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#Bitcoin Bottoms

Those telling you they will gauge the bottom perfectly are talking absolute nonsense. If they do get it correct it’s likely luck nothing else.

In 2018 I bought a significant amount of #Bitcoin at 6k thinking that was maybe the bottom.


I was wrong as #Bitcoin then went to 3k where I used the last of my dry powder to increase my position size & a DCA of approximately 4.6k per #BTC

Everyone was calling 1k #BTC at this point and not willing to release capital into the market (Tone Vayes included)

At the time did I feel the pain? Absolutely. Did I gauge the bottom perfectly? Absolutely not.

Looking back was that a good trade? Absolutely yes. Did all the idiots calling 1k get filled? Nope. Did they all buy back at 10k? Probably.
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Te traemos 8 Cripto-Herramientas 🛠️ que te serán de mucha ayuda en tus análisis.

Esta es una recopilación de #dApps, #Apps y páginas recomendadas anteriormente, resumidas en este 🧵.

Agradecemos su apoyo con un ♥️ y dando RT 🔄 para hacerlo llegar a más personas.

#Bitcoin #BTC
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 1️⃣

⚙️ DappRadar

DappRadar proporciona información y perspectivas sobre todas las Dapps (Aplicaciones descentralizadas) existentes.

🔗 Enlace:
🧰 Cripto-Herramienta # 2️⃣

⚙️ DefiLlama

Esta herramienta es un rastreador de protocolos #DeFi. En ella encontrarás prácticamente todas las plataformas que hay actualmente para hacer #farming, #lending mint etc.

🔗 Enlace:
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1/ I learned an important lesson in this cycle.

Saylor & Su Zhu have demonstrated that being a whale is irrelevant. They made the same rookie mistakes as a newcomer to crypto.

Sounds like me in 2014, just that they lost billions.

Was there no one to advise them?

A thread 🧵 Image
2/ During this bull run, Saylor explained that #Bitcoin cannot correct more than ~50% from the all-time high because "institutions are here".

I was skeptical because history proved otherwise.

So far, #BTC has corrected over 70% & may go lower!

Next 👇

3/ Su Zhu, the boss of 3AC hedge fund, lost $2 bil & may go to prison. He FOMOed into the Terra scam & believed #BTC can't fall under $24k

It was obvious that Terra was bound to fail & BTC could crash to $20k in a bear market.

How did they miss this? 👇

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DEX (Decentralised EXchange)

On June 10th @Stepnofficial announced their own DEX ().

What is a DEX? How does it work? Why is it important to StepN? And how can you potentially participate and profit? 👇🧵

Simply put, a DEX is a decentralised marketplace / exchange where you can trade your tokens in a non-custodial way (you never lose the control of your assets).
Remember: Not your keys, not your coins.
The earlier DEXes (think 2017-2018) were very much like a pinboard at school. Requests such as: "I sell 10 BTC for 10,000 USD, looking for a buyer!". Someone could respond and conduct a p2p transaction.
Nowadays they mostly work through the concept of Liquidity Pools.
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Mega hilo Lady Market

A continuación, voy a armar un mega hilo con los mejores tweets de aprendizaje de todos los tiempos de Lady. Esto les va a servir para poder hacer trading desde el tipo Scalping, al Daytrading o Swing en mayores plazos.
Mi nombre es Ornella, pero aca soy LadyMarket. Soy Arquitecta recibida de UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Tengo 38 años, soy hincha de River Plate, me gustan las bromas, los memes, divertirme, disfrutar, hacer yoga, la playa, el mar, el SUP y lógicamente
el trading es mi pasión. Aunque no parezca soy tímida y tranquila (hasta que me hacen enojar ja). Abajo les voy a dejar información de todo lo que van a necesitar en su vida de trader.
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@CelsiusNetwork - Risk Assessment

- Minimal exp to #UST (Pulled out of #Anchorprotocol early following risk mitigation process)
- No directional exp to #luna
- No forced selling of stETH at discount (withdrawals paused & @Mashinsky stated 'plenty of ETH').

- Current Discount is 5.4% (and closing) on ~$400M-$500M = ~$25M
- Discount represents ~0.25% of $10B in AUM.
- Discount likely has a floor (arbitrageurs/speculators will intervene as PoS date approaches).
- Plenty of FUD online around this low risk exposure.

- Over-collaterized retail lending (no risk)
- Nearly 100% collaterized institutional lending (including potential loans to #3AC directly or indirectly)
- On-chain borrowing is known & public. Liquidation levels have been lowered/loans repaid (situation stabilized)

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|| THREAD || Qui est Sam Bankman Fried, le CEO de FTX ?

"SBF, le gentleman milliardaire" Image
SBF regarde l'écosystème crypto d'en haut. Né en 1992 (Il a juste 2 ans de plus que moi, j'ai raté ma vie c'est de + en + officiel) en Californie, à tout juste 30 ans, il dirige la plateforme crypto FTX qu'il a fondée (2019), comme le (famoso) fonds crypto Alameda Research (2017)
Issu d'une famille de juristes basée sur la côte Ouest, Sam bifurque vers la côte Est pour étudier la physique et les maths au sein du très prestigieux M.I.T. de Boston entre 2010 et 2014
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Hilo de como encuentrar monedas en #KuCoin que puedan pumpear. Voy a dividirlo en:

-Análisis técnico
Análisis técnico.
Esta es la base fundamental.

1. Solo compro en rojo y luego vendo en verde.
2. Busco monedas que hayan caído y estén formando un suelo.
-Que suelos busco? Roturas de líneas de tendencias bajistas, doble suelos, rangos, "three tap patterns".

*ver fotos*
4. RSI en sobreventa

Una vez tenemos un técnico ya podemos empezar a ver más cosas, en este caso mkcap, volumen y en cuantos exchanges están listadas.

Tenemos que buscar monedas que estén listadas en pocos exchanges, #KuCoin y un par más como gate o coinex por ejemplo.
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I’ve long read that Central Banks have to fight inflation to help stocks and #BTC gain ground again.

But is inflation the only enemy? Should Central Banks only focus on fighting it?

I believe this is both naïve and inconsistent with how the economic machine works.

That’s because that view only focuses on inflation as the problem and it sees Fed tightening as a low-cost action that will make things better when inflation goes away, but it’s not like that.

The facts are that:

1) prices rise when the amount of spending increases by more than the quantities of goods and services sold increase

2) the way central banks fight inflation is by taking money and credit away from people and companies to reduce their spending.

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Lo marcado a la izquierda, tenemos a btc corriguendo y en la bajada deja dos zonas de interés en 15m q le llamaremos Bearish OB, son zonas donde buscamos short si el precio vuelve
#SMC Image
Que pasa cuando el precio regresa y lo revienta?? que estos bearish ob pasan a ser bullish breaker Ob, lo que antes era una zona de oferta, ahora se convirtió en una zona de demanda, y ahí puedes apreciar la reacción del precio cuando vuelve a dicha zona. Image
Digamos que ya tenemos la zona donde queremos operar, el precio llega a nuestro breaker y buscamos confirmación, nos metemos en 1/3 min a ver que vemos.
Vamos marcando en el gráfico lo que va sucediendo y resaltamos nuestros POI. Image
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Just made vid @RealVision #BTC price action explain from Oct/Nov’21 ATHs blow off top & plunge → now, from (overlooked) lens of listed derivs & futures backed ETFs’ heavy hand in mkts - $BITO

No sooner, ProShares announces $BITI INVERSE BTC ETF, debut today 🇺🇸mkt open
1/Need to stop measuring current BTC↓% perform START from Nov ATH $69k

The Oct → Nov sudden +50% “rally” = CME futs led w/ sharp & persistent asset mngrs’ open int↑ as futs backed ETFs come into existence, NOT real buying of spot BTC
Hence short lived rally → crash
2/ Therefore BTC Oct~Nov rally = “fake” as it was from process of/anticipation of new product rollout

If you ignore that ↑↓$20k in spot, BTC maintained % for % beta w/ NASDAQ (flat in 4Q21)
=BTC ~$40k 👈 where “% perform FROM” level should start, not from artificial $69k level
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A thread on if #BTC #mining is for you. I mine through @compass_mining and can provide real world averages on TH/s numbers with downtimes, electricity outages, pool fees, maintenance, etc.
With my machines, I use @f2pool_official and average .00000483 #bitcoin per each TH/s per day. So a 96 TH/s machine averages .00046363 BTC per machine per day. A 100 TH/s machine averages .000483 BTC per machine per day.
If you started mining on August 1, 2022 with a 110 Th/s machine (taking into account an estimated May 4, 2024 halving), it would take 3123 days to mine 1 bitcoin. 8.77 years. 105.24 months.

*my model does NOT take into account future increases in network difficulty.
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14 Mayıs da flood halinde bir şeyler anlattım.

Dedim ki; #ETH adet bazında su koymamalı ! Koydu.
#BTC fiyat bazında su koymamalı ! O da koydu.
Şuan #ETH biraz kendisine çeki düzen vermeye çalışıyor ama #BTC biraz güçsüz kalıyor.
Onunda sebebi belli dünya piyasaları sıkıntılı
Risk iştahı açılmıyor. Yani; para girişleri olmuyor piyasalara. Yarın akşam 20 21 22 saatleri çok önemlidir.
ABD seansı kapanışlarına yakın.
Piyasalar düşüyor, tepki veriyor ama, trende giremiyor enstrümanlar.
Yani; piyasalar sadece duruluyorlar. Kısaca; dünya EK haber istiyor, kendisine gelebilmek için..

Bu sebeple yarın #BTC özellikle 20.00 22.00 arasında
20050 USD altı mı ? Üstü mü ? Buna dikkat ediniz.
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How is the time-based power-law for #btc price affected by new data? On the left, the model fit on the data available at the time I published the model ( On the right, the model fit on all data up to today. Barely any change! Good!
The fact that the two fits are virtually identical means that the price action between September 2019 and now was perfectly in line with the 2019 model's expectations. From the model's point of view, nothing very interesting has happened! The new model is even a tad more bullish.
What about the S2F model? The price has so far been below the forecasts made by the model. Hence, we expect that re-fitting the S2F model should yield lower forecasts. And this is indeed the case! The longer the price stays below forecasts, the stronger this effect.
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As always patience is tested in these markets & that also applies to #VLRM... everyone wants the #GSX approval done yesterday. But as with everything the best things come to those wait & remain patient. Purchasing the #Gibraltar Stock Exchange is a a major deal by any standards!
But these things take time, that's the reality especially when governments see these assets as very important for their financial sector stability & growth. Both @RPoulden & @FrontierFinance want this wrapped up quickly in order to move onto the next phase of there global plan.
Myself and all LTHs are in this for the major re-rate, it will happen IMHO - sooner than people think!The eventual plan is to create a multi billion global exchange. But as with anything it has to be done right first time and this involves working hand in hand with the GIB Gov.
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Some updates on @hodlnautdotcom and hopefully to the CeFi borrowing and lending space and Contagion risks

Outflows, we have seen 150M of user withdrawals in the past 2 weeks. at current market prices, that is a net outflow of 35% of AUM
2/ More than 90% of withdrawals are from retail users which are unsurprisingly given the current FUD in the market. AUM ratio between corporate to retail users at roughly 4:6

We have increased the mandate of having 20M on hot wallets instead of 10M previously.
We WILL NOT be halting withdrawals despite the outflows and hope that the industry would do the same.
From what I have seen, other platforms like @BlockFi, and @Nexo are looking at similar numbers. The flow of withdrawals dictates the % of retail users on the platform.
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I think we can officially kill the "#BTC leaving exchanges is bullish" narrative once and for all.

Balance down. Price up.
Balance up. Price down.
Balance down. Price down.

Exchange balance has no proven (or mildly observed) effect on the market at this juncture. Just a number.
It makes sense why there was a belief, for a time. The pico top of balances was March 2020.

I believe the real story is the continual attrition of dominance by core exchanges to custodial competition.

Meanwhile the relationship with price is thinner than cheesecloth.
There may still exist a risk that a huge inflow could portend selling. After all, exchanges are where most markets are. But it's not required for 📉

In the absence of this, we observe the steady dispersion of custody to businesses & homes unknown as the #Bitcoin market matures.
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Just a note, all this crypto fighting makes every one of us in crypto lose value. This fight that Alameda & its minions declared on @CelsiusNetwork is not good for anyone in crypto, b/c Alameda & its minions are dead set on liquidating that Maker #BTC loan, which is 23,963 #BTC.
If Alameda succeeds and those 23,963 #BTC gets liquidated, look for #BTC to crash below $10K. And as the #BTC price goes down, everything goes down with it, including ETH and alt coins. So if you’re in crypto and hoping that @CelsiusNetwork fails, you’re
rooting against your best interest. TradFi is just laughing at us, as they should. Satoshi Nakamoto started this movement after the 2008 financial crisis to get us out of TradFi, but instead all we’re doing in the crypto community is fighting each other and saying a big fuck you
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🚨BITCOIN Vuelve a Desplomarse🚨
🚨¿Qué está pasando?🚨

El precio de #Bitcoin sufriendo una caída histórica que le sitúa ya a más de un 73% de su ATH que alcanzó en Noviembre del año pasado, pero, ¿por qué no para de caer?

Abro Hilo 🧵🧶 1/
Tras lo ocurrido con #CelsiusNetwork y la caída de #BTC a 20K, niveles que no veíamos desde finales de 2020...

Por primera vez en la historia, el precio de #Bitcoin ha caído por debajo del ATH del anterior ciclo en 2017 👀 Image
Una situación que ha vuelto a hacer saltar las alarmas en el mercado #Crypto y que ha provocado un aumento brutal del sentimiento del miedo entre los inversores...

Con el gráfico de miedo y codicia llegando a 6, su segundo nivel más bajo solo a 1 punto del All Time Low... Image
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1/25 - Part 2, The Real #Celsius Story.

Please Retweet 🙏 #Crypto #Bitcoin
2/25 - Very publicly and relentlessly bashed #Celsius daily for over a month leading up to the bank run.

∙ CEO of Competitor
∙ Financially Benefited
∙ Created Nonstop Fear
∙ Incentives To Pull Funds

#Crypto #Bitcoin
3/25 - 100's of very negative tweets about #Celsius over a 30 day period leading up to the bank run.

In the tweet example below, Cory is implying #Celsius is similar to Bitconnect.

#Crypto #Bitcoin
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¿Por qué PERDIMOS los $20k en #Bitcoin y $1k en #Ethereum y por qué SEGUIREMOS CAYENDO?

Aquí te lo explico

💬Psst… En el tweet # 10 encontrarás la versión corta
1/ El 18 de junio de 2022 Bitcoin hizo algo sin precedentes: Por primera vez en la historia, caímos por debajo del precio máximo del ciclo alcista anterior (en el 2017).

Todo apunta que la razón detrás de estas caídas tiene que ver con: LOS MINEROS.
2/ Los mineros tienen un margen de ganancia para mantener activa la red de Bitcoin y producir nuevos #BTC

La mala noticia es que estas ganancias se han reducido grandemente y cada vez estamos más cerca del precio de producción de Bitcoin.
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1/ I sat down with Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary to chat crypto and investing — and Mr. Wonderful explained why he's buying the dip in #BTC & #ETH.
Here's my convo with @kevinolearytv, hot off the press for @BusinessInsider:

(@ABCSharkTank, @MktsInsider)…
2/ In an exclusive interview, Kevin O'Leary broke down how he's approaching the crypto bear market, and why he is sweating the downturn. (@MktsInsider)…
3/ If anything, @kevinolearytv thinks the crypto bear market will end up propping up the whole crypto sector in the long run because it will teach investors what works and what doesn't. (@MktsInsider)…
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Son günlerde hep anlattığım verilerde düzelme görmeden önce ekstra pozisyon almayı kendi açımdan doğru bulmuyorum. Naktin ve bütçenin gerçekten dikkatle yönetilmesi gereken zamanlardayız. #BTC

1) Madenciler
2) Marketteki karlılık oranı
Şu anki durumda da görebildiğiniz gibi hala hash rate olumsuz sinyaller veriyor yani madencilerin üzerindeki kar-zarar maliyet baskısı onların kararlarını da etkiliyor.
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#Bitcoin below $20k
It’s all over folks, pack up & leave
It’s been a pleasure serving y’all 😂

Usually this is what happens every crypto cycle.
Guess which phase we are in now 👇
He’s the crypto 🐐 😂😂
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