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A thread about my family's experience with remittances and sending money to Mexico.

My mexican father for about 25+ years used @MoneyGram to send money to Mexico. As a good son, I sent the money on his behalf a few times. I remember the remittance fees.
The fees if I recall where $15 for sending like $300-500 bucks and it would go up. I think I once saw it being $45 bucks to send expedited amounts. What the actual f*ck. As an educated Latino I had to tell my dad to have my family open a bank account to send direct transfers.
My family was unbanked and this was just 9 years ago today. Bank transfers are cheaper, costing $5 dollars in remittance fees. I've saved my father so much money by just switching to using a bank. Two problems still exist. 1) We pay $5 per transaction 2) It takes days to arrive
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You've been hearing about Technical Analysis and wanting to know what it is about especially how and when to buy dips using charts.

Technical Analysis is a lot, but I'll make it as simple as possible for newbies in this introductory #thread.

RETWEET for others to learn.🙂🔥
Firstly what is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is simply the technique of studying past price action and using that to forecast or predict probable future price movements at certain periods.

That is using history to predict the future.

This is as simple as it can get.
In Analysis, we have two (main) types of traders:

1) Fundamental Analysts: These type of traders take trades based on "Fundamental analysis", that is factors that influence a cryptocurrency's current situation eg the value and strength, news of new innovations, partners etc.
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What is the most important aspect of any Blockchain project?

The way it reaches consensus.

The way transactions are verified.

Solving the double spend problem can be done in many different ways, some better than others...

Proof-of-Work (PoW)

PoW is a decentralized consensus mechanism that requires members of a network to expend effort solving an arbitrary mathematical puzzle - AKA mining.
Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

The PoS concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins they hold. This means that the more coins owned by a miner, the more mining power they have.
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CPI is broken. Why?

Think of CPI as a gauge like a thermometer. You can’t have politically motivated folks making your thermometers or they can change the design to cover up climate change. Likewise you can’t have economists changing the gauge to disguise the effect of printing.
The economists can’t yet compute a dynamic Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment or COLA or “Chained Changing Preference Ordinal Welfare Konus Index” to be perfectly pedantic. Not because it doesn’t exist. But because they don’t have the math and don’t want to lose their finger on the scale.
We must take CPI away from those who wish to back out a political agenda of printing money, raising our taxes by indexed tax brackets and slashing our indexed social security & Medicare.

Economics can’t construct dynamic economic gauges like CPI/GDP until it learns gauge thy.
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Months ago I tweeted that the most important decision a prosecutor makes is at the beginning of a case when he decides what charges to file.

I predicted that the decision to charge @bgarlinghouse and @chrislarsensf with aiding and abetting would come back to haunt the @SEC_News.
The SEC charged the two executives with reckless conduct for the entirety of their tenures working at @Ripple.

What that means is that the SEC must prove that Brad and Chris actually believed #XRP was a security or it was reckless for them not to realize #XRP was a security.
When determining recklessness the court looks to what an objective person would believe under the circumstances.

What Ripple is arguing here is that if at any point during the last 8 years the SEC failed to classify #XRP as a security in connection with their own policies,
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I don't think the $CRYPTO market has topped for this bullish cycle.

Here are a few thoughts as to why.

1. This bullish cycle has brought huge institutional demand.

In #TradFi, an annual rate of return of 10% is typically deemed as good ROI... so if 100%+ returns are seen in #BTC or $crypto (as was/is the case), profit taking is highly likely...
2. This would lead to faster market cycles, which I believe we're seeing right now. A market cycle within a market cycle.

IMO institutional investors or large investors from #TradFi taking profit & looking to re-enter w/ better R:R played a large role in this recent #BTC top.
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@Pxhita thanks for invite to peak into @GiselFlorez works. my quick 1 hour, does no justice to the evolution of her still life commercial photography to the power, vibrancy and dynamism of her on-location is where I have fun, #CryptoArtEmpire. At first, though it was NYer energy,
then discovered rollerderby's babe!!! (that's badass awesome! of course living is in the ring with speed, when no moment can be immortalized, only cherished with deep passion forever). Gisel is playful and has fun with use of light to soften rigidity and, in abstract,
architecturally shape, the unstructured. Subjective opinions my own. Truly, enjoyed traveling into @GiselFlorez art! 💓

#DegenerateArtLover #ArtislifeLove #DegenArtLover

#nfts #nfts #nftcollector #nftcollectors #nftartist #CryptoArt #cryptoartist #NFTcollection
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There’s clearly differences of opinion in the $TSLA community about TSLA’s strategy and it’s impact on stock price. I’ll try to explain why these different views exist, and offer my perspective on why TSLA’s stock is lagging in the face of so many potential positive catalysts.
2/ First, some perspective:
1) $TSLA remains my largest position at ~15%. I don’t see this changing anytime soon
2) There’s a difference between price and value; price is what you pay; value is what you get
3) TSLA sells every EV it makes. This will likely continue through 2022.
3/ I tend to look out 3-5 years when assessing the value of a company. For TSLA, I project earnings out to 2025, apply a 2025 P/E that captures future expected growth, and discount it back to the present. My current $TSLA present value of $1,000 compares to a current $610 price.
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$omi @ecomi_ #NFT price thoughts thread: 👀 🤔
I have given alot of thought to #omi and #VeVe in the past few weeks. Most people currently in #crypto missed the very early days of #btc 2009-2016. But with $omi I see SO MANY similarities between THEN and NOW. Let me explain...
#1) Emerging highly disruptive technology. : #NFTs just like when #btc and blockchain first hit the scene..lots of buzz about NFTs but the vast majority of people do not know what they are, or how exactly they will be utilized in the future. But there are a few visionaries that
See how massive they will become in the near future. With any emerging tech there are many naysayers and FUDsters that cry out "bubble" or "fad". #btc still has this issue. Also the TRUE #NFT narrative has not been established yet. Because we are THAT early. #btc's narrative
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The 21 Weekly Exponential Moving Average tends to be a vital reference point for #BTC

Keeping the 21 WEMA as support means $BTC will continue its Bull Market

Losing the 21 WEMA often means BTC will be entering a Bear Market

Here's a thread with my thoughts about the 21 WEMA:

Historically, the 21 WEMA (green) supports a Bull Market uptrend for #BTC

Keeping this EMA as support on pullbacks has been vital to sustaining bullish momentum for $BTC

But there have been periods where the 21 WEMA has been briefly lost as support before being recovered:

For example, #BTC lost the 21 WEMA as support in the 2012 & mid-2013 (red) Bull Markets

But $BTC quickly reclaimed the 21 WEMA as support to continue the Bull Trend (orange)

#Crypto #Bitcoin
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𝗖𝗧𝗠 #𝗕𝗧𝗖 𝗢𝗻-𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗠𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰 𝗗𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗯𝗼𝗮𝗿𝗱: 𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗸 𝟮𝟮 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭

𝗕𝗧𝗖 𝗣𝗲𝗮𝗸 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘀

TLDR: All 7 indicators show that BTC has neither peaked nor is in its bear phase

Note #3, #4 & #7 indicate that BTC could be in its mid-cycle correction*
* #4 & #7 show that BTC is behaving like its price action 6 days before the final dip in the mid-cycle correction in 2013.

If this plays out, we could see the low of the mid-cycle correction in 2021 around 6/12/21.👀

𝟭. 𝗠𝗩𝗥𝗩-𝗭 𝗦𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗲 (>𝟳.𝟱): 𝗡𝗼

6/6/21 Value: 1.63

For #BTC to enter its bear phase, MVRV-Z Score will go to the pink zone first and then trend downward. This hasn't happened yet.
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Something is off. Nothing is normal. And no its not because of the virus. The first step in the solution is to stop depending on the same people with the same mentality to fix the problem they first started to begin with.
The people we watch day in and day out in Washington DC and Parliament do not know how to fix anything.And even if they could, why on earth would you listen to them? All they can do is keep up the "scheme".
So expecting them to fix or answer honestly in this mess, is nonsense. They are all complicit in it. Despite these “unprecedented times” none of them have ever acted in our best interests. If nothing else, the last 18 months should give credence to that.
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I've been a fan of @woonomic with his analysis on the cryptocurrency market through different perspectives on-chain and through technical analysis. One of my favorites is the Mayer Multiple analysis. Long read incoming but with TLDR at the end
1/ The Mayer Multiple is the current price of Bitcoin against long range historical price movements (200 day moving average), the Mayer Multiple shows when Bitcoin's price is overbought or oversold throughout the years.
2/ It's worth noting as the market becomes larger and less volatile, the peaks are becoming less exaggerated. here is the graph from 2014 to present
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So yesterday:

- @nic__carter started a Twitter Space out of boredom while making pork chops

- A couple of hundred of us jumped in and talked about the #BitcoinLaw

- Then, @CaitlinLong_ found out the law was being voted on in congress live while we were talking
- Then, @JuicefBukele entered the space (brother of the El Salvador president) and chatted with us plebs

- More bitcoiners entered the space, including @jack

- Nic joked about getting the president in the Space

- Plebs tweet at @nayibbukele

- Nayib Bukele enters the Space
- 22,000+ people enter the space

- Nic, @APompliano, @CaitlinLong_, @gladstein and others discuss the law and share ideas about #bitcoin adoption

- Pomp asks Nayib about mining #BTC in El Salvador

- Nayib suggests possible volcano mining options

- #BitcoinLaw passes 66 of 84
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My current lower time frame outlook on the #Bitcoin price alone

As you know I'm a bull, have been and will continue to be. But it's important to stay realistic about the price as everyone is getting super excited atm :)
We are still in a range and init we probably stay a bit longer.

However, for the current present, we should be moving up.

We faked the range low which was highly anticipated and now reclaimed the so important 35K.
Some small dip here, maybe retest 35K and then move towards 40K is the outlook for this week.

How we get there & react is for a further observation but for now, I'm thinking we gonna retrace a bit again, scare the last people off and start going up again, marking this THE Bottom
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#BTC #altcoin Merhaba değerli dostlarım.Bugün yine bambaşka bir bakış açısı ile karşınızdayım.BIST100 ,BTC ve altcoin grafikleri arasında muazzam benzerlikte bir korelasyon keşfettim.Foold şeklinde anlatmaya çalışalım.Lütfen daha fazla kişiye ışık olması için Retweet ediniz.🌹 ImageImage
BIST100 ile BTC arasında neredeyse %90 benzer bir korelasyon mevcut.
Peki bunun bize faydası ne?
Faydası BIST100 Grafiği BTC grafiğinin ortalama 7-8 hafta önünde ilerliyor.Dolayısı ile benzerlik devam ederse yürüdüğünüz yolda sizin için bir rehber görevi görebilir.
Aylık grafikte ele aldığımızda Turuncu BIST100 grafiği Mavi ise BTC Çerçeve içerisine aldığım bölgeye dikkat ederseniz BIST100 BTC gibi sert düşüş yaşadıktan sonra yukarı yönlü bir kırılma yaşıyor.BTC de ise bu kırılma henüz yaşanmamış.+++ Image
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Here’s a list of companies that are now accepting or bought #Bitcoin since #Tesla added #BTC to their balance sheet.
#zoomout #buythedip #hodl


Feb 8 - @Tesla bought #bitcoin

feb 26 - Apple Pay accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency through BitPay cards
feb 10 - @Mastercard will give merchants the ability to accept #bitcoin payments this year.

feb 11 - Miami Passes Resolution To Allow Paying City Workers in Bitcoin

feb 12 - canada approves first bitcoin ETF
feb - Portugal-based Electricity Retailer Will Accept Bitcoin As Payment

feb 17 - Sunstock Inc. Announces Expanded Revenue Strategy, Will Accept Bitcoin for Payment

feb 23 - square buys $170m worth of bitcoin
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#BTC crashing?

TLDR: Short term pain, but bull phase intact.

1. $GBTC premium is -12.95%: Bearish
2. TA (daily): $22K-$39K
3. 6/25 Options: Price>$40K, bullish; Otherwise, bearish
4. Futures: Neutral-bullish
5. On-chain: Bullish
6. TA (monthly): Target: $184K-$346K in Oct '21
1/ $GBTC's premium is still double digit in the red amidst the unlock of 64M GBTC shares this month. This indicates the share unlock could contribute to downward pressure on #BTC's price.

2a/ As tweeted on 6/3/21, #BTC's price was forming a symmetrical🔺pattern. It broke out of the pattern to the downside yesterday & in the worst case, the target price is $22K.

It traded to $31K today & trend line #4 (cloned from #1) provided support & it bounced from that level. Image
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El Salvador neden Bitcoin’i yasal para yapıyor?

Dünyanın en yüksek cinayet oranlarına sahip ülkesi olarak da onedio benzeri içeriklerde karşımıza çıkan ülke, ‘Bitcoin’i yasal para olarak kabul etti’ haberleriyle tekrar karşımıza çıktı. Peki arka planda ne var?
Ülkenin üçte biri yoksulluk sınırının altında. Kişi başına düşen milli gelir ise 4 bin dolardan az durumda. Ülke ekonomisini besleyen en önemli döviz kaynaklardan biri de ABD’de ve diğer ülkelerde yaşayan El Salvadorlular.
Bu kişilerin her yıl ülkelerindeki ailelerine gönderdiği toplam 6 milyar dolar civarında para ekonomiye can gibi geliyor. Çok da değilmiş diyenler için GSYİH 25 milyar dolar vivarında. Yani bu para gelirin %20’sini oluşturuyor.
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The #Chainlink and SWIFT partnership and its potential impact on the tokenomics of $LINK. Thread 🧵 ⬇️
1) $LINK and SWIFT have been working together since 2016, largely in secret. SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. They’re the leader in financial messaging, with their network responsible for facilitating all international bank transfer info.
2) SWIFT facilitates close to $4-5 Quadrillion in transactions a year, yes with a Q. The entire TVL of DeFi is currently only ~$58 billion, much of which $LINK secures with its oracle network. If SWIFT integrates LINK into its payments network imagine the volume that LINK secures
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This thread is not meant to be hopium but I want to point to some real credible data to make my case.

I will keep this thread short but filled with info to save both yours and my time.

Lets start the 🧵

$BTC #Bitcoin #BTC #Analytics
2/ If you have followed me for long time, you would know I use Futures market signals like Open Interest, Funding rate & Premiums to analyze the market sentiment & the probable direction we're going to go next. Here, we will use funding & OI for our analysis.

$BTC #BTC #Bitcoin
3/ If you take a close look at the below chart, there are red & green lines. Red are regions where price dumped soon after and green are when price pumped soon after.

Green lines are also those lines which have very low or negative funding. Red have very high positive funding Image
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#BTC is on the cusp of a potential Death Cross

But could the #Bitcoin Death Cross invalidate the Stock to Flow model?

Here's a thread with my thoughts about the $BTC Death Cross in the context of the Stock to Flow model:

Whenever a Death Cross occurs, #Bitcoin experiences deeper downside

In 2014, a Death Cross preceded an extra -71% drop

In 2017, an extra -65% drop

In 2019, an extra -55% drop

For more info about the Death Cross, checkout my previous thread:


But can a #BTC Death Cross invalidate the Stock to Flow model?

Here are all the $BTC Death Crosses shown on the Stock to Flow model in red:
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A partial historical review of @SEC_News 🆚 @Ripple:

The SEC waited 8 years to bring a case against @Ripple allowing individual investors to buy #XRP on over 200 exchanges worldwide.

In 2015 the DOJ and #FinCEN declare #XRP a convertible virtual currency.
In 2017 when the SEC aggressively sued companies in the digital asset space violating securities laws, it left Ripple and #XRP alone.

In 2018, the SEC allowed Ripple to purchase a 9% stake in @MoneyGram fulling knowing #XRP would be transferred to MG who would in turn
immediately sell it in the secondary market on exchanges like @coinbase to individual investors with no connection to or even knowledge of the company Ripple.

After more than a 2 year investigation into Ripple and it’s executives, the SEC could not find one instance of fraud or
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#BTC #Altcoin Merhaba değerli dostlarım bugün sizlere yine ömür boyu işinize yarayacak bir teoriyi flood şeklinde izah etmeye çalışacağım.Lütfen daha fazla kişinin istifade edebilmesi ve bu iyilik zincirinin bir parçası olmak için Retweet ediniz.Sevgiler🌹
*Pivot Points Standard ( Pivot Noktalar Standartı) İndikatörü
Öncelikle sizlere indikatörün çalışma prensiplerinden yüzeysel olarak bahsetmek istiyorum.İndikatör hem bir destek/direnç hemde kurun içerisinde hareket edebileceği potansiyel band indikatörü diyebiliriz.
Direnç hatları R1,R2,R3,R4,R5
Destek hatları S1,S2,S3,S4,S5 tir.
Örnek 👇👇
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