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Let’s get this #mcm_chartstorm going


Let’s start with the $INDU

And $SPY $SPX have the same pattern & perfect symmetry BTW imo

$SPHBI High Beta index made a perfect kiss of resistance
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March 2014 The Hidden Bullmarket #Altcoinwinter 1 Forecasting using Emotion #humanbehavior 🔮…
March 2014 #bitcoin #btc #crascycle warning with target 160 🔮
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1/ The winning story to talk about is digital vs. paper, not centralized vs. decentralized. That’s what drives adoption. The decentralization will come, eventually, when the time is right. Here are my thoughts on why #XRP is indeed #xrpthestandard. @haydentiff @XRPTrump
2/ #Ripple’s current approach, to work with banks and money transfer agencies for cross-border payments, is truly genius for several reasons. First, they are solving real problems for real people, many of whom are those who need help the most…
3/20 low income people in impoverished regions who get remittances from friends and family abroad. It’s not just an idea being developed, it’s actually in production at countless financial institutions.
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I don't care where you are in life.

This thread WILL BENEFIT you.

I'll talk about:
Actions to take
Books to read
Mindsets to adopt


Merry Christmas To You All :)

So sit back

And read on
1. Inside First

While it's okay to make SHORT-TERM sacrifices in health to get ahead when you're young,

Make your health your priority.

It affects LITERALLY EVERY other aspect of your life.

In everything that you do, YOU are the common denominator.

So treat yourself well
1a. Sleep

You hear about it so often because it REALLY is that important.

Enough sleep reduces/prevents virtually every illness, more energy, less weight, stable mood, etc.

Not enough is the opposite.

Next will be some ways to improve sleep:
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1/ Trading Tip 📈

How to align yourself with smart money.

Identifying the simplest manipulation pattern.

1 Accumulation
2 Retail FOMO
3 Distribution

This is how smart money plays the game. Get aboard for the ride. Just as important, know when to get off the bus.

2/ Accumulation

This is where smart money begins to build their positions.

Leaving retail traders to view it as a bearish short-term trend. The retail traders start selling more as the larger players buy.


- Consolidation
- Price action slowing
- Channels
- H&S
3/ Retail FOMO

A trend forms once bags have been purchased by smart money. This is where the retail traders all hop on with the trend direction. A FOMO kicks in as the price breaks out of consolidation, only driving the price higher.

Identifying this is important.
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#DAX in one year lost over 17.5%
#eurostoxx50 lost over 14%
#DowJones lost over 5.5 %
What is the solution? #BTC #bitcoin with loss over 75% per year? Nope i see potential in #Electroneum #ETN - its british company 14 months old and they deliver a lot of great things.
Check our #ETN #Electroneum our adoption is awesome join us too - soon we go back to #TOP50 and in year 2019 for sure to #TOP30 we will be at #MWC2019 #mwc19 we are part of #GSMA @gsma and have multiple #vendors from #operator and #mvno join us too with your #business accept $ETN
@threadreaderapp Please unroll
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When you deposit money in the bank, the bank only needs to retain 1% of your deposit. It can lend the rest of it.
If you put 1000 euros in the bank, the bank can lend 990 euros of your money.…
Do you feel that your money is safe?
#bitcoin #btc
Former vice president of BCE and former president of BDP said at the time "deposits are safer than ever"……
And this is the guys that also said that #bitcoin is not money!
This is how the money multiplier and reserve ratio works!……
The ECB in 2012 changed the reserve ratio from 2% to 1%.
In fact with credit and clients deposits banks create money out of thin air.…
#btc #bitcoin
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#BTC update - similar to previous cycles, #Bitcoin closed below the logarithmic regression trendline this week reaching towards the lower band. In addition, long-term monthly returns remain in negative territory. 1/
From a historical perspective, #BTC should find intermediate support at these levels. The strength of the upcoming bounce will provide more insight. From a weekly POV, the lower confidence band is steadily rising. Note that so far price has never closed below these bands. 2/
Admittedly, #BTC hit 4800 almost two months faster than previously forecasted and hit the bottom of the current proportional cycle in a hurry. Unfortunately, on a relative basis, on chain transaction volume is weaker than typically witnessed during previous trend changes.
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Please read the whole thread - will start posting now...but eating dinner so will take a while to get the 30 to 40 tweets done

Given the two crashes in one year and the recent #FANG blow much cash do you think Mutual Funds are holding? How about the lowest ever!

More over their allocations to Stocks remain among the highest ever.

And how are those stock/equity investments postured?

We’ll very precariously as #NYSE and #Nasdaq #Composite show...completely stopped at major resistance...not only that there is the breadth question which we will address later and is terrible

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1/ i see a lot of ppl on CT talking about $btc and #spx #dji and how they are correlated. I will give my opinion on the subject, but first to back my hypothesis i will give a background on myself
2/ i was in equity and private placement before crypto. I left that world for crypto. i have an MBA. I raised millions upon millions of dollars for public companies in private placement memorandums (warrants, options, etc...).
3/ CT is filled with crypto moonbois who came into trading through crypto. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact if you are still here after a year of bear (or youre 2nd bear) you have learned a life skill (TA) that you can rarely find in a college curriculum
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The UN shares the shame consecrated ground as 9/11 bought by the same family, The Rockefellers. Tomorrow is 10.10.2018. Or 10.10.11. Or 1.1.11. Tomorrow we ahould find out how powerful the cabal still is.
If you believe in psychic energy, frequency and vibration. Focus on what is important to you. Or better put, what should be. IMHO, focus on the sanctity of life. Fill your heart with compassion and keep it full. Make shifts in the altar of your mind today.…
This is a worldwide philosophical rapture. Someone asked me just now if i was prepped. No. I am too busy writing . I'm cool dying like this. I will man my keyboard and type. We have grossly underestimated the power of our intentions through time. I focus on life and power today.
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1/ People significantly underestimate the impact that countries with unstable currencies have on #Bitcoin prices
2/ Mining supply is currently ~12,600 BTC per week or ~$80mm. Putting this in context, weekly volume at @LocalBitcoins looks to have stabilized around ~$50mm per week after the late 2017 volume spike with a long term growth trend that looks to remain in place
3/ For those who don’t know, @LocalBitcoins is an online marketplace that facilitates the peer to peer exchange of #BTC for local currency. This is great for analysis purposes because it means we can breakdown the data on a country by country basis
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I believe it is possible to predict with very high confidence a massive rise in the price of #Bitcoin by looking at its role as an international means of exchange and reserve and comparing it to the the historic development of US Dollar money supply and price.
First we need confidence in its utility. There is a cap of 21 million Bitcoins in the money supply and more than 80% have been mined already. Unlike fiat, you simply cannot make any more. Bitcoin is sub divisible by 8 decimal points so #BTC would have transactional utility even
at values as high as $1,000,000 per BTC. In a World where national currencies are debased with QE, #BTC represents the last sound money left. This we can have confidence in its economic integrity. The code itself is elegant and simple, and no-one has cracked it. Quantum
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#BTC #Bitcoin + #LightningNetwork + Autopilot + Splicing will cause more earth shattering changes than have happened in the last 500 years.
The invention of the internet and industrial revolution combined are NOTHING compared to whats to come.
Oh ya, completely forgot AMP... that's an extremely important piece of tech as well.
Oops, posted the additional comments in the wrong place:
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1/ What an honor to be part of this lively debate about #bitcoin vs #WallSt (incl #ETFs & @Bakkt) w/ @GamerAndy, @aantonop, @JonathanMohan & @S_Murphy_PhD. Mainstreaming, rehypothecation, price suppression, privacy, early adoption, Trojan horses, Black Monday, custodian theft...
2/ ...hear @aantonop & I talk about rehypothecation coming to #bitcoin & #crypto, whether it's legal vs fraud vs merely unethical, how it's a form of #fractionalreservebanking, how it relates to @OverstockCEO's prior discussions of #WallSt's "bezzle" & how big that bezzle is...
3/ ...#BTC #ETFs offer exposure to #bitcoin price w/o owning it, controlling it or learning anything about it. "Physically-settled" ETFs entail zero transparency into the omnibus account where the BTC is stored--so you have no way to keep custodian honest & have no audit rights..
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@POTUS said the parade was "too expensive." And we know these people love their symbolism. This 30-year-old Rothschild magazine cover has the date right on the coin. October 10th 2018 is the end of fiat currency. Perhaps this is the meaning of "Red October." Buckled? #QAnon #btc
@LouisMcFadden8 Notice the Fleur de Lis on the "Eagle" head which is already turned into the phoenix with the usual occult horn. My point is, This crown is special. The first time we've seen it. The queen bee is crowned.
The second tower, the south tower, the Jachin pillar, is the pillar of "mercy." The only U.S. bill in the pile to not be burning. The Jachin claw holds it at the very heart of Lincoln. The BOOM is 10.10.2018. #QAnon
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Keep reading before you tell me I’m wrong.

2/ When I meet with legacy investors I often get asked “who in the world owns this stuff?” This is usually followed by “ok, and who will?”

What these people *really* want to understand is potential future demand, or the classic concept of Total Addressable Market (TAM).
3/ A few weeks ago I came across this survey from @ING_news -->

It caught my eye because for the first time I can remember - due to results and sample size (14,828) - I have what I need to build a data-driven base to start determining potential TAM.
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1/ $BTC #Bitcoin could be experiencing a potential move to $6.5k in the near term.

Here are the reasons why below in this thread.
2/ If you’re looking at the 1D chart for #Bitcoin, this is what you’ll see (at the time of writing).

The yellow circles above represent the downtrend resistance (from March’s high of $11.5k to now) as well as the resistance line that Bitcoin is bouncing on (somewhat) right now.
3/ Specifically, this zone is between $6.18k and $6.5k (approx.)

Currently, it appears as though the $6.18k support is holding pretty reliably and that it will be the overhead resistance at $6.5k that will have to contain the price.

#BTC #Bitcoin
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$DRGN shameless speculative shill thread 🧐

⁉️Starbucks first Fortune 500 adopter of Dragonchain⁉️


Today ICE announced Bakkt, with big partners including Starbucks.
2/ Maria Smith, VP and Partnerships and Payment Strategy at Starbucks, who also happens to be the Financial Executive at @dragonchaingang is involved. Starbucks will provide seamless BTC to USD conversion to pay for items at Starbucks.
3/ What does Starbucks need to develop this in a decentralized scalable way? A scalable, hybrid private/public Blockchain solution with BTC smart contract and interchain capabilities.

What is on the roadmap of @dragonchaingang ? Right:

BTC Interchain Smart Contract Library
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1/5 Cause and effect the cornerstone of Wyckoff methodology. Time to get physical, Isaac Newton famously once said ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. With that in mind, let's use it analyse the previous cycles on BTC…
2/5 Aprils accumulation (cause) and markup phase (effect). Accumulation lasted 13days and markup lasted an equal amount of time. NOTE: dropping volume on markup
3/5 Mays distribution (cause) and markup phase (effect). Distribution lasted 26days and markdown lasted 23days. :thonking
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Good morning fam! Some #btc fun to brighten your morning.

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Ok, lets do some calculations on Source routing.

What's the most number of nodes you'll have to check to find a path?
The max you'll have to search is the total that exist. You're not going to check the same one multiple times.

So: If you have a partial mesh where each
node is connected to 10 other nodes, and your shortest path is 20 hops.
The average number of nodes would be (10^20)/2 [On average, you'd only check half the last hop)
So, that means you'd check 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 nodes, right?
If there are 4 billion nodes
That means, at MOST, you'd check only 4B. You don't check the same ones multiple times.
So, how long would it take a modern computer to process this?
1 Ghz = 1 Billion cycles per second.
So, a Six core 4 GHz processor has 24 BILLION cycles per SECOND.
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All within the last 30 days in #Bitcoin

• All #Lightning implementations hit Beta! @blockstream @lightning @acinq_co
• lightning.spin gambling #Lapp
• RGB #Lightning + #Bitcoin assets @giacomozucco
#Liquid Sidechain Issued Assets @Blockstream
• AMP #Lightning payment routing research @joostjgr
• Full Privacy Wasabi Wallet @nopara73
#Schnorr Signatures BIP!! @pwuille @Snyke
• BIS chief says "stop trying to create money" 🤣
@coinbase custody open for deposits!
@CasaHODL open for Business!
@CNBCFastMoney -"#Bitcoin is dead" #lmao
• low-tech inbound LN capacity solution @alexbosworth ⚡️
#BetterHash protocol for decentralized mining pools @TheBlueMatt
@TheCryptoconomy releases 100th podcast episode! 😉🤣
• Atomic on-chain #LTC to off-chain #BTC swaps
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For ages, I've been trying to have a debate about #BCH "scaling" VS #LightningNetwork with someone technically knowledgeable, intelligent, and articulate.
I've failed in my search to find any #BCH supporter that fits one of those 3 requirements, much less all 3.
All we get are "MORE BABIES ARE DYING"
"I have more money than your country!"
"F*** you toddler"
and a host of easily debunked propganda being spread by non-technical, individuals with no subject matter knowledge... (Or worse, they don't even know the meaning of the words.)
So many with "Oh it's an IOU". No... Do you even know what that means?
"It's centralized" No... you clearly don't understand the meaning of centralized.
Etc Etc.
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