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1/7 MICROSTRATEGY (MS), vs avez certainement vu ce nom de compagnie apparaître pour la première fois dans votre fil Twitter. Aujourd’hui marque un grand jour (amha), au même titre que la bitcoin pizza de 2010, qui demontra que #bitcoin pouvait être un médium pour les échanges.
2/7 Ds un communiqué, ns apprenons que MS a procédé à l’acquisition de 21,454 #btc soit l’équivalent de ~25M$, afin de convertir sa réserve de valeur. Cette acquisition vise nottament à ↓ l'exposition de l'entreprise face à un $ vacillant. Mais pourquoi cette nouvelle importe?
3/7 Et bien parce que nous assistons véritablement à un mariage du capital.

Chaque entreprise cotée en bourse n’a qu’un seul devoir, celui de faire des ventes en vue de satisfaire ces actionnaires à travers des bénéfices et des dividendes. Le petit porteur choisira donc
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Here is Mr Kovshoff's @coachkcrypto Latest Scam Venture to steal investor funds and a list of his fellow scammers.

The rest are attached below.
Will these crooks ever learn...

#btc #cryptotwitter
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1/ In my previous thread in June, I talked about how we are close to a blast-off. We got that blast-off last weekend. BTC reclaimed 10K, & now is trending towards 11.5K. Now what next?

#BTC #Bitcoin #Crypto #SP500 #Analytics #2020Bullrun
2/ If u look closely at this below fractal from Jan to June' 2016, you can see the similarities with Mar- July'2020. This fractal led into 2016 Halving. There was a 133 day long price recovery & consolidation before the Blast-off to 800$. We're close to where $BTC was in June'16
3/ We are at a similar stage. Price has recovered & consolidated for 137 days before pumping to 11.4K this week. Next is 2nd Leg of Blast-off to a "Price peak". Going by the 2016 fractal, this "price peak" should be achieved within August. All dips will be for buying! #BTFD #HODL
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キタ―――(゚∀゚)―――― !!



$BTC $BSV #BTC #BSV #暗号通貨 #仮想通貨 #クレイグライト #サトシナカモト #キュー #アノン #トランプ #BitcoinSV #イルミナティ #陰謀論 #カバール




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Va hilo explicando una de las razones por las que yo creo que se viene una gran subida del precio de #BTC en los próximos años. Obviamente por eso tengo un porcentaje bastante importante de mi cartera en este activo pero es clave entender el por qué y recién después invertir.
Aclaro que la idea es explicar de la manera más simple posible para que todos puedan entender. Hay cuestiones técnicas que son mucho más complejas en comparación a la forma en que lo voy a explicar acá pero si estoy diciendo algo que esta mal me pueden corregirme sin problema.
Empecemos por ver qué es la política monetaria.
Esta es la rama de la política económica que utiliza la cantidad de dinero como variable para controlar y mantener la estabilidad económica y así lograr cumplir con los objetivos en terminos de inflación, desempleo y crecimiento.
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Here is confirmed proof that Joel Kovshoff @Coachkcrypto stole 1400 ETH from 3 European investors.…

Share this if you think it's interesting. 🤖
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(A Thread)...
It's no secret that $XRP is one of the most talked about Cryptos in the space. It has held a top 3 status in market cap longer than most coins have even existed!

By the end of 2021 I expect the price of $XRP to reach $30 which would be over 100x returns from the current price... $0.23. Right now we at a very important time where FEAR is at it's highest but at the same time OPPORTUNITY is as well.

At the ultimate point of fear comes the maximum for financial opportunity.

This is where XRP is NOW...
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Here is confirmed proof that Joel Kovshoff @Coachkcrypto stole 1400 ETH from 3 European investors by lying to them, this will be released soon on Crypto News aggregators and Crypto Scam Reporters.

Please share this far and wide!

#btc #cryptotwitter @cz_binance
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Cryptocurrency Update:
Strong BTC price action overnight. Where has this left the indicators? Well, overall, nothing has changed long term... 1/
Short term is a different story.
Data from @sentimentrader suggests peak price action here... 2/
As does the crypto Fear/Greed series... 3/
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1/ Why India🇮🇳 has to embrace #crypto now? There seems to be no other choice left.

So much development has taken place globally that it is almost impossible for India to ignore.

Our country is standing at a very important juncture.

China🇨🇳 state-backed #Blockchain is integrating with 6 public blockchains.

Now just imagine anyone from anywhere will be able to build apps and run nodes using data storage and bandwidth from BSN’s overseas data centers.

🇨🇳wants to be the only infra provider to all the firms.
To add on to this we all know that 🇨🇳 controls more than half of the world’s Bitcoin mining operations — upward of 65% of the computing power to mine #Bitcoin. No other country is anywhere near that number.

India has not even thought about it.
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📌Formasyonların Oluşum ve Mantığı | 1.Kısım

Bu seride, yatırımcı ve traderların birçoğunun sıklıkla kullandığı formasyonların "oluşumları ve mantıkları" üzerine güzel bilgiler paylaşacağım.

İlk olarak şu soru ile başlayalım: "Formasyonlar, çizdiğimiz geometrik şekillerden ibaret mi, yoksa bir oluşum mantıkları var mı?"


Cevap: Evet, formasyonların bir oluşum mantıkları var, bu da onları sadece birer geometrik şekil olarak görmememizi gerektiriyor.
ilk olarak teknik açıdan ele alalım.


Formasyonlar, temel olarak destek ve direnç çizgilerinden oluşurlar. Yani destek ve direnç çizerken önemsediğiniz kurallar, formasyonları çizerken de önemsenmelidir.
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A good point was made to me last night:

The ruling class believes they are helping. They sincerely believe they are helping. Gavin Newsom sincerely believes telling us when and where to eat and how and when to get a haircut is helping us.
So when in some of my rhetoric I cast him as an evil character that is not helping people, that can come across as confusing because he seems like a nice guy and they hear me saying he is leading some secret conference call every morning w/ the motive of fucking up peoples lives.
And what sucks is that we've all been burned by both crowds:

We've been burned by the overly "helpful nice guy" politicians

We've been burned by the "they are messing it up, just give us power" side too
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Este contenedor convierte Biogás en #Bitcoin. 2 vacas en 1a hectárea producen 112 kg de estiércol al día, con ello, un biodigestor aporta suficiente biogás a un generador Caterpillar a gas para conseguir 10KWh de electricidad. Con ello, un Antminer S19 de 95 TH/s funciona 3 horas
En esas 3 horas minará 0,0001625 #BTC . De manera que para conseguir 1 #Bitcoin al día, necesitaremos 12.308 vacas en 6.154 hectáreas produciendo 689 toneladas de estiércol al día. Todo esto, a los niveles actuales de dificultad de la red y eficiencia de los mineros más modernos.
Seguiremos informando en futuras entregas de la evolución de la relación vaca/Bitcoin, la conexión entre el mundo monetario digital y las flatulencias del mundo físico.
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🅼🅴🅶🅰 Thread on several Models / indicators / On Chain Analysis

Part 2

Update at $btc=9300, July 2020, massive multi months consolidation

Is $BTC a BUY ?
1st, this thread got the low of the doom drop, and while I personally was afraid to buy, a lot of those models/ indicators/ On Chain Analysis were Strong buys.

So what do they tell us now during one of the least volatile period in $btc history ?
Balanced price @ 4300, got the low.
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I have been in #Xrp 3 years, like many people. I know this is ballsy, but whatever, here it goes. Technical analysis goes out the window when something is heavily manipulated. Like commentators on a rigged match. As time has gone on, many people have become more freely with
the terms "manipulation" or "pump and dump" because they see to some extent, history keeps repeating. You try to make predictions on any given coin to break certain resistance levels for what? Just to watch the manipulation smash through your weekly lines? I'm saying this
because technical analysis should matter. I'm sure it does to an extent. But #Xrp's price? Purely manipulated. My work has shown this to me. Time has shown us this many times. July 4th, everyone talked about 0.1776 of xrp being weird or "coincidence". It wasn't. I found that
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1/ @Rewkang recently proposed "Liquidity Black Hole Theory" 🌀💰

@iearnfinance $YFI by @AndreCronjeTech might be the most massive one yet 💪

curious why? 👇

cc @damirbandalo @DegenSpartan @Arthur_0x @mrjasonchoi @tonysheng @mhluongo @safetyth1rd @zhusu

2/ as @delitzer pointed out: there was no premine and all 30K $YFI will be farmed in 1w 📈

$YFI holders will then vote whether to stop issuance 🤯

if stopped there will only be 30K YFI in existence 🚀🌕

for reference there will be 21MM #BTC

3/ to quote @damirbandalo: "Making first vote will we issue more and giving it to #DeFi 🌕 boys. Ofc it's a no."

this would mean the #BTC supply cap is 700x higher than that of $YFI 💸

and so far the vote isn't even close 🗳️
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So here is more proof that @Coachkcrypto is a scammer & liar.

This guy will cost you everything if you follow him, thinks I am Mike Watkins but I am one of the people you stole money from Mr Scammer.

#btc #CryptoTwitter #cryptoscams…
Please share this to the masses!
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1/18 Probably not the best explanation but here's an attempt to highlight what's at stake with Coinbase ("CB") from my point of view.

Call me crazy or paranoid but a company with your personal data & your public data will not resist the temptation to combine them.
2/18 The info transmitted on the #Bitcoin network is public. Meaning anyone in the world can watch the network & see all the addresses/transactions made. This public info is kept in a decentralized database that dates back to the first transaction and catalogs all transactions.
3/18 The public availability of this data isn't concerning to you because your true identity is masked by a pseudonymous address. Even though evidence of every transaction is captured in the database, nobody knows it's you unless you tell them or you leak sensitive information.
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So, I unfortunately had to stop using @Relai_ch. Fact is, I can't trust them anymore. Here is why.

Note: this is NOT about Relai specifically, I am simply using their example as an illustration of why focus matters in Bitcoin business.

Thread 👇
1/ Background: When Relai were teasing their new service still in beta, they made a little promo video using the hashtag #crypto and the phrase "crypto investing", while still presenting themselves as bitcoiners, promoting dollar cost averaging (DCA) to an audience of bitcoiners.
2/ This generated a little bit of negative reaction from several people, who approached the issue nicely and openly, assuming good intentions from Relai's part. Their founder replied that it was marketing for the masses, but they were "Bitcoin only at the beginning"...
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Why I am currently flipping my Bias on Bitcoin and going all in on #BTC #cryptotwitter March/April 2029 - Perfect 8/9 WeeklyJuly 2020 - Perfect 8 on WeeklyApril 2019 - 38% increase in Dominance. March 2019 - BullrunJuly 16 2020 - 90 day growth target $32,230
April 2019 - Perfect 8/9 on Weekly dominance chat
July 16 2020 - Perfect 8 on dominance
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Hello world! Here’s a story - a true story: mine. It involves bitcoin mining, ridiculous success, devastating loss, scams, fraud, hope and a heck of a ride. #bitcoin @MorlockP @sonyasupposedly @Balajis @barrysilbert
I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, feel free to retweet, and help me network within the #bitcoin or financial community. This part of my life reads likes a @NealStephenson story - it’s something else!
I was aware of #bitcoin #btc in 2010.
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How the Crypto Crook, Scott Schink from TradeCryptoLive got exposed, he goes around saying he is a founding partner of their business. LIES

These 2 guys Jerry Rankin & Scott Barkley think this guy is just as big of an ass as the rest of the Crypto Industry do

#btc #lies
Enjoy the attached video to this thread
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22 haziranda 1.70 den başlayan hareket ile, 27 haziranda 2.08 den döndü. Getiri % 22.35 Image

2 gün sonra 9 temmuzda 6.91 sabit kur hesaplaması ike 0.00580 bulduğum #hot binance da tam olarak hedefe dokunsa da paribu da 0.00555 de kaldı 2. Hedef tamamlanmış olsa da %100 başarı diyemeyiz
Son analizim #rvn için, 0.163 ve 0.185- 0.188 bandını satış noktası olarak belirledim.
*Satışım 0.163 de.
*Btc güven vermiyor. Stop noktam 0.128,
*alış noktam 0.140,
*şu an ki fiyat 0.138
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1-)Dijital mülkle yapabileceklerinizde devrim yaratan yepyeni bir oyun deneyimi olan Upland'ın tanıtımını duyurmaktan heyecan duyuyoruz. Gelecek ise Oyunlarda gizli.
2-) Upland nedir?
Gerçek ve sanal dünyanın kesişme noktasında inşa edilen Upland, tıpkı bugün yaşadığınız gibi sanal dünyadaki gerçek dünya adreslerine dayalı sanal mülk satın alma, satma ve ticaret yapma gücü verir.
3-) Upland'da topladığınız dijital mülklerin gerçek dünyadaki ilgili mülklerle herhangi bir ilişkisi veya hakkı yoktur, ancak adresler gerçek hayattaki yerleri yansıtmaktadır. Upland'ın ekonomisi, UPX adı verilen bir oyun içi para birimiyle desteklenmektedir.
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