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17 Oct 20, 29 tweets

$btc $btcusd #BTC

OK, so @cryptoquant_com is doing a closed beta and I'm lucky enough to be able to test it.

Let's make a Big thread right here to connect Onchain Analysis & Technical Analysis

Is $btc in a bull market or what ?


$btc $btcusd #BTC
Let's begin with Difficulty, Hashrate & Price, on a log scale.

A 10 year uninterrupted increase.


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

Price following closely the Number of Active Adresses

More people in the ecosystem -->
more money comin -->
$btc price increase


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

$btc Reserve: Number of $btc held on exchanges.

Sharp increase of $btc on exchanges gives us the capitulation
A slow increase of $btc on exchange give us the distribution (slow process)
A DECREASE of $btc on exchange is accumulation.
People are buyin.


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

Number of $btc held on exchanges in $$ value

Almost at all time high. No liquidity crisis in sight.

We have $btc increase in price while nbr of $btc held on exchanges is decreasing since March 12th Corona drop


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

This is probably the most important chart yet imo.

For the past year, we have a sharp increase in Stablecoins
𝙒𝙃𝙄𝙇𝙀 the nbr of $btc held on exchanges is decreasing.

It's called accumulation. People are buying.


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

$btc exchanges inflows mean, giving pretty good signals for capitulations.

At a market bottom, falling prices eventually force out large numbers of traders, resulting in volatility and increased volume.


To be continued later on...

$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

Very interesting stuff.

When using a 360 MA (to smooth the data) on the Netflow, we get a raw

Accumulation / Distribution areas indicator


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

MA cross 360 EMA & 360 MA on Exchange Inflows gave us the exact 2 first tops in 2013, and the exact 2018 bottom

Good inflections point.

need to tweak this and play with MAs


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

Positive slope on 360 MA for the Miners Reserve give us the early phase of bull-runs ?
( = miners accumulation ?)


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

100/360 EMA cross on Miners Reserve giving pretty good buy signals.
Soon another buy signal (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

Similar to tweet 8.
When using a 360 MA (to smooth the data) on the Miners Netflow, we get a raw

Accumulation / Distribution areas indicator


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

21 EMA / 200 MA cross on NVM

Basically, you want to be long when 21 is above 200
And short when 21 is below 200

$btc 21 is above 200 since Oct 12th


To be continued later on... :)

$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

21 EMA of the MPI (An MPI reading above 2 suggests miners are selling their BTC after mining, while a negative value shows they're avoiding selling as much as possible in favor of accumulation)

Except H1 2015, you want to follow what miners are doing


$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

10EMA of Exchange whale ratio (Exchange Whale Ratio is the relative size of the top 10 inflows to total inflows by day of each exchange)

OK this one is a VERY good one too. Follow the whales.

multi tweets explanation:


$btc $btcusd #BTC
-When 10EMA> 0.48 (Green vertical lines), it's a BUY signal, meaning whale inflows compared to total inflows are small (whales dont want to sell)


$btc $btcusd #BTC
-When 10EMA<0.38 (Red vertical lines), it's a SELL signal, meaning whale inflows compared to total inflows are important(whales want to sell)

At 13k currently, it would suggest that the rally is close to the top


$btc $btcusd #BTC
The signal seems to be better if the slope of 10 EMA is very aggressive into the zone


What this also suggest, is that whales got tricked into buying the 6k floor in 2018

Hahaha, suckers

Overall, I like a lot @cryptoquant_com Onchain analysis tools and when their beta is finished, i'll subscribe to .

Here is my referral, if you're interested in testing it too.…

Plus I have already set 3 alarms on the $BTC flow I was watching manually

$btc $btcusd #BTC


Pour mes lecteurs français, voici la traduction du thread Twitter, posté en article sur, merci à @bitcoinpointfr !
$btc $btcusd #btc…

$btc $btcusd #btc

21 daily EMA on Stablecoins Inflow
Could be used as an indicator (similar to OBV)

simple TA:
A break of trendline = increase in stablecoins inflow compared to latest period = BUY signal


So, in the past 2 days,Exchanges reserve got down 4%
$btc $btcusd #btc

this is big, wtf

saw Blackbeard post , so i checked by myself
someone is buying every $btc possible or what ?
that's the largest downspike visible

lol, a zoom in into exchanges reserve
Reserves were depleted from Binance / Huobi mainly, & Bitfinex

$btc $btcusd #btc

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