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πŸ…ΌπŸ…΄πŸ…ΆπŸ…° Thread on several Models / indicators / On Chain Analysis

Part 4

Update at $btc=57k, May 2020

Taking support on NVT like previous cycles

RVT ratio
previous resistance as support, acting similarly as previous bull cycles

Bitcoin Mayer Multiple

still In Bull market territory

200 week moving average heatmap now in yellow
advanced in the cycle -similar to q2/q3 2017-but probably not a top yet

Puell multiple

After the higher low, now in a consolidation between 2 & 3 like previous cycles -similar to q2/q3 2017-

no need for explanation

Pi cycle top indicator gave a pretty good signal at 60k+
This one would be the most bearish signal as of yet

Bitcoin log growth curves
Similar as previously, seems advanced in the cycle, but doesnt look as a top -probably like q2/q3 2017-

MVRV Z-Score made a Parabolic advance starting like previous bull markets
now doing a consolidation between 2 & 6 similar to q2/q3 2017

1Y+ HODL wave
signs of distributions like previous bull markets ?

RHOL ratio

consolidation around 10k like previous cycles

Relative Unrealized profit/loss

consolidating in the greed zone -like q2/q3 2017- but didnt touched yet the euphoria area

Miner capitulation, similar to previous cycle

Lol it actually looks so similar, with the halving kicking the hyperspeed

Bitcoin long term power law

on the last part of the bull cycle and approaching resistance soon

BEAM indicator

mid cycle, similar to q2/q3 2017

mayer multiple bands

consolidating between bullish and bullish extension

Based from their lows, this cycle seems on track compared to 2 previous ones - and also ~~like q2/q3 2017

$btc reserve on exchange continueing to be depleted rapidly and at the same speed

NVM hitting highs never seen before

MPI indicating that miners are really quiet since March 1st


Some over heating signs start to appear, but overall it seems we are at the equivalent of q2/q3 2017, and that there is still 3-6 months of bull market and at least a last leg up imo


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