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$BTC & $alts FA,TA,& Onchain Energy Engineer background Tip jar: BTC: 32vvUsjvfFixG9L8fAC4ca5hNckzXEeYVw Eth: yadox.eth #bitcoin
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4 May

🅼🅴🅶🅰 Thread on several Models / indicators / On Chain Analysis

Part 4

Update at $btc=57k, May 2020
Taking support on NVT like previous cycles
RVT ratio
previous resistance as support, acting similarly as previous bull cycles
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16 Mar
Options thread
$btc $btcusd
Big expiry March 29th

We've seen past months that those expiry are starting to have a bigger and bigger impact as Options OI is growing fast
(i would love to have historical data for Max pain for each expiries, tbh)
For the past months, we can see than continuation up for $btc is kinda waiting for options expiry

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14 Mar
Oh, look, a cool Screenshot?
Should I retweet it? Naaaah

"better take it, make it as my own, and clout chase"
Oh, it's coming from HERE?

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10 Dec 20

🅼🅴🅶🅰 Thread on several Models / indicators / On Chain Analysis

Part 3

Update at $btc=18k, Dec 2020

Balanced price
Starting to curve up, like start of precedent bull markets
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13 Nov 20
If I recall correctly, both 2017 20k top and 2019 14k got TD13.
So that's an important warning to me, here.
Unfortunately, I cannot check and verify by myself, as I don't have access to Bloomberg charts
here are his previous tweets giving good inflections points
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13 Nov 20
$btc $btcusd #BTC

2017 20k top & today's Price Action

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Image
Thanks to @ManuelW69213255 for noticing it !
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23 Oct 20
coz i just want a place to show all the possible bear things
increase supply coming to Binance
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21 Oct 20
just a smol thread on 4 different ways to show that $btc $btcusd #btc 13-14k was a good target i've shared in the past 2 weeks

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21 Oct 20
holy damn fck, this is massive.
(ง •̀_•́)ง
paypal consumers will be able to use cryptos to shop where paypal is accepted

0 . 0
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17 Oct 20
$btc $btcusd #BTC

OK, so @cryptoquant_com is doing a closed beta and I'm lucky enough to be able to test it.

Let's make a Big thread right here to connect Onchain Analysis & Technical Analysis

Is $btc in a bull market or what ?

$btc $btcusd #BTC
Let's begin with Difficulty, Hashrate & Price, on a log scale.

A 10 year uninterrupted increase.

2/x Image
$btc $btcusd #BTCUSD

Price following closely the Number of Active Adresses

More people in the ecosystem -->
more money comin -->
$btc price increase

3/x Image
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