexAmtmann u @PhilippQuiel diskutieren, ob die #EU überhaupt die Gesetzgebungskompetenz für den Erlass der #DSGVO hat. Ein Nebenkriegsschauplatz ist die Frage, ob inwieweit Art. 8 #Grundrechtecharta ...
... mittelbare Drittwirkung zwischen Privaten entfalten kann/darf, obwohl Art. 51 I 1 GRCh ja ausdrücklich nur für das Handeln der EU-Organe u das der Mitgliedstaaten gilt.

Meine These lautet: die DSGVO führt faktisch zu einer totalen Drittwirkung des Datenschutzgrundrechts
Sobald der Bürger pbD verarbeitet, treffen ihn aufgrund der #DSGVO Pflichten, die sonst nur der Gesetzgeber hat. Diese Pflichten könnte man staatsähnliche Pflichten nennen.

Vergleichen wir die Pflichten des Gesetzgebers mit denen des privaten Datenverarbeiters:
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#RINOS are the MOST CORRUPT Democrats of all! We all know what we are getting when a Democrat is elected. RINO's walk & talk like a Conservative to get elected, it's part of the RINO con. Once elected, they jockey for power, taking bribes, behind the scenes deals, kowtowing to
2) the lobbyists & the Dems. The true & just, Conservatives can never rely on a RINO's actions or words. RINO's flip on their Republican base at any time, sowing discord with many, getting very wealthy in the process. They give lip-service to those who elected them as they make
3) deals in the dark. Unfortunately, they are never really held accountable for their actions. Some are re-elected for decades as no one will take a stand & run against them. Many of them make a run for President, touting their ability to work across the aisle when the truth is,
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#NewJamaica #BudgetDebate2019 #TheBuilder

Leader & Prime Minister ⁦@AndrewHolnessJM⁩ will make his #BudgetDebate2019 presentation in the lower house today.

@AndrewHolnessJM "This government has done a much better job at managing the affairs of the people than any government that the Opposition has ever formed." - PM @AndrewHolnessJM
#NewJamaica #BudgetDebate2019 #TheBuilder

Leader & Prime Minister @AndrewHolnessJM admits that despite the Govt doing well, he expects no applause. He is doing his job.
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60) #QAnon drop No. 2952...
Link 2 #FoxNews w/#DevinNunes on changes needed 2existing laws & the new #DelusionNarrative that #Dems & #DSMedia are pushing. Investigation in2 #NoCrimes!…
#BarrComing #ChristopherSteele #Accountability #Transparency #Reality
61) #QAnon drop No. 2953...
Link 2 @MarkLevinShow #Tweet bout the show tonight at 10:00 PM...

On now. [Not a watcher - not just #Levin, any of that #FlickerRate #MindControlFrequency. Even if the folks are good, the way it's being delivered is #Weaponized!
62) #QAnon drop No. 2954...
Link to #Youtube vid ==> The #GreatAwakening: Breaking the Chains of the #DemocraticParty
Video from a #WalkAway #Liberal... #GoodSpeaker Too Boot!
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Live today: the joint seminar of #ASEAN Secretariat, @ASEANSAI_sec and @AIPASecretariat “Laying The Foundation for Future Cooperation in Promoting #Accountability and #Transparency in Southeast Asia” #ASEANACT2019
Key ASEAN entities hold a seminar today to link between the work of supreme audit institutions, parliaments, and governments in the area of #transparency and #accountability. #ASEANACT2019 @ASEANSAI_Sec @aipasecretariat
The one-day seminar is attended by more than 100 senior officials involved in the projects implemented by #GIZ - ASEC 2024, Support to ASEANSAI and AIPA4ASEAN. Stay tuned for the remarks and outcomes from the seminar! #ASEANACT2019
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It's the moment that approximately 2 of you have been waiting for! We at @POGOBlog released our Baker’s Dozen at the end of January – so it’s about time I do a tweet thread about it.…
The Baker’s Dozen is our biennial publication, where we provide a 30 thousand foot view of the issues POGO’s great team of investigators has uncovered and the recommendations that our Policy team has made to address those issues.
We release the Baker’s Dozen at the start of each new Congress to give new and returning members ideas for both oversight and legislative reform. It covers 13 policy areas, from ethics in the executive branch to the administration of public lands. There is something for everyone!
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