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Up next: @awbjs talking about JavaScript skeletons in the closet ☠️ #YOW19
JavaScript is super widely used - 69.7% of programmers according to Stack Overflow #YOW19
Lots of myths and tales about the history of JS and how certain things came to be. #YOW19
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Lee Cameron is telling the truth, listen to this man. Every dependency has a cost. #YOW19 Image
I've said some similar things, like in my bruising (in a good way!) @melbjvm talks such as
I want to bottle Lee's talk and pour it over every team I've ever worked in #YOW19
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I've been seeing such good things about @Mandy_Kerr's talk the past week and a half, and I'm about to find out the goodness for myself firsthand!

Livetweets may be hard because outside my subject expertise area and likely somewhat code-heavy. I'll try though :) #YOW19
This talk is going to talk primarily about HTML and CSS, not about JavaScript.

We need to take an additive, not a subtractive approach, using reusable modules. #YOW19
TypeScript can let us statically typecheck for safety.

HTML must be used in ways that render correctly, have good accessibility, but are easy to read for developers. Use semantic tags like <section>, <nav>, <aside>, not just <b> <div> etc. #YOW19
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Next up at #YOW19 will be @CatSwetel on 193 "simple steps" to DevOps your monolith!
@CatSwetel She's an eng manager at Ticketmaster.

So why 193? It's an odd prime number, which conveys a high degree of precision/specificity... #YOW19
So she was asked to DevOps an emulated VAX... because Ticketmaster runs emulated VAX custom software on a custom Linux OS. Ticketmaster dates back to the PDP-11 in 1976! #YOW19
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Excited to finally catch @j_houg's talk after so many speaker events hanging out with her! She's speaking on lowering the cost of experimentation! #YOW19
@j_houg "Experimentation means we're actually doing something, and that means we're actually getting something done." --@j_houg #YOW19
"If you're deploying a lot you should also be asking yourself if what you're deploying is any good at all. And that's the core of experimentation. And if you disagree, tweet at me, I love arguments on the internet!" -- @j_houg #YOW19
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There are so many good talks & speakers at #yow19 - Melbourne, you're in for a treat.
My favourite is @sabinehauert's keynote "Swarm engineering across scales: from robots to nanomedicines".

Fascinating, credible, authoritative, cutting-edge and still very accessible & engaging #yow19
There's a 10 year old boy inside me that's been waiting 28 years for this talk. He wasn't disappointed
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in @janellekz's words: friction is the amount of time between when observable behavior doesn't match expectations to when we understand it. #YOW19
@janellekz Lower variability yields better control, but we're trying to keep in general below the upper bound of too much complexity.

Programming is a continuous set of actions: translating our intentions into computer language, except we get out of sync & need to debug. #YOW19
Individual people _each_ have cognitive flow, and there's a limited budget for friction between different people as well as between each person and the software.

We'd like to have more flow to make changes to our system, without careening into too many WTFs. #YOW19
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First up this morning at #YOW19 is @giltene, on user misery metrics!
@giltene .@giltene's theses:
(1) Monitoring is simply broken
(2) There's no way to fix it
(3) There is a path forward, but
(4) We need to appreciate misery instead. [ed: I'm getting the impression this segues into my talk so so nicely...] #YOW19
So we used to have monoliths, then we broke things down into microservices... and microservice architectures are a chain of dominoes.

We need to systemically watch and protect... which means design patterns like circuit breakers, to stop large meltdowns/cascading failure. #YOW19
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Closing off the day at #YOW19 is @sabinehauert, on swarm engineering! [ed: I was in her fine city last month, but unfortunately, I don't think she spoke there :(]
@sabinehauert Swarms of birds can fluidly add members, without a specific leader, by simply reacting to their local environment.

Ants can find food, bees can decide where to nest, and human beings can grow from small numbers of cells communicating... #YOW19
What are the rules for each agent? Sometimes biologists have already examined the behavior and our algorithms can be bio-inspired, or we can explore by guessing at the problem space (or doing ML to search the space). #YOW19
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.@starbuxman livedemos like an auctioneer after pausing to dramatically repeat that is the panacea for all your problems. #YOW19
@starbuxman (what it does is it collects a list of
version requirements/dependencies, and then gives you a starter zip file you can load in your favorite editor and run)... #YOW19
[ed: it is going to be super fun to pair up @starbuxman and me on a livedemo, I suspect that we'll wind up doing the hackertyper four hands on keyboard thing while emitting narrative like an auctioneer]
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After lunch, I'll be attending (but not livetweeting) @erikdoe's Rust talk at #YOW19, in the possible interest of going back and redoing my #AdventOfCode solutions in Rust to compare/contrast with Go after I get home from Australia...
Borrowing reminds me so much of shared_ptr and unique_ptr from C++... also cute rustacean! #YOW19 Rust gear shelled crab with a ? Next to it.
Also the `mut` keyword in Rust is fundamentally the opposite of the `const` flag in C, except... it only allows one mutable copy at a time, and it defaults to immutable references unless otherwise specified. #YOW19
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Next up is @jchyip on 3 insights from 4 years at Spotify preceded by 14 at Thoughtworks.
(1) Autonomy+alignment is a struggle
(2) High growth requires different assumptions.
(3) Consulting companies build high-performing teams faster. #YOW19
@jchyip On (1): the struggles. air sandwich where vision becomes disconnected from day to day action, hypergrowth/churn, and politics (and not necessarily the bad faith kind! disagreement is natural)

How do we create alignment/autonomy? not spreadsheets or one-off speeches. #YOW19
Saying something doesn't mean you've actually translated it into action. You need people to receive, understand, agree, and then take action. and, indeed, conference talks often only guarantees transmission, not reception/understanding. #YOW19
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There are literally four PoC speakers at #YOW19 (all of whom are Asian) and I feel sad, because we really should be doing better than this as an industry :/

also, the all male keynotes at Sydney was not wonderful :/
Also in terms of cultural homogeneity... am I alone in noticing that like 1/3 of the speakers are either currently at ThoughtWorks or ThoughtWorks alums? Almost as bad as (X|G)ooglers at #SREcon ;) #YOW19
which is not to say that the ideas aren't amazing, just that they come from a very very specific perspective... #YOW19
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Next up is @LareneLg on accessibility and the case for inclusion! #YOW19
@LareneLg Let's start with some legal background. In the US, the US Supreme Court ruled that Domino's Pizza had to provide an accessible website/app for ordering pizza. Because it wasn't accessible to a blind man, and the ADA should have applied. #YOW19
Domino's argued that they didn't have to provide accessibility because the man could still call or come into the store, but... separate != equal.

Their share price plummeted. the case is now being further litigated in lower courts. #YOW19
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Note: this is different from what Google actually measures with its highly problematic Project Aristotle data.

Google's data effectively measures team homogeneity and punishes managers with more diverse teams, because they're "less psychologically safe". #YOW19
I was a manager at Google. I built a team that was 50% not-men and 30% people of color.

Because I challenged racism and sexism, white men on my team self reported feeling less psychologically safe on biannual assessment and I was penalized for creating an "unsafe" environment.
Project Aristotle questions as practiced at Google don't measure whether your team practices blameless postmortems or Westrum culture, they measure whether people on the team think they "feel safe" which priorities the comfort of the majority over the safety of the marginalized.
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Hi all, Alexandria Leal here, you may recognize me from films such as "Five Foxes to Watch out for" and "Witches to Burn ! 2017" but today (and largely this week) I'm actually going to be doing some work *Gasp* and livetweeting as much of #yow19 Brisbane as I can. :)
Would've gotten a headstart on it last week but it turns out that December is a super hard time for my PTSD and you're supposed to, vacation on this whole vacation thing so: spent last week doing both of those.
Anyway Dave Thomas is onscreen to introduce @/realGeneKim, I think I've already livetweeted this talk but going to do so again now that I'm in a better state to. (not tagging Gene because Twitter UI)
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Next up is @sarahjwells on developing and operating mature microservices! #YOW19
@sarahjwells They adopted microservices 5 years ago, so now they have legacy microservices where people have moved on...

Take the case of company vanity URL pages that redirect to UUIDs, but were suddenly the service was 404ing #YOW19
They'd set up a redirect to a page that didn't exist... so they needed to find the bad redirect or restore from a backup.

And the runbooks didn't have any detail about this... so because it was a 3-4 year old service, the documentation/expertise was limited. #YOW19
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I'll be livetweeting @Gaohmee's talk at #YOW19 on game design & UX design!
@Gaohmee She works today at @ArenaNet, makers of Guild Wars, but used to work at Opaque Space which made games for astronaut training for NASA!

Game design is about storytelling. #YOW19
Their tech demo was designing an astronaut game in VR, not originally for NASA, but they could show real terrain, real weather patterns, and it went viral on Reddit. and NASA employees saw it. #YOW19
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First up is @troyhunt, creator of @haveibeenpwned. He's talking about security breaches, and not the NCIS Hollywood fake kind. #YOW19
@troyhunt @haveibeenpwned One of the most common social engineering things is that the public data questions that companies use... has been breached before (or was just public to begin with). Things like your past cars, birthdate... #YOW19
"The more frightened you are, the more cyber you're going to buy" --@troyhunt #YOW19
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Right before me is @caseyrosenthal on Chaos Engineering and Continuous Verification! #YOW19
@caseyrosenthal The more risks you take, the safer you are in production! Lessons from sea voyages in the 1400s! #YOW19
Small things can have unexpected effects, such as cobblers going temporarily out of business causing nobody to go outside without clean shoes causing a global recession! #YOW19
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FP & Clojure has revitalised @RealGene 's joy in programming #yow19 Image
What's notable is how Gene sees FP as supporting & simplifying his systems & deployment thinking
Um, I mean @RealGeneKim of course
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.@RealGeneKim says John Smart's "Better Value; Sooner, Safer, Happier" is a more manageable definition of #DevOps compared to the long-winded one. #YOW19 [ed: I love the focus on _happier_... more on this in my talk]
@RealGeneKim He's discussing the unsolved problems in DevOps... it's no longer about pushing to production, it's also about unlocking data from silos. #YOW19
His 5 ideals [ed: taken from the caption stream <3]: (1) locality and simplicity (2) focus, flow, and joy (3) improvement of daily work (4) psychological safety (5) customer focus.

And elite performing teams, from the DORA report, have happier customers. #YOW19
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@yow_conf are the captions being displayed at front of room, or is there a link to the captioning textstream URL?
@yow_conf make sure people stand close to the podium, the stenographer isn't getting good audio.
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