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Gst On Renting of Immovable Property🧵

In this thread we will discuss renting of both commercial & residential property 🕵️ (1/4)

#gst #tax #incometax #tds #gstn Image
1. Renting of Residential Dwelling.🏡

A) If residential dwelling is used for commercial purpose then GST is payable on Forward charge basis.(office etc)

B) If residential dwelling is used for personal purpose then the service is exempt for both registered & unregistered. (2/4)
C) If Residential dwelling used for commercial purpose but as a residence i.e Guest house etc. by registered person then it's taxable under RCM.

D) If Residential dwelling used for commercial purpose but as a residence i.e Guest house etc. by unregistered then it is exempt.(3/4)
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Holmes received the "Doers Award" at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia.
Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11.25 years in prison for the Biotech equivalent of vaporware among other things
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BREAKING: The Pentagon announces they don't have telephone service at their offices and as a result, they had to relocate to the DoD's building - these guys can't even call the Chinese much less shoot down the balloon...
Brig Gen Pat Ryder had to hold the Pentagon briefing in the Navy's conference room because of a communication outage... Ryder is only saying that they're monitoring the Chinese Spy Balloon but they've seen other balloons behaving similarly.
General Ryder admits China is currently violating US airspace and is actively maneuvering the Chinese Spy Balloon at 60,000ft - he is unwilling to give the public the exact location of the balloon but says Americans can look up and see the balloon...
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"They could be a driving force in a new majority that pushes anti-democratic policies to the very top of the Republican agenda."😵‍💫

If you truly want to present as credible again, @CNN, I'd cut back on the mics given to all the authors of Trump books. #TDS…
It's so awkward to read pieces like this, which we've seen daily now for months on end. They are so barren, there is absolutely nothing of substance inside except "You can't vote for them, they are election-denier! 😵‍💫 We will tell you The Good Republicans. 😵‍💫 Vote Liz Cheney! 😵‍💫"
This empty and gross propaganda campaign has completely failed. Its become embarrassing to watch. It was created by rabid types buried deeply in a silo, and it impacts only the same types. Propaganda incest.

This nonsense lost America a long time ago.👇🧵
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Non. Le terme "#TravailDuSexe" est issu de l'anglais "sex work" dont l'origine remonte à la fin des années 70 par la militante californienne Carol Leigh.

Cette expression a ensuite été largement adoptée par les personnes concernées ds la lutte c/ le VIH dans les années 80 🧵👇
Cette expression n'est évidement pas utilisée pour « banaliser et invisibiliser les méfaits de la prostitution » mais au contraire pour prévenir au mieux les violations des #droitshumains dont sont victimes les travailleurs et travailleuses du sexe (#TDS) ☂️
Amnesty International utilise également la terminologie employée par les personnes concernées et par celles et ceux qui revendiquent leurs droits.…
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Trump has just completely broken brains. It's become a mental prison, ironically for the left.

What's even more ironic is how little importance Trump holds to the greater game. But see, for minds like Kurt, it's really not about Trump either.
You're staring into the face of the meltdown of the "morality binary"...

The cult-like fixation on Trump is how one avoids facing the crumbling reality around them. Fantasies of dark crime families and Red Army and the fall of democracy. Derangement. 👇🧵
Another thread from this morning...👇

It's all part of the same toxic soup. Same maniacal and repetitive fixations that feed the same silo. But #TDS allows one to attack and attack and avoid all substance in between.

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New #TDS provision u/s 194R effective from 1st July 2022:

A thread 🧵 on TDS on benefits/ Perquisites:

A person, responsible for giving out any Benefit or Perquisites to a resident arising out of business/ profession, whether it's convertible into money or not, requires to deduct TDS @ 10% on such aggregate amt.

Provided that no TDS if value doesn't exceed 20k in a year

In case of Individual or HUF whose turnover, gross sales, gross receipts during the preceding FY doesn't exceed 1 cr and in the case of profession, gross receipts doesn't exceed 50 lacs, the provision of 194R will not be applicable

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The @AP has published (yet another) “hit-piece” on @elonmusk, attempting to spread widespread fear of imminent bullying if/when the Twitter deal closes… 🐦

See below how this article falls short of @AP’s mission to discredit… 🪡 👇🏻 1/9
We all know the #JRE clip, and we all know the context (Must having said he’s never smoked before…) 💨

The obsession with left-leaning fear-mongers of calling @elonmusk a “pot smoker” is laughable. 🤡

Meanwhile, the democratic fights to legalize cannabis nationwide… 2/9 Image
The @AP quotes an opinion from a solitary anonymous investment firm that thinks the @Twitter takeover is “comical and surreal”. 🥁

Using quotes from nameless entities serves to enrich the @AP’s narrative while providing absolutely zero real-world value to the reader… 3/9 Image
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🧵PHOTOS🧵Retour en images sur la marche féministe parisienne du #8mars2022
1/ Femmage aux Amériques latines & aux #Zapatistes pour commencer💜
@NousToutesOrg @chianteuses @Joh_Jokiera @BisounoursDeter @ZapatistaOrg
2/ Résistance à l'agression publicitaire #suffragetttes #LouiseMichel Ni #Patrie ni #Patriarcat ni #Mari ni #Macron ni #Maton
3/ De toutes les #couleurs & de toutes les #formes 💛🧡❤️💚💙💜🖤
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Marche nocturne tout en convergences 💜🧵
A bas l'état les flics & les frontières ✊🏾
"Putes syndiquées bordel autogéré" 😇
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Soyons clairs @Fabien_Roussel : une dépénalisation du travail du sexe n’impliquerait pas l’abrogation des sanctions pénales visant la traite des personnes.

En revanche, le fait de considérer le travail du sexe comme une infraction peut entraver la lutte contre la traite (1/6) ⬇️
Par exemple : les #TDS ☂️ sont aujourd'hui exclus des protections liées au droit du travail susceptibles de renforcer les contrôles et de faciliter la détection et la prévention de la traite d’êtres humains.
+ les victimes hésitent fortement à saisir les autorités (2/6)
Au passage : plusieurs organisations luttant contre la traite des personnes estiment que la dépénalisation du travail du sexe aurait des effets positifs sur la lutte contre la traite (3/6) 👇
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Comment @RaphaelleRL jongle-t-elle entre les valeurs de @EELV_Paris au #ConseilDeParis concernant la lutte contre le VIH/sida, contre la #transphobie ou contre la répression des #TDS alors qu'elle est devenue DIRECTRICE du @MouvementduNid ?

1/ Il s'agit d'une asso dont le fond de commerce repose sur le sauvetage des "personnes en situation de prostitution". Pourtant @MouvementduNid n'accompagne que 1200 personnes sur toute la France. On se doute que leurs financements passent dans le lobbying pour réprimer le TDS.
2/ TW #transphobie

..Un accompagnement dont on peut douter de la qualité au regard des propos stigmatisants, transphobes et homophobes qu'on pouvait trouver sur leur site il y a peu et qui ont remué la communauté #LGBTQI+
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🚨Thread 🚨answering questions on India's #Budget2022 #crypto #CBDC announcements (send me Qs here)

Q1. Does taxation mean a recognition of the legality of crypto?
What is legal & isn't will be decided by the India Crypto Bill, which hasn't been tabled yet. This is a deterrent..
The #India #crypto #bill was expected to be tabled in final form in this budget session. It might be so if the cabinet clears it but the bill is expected to be finalized by May. The motivations behind today's announcement is not clarity per se but signaling:
1. A high #tax rate and no loss offsets signals the government's intent to deter #crypto trading activity.

2. #TDS reporting signals their intent to expedite data gathering around crypto transactions.

3. Signal an intent to regulate as many sessions have gone by without a bill
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“Mostly peaceful protests” =

“More than 30 people were killed, 700 police officers were injured, and insurance damages were estimated at over $2 billion.”
“The American people, already battered by a pandemic, had to endure six months of relentless terrorism from anarchist militants whose actions were minimized, normalized and, in some cases, applauded by the Democratic Party and Trump-deranged media in an election year.”
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Since 1923, the Trump Family has built a worldwide real-estate and hospitality empire.

Now, highly partisan Democrat prosecutors are on a witch hunt to find paperwork “crimes.”

And they ignore clear evidence of foreign corruption and other real crimes by the Biden Crime Family.
It’s a race to the bottom between @NewYorkStateAG @TishJames and @ManhattanDA, two highly partisan Democrat prosecutors.
We have 2 systems of justice in America:

- 1 for the liberal elite; and

- 1 for the rest of us.
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And you’re defending @natsechobbyist’s vicious attack on an Army officer and Iraq combat veteran?!?
.@ProjectLincoln’s 🏴‍☠️ ship of leaders harbored co-founder John Weaver, who used his official position in a federal SuperPAC to (1) trade sex for jobs; & (2) sexually prey on a 14-year old.

All so they could grift & line their own pockets—while very effectively losing elections.
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Actually @RepLizCheney is set to be a a former House Republican Conference Chair and a former U.S. Representative for the state of Wyoming, and, just like Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney, has become irrelevant.

“Cheney set to be face of anti-Trump GOP”…
“We must not be complicit in the former president’s lies,” Cheney said today in a statement to The Hill.

“Our oath to the Constitution imposes a duty to defend the foundations of our Republic from his unprecedented and ongoing assault.”
“Sen. Lindsey Graham today warned that if Republicans dismiss Trump, ‘half the people will leave.’

It’s not so much “dismissing” Trump, it’s failing to build on what he started.

Republicans focused on attacking Trump need to step aside. Or they can stay until they’re voted out
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Dear @nytimes:

Secretary of State @HillaryClinton *ran for President* after leaving office.

After her stunning defeat to a political novice (Trump), she’s been an outspoken critic for 4 years (and counting).

And former Secretary @JohnKerry hasn’t shut up.

But besides them ...
And former Secretary of State Colin Powell doesn’t count, as well . . .…
Former Secretary who?…
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Es Sábado Santo, se abren las puertas de San Gregorio y allí está Ella, la muerte, sentada y meditabunda sobre una bola del mundo…

Si te gusta este tipo de hilos, ¡Retuitea y síguenos!

#TDS #TDSCofrade #TDSActualidad #TDSSevilla
La muerte, personificada en un esqueleto con una guadaña.
A sus pies, una serpiente con una manzana en la boca, símbolo del pecado original.
Detrás, la cruz desnuda sobre la que se apoyan las escaleras que utilizaron los Santos Varones para descender el cuerpo de cristo.
Sobre el madero penden dos sudarios, uno de color blanco y otro de color negro, que llevan inscritos la famosísima frase en latin “Mors mortem supervit”, “la muerte venció a la propia muerte”.
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📜¿Quién era El Cachorro de Triana?📜

Las viejas lenguas cuentan que Francisco Ruiz Gijón, imaginero del titular trianero, se basó en un fatídico suceso para tallar al que hoy conocemos como el Cristo del Cachorro, pero... ¿Quién era el Cachorro?

#TDSActualidad #TDSSevilla #TDS Image
De unos 30 años, ya los gitanos de la cava del siglo XVII conocían muy bien al protagonista de esta leyenda, pues por sus rasgos y su afición al flamenco jondo con su guitarra y sus quejíos tenía su buena reputación en el barrio de Triana. Image
Su corazón nunca tuvo el nombre de ninguna moza del barrio, que en su mayoría estaban enamoradas de éste, pero muchas personas contaban que se sentía cautivado por una joven adinerada que vivía por la zona de San Vicente o San Francisco. Image
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Smriti was always an organised person, yet her finances were all over the place!
#Tax was her nemesis.
Paid more #TDS than required
Rushed her tax saving investments
This time on Essence of Planning, we’re showing you how financial planning changed Smriti’s life for good!
She started by preparing a #Financial checklist of things review financially. How many things have you crossed off? Comment your answer below!
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Suspended Bamberg County, South Carolina Councilman Kerry Trent Kinard was arrested for making false statements in connection with trying to buy a gun. He was already under federal indictment for child sex abuse charges & wasn't allowed to buy a gun.
After reading up on this guy, media didn't mention his party affiliation, which leads me to believe he's probably a Democrat.
OK, so he also go by just "Trent Kenard" and this popped up:
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Merci pour cette importante interpellation @RaphaelGerard17
Depuis mai, les politiques publiques de lutte contre le Covid19 se résument trop souvent par la politique de l'infantilisation, de la manipulation d'information et de la peur.
En forçant par la peur la distanciation et l'isolement social, il ne peut en résulter que l'éloignement et l'isolement du système de soins, et en conséquence la précipitations des risques sociosanitaires.
Depuis mai dernier, 20 #femmes #trans #TDS #migrantes accompagnées par notre association ont été notifiées d'une #OQTF (menace d'expulsion), en dépit de leur droit au séjour pour motifs de santé.
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