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Sep 23, 2020, 6 tweets

Stocks for 24/09/20 Intraday

Based on NR7:


Based on NR4:


Including NR4 too to increase my options for tomorrow

Some of you asked what I meant by "Volatility Concept"
while selecting stocks

Basically, you don't want stocks which are not moving organically, doing pump/dump, staying flat, or forming too many gaps

These were NR7 stocks which I rejected because of above reasons:

Results of the Day: 4/10 Stocks gave tradeable moves

A tricky, no easy setups day today

1/4 : #KOTAKBANK : PROFIT : +1.7R

As posted earlier:

It gave a loss of -1R, followed by another signal giving +2R

2/4 : #ICICIPRULI : PROFIT : +1.2R

Same concept, price rejecting from highs.

However, follow through was lacking and formed a lot of indecision candles. Exit after two consecutive Bullish candles


Price was going down but giving Buying wicks. Long was triggered after it finally gave strong Bullish Engulfing candle.
However, again there was no follow through and Exit was done after a strong Bearish candle

4/4 : #CIPLA : PROFIT : +2.2R

Using a screenshot from Volume Price Analysis by Anna Coulling to explain this, Price was going up with good Volume but the range of candles were small, signalling abnormality. A strong bearish candle triggered short trade

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