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So impressed with @BlairBraverman talk today. Not only is she an athlete/writer, she’s also a fantastic inspirational speaker! Jewels of wisdom I captured for our #UglyDogs community. Thread...
Mushing is a team and individual sport. You spend time investing individuals, building trust. As the leader YOU are responsible at the end of the day. They run bc they know you have their backs.
Leading a dog team, you are dealing w a tremendous amount of power. (Video of dogs pulling the Intl Dog Bus was awesome.)
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Q planned to blow through Noorvik, rest in Kiana, and then head to Ambler. It’s an ambitious start that would have the pups running when temps are cooler at night. But he’ll adjust plans based on conditions and dog energy levels, so we’ll have to wait and see. #kobuk440 #uglydogs
Like last year, a lot of strategy in the race will involve timing runs so that teams rest during the heat of the day and run at night. The midday sun can get warm, and teams that run in the afternoons will have slower speeds and may take frequent breaks to cool down.
I won’t be surprised if we see the teams break into two rough “groups”: those who make it to Ambler by midday tomorrow, then get to rest in the afternoon and start fresh when evening temps drop, versus those who get caught in the heat along the way.
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1/3 So #uglydogs know some of Bug's history, Blowhole has nothing on him: "Team owners and coaches met and decided on a penalty for Bug, one of the team leaders. He was found guilty of multiple felony assaults against his team mates and using his teeth in an unauthorized manner.
2/3 His victims have sustained a cut ear, a bloody nose, bruises and hurt feelings. Coaches stated that prior warnings and anger management counseling have failed to moderate Bug's behavior. Rather than face action by the league during upcoming competitions, team management voted
3/3 unanimously to invoke the penalty of a trip to the vet for Bug. It was hoped that this action would prove helpful in managing Bug's aggression issues. Observers report his attitude and overall demeanor have been exemplary since the procedure." ~ Mitch 1/14/2019
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Hey #UglyDogs! As the Iditarod winds down I don’t know what do with myself. So I made this thing. I’m far from a Twitter power user so please excuse inevitable link/threading mistakes.

And now: Lessons from the2019 Iditarod on team building, management, and leadership!
Compose your team with care. Know their strengths.
Don’t be afraid to bring in outside expertise when needed.
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Finally got a chance to look at the tracker from Nic from last night. You can definitely see the issues.

* Nic gets onto the ice, then has a couple stagger-starts
* Then he has a lengthy rest (bear with it)
* When Kaiser passes, Nic starts moving again--slowly


* When Joar passes, Nic continues to move slowly.
* He pulls over again at the cabin, which is where he is still at.
* When Royer goes by, he stays at cabin.

You can't make a dog go that doesn't want to go.

It sounds like Ryan Redington at Beargrease this year.

If you recall, Ryan had the race well in hand--his team was several hours in the lead coming out of the final checkpoint, 34 miles to go. Ryan had dropped a few dogs--a common occurrence to optimize the final leg--and looked great.

Shortly after the checkpoint, it fell apart.
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Okay, friends! I’m not sure when the cutoff is, so the time has probably come for me to go offline for the duration of the race. But here are a few good ways to follow the race while we’re OUT THERE...
1. Remember that you can sign up for free on to get an email every time I reach/leave a checkpoint, and there are trail descriptions on the website, too, so you can read about what exactly the team is going through.
2. Iditarod Insider costs $ but it is definitely worth it (if you can afford $20-30) because it lets you follow the trackers in real time, get analysis of the race and conditions, and see behind-the-scenes photos, videos, etc.
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Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of fandom.
Honestly, I was afraid to tweet too much about dogsledding on this trip. I was afraid it was too niche for most of my followers, but more so, I think I was afraid of being perceived as a superfan, a nerd, a sad, overenthusiastic fangirl on the sidelines.
Most of this stems from feeling a need to be taken seriously, both as a woman and as a person in the publishing industry. I am a Serious Writer. I'm the editor of a Serious Publication. Serious Writers and Editors tweet about Serious Things. They do not fangirl; they do not fawn.
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Okay #uglydogs who are here in AK, here are some events I’ll be at. Hope to see you there!

Musher Meet and Greet today at 4pm today with Iditarod banquet afterwards

9 am on Friday I’m interviewing the legendary Lance Mackey at 6th Avenue outfitters
2 pm on Friday I’ll be giving a talk at the Lakefront hotel about the rookie experience for the Iditarod Educators Conference
We have some goodies to give out, too, so be sure you introduce yourself as an #uglydog. I can’t wait to meet you!
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So as y’all know, we’re staying at the gorgeous Alpine Creek Lodge this winter, which is 60+ miles from the nearest road and serves as a hub for long distance mushing. A wooden lodge covered in snow, looking out over distant mountains
Well, in late March there’s going to be a race with the lodge as a checkpoint. It’s called the Denali Doubles and is put on by four-time Iditarod champ Jeff King. Spike stands in sunlight with his eyes closed, wearing pink booties
The Bondy family who owns the lodge have been meaning to do something special for #uglydogs. So...
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I got back from a day on the trail to discover that several #uglydogs had started fundraising for the team. I am moved beyond words. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t say how helpful it is to have that much less to worry about between now and the Iditarod start.
We’ve been meaning to make a wish list, but honestly, we probably won’t have a moment to do it... I’m realizing at this point that I’m going to have to let a lot go in the next month. But these sponsorships will help with:
We use for sponsorships over time (hi guys!), but for one-time fundraising efforts, we have a paypal at, and also get mail at PO Box 144, Cantwell AK 99729.
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The loveliest @AndersFinn and @warmheatherette have offered to fund a few Iditarod Insider subscriptions for #uglydogs who can’t afford them but want to follow the race closely! First come, first serve.
If you’re interested, you can DM them directly.
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Gather round, children, huskies, and #uglydogs, and hear my merry tale.
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the lodge @AlpineCreekLdg
Not a creature was stirring note even a Claude @claudebondy1
The booties were hung in the cabin with care
In hopes that fresh snowfall soon would be there
The doggies were nestled all snug in their homes
While visions of meatorade sloshed in their domes
And Blair @BlairBraverman in her longjohns and I with bed-head
Had just settled in for a long twitter thread
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Hi frens! It’s #givingtuesday and I want to tell you about two (non-mushing) fundraising efforts that mean a lot to me. A goofy sled dog with an overbite stares at the camera, holding out his paw so it looks like he’s taking a selfie
1. MacDowell colony, which offers fellowships for artists, made a huge difference in our lives. It gave me a safe home to finish writing ICE CUBE, which was—to put it lightly—a terrifying process. It’s a haven for vital art, writing, and community. A gift.
It’s also where @QuinceMountain and I got engaged!
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We passed Dallas Seavey training his dogs on the Denali Highway this morning. I don’t think our pups had ever seen that many dogs on a single team. Spike wanted to say hi to every one of them. Two dog teams passing each other. One has over 20 dogs pulling a truck. The other has ten dogs pulling a sled. There are snowy mountains in the distance.
Also, guess who happened to be staying at the lodge last night?
One of y’all #uglydogs!!!!
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Saturday project: organizing our vaccination and veterinary records. Wish me luck! Flame lies on a pile of papers and forms on the floor
Feeling pretty pleased with myself tbh. Each dog has their own page, in alphabetical order. And #uglydogs are represented on the cover — temperature chart by @leastilikehats and NASA sticker from I.L. An incredibly beautiful binder (well, by my standards) with a colorful chart and NASA sticker on the cover. Inside, each dog had a page with their birthday, parents, and vaccine records.
uh oh now I’m on a roll cartoon by Allie Brosh of a girl lifting a broom and saying CLEAN ALL THE THINGS
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A year ago today, I started intensive chemotherapy for #breastcancer, 3 months ago I finished aggressive radiation treatment. It's hard to believe it's been a year. I was in treatment nearly twice as long as anticipated and it was an incredible struggle to keep up w/everything 1/
A struggle which I often feel like I failed at. Running a small business solo is a challenge on a regular day, it becomes an other beast entirely when you're going through cancer treatment. 2/
I currently have 5 full time & 2 part time employees at my bakery @dalypies. I've always prioritized making sure my staff gets paid, even in the leanest of times, even if it meant not paying myself (I'm sure many business owners what that is like) 3/
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We found two pieces of jaw-dropping artwork in the PO box today and will spend the rest of the week (year?) speechless from the amazing love and talent and creativity in this community. I'm just saying, y'all are the human equivalent of Hari. Magic. Truly. #uglydogs
The first is by @hbairdherron. Are you ready for this?
IT IS HAND EMBROIDERED I CAN’T EVEN An elaborate, colorful embroidery on gray fabric that says IDITAROD: THE LAST GREAT RACE. A WOMAN’S PLACE IS... FIRST TO NOME!
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