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@HDFCBank_Cares is a giant in its own sense. Financial companies look up to #hdfcbank & Mr. Puri's management style. But we all know nothing endures for ever. Here's a story of a equally prominent Indian bank of its time that is still functional but hardly anyone cares

This bank was registered in December 1911 with a paid up capital of meagre 20 lakh. It was founded by a Parsi who started his banking career with Bank of India as an accountant. In those days, even if BOI was Indian sponsored, key managerial positions were all held by Europeans
At Bank of India, our Parsi baba reported to a guy called H P Stringfellow, a European ofcourse. He drew a salary of Rs. 5000/- a month while our Parsi baba was paid Rs. 200 a month.
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There are 1000s of companies listed in #NSE & #BSE, but how many of these companies were able to make at least more than 10% returns on yearly basis? Here's the details
There are always certain stocks that makes multi fold returns in short span of time, for example all Tech stocks were making huge returns during 1999–2000 period and all real estate stocks were making huge returns during 2006–2008 and NBFC recently.
So when you calculate annualized returns of all stocks, such bubble stocks can also come into list.
Instead I calculated all stocks yearly returns since listing and checked how many times, they were able to make at least 10% returns on yearly basis.
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Weekend views on all my 35 f&o stocks will be given on this thread.

Stay connected😊😊

Demand zone 1220-1180.

Look for bullish candle formation from demand zone. And go long above bullish candle formation.

View gets neglected with close below 1170 on weekly TF.

After breakout from range of 1900-2200 it has given 300 points run and now coming back to breakout zone.

Look for bullish candle formation and go long above bullish candle high.

View gets neglected with close below 2200 on weekly TF.
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Today there was -ve news in IT sector. Nifty opened gap down and BN opened gap up.
Everyone would have thought about index managment.
I thought as IT is -ve, if Nifty has to hold, BN will move up. But, exactly opposite happend after open...
....IT made DL and recovered, while, BN fell sharply. Nifty was hovering near opening level.
By 9:30 AM, BN broke lows of June 19th and 18th to make new swing lows. Nifty, NF and BNF didn't break lows of June 19th. Nifty had broken June 18th's low on June 19th...
...So the current scenario was both #Banknifty and #Nifty had broken lows of June 18th.
Now along with this there was huge increase in premiums of future. In the opening minutes NF wasn't falling and only spot was falling. Also today was ex-dividend date of #Hdfcbank...
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I have posted few graphs of fake paradise trades happened in recent past below.

If anyone has still any doubts can ask on the same thread once i post few recent charts of fake paradise (only some standard stocks which i follow).

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I have a 'wall-of-shame' built in an agonising manner over 25Y.

Those who know me personally or been with me here, have seen the tweets tagged as #uv_lessons which are basically my own bruises and cuts.

'Why I Failed' thread on this experience should help us all (me included).
#IPO craze of mid-90s made me experience the 80:20 rule

> 80% IPOs were 'lipstick on the pig' (bad businesses, numbers were window dressed)🚨
< 20% IPOs were good businesses at a fair price (#HDFCBank)

Sold good ones to "book profit", but kept hugging the junk ones #uv_lessons
Been tracking this biz for long, and fully exited in 2017 (purely valuation call in a volatile space); re-entered last year after 66% drop, as risk/reward was favourable; stock slipped another 15% and I added some more! (my thesis: same biz getting cheaper and I had cash).

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"Even senior bankers cannot treat anybody to a round of beer without Aditya's permission. Every liquor bill from across India and across the hierarchy comes to Aditya for clearance. Aditya has the last word on any foreign travel too." #ABankfortheBuck by @TamalBandyo
"'There used to be paper cups for tea and coffee. We banned them in 1997. We said each one will have to bring his or her own mug from home. We were probably spending about ₹50 lakh a year on the cups across India. " #HDFCBANK #ABankfortheBuck by @TamalBandyo #TamalBandyopadhyay
"When one is a start-up operating from rented offices with rented furniture, one can't splurge money, which is why HDFC Bank had its training centre in a gala though it had the cash for a better location. This became the bank's culture—'spend less, spend smart."#ABankfortheBuck
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#Theunusualbillionaire #Asianpaints "‘Champakbhai used to say that “Gareeb apni dahleej zaroor rang karega, poora...
Mangesh Pathak, a former employee of #AsianPaints, told me in, ‘Within six months of joining Asian Paints in 1996 as a management trainee, I was given independent responsibility to manage one of the six regional distribution centres.’" #TheUnusualBillionaires #SaurabhMukherjea
Jalaj Dani, member from one of the promoter families of #AsianPaints, also told us, This firm has had a culture that has allowed the professionals to do what they like to do, which results in people delivering great ideas and doing great things.’" #TheUnusualBillionaires
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Humongous shareholder wealth is generated when industry attractiveness & competitive advantage join forces. However, it’s the sustainable competitive advantage (moat) rather than sector fancy that plays a bigger part in superior profitability & long-term wealth generation.
PASSING PAIN – fundamentally strong businesses in out-of-favour sector. Few Examples (strictly NO recommendation): Differentiated Technology focusing on disruptive themes (e.g. Digitization, IoT, EV) | Niche CRAMS, Biopharma, Biosimilars | Strong NBFCs - #BajajFinance #PEL (2/5)
DURABLE TRIUMP – True ‘blue-chips’ having established, strong entry-barriers through the development and deployment of resources and capabilities. Examples: #KotakBank #HDFCBank #Maruti #AsianPaints #HUL #HDFC #ABB having strong return ratios and cash flows
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