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I have proudly signed this letter advocating to keep #schools open for our precious #children during #COVID19

The letter was crafted by 6 doctors & has already been signed by >300 healthcare providers

Please read here:…

Thread re main points 👇
1. "Children commonly have no or only mild symptoms from #COVID19"

Deaths are exceptionally rare (5 in 🇨🇦 full cycle out of 157k cases)

2. "Schools have a low likelihood of transmission internally and externally"

"in-person learning in schools has not been associated with substantial community transmission" even if <6 feet apart :…
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The #SpecialIssue on '#Colonial #Legacies, #Postcolonial ‘Selfhood’ n the (Un)doing of #Africa' is going to be out in May, @thirdworldq. Some amazing contributions will be curated together. In this thread, I share all the articles that will be part of this collection. #mustread
'The cognitive empire, politics of knowledge n African intellectual productions: reflections on struggles for epistemic freedom n resurgence of decolonisation in 21st century'. #foodforthought by @sjndlovugatshen #ColonialLegacies #Africa @thirdworldq…
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I asked a child in #kindergarten if he was allowed to talk during lunch.
A: no
Q: What do you do while you eat lunch?
A: Watch a show
Q: Can you remove your #mask other than to eat?
A: no
Q? During recess/play?
A: no
Q; Have you ever seen your #teacher's face?
A: no

👇 Image
The tearful mother, who had no idea, told me that this explains why her 5-yr-old does not eat most of his lunch. He sometimes can not open the containers, boxes, etc. - & is not to ask for help. As well, he has reiterated that he has to eat quickly & has no time to eat his food. ImageImageImageImage
With approx. 78,000 students (over 55k elementary age), @TVDSB is "one of the largest #publicschool boards in #Ontario, serving an area that stretches more than 200 km & across more than 7,000 sq. km." Let's take a look at the #Covid cases justifying the oppressive measures: Image
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Germany allowed its states to open their schools and KGs from mid Feb (CW7 for Saxony, CW8 for some other states)
5-9 Y : +30%
10-14 : +20%
Parents (30-49 Y) : +(5-10)%
70+ Y : -20%(due to vaccinations)
#schools #are #COVID #Hotspots #schoolsreopening… ImageImageImageImage
Yes, @dwnews , it was indeed premature to open German schools!!!
How many #LongCovidKids and #LongCovid parents will confirm that schools are not the safest place in a pandemic?…
Do we still need evidence on how #schoolsreopening alongwith the #B117 is causing the 3rd wave of #COVID19 pandemic in #Germany?
School kids age group(5-14Y) saw the earliest and steepest weekly rise in cases and spread it to their parents(30-49Y).
Source… Image
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What's in the $1.9 Trillion House COVID Relief Bill?
The House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan which the #USSenate is currently considering.
Nine of the 12 House committees have approved legislation. This thread will summarize the major elements.
American Rescue Plan - Ways & Means $923B
👉$1,400 stimulus $422B
👉unemployment $246B
👉Tax Credit $143B
👉pension grants $58B
👉ACA 2021/2022 $45B
👉sick leave / retention credit $14B
👉COBRA coverage $8B
👉foreign subsidiaries $22B
👉Other policies $9B
American Rescue Plan - Oversight & Reform$350B
👉Provide money to state governments $195B
👉Provide money to local governments, territories, and tribes $155B
👉Create paid #COVID19 leave for federal workers and other policies $0.4B
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@Epi_D_Nique and I collaborated to provide a user-friendly review of the CDC’s study on #Covid_19 spread in elementary #schools in one Georgia district. This study is important because of its focus on young children and community spread. Happy🧵reading!…
Data were collected over 24 school days (Dec 1-Jan 22, 2021) on Covid-19 spread in and outside of elementary schools, from Cobb County, GA. What’s interesting about this study? It focuses solely on elementary schools. Why is that important?
These schools serve the youngest group of school age kids, and some believe their contribution to Covid spread is negligible. We know that young kids have less extreme symptoms and lower risk of death compared to older children and adults.
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1/3 This thread sets out a very important and basic point about diagnostic #tests. As #COVID19 cases decline, a higher % of positive results will be false positives. Big issue for #schoolsreopeninguk
@educationgovuk needs to....
2/3 @educationgovuk needs to state clear #exitstrategy for #covid19 testing in #schools to retain trust in a system that was always going to be fragile.
3/3 This will become an issue first in grammar schools and leafier boroughs where homes are less crowded, more #Zoomocrat educated parents. A guide to basics on #falsepositive #COVID19 tests here. #schoolsreopeninguk…
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In Asia , Kids are allowed to wear wings so as to practice social distancing .
Almost a year ago, China was normal since March
Taiwan only had 6 deaths
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Mega-thread 1/?
Here is a list of publishers of books, including fiction and non-fiction, relevant for Librarians and teachers across primary and secondary. I'm including the publisher name, along with their website so that you can take a look at/download their catalogues ...
... and sign up for newsletters, along with the twitter handles where available so that you can follow them too. I've included as many of the major publishers as I can think of, along with a pretty good list of smaller and diverse presses. While mainly ...
... focussing on the UK market, there are some international publishers too. It will be by no means comprehensive, but may be a good place to begin discovering new texts and resources for your classroom, your library, and to inspire young people. Feel free to add any ...
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You are right....
History will not look kindly on this time at all.
No one actually thinks #Lockdowns are a good thing & certainly none of us want #schools to remain partially open for any longer than necessary @n_plowman .
Lockdowns act purely as an emergency break..... ⬇️transmission/cases & prevent healthcare systems collapsing.
We all saw what followed the Nov MOCK-DOWN during which schools remained open.
The dogged refusal of some to contemplate MITIGATION WITHIN schools has been part of the problem.
If there is a continued push for full opening WITHOUT effective MITIGATION for an #airborne virus, community transmission will ⬆️ again & another surge will follow.

Every single one of us wants to see schools to fully open again, but the plans must be SAFE & SUSTAINABLE.
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The idea that children of all ages wouldn’t want to be part of the solution is ludicrous. Give them credit for understanding the seriousness of the situation whilst having the common sense to know that if they #WearAMask IN ALL AREAS of school, their schools will be safer. 1/3
When we look back at this crisis, the fact that children were PREVENTED FROM WEARING 😷s IN UK SCHOOLS in 2021 to protect themselves & those around them from an #airborne 🦠 will be viewed as INCREDIBLE & UNBELIEVABLE!

Please tell us why #PrimeMinister?!

#COVIDisAirborne 2/3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/18/2021…
Thought-detection: AI has infiltrated our last bastion of privacy | VentureBeat…

#AI #privacy
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development - Moderna

#development #discovery #drup #platform
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👇🏽suggests #schools reopening increases the R to 1-1.5.

What does that mean?

If R is 0.8 now, 10,000 cases a day becomes 4000 a day by March 8th. ~40 deaths/day.

If R is 1 by April 8th 4000 cases/d continues.

If R is 1.5 by April 8th 46,645 cases/d (2/3 peak of 2nd wave)
This seems wildly early.

With the summer & increased vaccination coverage, the R will fall further, may be enough room to open schools and keep R way below 1.

If we delayed schools opening to April 8th - second doses will have been given to top groups, 1000 cases/d. Much safer
The other issue is we could have 46,000 cases a day AND a half vaccinated population = perfect recipe for selection pressure and mutation
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#Florida #COVID19 update 2/14 ♥️

Signs of improvement across counties as vaccine distribution moves along, thanks to @FLSERT.

>1 million fully vaccinated (1.2 million received first shot, waiting for second)

Positivity higher today, but trending downward, even mong new ppl
That's the good news.

66,399 total #K12 cases since last August -

But that's nearly DOUBLE what it was in December (34,869 on 12/23).

Half of the #COVID #school cases in #Florida have been in the last five weeks.

But that's not what really worries me...
#Schools are showing some concerning trends w/a larger share of elementary cases being reporting since winter break.

In #collier, 2/3 of new #COVID19 #school cases reported occurred in the #K8 environment - opposite the pattern from the fall.
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1/14 Morning @SophyRidgeSky, just watched the interviews w/ @DominicRaab @annelongfield @timspector & @bphillipsonMP re #schoolsreopening fully on 8th Mar.

Discussions focused on dates, primary vs secondary, catch up plans, mental health concerns, vulnerable children....

Has the MSM been banned from mentioning mitigation measures?
Are British children/teaching staff different to those across the world?
3/NO FIGURES on how many children get #COVID19?
NO MENTION of how many become seriously ill, are hospitalised or die?
Absolutely NO WORD about the 1 in 7 or 8 children who get #LongCovid!
NO ADVICE for parents of children w/ diseases like Diabetes, severe Asthma etc.
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Day 2: preliminary hearing #AllisonBailey v Stonewall

We are expecting the hearing to recommence at 9.30 am.

We will do our best to live tweet proceedings, technology permitting!

@ALLIANCELGB are also live tweeting from the court.
Background to @BluskyeAllison’s case can be read here. You can also support the crowdfunder if you would like.


It is an important case to follow for any #schools & #teachers working with Stonewall. The CPS ‘hate crimes’ schools pack, produced in conjunction with #Stonewall has now been permanently withdrawn, but the judicial review of the relationship between CPS...
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Excited to share our pre print examining transmission pathways into and within schools, adjusting for household transmission 👇 A huge team effort by @thompsondanDr @richfry @LJ_Griffiths @mikegravenor et al #COVID19 #Covid19UK #schools
What this study adds:
💡First UK national level study of transmission between pupils and staff in a school environment during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic #COVID19 #Covid19UK #schools #schoolsreopeninguk
💡Schools opening September-December 2020 was not associated with an increased subsequent risk of testing positive in staff #COVID19 #Covid19UK #schools #schoolsreopeninguk
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Bilancio di un anno su Twitter, reso possibile grazie a Paolo Barnard. Abbiamo contribuito a sollevare ragionevoli dubbi, nel bene e nel male, facendo chiarezza su:

✔️Wuhan WIV…
✔️Vaccini… Image
In Italia non ci dicono se è possibile o meno contrarre il CoV2 dal semplice respiro di un portatore sano CHE RIMANE a galleggiare nell'aria ANCHE DOPO il suo passaggio, e persino viaggia a distanza. Fatti per POTER PREVENIRE.
Il New York Times ha pubblicato, 7 giorni dopo il mio video sugli #aerosol infettivi, una conferma di ciò che dissi perché ora lo dice anche il CDC del governo americano. No panico, MA PRENDERE LE PRECAUZIONI.
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13,088 children, women killed, injured in coalition war on #Yemen: Rights Report
Entesaf Organization for Women and Child Rights revealed in a press conference held Thursday in #Sanaa that 13,088 children and women have been killed and wounded since the beginning of Saudi-led
coalition war on #Yemen in March 2015.

According to the organization’s report, among the deaths were 3,798 children and 2,392 women, while 4,089 children and 2,800 women were wounded.

The organization mentioned that the malnutrition cases among children under the age of
five in #Yemen exceeded 2.6 million children out of 5.5 million, about 47 percent.

It indicated that the infant mortality rate reached 27 births per 1,000 births, and that there are about 30,000 newborns died during the year 2019 only, out of 1,122,781 births, i.e. three
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This study is important, and could possibly shed some additional light on why some studies haven't found #COVID19 spread in #Schools at higher levels.
Could the flaw be in our contact tracing methods and subsequently under testing? Let's explore. 🧵…
This study, like others I've elevated, found that #SARSCoV2 was spreading in contacts less than 15 minutes, and while eating (and other unmasked), less than 5 minutes.
If we keep defining close contact as 15 minutes, we're excluding those who has shorter contacts, especially during unmasked activities, like school breakfast and lunch. Those students & teachers/staff aren't being informed that they may have been exposed, not quarantined...
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1/11 🧵 Just watched @BBCPolitics in utter dismay!

Waiting/hoping for SOMEONE to mention #VENTILATION or kids wearing #MasksInClassrooms, using EXTRA spaces to create #SafeSpacesToLearn...etc
Have all commentators been forbidden to mention these options, have they been gagged?
2/ If this ⬇️ is SAGE’s own assessment in Dec20.
3/ And we think this ⬇️ regarding risk dependent on location, time, masks etc.
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''That's the standard technique of privatisation: Defund, make sure things don't work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital.'' Noam Chomsky #AcademySchools #PFI #TeamStarmer #TonyBlair #LabourProgress #StarmerOut #OwenSmith #PfizerInvestors #BICOM #BREXIT
BICOM's White Paper - Israel as a trade priority for post Brexit Britain - Israel trade deals after Brexit. PHARMACUTICALS, EDUCATION, CYBER SECURITY, WEAPONS. #NHS #Schools #DATA #BREXIT #Weapons #BicomBrexit #LFI #LabourLeaks #StarmerOut #BICOM…
BICOM's David Garrard, who is set to rejoin Labour and will meet with David Evans, still runs Academy schools. In 2014, Garrard donated £500,000 to the Labour party, one of the largest private donations under Ed Miliband's leadership.
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