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#btsau ghosts, ghouls, and shadows

the concept of the show was simple; a team of seven ghost hunters spend the night locked in a haunted building and film every second. but after six seasons, it's gotten a little lacklustre. however, things are about to get very, very real. Image
• ghost adventures but make it bts
• inspired by chim and hobi in its2 and the zombie episode of run
• pairings; vmin, nam2seok, yoonkook (it's fiction ok)
• mostly crack w some spooks
• probs strong language
• both text ss and written
• idk let's just have fun


• founder, leader, and key host
• put the team together
• big beefy ghost bro (zak bagans agenda going strong)

• co-hosts a-unit w namjoon
• the camera and ghosts love him
• freaks out more often than not ImageImage
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🔞#vminau where jmn finds out that his boyfriend's horny and filthy mind ends up inserting a vibrator deep in his gut, quivering in his already aching hole, intensifying his senses.
⚠️- edge play, electrostimulation, humiliation, semi-public masturbation using vibrator, degradation
jmn feels stuffed to the brim, his hole too sore from the aftermath of a wild night. he half expects his hole to be filled with th’s long and thick cock but he finds the bed empty, all cold and crumpled with his boyfriend’s weight.
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Jimin and Taehyung has been best friends forever, being obliviously in love until they are at a concert and Jimin just can't stop watching the other. And at that moment it hits...

"I love him?"
-short drabble
-bffs to lovers
Jimin is a private person. He has tonnes of friends, but he believes he is a very private person. All those tonnes of people that like to hangout with him can not be counted as friends.
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jm's always been th's closest person, his favorite, the one he loves the most. but that changes when th gets a new group of friends and not long after, a girlfriend.
jm's forced to face his feelings for his best friend with an already broken heart. ImageImageImageImage
lots of angst
unrequited love
it gets worse before it gets better
happy ending
might get nsfw in the future 🔞
english isn't my first language so im sorry if my grammar is fucked up 💀
i made a cc! you can ask me stuff or share your opinions about the au 🥰 also pls let me know if you have any constructive criticism, i want to improve my writing! 🌈🌻
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#vminau | filo au where thomasian park jimin vows to never date ateneans ever again, but he fails to consider one big problem: pretty boy kim taehyung ImageImageImageImage
— notes ImageImage
— prologue

1. jimin is out ImageImageImage
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#vminau where idol taehyung is asked by his agency to deactivate all his personal accounts. in the process of doing so, he rediscovers his high school twitter account - and with it, unread dms from his ex and first love, park jimin ImageImageImageImage
💫 notes
- slow-burn (?)
- jimin-focused
- a lot of pining

this is going to be quite different from my past aus! first time writing a sad au, please bear with me!
bad news ImageImage
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#jikookau where jungkook broke up with jimin because his feelings for him faded away then one day he woke up in a parallel universe where jimin wasn’t his ImageImageImageImage
— main lead #jikookau ImageImage
— pls read ‼️

this au will be short and english is not my first language so pls bear with my grammar if u have concern or what you can dm me !! i hope you enjoy this short au idk if this will be a angst au or what, it depends on my mood i think lols n e ways enjoy !! :)
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📝 #vminau drabble!!!! based off a tumblr prompt (i will link below)
⚠️ angsty, amnesia, superhero x villain, mentions of past torture/death, tldr i will never let go of singularity x serendipity

“Whatever they did to you, I hope it hurt.” ImageImageImageImage
1. heavy insp for vmin’s powers + aliases from ‘his own strange altar’ by @vxmins_twt yummy

2. og prompt: Image
also dw they’ll work out their angst doing missions u kno the drill... saving e/o in tight spots... Talking... jimin will end up defending tae against heroes who wanna talk shit... eventual kiss...

jimin is just traumatized + shocked his archnemesis went from left to right 😭⬇️ ImageImage
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#vminau where famous gamer n youtuber tae comes out with a sudden video tag,,, his one and only smash in the video being non other than famous beauty guru park jimin ImageImage
so much happening ImageImageImage
presenting the first chaotic gc ImageImageImage
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#vminau where taehyung aka the school’s biggest flirt is used to getting what he wants, but for some reason his new target park jimin just doesn’t seem to get the message ImageImageImageImage
💫 fuckboy taehyung + soft jimin
💫 some innuendos here and there but i don't write smut so nothing too nsfw
💫 another attempt at comedy but my humor is unstable so bear w me lmao

hi! will be starting this shortly, if you come across this pls don't be a silent reader 🤍
1. like soulmates but better ImageImageImageImage
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#vminau where jimin is hired by a rich family to babysit their child but it turns out they just wanted someone to befriend their son, kim taehyung, who is a bit of a brat ImageImageImageImage
☁️ vmin au!
☁️ social media, some written (idk)
☁️ fluff!! i’m tryna avoid angst

i’ll write this in a bit! if you ever come across this please don’t be a silent reader. thank you and i hope you guys enjoy this 💖
☁️ intro to jimin’s circle part 1
(tae doesn’t have social media) ImageImageImage
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#vmin #vminau in a time where legends and myths were still status quo, one of the most popular was the legend of Charon, the ferryman, who brought the dead across the river Styx for a small fee of one coin. Whoever could not pay the fee was not allowed to cross and were left Image
wandering the shores for eternity. His family had always been poor but with the dying of the crops this harvest, they didn’t even have enough to eat. When he died, they were way too poor to give him a coin for his after life. Instead they just left stalks of periwinkle.
In the high hope his soul would forgive them, but they couldn’t pay the price.

When he woke up, alone and cold on the dark shore by the river Styx, he immediately noticed something amiss. His hands were full of periwinkle, but the necessary wasn’t there.
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𝓭𝓸 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓿𝓮 𝓲𝓷 𝓭𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂
au where a broken Kim Taehyung thinks that love is a waste of time, but Park Jimin makes him change his mind. Even so, the fear of being hurt again leads Tae to constantly mistrust everything, even his own heart.
#VMINAU #vmin #minv
tags ‼️
🔸strangers to lovers
🔸mention of past abusive relationship
🔸insecurity, depression, anxiety
🔸short story
— characters.🌟
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