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Another “progressive” caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Trisha A. Zubert, a former candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives, was arrested & charged (locally) with money laundering, forgery, theft, and identity theft.
Ohhh, look who helped to recruit & promote her 👇👇

A group called “Run for Something” with backing by none other than #CrookedHillary and “Onward Together.” (Onward Together from the till to the bank account, that is 🤣)
Run for Something was started by ..get this...Hillary Clinton’s email director 😂🤣😂🤣 Amanda Litman & Ross Morales Rocketto.

They started it on the day of Trump’s inauguration, hahahha!

Can you say #TrumpCurse? 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
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Nolte: Woke 'Terminator' Tanks at the Box Office…
#TrumpCurse in full effect...disaster
Who in the world waste their money seeing this terrible movie?
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Hey @SteveKerr you want to keep going lying and trashing @realDonaldTrump?

#TrumpCurse in full effect👇

Kevin Durant: Torn Achilles
DeMarcus Cousins: Torn Quad/ACL
Klay Thompson: Torn ACL
Steph Curry: Broken Hand

See what I said back in June👇
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感謝您為勒布朗同志提供的服務 @KingJames! 此致中國共產黨 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
A traitor in complete meltdown mode
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“If God be for us who could be against us?” Roman 8:31

I know this might offend people but the #TrumpCurse is real. When God has His hand on someone his enemies better watch out. No one has brought him down yet.

He is our King Cyrus. He is not perfect but has been chosen “for such a time as this.” He is answered prayer. He fights for us and for the innocent children. This is why we fight for him and pray for him. We are living in some amazing times. The best is yet to come! #DarkToLight
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Hey Shepard! “Go home to mommy!” 😂😂

One of the first Deep State Media hacks bites the dust. I am sure they were going to fire him.

I am sure the Bill Barr discussion with Murdoch was interesting. I am sure he is lawyering up now. #FakeNews #DeepStateMedia #TrumpCurse
Lawyer Up!
NEWS EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Shep Smith Accuser Says Fox News Host Sexually Attacked Him, Kept Going After He Tried To Push Him Off (March 22, 2019)…
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Bernd Zalke Rind was sentenced to prison for defrauding investors in the US and Africa in a fraud scheme that made people believe he was going to build schools, medical clinics, low income housing, and a solar plant in various places across Africa.
I found his YouTube.

Here’s one of the bogus clinics he claimed he was going to build in Africa.…
Ohhh, here he is trashing Trump and he has #TDS.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahha, that’s what you get for trashing POTUS! #TrumpCurse…
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#TrumpCurse on full effect
It was an awful show anyway. Cannot believe Walsh was on as long as he was.
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A great piece explaining the history behind

“The Menace of Political Correctness”…
The problem is, despite a detailed history, the article

from @ClaremontInst fails to call it what it is....

Worse, @ClaremontInst FAILS to provide any solution.

We are left with:

“What is to be done? Probably not much. One can only hope that political correctness will go so far as to make evident its absurdity, as @AOC Green New Deal has made alarmist environmentalism seem absurd...”
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U.S. Soccer Star Alex Morgan Says White House Visit Will Be Team Decision (Sounds like they already made a decision—I guess they have not heard of the #TrumpCurse)…
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Why USWNT star Megan Rapinoe doesn't sing the national anthem…
She has the Soros “purple” hair showing her who her allegiance is to. Has she heard of the #TrumpCurse?
This is what the #TrumpCurse looks like in the sports world
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Is the #TrumpCurse real?
I can predict who will be a part of the next #TrumpCurse...@USWomens Soccer. It will not end well for them even after their first game winning 13-0. They are picked to win the #WorldCup2019 but will not.
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🤔Ignore the shiny thing *headline*.... Instead ask ourselves WHY IS OBAMA IN CANADA?

[what's going on with Trudeau *right now*....]
This photograph was taken July 2017, shortly before Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland began trying to sabotage the NAFTA renegotiation talks with demands of gender equity and Chinese econ access. Four months later, USTR Lighthizer stopped talks with Canada and framed USMCA w/ Mexico
The global-ideological $$$ behind Obama is the same global-ideological $$$ behind Trudeau.

Currently: Obama is the messenger. Trudeau is the puppet.

Trudeau is in trouble. The Trudeau controllers are moving to protect their investments.
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Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns 6/21/18. Who will replace him?…
It could have went to Renee James, who Q has mentioned before, but she left Intel to start Ampere Computing...…
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Newsfeed --- June 8th, 2018 ---- Friday

Two auto-replying bots have now been stuck in a loop
with each other for several hours
and the resulting thread reads like most of my internal monologue:

So 2018.
Today is June 8th, 2018 --- Friday

Coutsey of Twatter/Jack --- here are your Re-follows of the day

#1- @Solmemes1 -- Meme-God
#2- @ToreSays -- Very Clever/Sarcastic Normie
#3- @_ImperatorRex_ - Roman sent back in time
#4- @hfinch61 - Harold Finch
#5- @threadreaderap_
Today is June 8th, 2018 --- Friday

Coutsey of Twatter/Jack --- here are your Re-follows of the day

#1- @Solmemes1 -- Meme-God
#2- @ToreSays -- Very Clever/Sarcastic Normie
#3- @_ImperatorRex_ - Roman sent back in time
#4- @hfinch61 - Harold Finch
#5- @threadreaderap_
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