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1/ I think all of my #BlackTwitter friends can relate to being involved in a bad wreck in the middle of the night, hitting a living thing in the roadway, after spending 5 hours at a bar, calling the sheriff, who does not give you a field sobriety test...

2/ but instead, gives you a ride (in the front seat-no cuffs) to his home, where he loans you his own car so you can get home w/o delay. Then, the next day while returning the sheriff's car, your stop to search the scene of the accident to find the "deer" you think you hit...
3/ and you find the body of a human being you killed with your car the night before, in the ditch near the accident scene, so you drive back to the Sheriff's house, tell him you found a dead body, and he drives you back to the scene (in the front seat, no cuffs),
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Thread why people support Trump.
I think about my old world view and mind set of why I even supported Trump in the first place, and felt maybe this is the discussion we need to have to help waken other Trump supporters eyes to the con of Trump. It goes way back to the conservative way of thinking, specifically
religious views, particularly orthodox Judaism, and the Evangelical Christian type of mentality thinking that LBGTQ is a sin, if you don't believe in God it's a sin, abortion is evil. But be grateful as Americans to have freedoms other countries don't, flag worship is OK.
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We're living through a dangerous historical period, characterised in part by the ongoing ‘culture war’. It is driving division, increasing polarisation & destabilising democracy, especially here in the UK, across Europe & in the US.
The positions of both sides appear to be becoming more entrenched with each passing day.

History shows us that this doesn’t end well. We need to take urgent action to reduce the tension.

The main criticism from the Right is that the Left is obsessed with ‘identity politics’.
The Left’s position is characterised by the view that bigoted behaviour is driven almost exclusively by people on the Right.

I want to sketch out some thoughts about how @UKLabour & the Left more generally might respond to this.
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Part of our cultural responsibility as White folks trying to do better, is understanding and avoiding behavior that our culture would annihilate a person of color, for doing. Erasing double standards is part of dismantling white supremacy. What would have been said about Barack?
Sure we can grab a sample out of the bulk bin at the grocery store without issue, but should we? #WhitePrivelege
Forgetting our ID at home likely wouldn't increase our chance of a violent encounter with police, but counting on and capitalizing on that, reinforces the dangerous, unjust system.
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