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11 Jun, 5 tweets

As a household that works in the #NHS and #schools, this "compare and contrast" of #LateralFlowTest kits might be useful in the light of the #FDA ruling on #Innova tests ... 1/5

Different colour branding but: same manufacturer in Xiamen, same distributor in West Drayton, same tubes, same style lot numbers ... so safe to conclude, same product?! 2/5

But crucial difference over accompanying leaflets. #Innova branded one (only) clearly states "negative results do not rule out infection and should not be used as the sole basis for infection control decisions" - but that's exactly what has been happening e.g. in #schools 3/5

Another key difference - the #Innova leaflet (only) states clearly "Test is intended for use by trained clinical laboratory personnel specifically instructed and trained" - not for students to do at home then?? 4/5

But, of course, the importance of having trained staff to achieve higher sensitivity was shown even in the Oxford trials - but ignored - along with even more concerning trial results in Liverpool and elsewhere. 5/5.

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