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"LG’s Mulaqaat-Live Public Grievance Hearing”-LG @manojsinha_ interacts with applicants through VC,issues onspot directions for disposal.Initiative to be institutionalized to lay thrust on objective disposal of grievances;assess performance of online Grievance Redressal System
LG @manojsinha_ underscored that the ‘Jan Abhiyan’ in tandem with a robust & responsive grievance redressal mechanism can do wonders in formalizing a citizen-centric governance model centred on peoples’ welfare. #Transparency #Accountability #GoodGovernance
In 2-hour long program,LG interacted with 19 randomly selected applicants from across the UT through VC & took first-hand appraisal of their grievances.Onspot redressal of grievances of 15 applicants,directions issued to the concerned officers for others #PromptRedressal
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@NNPCgroup Releases 2019 Audited Financial Statement, Reduces Loss by 99.7%

1. Barely five months after publishing its 2018 Audited Financial Statement, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (#NNPC) has released its 2019 Audited Financial Statement with a 99.7% reduction in its loss profile from ₦803bn in 2018 to ₦1.7bn in 2019.

2a. A statement by the Corporation's spokesman, Dr. Kennie Obateru, quoted the NNPC Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Umar Ajiya, as saying that the 2019 Audited Financial Statement, which was concluded five months after the release of the 2018 Audited Financial Statement...,

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Me supera lo tecnológico, pero me gustaría que alguien que sepa hiciera un video similar honrando a nuestros muertos en CL. No son números sino niños,niñas, jóvenes, adultos, cuerpo y rostro, familia, amores. No pudimos sq decir adiós y los extrañamos #cadavidaimportaba #importa
En EEUU son 328 millones de personas y 200,000 muertos.
En Chile, más pequeño, la proporción es similar, somos 18.7 millones y ~16,000 muertos
Ambos países displicentes, arrogantes, el falso dilema economía vs cuidar las vidas
Ni un gesto de condolencia de parte de estos gobs.
Cuando alguien nos diga "para cualquier gob. era difícil, se hace lo posible", aclaremos la confusión con evidencia. Hay países que siguen cuidando (pq esto sigue), aquí no. En CL se hizo una elección contraria al cuidado. Debe haber #accountability de Minsal, Pdte(s), quien sea
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Guy's really onto something here.

'#DataDriven' contains a bunch of assumptions worth challenging, not least that #data is not #truth - it is only what you #choose or are able to #measure.

And, as well as being a way to avoid thinking - just set your #OKRs (or increasingly...
...pick your training dataset & model) and iterate until something breaks - '#DataDriven' is an insidious way to avoid #accountability: "We're just doing what the data says!"

Of course, the flipside of that is there is then no excuse NOT to be #transparent; why hide the data...
...if your contention is that it represents 'the #truth'?

Maybe Mr Cummings et al. should beware what they wish for, as - far from building #trust - systematically concealing #evidence tends to have the opposite effect.

If you think about it.
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So @cabinetofficeuk (@GDSTeam) has updated the #DataEthicsFramework for government and the public sector today - the first version of which was published by @MattHancock in 2018, when he was at @DCMS:…

Two obvious questions:

1) Where are the published...
...ratings for all of the government & public sector data projects / programmes that have been started since 2018?

A framework that neither demands nor provides publicly visible outputs surely fails on two of its own 'overarching principles'; #transparency and #accountability...
2) Other than "consult with your team leader", what happens when a project 'fails' the framework - say a national programme that doesn't do a #DPIA, or a body that employs a #discriminatory #algorithm?

An 'ethics' framework without meaningful #consequences ain't #ethical at all.
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"Growth begins with challenging who you are. Until your better becomes best. The goal is to daily self improve."
📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Times & Season.
Episode 10

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"@ukhomeoffice has handed @IBM a £7m contract to support the development of a controversial police ‘mega-database’ that has been beset by costly delays and #privacy concerns."…

HT @patrickseurre Image
WTAF, @OpenRightsGroup?!

Is this 👇 actually your position? If so, it appears that #accountability went out the window at the very first stage!

I assume your condition for "consulting" was that @ukhomeoffice would publish the full contract, all data sharing agreements & DPIA? Image
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⚠️⚠️⚠️M. Jexel Drury advocate for justice
It is time for us to do OUR part in FORCING the lifting of the 90 year suppression order of the 28 names of those who were named as paedophiles in the Wood Royal Commission.

It is TIME to DEMAND an INVESTIGATION into every allégation.
These 28 names were people who sat in positions of high levels of influence within Australia, many of whom, still are in their positions.
A former PRIME MINISTER is named on the list !

As I have always said, the first step in creating change is CREATING AWARENESS!
Please use your social media accounts to share the heck out of this post.

Put it on every news link,every politicians page and share it with every person of influence within your circle.

Send it by link to your local state member of Parliament, your federal member of
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Precision medicine, AI diagnostics & "global mining" of medical data; personalised education & AI tuition(!) when you could've had the world-class content online FOR FREE since the late 90s; 5G for digital inclusion - if you have a new smartphone...…
...and then channelling Dom et al. on "light-touch" regulation... in fact, fuck it! let's "simply start over". Plus ARPA(s) - though is "emphatically not a general model for running a country" really enough clear blue water?

The thing is, bits of this aren't wrong: certainly...
...the shift to net-zero, #sustainable energy; the need to (re)make #institutions fit for the 21st (and 22nd & 23rd...) century; also deciding, #democratically, what a good REALLY means for a '#DigitalWellbeingState'.

What really worries me, though, is the inherent glibness...
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So at exactly what point "over the weekend" did @GavinWilliamson realise the system for which he is responsible, which should have been checked thoroughly, was not "fair and robust"?…

The Minister (who's clearly fond of his whips) is far too cavalier. Image
This ain't over by a LONG way, and while there are no right answers right now - cf. this and rest of [Thread]: - @10DowningStreet would do well to reassure (future) voters it has people with a proper sense and appropriate grasp of detail in place...
...#data, #AI and #algorithm-obsessed Governments that avoid #accountability and treat their own citizens as just so much '#GarbageInGarbageOut' don't have much of a future.

Mark. My. Words!
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He compartido antes mi pregunta de sentido común simplemente, pfvr salgamos de las OCAS un momento:
si de cada 10 veces que una persona -abuela, vecina, etc- o institución -salacuna, jardin- cuida a mi hija/hijo, 7 veces hay descuidos, maltrato, y/o ASI ¿seguiría confiando? NO
Puede ser el cuidador más preparado, el mejor jardín, pero si 6,7 de c/10 veces los nñs cuentan que les pegaron, les gritan, no comen bien ni les dan sus remedios, si tienen un "accidente" no le pasan ropa seca, y +1 vez sufren ASI, no volveriamos ahi ¿por qué sí a ciertas OCAS?
Hay suficiente info en reportes, indh, onu2018 (Estado viola sistemáticamente DDHH NNA Sename, incluidas muertes, en los 28 años de democracia hasta ahi), juicios, datos contraloría etc como para saber que hay OCAS con las que no se puede seguir trabajando. Minima #accountability
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Accurate, complete and timely #information transmission, archival and retrieval are essential for the determination of #CauseAndEffect; #responsibility for #choices; #accountability for #consequences; and #judgement against #transgressions of #LargeSystem #rules and #boundaries.
Because accurate, complete, and timely #information is essential to determine #CauseAndEffect, it drives the ability of a #LargeSystem to #adapt successfully. Conversely, compromised information leads authorized #agents in the system to make decisions that result in its failure.
The basic design criteria for the flows of #information in an adaptive #LargeSystem must assure that EACH agent reports the #truth as that agent experiences it (accurate); ALL agents in the system participate in reporting (complete); and EVERY agent reports continuously (timely).
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To improve the performance of an organization:
- Assure that those affiliated with the organization pursue its truth

#organization #performance #truth
- Increase the variety and number of affiliates

#affiliation #holism
- Connect affiliates so they can fully participate

#interconnectedness #participation
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The organizing principles of holism, interconnectedness, and accountability manifest themselves simultaneously in physical, virtual, and spiritual reality.

#holism #interconnectedness #accountability #OrganizingPrinciples
As a result, any large system that forms based upon those principles functions in each of these realities, concurrently.

The greater the experienced complementarity of behavior across all three realities the more likely the system will persist in pursuit the truth it seeks.

#complementarity #behavior #truth
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The largest system in the physical realm is our universe. It provides the best examples of organizing principles.

1. Everyone is in

Everything in the physical realm came from a common source / point of singularity—Big Bang—a grain of sand…

Everything, including us, is made of ‘star stuff’… and everything is part of the same holistic system.

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As it pours in India today, we are ready for an intellectual pour down Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @spf_in 🥳

Day 1 discussions starting in a few minutes!!

5.30 - 7.30 PM 🗣️

👩‍💻Don't forget to tweet your comments at #PFI_SciComm
And the Day 1 discussions begin!!

We are on our way Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @spf_in!

Let #PFI_SciComm be the bugle for your opinions this evening. 📢

Starting with: #Funding & #Infrastructure

@AnamZille, @yaskap94 & @ChampakSuchitha curating this live thread especially for all you on behalf of @spf_in & @scicommsci
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2. UN Genocide Convention (1948) lacks terminology to cover the gay+disable victims. We accept them as being nazi genocide victims regardless. WHY is NO media- aside from @Amy_Siskind naming it? Semantics? Legal language? Then new terminology is needed. It's not "covid crisis"
3. but deliberate "mishandling" of the pandemic due to well documented acts of corruption, vengeance, self interest and ineptitude. S.Korea+USA 1st case same date. Fatalities:
S.Korea 295
USA 143,233
Per capita USA 67x more deaths.
Refusal to name perpetuates the normalization of the pathological+criminal, allows the focus shifting off the killings+siphoning of our #TaxAndBlood funded PPP, leaves NO room for #justice+ #accountability. Crimes Against Humanity blamed on the virus.
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I think it’s time for the truth to come out... dirty secrets are not my burden to carry.
I’ll start by saying up until a few years ago, I was fully indoctrinated into toxic police culture. I fully bought into it. If I heard anything like my story I wouldn’t believe it. I’d hold popular opinion that she’s crazy/incompetent/vindictive/lying/slutty and a bitch.
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The #MiddleEast & North #Africa region is facing a serious crisis. The policy choices are not easy, but we do need a new social contract based on #transparency and #accountability from the governments.
Our recent volume discusses some of the challenges the region has been facing for the last few decades and provides proposals for how the much needed change could be initiated:… Image
By the way if your library is closed due to #covid19, you might have free online access to all 12 chapters (through your institution or University) through Oxford Scholarship Online from here:… Image
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Fascinating speech by @michaelgove:… at the US #DitchleyFoundation: this evening.

(Ditchley's list of Governors:… makes it quite clear all references to "#elites" in his speech are with a nod and a wink...)
No sackcloth and ashes, nor any real acceptance of #responsibility by the (now) Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, despite a pretty accurate description 👇 of what's happened - in large part - during his time in Government... Image
A grand, arguably grandiose, framing that feints at (but ultimately falls short of promising) a new #NewDeal, on #FDR's #Democratic model.

Themes we've heard time and again: locating the business of Gov't outside the Westminster/Whitehall #bubble; #reform (24 references) and...
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#WeaponizedCOVID USA #1 in deaths. Media's refusal to NAME it allows this #Democide+ #TrumpGenocide+#GOPGenocide+#CrimesAgainstHumanity to be invalidated, forgotten in the endless tsunami of criminal acts even as the #TrumpDeathToll rises. For those taking issue with terminology
as the deliberate targeting of citizens of #BlueStates does not fall under the 1948 UN Convention on Genocide, neither did gays+disabled. Does this make their targeted killings by Nazis any less real?…
It is NOT a COVID crisis- it is Deliberate mishandling of the pandemic due to well documented #Corruption+#NarcissisticVengeance+#Incompetence.
S.Korea+US same date of 1st case. USA deaths 119,959. S.Korea deaths 280. Per capita USA 67x more fatalities.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/17/2020-2…

The Information Age Is “Weaponized” - Extra Newsfeed…

#weaponized #information
If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says | Vanity Fair…

#coronavirus #infections #masks
Opinion | ‘This You?’ Is Twitter’s New Meme. Here’s What It’s All About. - The New York Times…

#accountability #meme
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Short thread - Mass graves discovered recently in #Tarhuna. Since 2011, #Tarhuna has been the scene for some horrific crimes at the hands of a local armed group known as the Kaniyat.
1- Over the years, the Kaniyat formed a number of opportunistic alliances of convenience with various actors including: LIFG figures, Qaddafi loyalists, Misratan factions & their latest alliance with the LNA/#Haftar. #Libya
2- The discovery of the mass graves in #Tarhuna occurred after the fall of the city in the hands of the Turkish backed GNA forces. As with everything else in #Libya this horrific tragedy is being weaponized politically in the ongoing war of narratives by the conflict parties.
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