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Ooh it’s gorgeous and yeah @annaleen actually talked to @sassycrass and @Karnythia . And you’re not Grumpy because it has the same problem with imagining “protoplasm” outside of design that plague the whole discourse : Who gets the space fo be imaginative
So a everything systemically about what @knowtheory is saying but also the constant imagining that even invokes a bygone era when your data was your own NEVER EXISTED for some people and that’s what this dystopia is built on
People like algorithms as a hitch and it’s important , it’s also important to note how even the bias of algorithms being treated seriously even though @safiyanoble has been at this for years says something
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I brought this up in a thread this morning. But it deserves a stand-alone tweet: one of the crucial determinors I established for #YourSlipIsShowing was Twitter join date. What I've been noticing for a while now is MUCH older join dates on accounts that meet the other parameters.
For example.

This account, which was flagged w/ #YourSlipIsShowing, purports to be just a few months younger than my own. It also is pretending to be a Black woman who is a Trump-supporting Republican, for Jesus.
This flagged #YourSlipIsShowing account has tweeted an average of 23 original tweets a day just this month. Assuming that's typical, within a year, this account should amass at least 7K tweets. To date, this account has sent a total of LESS than 6,000 tweets IN TEN YEARS.
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where were all of you in 2014 when they came after us?
Where were all of you when the same people came after black feminists on twitter and were exposed by the women who documented all of this with #yourslipisshowing
why is this reported on as a new thing, devoid of all the history and documentation we made while we did your job for you?
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The social media gaming didn’t just start with Russia in 2016. It started with #donglegate and #yourslipisshowing YEARS ago, but since nobody listens to Black women or seem to give a shit about Black women on here, nobody paid attention.

And so here we are.
It’s the same thing with Twitter harassment.

Black women were complaining about Twitter abuse for years before a couple of white women in Britain got harassed and suddenly Twitter changed its policies.
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I actually had a bot the other day call me “sis” and ask me to retweet him because he was trying to “increase his engagement and follower count.” I blocked him.

These folks are examining our feeds and learning AAVE and how we use it to make their digital blackface more real.
They’re getting smarter. That means we need to be smarter.
This means I won’t be retweeting anyone I don’t already know until after the election. I won’t really be engaging with people I don’t already know until after the election.

When you engage, they examine how you talk and then they begin talking that way. Best thing is to block.
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Reading that Times article on Russian disinformation targeting Black folks and thinking of #yourslipisshowing and how Black women like @so_treu were shining a light on these troll campaigns to sow discord among Black feminists long before the forking Russians got involved.
There’s nothing the Russians tried to do to Black people that wasn’t already done to us by people right here in this country.
But now we’re gonna have a bunch of numpties talking about how BLM is backed by Russians or some bullshit.

Louise Mensch is probably on the case already.
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Now that 2014 is finally part of the information in the open.That year I was going to talk about the hacks on air. My segment was cut to just the messenger app.
A year later I was under way more cyber attacks than usual. I started noticing patterns and tracking it. GamerGate took over most of the conversation. Much of what I was watching wasn't being talked about at all.
None of it included how different it was in targeting WoC especially black women online. Any attention I tried to give to this missing component was met with simply ignoring it as a problem.
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