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Huge crowd at @Mel4Hawthorn’s launch tonight. Plenty of media in attendance. T shirts and pizza are disappearing at a rapid rate!
Another professional woman standing up for climate, health, education and integrity! Will this be a race to the top in #HawthornVotes?
Campaign Director Brent Hodgson reminds everyone of the widely reported Teal wave, including flipping Kooyong - reported in the NYT and Times. “We can do this”
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Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay #Toronto!

Our platform remains the same as in previous Elections.

We march, advocate, peacefully protest; yet, we continue to be harmed trying to ensure that we all have the ability to live & thrive.

Together we succeed!
Save your dollars. This campaign doesn’t ask for donations.
Elections shouldn’t be about who can afford to buy Elections or how much wealth a Candidate has— that’s white supremacy tactic 101.2b.

Your efforts to share the message Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay is what is needed
We won’t get what we need without you. Together we succeed!✅

#TORONTO #TOpoli #voteTO
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3 years ago I sent my youngest off to kindergarten. It was a euphoric triumph after raising 4 kids full-time. My days were now mine! I knew nothing of politics. Didn’t care. Then COVID came. A virus with no risk to my kids. A blue governor took away school. Mama bear awakened. /1
My instincts told me that 2 weeks was a lie. I saw leftist politicians jump on the masking and closure bandwagon. I saw the lefty schoolboard refer to my kids as disease vectors. I saw their rights trampled. I got angry. I got educated. I got involved. That was 3 years ago. /2
Kids haven’t died en masse as the teachers unions predicted. And neither have teachers for that matter. We learned unmasked schools outperformed masked schools and had lower cases. We saw the data others refused to acknowledge. And now, 3 years later, we’re vindicated. /3
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For every #SriLankan who saw protestors at #GGG being assaulted by the #military & said "if they are doing this in #Colombo, can you imagine what happened to #Tamils in the #North & #East?" ENOUGH! There is no need to imagine, we know! 1/8
There are enough videos, films, still photographs, eye witness testimony, survivor testimony #UN reports, & other expert reports to clearly lay out what happened in #Mullivaikkal & before, was #CrimesAgainstHumanity, #WarCrimes & #Genocide. You chose not to believe! 2/8
There are 100's of people who died getting that information of #WarCrimes out of the #WarZone. Too many #journalists & #activists were killed, attacked, jailed, #tortured & exiled trying to disseminate that information, because you chose not to believe. 3/8
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🧵1. On 18 July 2009, a mere two months after the end of the war in #SriLanka, a team of exiled
progressive #Sinhala journalists and #Tamil journalists came together and established @JDS.
2. In the post-war context, JDS played & continues to play a vital role on #accountability and
#justice issues related to Sri Lanka. Fueled by a moral obligation, the committed members of
JDS covered issues many feared to undertake.
3. Journalists within JDS chose to step forward and reveal evidence of war crimes and crimes
against humanity committed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces (SLAF) during the final stages
of the war.
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#egypt #italy Yesterday the Italian highest court decided de facto that the #regeni trial cannot continue; hence putting a stone on chances for justice for Regeni and for the thousands who have gone through the same tortures that the young Italian experienced before being killed.
The italian court(s) decided not to proceed not to violate the rights to fair trial of the 4 defendants, all high ranking intelligence officers from #Egypt. Due to the explicit lack of cooperation by Egypt a fair notification could not be delivered; a trial in absentia is unfair.
Investigation was complete, facts established, identiy of defendants established, yet the trial could not proceed.
While the #righttofairtrial ought to be respected and blind application of human rights law does not deliver #justice (that is the main purpose of the law).
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The impact of #racism on maternal health & early life #RHOConf22


Systemic & structural determinants of health & effect of #intersectionality for women of colour #SDOH

Black mothers more likely to die than white mothers for >100yrs

The five whys as a framework
#RHOConf22 the landscape is changing

Imp of community partners, integration of social needs - new opportunities for the #ICS

Introducing panel @TeamCMidO, Dr Daghni Rajasingam, @MumsandTea and @BenashNaz 💙

Take the woman with you & have the will to act
Data obscures the human experience

Strategy based on #ProportionateUniversalism at scale and intensity equal to the level of need

Focus on #racist behaviour and who listens to who @TeamCMidO

@MumsandTea recommends data sets and ethnic coding “what gets measured gets done”
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1. Let’s face facts: In 20 years (and almost $2billion spent), the International Criminal Court has never sustained the atrocity conviction of ANY state official (even lowly) ANYWHERE.Only 5 African rebels.🧵 Thread on #ICC’s 20th anniversary(1 July) & our "#Ukraine moment"⬇️1/15 Image
2.But the #ICC, which embodies the int’l community’s (uneven) commitment to end impunity, has had a massive impact on global #accountability through its Statute and the norms it promotes, its pressure, its preliminary exams and its protective umbrella. Image
3.Example- The African Union’s vital role in the trial of ex-Chad dictator #HissèneHabré was intended to ward off more ICC cases against African leaders, by showing Africa could handle its own… Image
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The Trudeau Liberals always fail:
-to be accountable
-to be transparent
-to protect freedom
-to do what's best for Canadians

Conservatives are fighting for common sense, because that's what Canadians want! @NDP

#cdnpoli #C11 #transparency #accountability #freedom #CommonSense
Private Member's Bill, which would amend the Income Tax Act to allow skilled tradespeople to deduct travel expenses on their income tax claims. Though the Liberals opposed this Bill, it passed second reading today with the support of other parties. @NDP @CharlieAngusNDP
You dont have an absolute right to own private property in Canada says Liberal Justice Minister Lametti when asked about seizing & selling off Russian assets @NDP @CharlieAngusNDP @theJagmeetSingh @liberal_party @LiberalQuebec @OmarAlghabra @DavidLametti…
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1/Formal statement from COL Yevgeny Vindman's (@YVindman) Legal Team re: issuance of @DoD_IG Report of Investigation that vindicated his lawful #whistleblowing activities. We look to @POTUS now.

#RuleOfLaw #Accountability @globalmjreform @BradMossEsq @AndrewBakaj @wbaidlaw
2/Full text is as follows:

"The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Report of Investigation issued today fully vindicates our client Colonel (COL) Yevgeny Vindman (at the time LTC). Through his protected and lawful whistleblowing activities, ...
3/...COL Vindman properly reported misconduct involving officials within the Trump Administration's White House and National Security Council. Based on this latest report, which followed a review by the U.S. Army, it is now conclusive there was illegal retaliation...
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NOW WE KNOW: For weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out when the @SeattleCouncil would start meeting again in person, so media and constituents could face them and ask questions. For now only Councilmember Alex Pedersen and @CMSaraNelson are working in the office. 🤷🏽‍♂️👇🏽#Seattle
Even though the vast majority of city workers are back in the office, most of Seattle’s City Council refuses to return. So what are you going to do as a constituent(or media member)if you need an issue addressed or answered right away? #Accountability
FAIR GAME: Earlier this month I saw @CMAndrewJLewis at this press event and asked about his stance on resuming in person council meetings that are open to the public. At the time, he didn’t want to say anything on the record so I let it go. Moving forward, I’m staying on him.
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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There’s been discussions about #time and #accountability lately, and I’ve gotten questions about it. “When could trials begin?” “Could #Putin be prosecuted? When? Where” I’ll leave the “where” aside now but here’s a short 🧵on time. #Russia #Ukraine #Justice
There is, naturally, a sense of urgency when we see injustice and victims like those in #Bucha, #Mariupol, etc. People want justice and they want it now. But time can be a friend of justice, not always an enemy, especially in leadership cases. Let me tell you how.
In one article, I talk about #RadovanKaradzic and #RatkoMladic - high-ranking officials charged with crimes in Bosnia, e.g. the siege of #Sarajevo and the genocide in #Srebrenica. They were fugitives for years and most of us did not expect them to be arrested. We almost gave up.
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Today, Britain's first post-Brexit notification to the WTO on domestic agricultural support has been circulated (for 2021).

It include "zero" for trade-distorting support (aka AMS or "Amber Box") with an entitlement of almost £5bn

Trade-distorting domestic support is not counted if it is below the "de minimis" threshold of 5% of the value of production.

The UK figures really are zero for butter (except £10,000 for "private storage aid"), skimmed milk powder and wheat.

For pigmeat (£100K for enhanced animal welfare practices) and milk (£400K production aid) the numbers are very small and seem to be for crown dependencies only.

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1/ Is anyone surprised that Moscow would - immediately - claim that Russian atrocities in #Bucha were “staged”? Does anyone remember that Serbian President #Vucic – two decades after the fact – claimed that Serbian atrocities in #Racak, Kosovo were “fabricated”? 🧵
2/ Is everyone aware #Belgrade is revising its own past in the #Balkans – and distorting present reality of Russia’s brutal invasion? That there is a straight line between Vucic’s denial of Racak and Belgrade’s promotion of Russian aggression in #Ukraine?
3/ No. Accomplished @nytimes journalist @ATHigginsNYT downplays the Serbian government role in fostering adulation of #Putin, support for Russian invasion and Russian and Chinese #authoritarianism. Instead, we get more vox-pop ‘Balkan ghosts.’
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Follow my live🧵below as I speak to Bill #C16 (An Act for granting to Her Majesty certain sums of money for the federal public administration for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023).
Bill #C16 provides funding for what is known as “Interim Supply” which grants spending authority for the government, prior to the approval of the Main Estimates.
As someone who came to this place with a fairly extensive background in the private sector, I can assure you that this process raises red flags for me.
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A common misperception about #psychologicalsafety is that it means lowering standards, giving up on #accountability, or "everyone being wrapped in cotton wool."

I love a good 2 x 2 matrix... so here's mine, brought to life by @tnvora, #sketchnote artist supreme. Image
Clearly, the place to be is the upper right quadrant, where people are not afraid to have the #difficultconversations that bring real progress.

Those conversations flow upward as well as downward, in an atmosphere of respect that ALSO goes both ways.
This has been my periodic reminder re: what #psychologicalsafetyisnot. I've spilled a lot of ink on that subject; there are some sticky misperceptions there that are probably not going away.

But I hope this helps. And it does have an impressive ink-to-insight ratio :)
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3rd workshop on Artificial Intelligence Diversity, Belonging, Equity, and Inclusion (AID BE I) at #AAAI: a livetweet thread by @banazir

#DiversityInAI #DiverseInAI
@RealAAAI @WiMLworkshop @black_in_ai @_LXAI @QueerinAI @AiDisability #IndigenousInAI
@wimlds @BlackWomenInAI

1/🧵 Screenshot: Zoom attendees ...
Welcoming remarks from @banazir:

There will again be a special issue of Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (#PMLR, an imprint of @JmlrOrg's Journal of #MachineLearning #research) on this workshop.

Video recordings of the workshop will be at

First presentation: "Hello* - A Beginner's Guide to the Conference Galaxy" - Bethany Chamberlain, Dovile Juodelyte and Veronika Cheplygina

@chamberlain_ba @DrVeronikaCH

Great use of @Mentimeter!

3/🧵 Screenshot of cover slide a...
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This week all eyes will be on #Budget2022. #OUTA compiled some #tips for the Minister of Finance & @TreasuryRSA which we sent to them about 2 weeks ago. Here's our list:
#Budget2022 priorities
OUTA wants to see these as top priorities in Budget 2022:
#Funding to decisively combat & PROSECUTE #corruption.
Concrete ACTION to promote #economicgrowth & address #unemployment.
#Budget2022 Fund the #WarAgainstCorruption
Ensure ample funding for prosecuting state capture, corruption and tax evasion, for @sarstax @RSASIU Hawks & @NPA_Prosecutes.
Ensure support for whistleblowers.
Fund new oversight bodies as recommended by @StateCaptureCom.
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🧵 alert! "Enrollment and eligibility process of #Brazil’s #COVID19 Auxílio Emergencial ('AE'): #Data processing and use of administrative #registries" --… A few insights from @WBG_SPLabor @FCDOInclusive publication (1/16) ImageImage
Authors' opinion in short, "in an experiment that involved the use of more than forty databases, Auxílio Emergencial makes it clear that trustworthy information is vital for identifying more vulnerable groups and their needs".. Down to some details: (2/N)
1. AE took different forms over its 3 phases, becoming increasingly more stringent in terms of eligibility and transfer values (NOTE: this is a different trajectory to other countries) - raising important doubts on 'impacts of restrictive alterations on vulnerable segments' (3/N) ImageImage
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I have A Question for everyone, if the world was SHOWN who God is, they’ve been talking to God & SHOWN why this entire world was built up as it is—What would you do? How would you react l? Would all the things most worry about today, would you still worry about? Would you finally
Surrender & TRUST that everything is being made right for Each & ever single one of you?
Would you change your ways? Would you want to know exactly why everything happened as it has happened? Would you repent, cone clean & turn away from your wicked ways?
Would you love
Yourself & others the way God has loved everyone ?

Everyone has FREE WILL to do as they please, the TRUTH has always been in front of everyone but those who lose faith in themselves/Others or lose sight in the smallest
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#Narcissism thread 🧵 15 (more) questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether someone is a #narcissist
1. Do they devalue, diminish, demonise or harshly judge you or act as the righteous ‘authority’ figure with you regardless of their age, status or employment? 🚩
Are they #superior? For e.g. A non lawyer preaching to a lawyer about law. 2. Are they #defensive? Do they seem only interested in trying to prove that they are right & you are wrong, in a defensive mode? 🚩They are #competitive not co-operative. Co-operation is a must #healthy
3. Do they demand #attention from you? For e.g., insisting on having the conversation when it’s convenient for them only &/or use emotional #manipulation to ensure conversation happens on ‘their’ terms? They may not answer the question, go off topic, deflect, defensive, accuse 🚩
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Syed Farzand Ali Zaidi, who shot and killed a newly-wed man in Karachi’s Kashmir Road area in a robbery bid last Wednesday, was an on-duty cop who was on bail in a previous robbery case as well as three other criminal cases, it has emerged.

#DSTV #Karachi #NewlyWedsMurder
Farzand, who was posted in the investigation wing of Karachi’s West Zone Police, allegedly shot himself dead when police conducted a raid to arrest him.

#DSTV #Crime #Police #KashmirRoad
According to DSTV’s investigations, Farzand was on bail in four similar cases registered against him — robbery and possession of illicit arms in 2017 — and possession of narcotics and illicit arms in 2019.

#DSTV #Pakistan #News
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